Natural History of Tanzania


Natural History of Tanzania
Take a break from the
ordinary to experience
something extraordinary!
Experience these wonders first hand on a
camping safari in Tanzania. Watch wildebeest migrate, listen to
lions roar, wonder as
elephants play at the
watering hole and
laugh with the Hadza
women as you gather
roots in the traditional
Natural History
and Ecology
of Tanzania
Dr. Johnson is currently a Fulbright
Scholar in Tanzania and will not be on
campus until summer 2011. She is
happy to respond to any question you
might have by email. Please do not
hesitate to contact her. Africa is extraordinary, different and exotic, so ask
many questions!
Please visit Dr. Johnson’s blogsite:
and contact her at:
[email protected]
Experience the Wonders
of an African Safari
Pictures and design by Mara Johnson-Groh
Tanzania Safari Adventure
Nowhere else in the world can you see such diversity and
abundance of wild animals (elephant, giraffe, lion, gazelle,
etc.) in a
natural setting
people living
lifestyles than
in East Africa.
This course is
Tanzania with
daily excursions by vehicle or on foot to observe wildlife,
including the Serengeti wildebeest migration. We will focus
on the ecology, flora and fauna of this great ecosystem and
how this intersects with the human use of the land. We will
engage the hunting-gathering Hadza and Akie tribes and the
pastoral Maasai tribe to learn about their lifestyles. Students
will confront issues of
conflict between traditional
wildlife conservation,
current land use,
subsistence farming,
over population and
In a
world of declining
resources and increasing populations, Tanzania provides a perfect setting for exploring the interface
of development and
conservation biology.
4 January - 23 January 2012
Day 1 & 2 Arrive in Tanzania,
overnight at Dorobo Olasiti
Camp, Arusha; safari to Arusha
National Park.
Day 3 & 4 Travel to Lake
Natron (Great Rift Valley);
camp near the Ngare Sero
River; explore Lake Natron area
including wildlife, volcano and
Day 5- 7 Travel to the Serengeti Ecosystem; camp in Soit
Orgoss; daily walking safaris to
observe wildlife and engage
with the Maasai.
Day 8 Travel through the
Serengeti short grass plains to
Ndutu area in southern Serengeti.
Day 9 & 10 Travel through
Serengeti to Olduvai and
Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area; wildlife viewing in
Ngorongoro Crater World
Heritage Site.
Day 11-14 Travel to Yaeda,
home of Hadza, hunter-gathers;
learn about Hadza through
interaction with tribe members
(hunting, gathering, stories and
Day 15 & 16 Travel to Tarangire Roika Lodge; game
drives in Tarangire National Park.
Day 17 Game
drive in Lake
Manyara National Park,
travel to
Arusha, Ilboru
Safari Lodge.
Indian Ocean
About Your Guides
Day 18 Shopping and explore Arusha,
late evening
Trip Leader: Dr. Cindy Johnson
Dr. Cindy Johnson,
professor of biology, has led safaris
focusing on ecology and conservation biology in
Northern Tanzania since 1996.
She is currently a Fulbright
Scholar teaching at the College
of African Wildlife in Mweka,
Tanzania (on the slopes of Mt .
Safari Company: Dorobo Safaris
Dorobo Safaris is lead by a trio
of American brothers who were
born and raised in Tanzania
and whose mission is education
and conservation of African wildlife. They have worked extensively with communities promoting community conservation,
are well versed in the ecology and conservation of Tanzania
and are committed to high quality customer care.
Immunizations: Dr. Johnson will provide more guidance,
but minimally you will need yellow fever and malaria.
Equipment: You will
need minimal camping gear
(sleeping bag, sleeping pad,
binoculars, etc.). Dr. Johnson
will advise on equipment
Tanzania is very safe
(food, water, personal safety
and wildlife).
 No previous camping
experience is necessary, only
a sense of adventure and
Adventure of a
Lifetime! Lions,
Elephants and

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