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BASE burner control
An economical choice for base burner controls and an ideal retrofit, the
BC3300 features rugged, time tested, reliable temperature and flame
safe guard components.
A complete solution in a single console.
The BC3300 control system works with gas, oil or LP burners. This is a reliable and cost-effective choice that
works well wtih Double Barrel® mixer/dryers, counter-flow dryers and mixing drums. This versatile system
can be configured to work with a number of different burners, making it a great choice for retrofit applications. For added convenience, the BC3300 includes a chart recorder and automatic damper control all
mounted in a single unit.
• 3-mode temperature controller
• Interlock lights to provide feedback on the
limit circuit
• Single pen chart recorder for recording mix
• Drum shell temperature limit
• Automatic damper control
• US or metric measurement
• Temperature control system Type J thermocouple
switch for fuel selection
• Flame safeguard for burner management
• Stack limit control to protect your baghouse or
wet wash
• 36" console
• Junction box
• Color touch panel
Reliable system works well with gas, oil or LP burners.
• T wo pen chart recorder for recording mix temperature
• Languages (Spanish, French and German)
• Temperature control system Type K thermocouple
• 220/50 cycle
• Can be modified for retrofit applications
For your peace-of-mind, Astec stands by the BC3300 by providing emergency support that’s just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Specifications subject to change with or without notice.
500 WMS. 11/09

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