Stand apart from the rest


Stand apart from the rest
Stand apart from the rest
Don’t just bind your document...COVERBIND it
Students | Professors | Administration | Athletics
Deliver with a professional impression
Classic® Cover - The most popular covers come in
a variety of colors. The front is a clear, non glare
plastic; the spine is uncoated linen.
handbooks • yearbooks • thesis papers • presentations • guidelines • programs reports
coursework • yearbooks • white papers • manuals • syllabus • campus directories
registration packets • policies • anything that you want bound with a professional impression
Ambassador On Demand CoverTrue case bound hard covers
are debossed on the front to
accept custom labels.
Send us the artwork you
create and we will print the
self adhesive label, adhere
to the debossed area and
you will have your own
custom book.
A variety of spine sizes are
available to accommodate
your project needs.
Deliver affordable universal or custom professionalism
You’re bound to make a great impression
Print On Demand Covers - Send us the artwork you create and we
will bind it for a high gloss, soft cover that has a custom look
unique to you from front to back.
Securely bind documents that will last a lifetime
Present a book-like appearance of commercial perfect binding,
in-house and on demand - quickly.
• Documents always lay flat
• Many spine sizes available
• Strength and durability for those special
projects, yearbooks or anything important
that you want to last
Each sheet
securely bound
Sharper book-like spine
Coverbind Corporation
3200 Corporate Drive
Wilmington, NC 28405
P: 800.366.6060 | F: 910.799.3935 | [email protected]
With a wide range of spine sizes, we have
a binding solution from 1-500 sheets

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