SunDog School of Natural Building 4 week Balecob Workshop on


SunDog School of Natural Building 4 week Balecob Workshop on
School of Natural Building
4 week Balecob
on Abba's Farm
June 2015
Bryan Burnoski
& Jenn Head
Location: Riverton Oregon
We will be building an 800 square foot balecob structure. Balecob is a hybrid wall system that combines straw
bales with cob in one uniquely integrated matrix. This wall system offers an exterior insulated envelope and an
interior thermal battery at the same time. This translates into not only energy savings but also stable climate
During this month long workshop you'll learn how to build your own earthen structure from the ground up. Cob,
adobe, straw bale, bale/cob, rammed earth, and timber framed structures all share similar components. As we
build our structure you'll get hands on experience from start to finish. Foundations to roofs. Being involved in
every stage of construction familiarizes workshop participants with the principals of using natural materials and
gives you confidence to build your own structure.
Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in the hills of southern Oregon on a 23 acre Organic CSA farm. A 15 minute drive to
beautiful Bandon-by-the-Sea on the Oregon coast, makes the ocean's breeze just a stone's throw away. We find
sustainability functions best when there is adequate time for recuperation, rest, and play. We'll create a learning
community. Fresh organic vegetables from the garden will sustain us. Participants from diverse backgrounds will
converge and inspire us. We'll spend our time building, preparing meals, and creating friendships.
Cost: $1400 for the full month*
*Discounts may apply up to 25%: family discounts, carpooling, early registration
*Camping and meals for the entire month is included in the price.
*Ask about work/trades and sliding fee scale
[email protected]