- Rainbow Station


- Rainbow Station
Rainbow Station-The Boulders
7421 Boulders Springs Drive, N. Chesterfield, VA 23235
May 2016
From the Assistant Director’s Desk,
Dear Rainbow Families,
Thank you so much for the warm welcome I’ve received during my first few weeks here at Rainbow
Station. I am very appreciative for the patience you all have shown as I learn all the new names and
During the month of May we have several events to look forward to including field trips, Muffins with
Mom, photo week, and more! Some events are detailed inside this issue of the newsletter, and others I will be sending information about via email as the events are approaching.
Summer Camp will be here before we know it! We are looking forward to warm, sunny weather and
super fun days all summer long! Please look for emails regarding Summer Camp in the coming
-Amber Brown
Upcoming Events and Reminders
Summer Camp activitiy fees will be billed the first
week of Summer Camp, June 20th
Inside this issue:
May 2-6: Scholastic Book Fair
Cinco de Mayo
Muffins with Mom
Pre-K info
Kandid Kids Photo
Happy Birthday
Nurses Notes
Curriculum Notes
May 5: Cinco de Mayo
May 6: Muffins with Mom
May 10 &12: Parent Teacher Conferences
May 13: Hearing and vision screenings for Gold 1 and Gold 2
at 11:30 a.m.
May 16-20: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 23-27: Kandid Kids photo week
May 30: Memorial Day– Rainbow Station Closed
June 9: Gold graduation
Teacher Appreciation 2
Muffins With
Stop by the Dining Car
on May 6th during drop
off to enjoy a special
breakfast with your little
ones! We will be providing muffins, coffee and
Taco ‘bout
Cinco de Mayo is Thursday, May 5th and we
have planned lots of fun-filled activities for the
children. From a “Best Piñata” challenge to
theme-related afternoon snack, we are geared
up for a great day!
Upcoming Event: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 16-20, 2016
Our Parent Board is working hard to finalize their preparations for Teacher Appreciation week. Ms. Erica, President of the Parent Board, will email
you with more information regarding Teacher Appreciation by the end of
next week (5/6).
Parent Teacher Conferences
Conferences are the perfect opportunity to sit down with your child’s
teachers to discuss your child’s progress and collaborate to set new
goals! Sign up sheets will be posted outside of each classroom’s door
on Wednesday, May 4th.
May 10th– Conference day for Red-Green rooms
May 12th– Conference day for Blue-Purple rooms
Pre-K Information Session
for Purple Students
Please join us on Monday, May 23rd at 5:30 p.m. to discuss
your child’s upcoming transition to our Gold and Gold 2
classes. We will meet in the Purple room and afterwards
make a visit to the Village to tour the Gold rooms.
Hearing and Vision Screening Reminder for Gold 1 and Gold 2
Please see your child’s teacher before May 13th to complete a sign up form if
you would like your child to participate in this FREE screening.
Kandid Kids of Richmond Photo Week: May 23-27
(Not your typical photo day)
Kandid Kids specializes in taking real life photos of your child engaged in play and learning throughout the day, with minimal disruption of the daily activities. Kandid Kids takes time to get the
very best shots of each child so that you will have lasting memories
of their preschool years.
Pictures will be available for viewing online and orders will be delivered 2-3 weeks after the session.
If you do not wish to participate please let Lyndsay know via email
[email protected]
Clothing Donations
May Birthdays
Jackson T. May 3
Griffin C. May 3
Hazen P. May 5
Ben C. May 14
The Parent Board will soon be
taking donations of any unwanted children’s clothing to be used
for an upcoming consignment
sale fundraiser.
Keep an eye out for more details on where you can drop off
your clothing to help support the
parent board’s mission.
Looking for a sitter?
Check out the babysitting list!
Adrian Brown 804-439-1487 (Green Room)
Alyssa Crider 804-912-7500 (Blue Room)
Christy White 804-837-2423 (Red Room)
Racine Fairweather 860-997-1145 (Yellow Room/ AM Front Desk)
Erica Ragsdale 434-222-8605 (Purple Room)
Gladys Crespo 804-617-1824 (Green Room)
Felicia Carey 434-327-6519 (Satellite Room)
Domineeka Lewis 804-922-2160 (Purple Room)
Romika Porter 804-665-4370 (Orange Room)
Kimmy Weetman 703-328-8158 (Yellow Room)
Jovia Walker 804-496-0259 (Red Room)
Lora Boyce 804-624-7300 (Orange Room)
Nicole Lynch 804-617-1651 (Orange Room)
Virginia Lawman 804-389-4799 (Village)
Katie Bruno 804-475-0770 (Pre-K/Gold 2)
Ormani Byrd 804-687-7964 (Village)
Sarah Poland 804-763-9026 (Village)
It’s Time for Fun in the Sun!
The weather is getting warmer! The time to start applying sunscreen and bringing in
sunscreen to keep in your child’s classroom is now! Please see the following tips on Sun
Safety that I found on the American Academy of Pediatrics website healthychildren.org.
Sun Safety for Babies
Babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of direct sunlight. Move your baby to the
shade under a tree, umbrella or stroller canopy. Dress babies in lightweight clothing that covers the arms and legs, and use brimmed hats.
It is okay to apply a small amount of sunscreen on infants under 6 months if there is no way
to avoid the sun. Remember it takes 30 minutes to be effective.
Sun Safety for Kids
 Select clothes made of tightly woven fabrics. Cotton clothing is both cool and protective.
 Try to find a wide-brimmed hat that can shade the cheeks, chin, ears and back of the
neck. Sunglasses with ultraviolet (UV) protection are also a good idea for protecting your
child’s eyes.
Apply sunscreen to areas of your child’s skin that aren’t covered by clothing. Before applying, test the sunscreen on your child’s back for an allergic reaction. Apply carefully around
the eyes, avoiding eyelids. If a rash develops, talk with your pediatrician.
If your child gets sunburn that results in blistering, pain or fever, contact your pediatrician.
Sun Safety for the Family
 The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Try to keep out of the sun
during those hours.
 The sun’s damaging UV rays can bounce back from sand, snow or concrete; so be particularly careful of these areas.
 Wear commercially available sun-protective clothing, like swim shirts.
 Most of the sun’s rays can come through the clouds on an overcast day; so use sun protection even on cloudy days.
 When choosing a sunscreen, look for the words "broad-spectrum" on the label - it means
that the sunscreen will protect against both ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA) rays.
Choose a water-resistant sunscreen and reapply every two hours or after swimming, sweating or towel drying. You may want to select a sunscreen that does not contain the ingredient
oxybenzone, a sunscreen chemical that may have hormonal properties.
 Zinc oxide, a very effective sunscreen, can be used as extra protection on the nose,
cheeks, tops of the ears and on the shoulders.
 Use a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. The additional benefits of using sunscreen with SPF 50+ are limited.
 Rub sunscreen in well, making sure to cover all exposed areas, especially the face,
nose, ears, feet and hands, and even the backs of the knees.
 Put on sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going outdoors - it needs time to work on the
Sunscreens should be used for sun protection and not as a reason to stay in the sun longer.