Downtown Community Barn Raising Event (May 12


Downtown Community Barn Raising Event (May 12
The Village of Pemberton Rallies Hundreds
to Raise a Downtown Barn
Experience the barn raising event by speaking to the local and international
wood workers who are making it all possible.
The Village of Pemberton invites you to
experience a dream become a reality.
“These projects bring people together in
ways you can’t even begin to imagine.
We are thrilled by the collaboration that
we have experienced so far. Part of what
we want for this project is for our volunteers travelling from as far as Germany
and the United States to experience all
that Pemberton has to offer. We know
the Pemberton community will be a big
part of this barn raising event”
Executive Director of the Timber
Framers Guild, Brenda Baker.
the Pemberton Volunteer
This community had a vision to create a gathering space that would reflect the history
and culture of the town. In 2009, as part of a Downtown Enhancement Strategy, Council
decided to kick start the concept of building a market barn right in the downtown core,
with beautiful Mount Currie as a backdrop.
The building will act as a gateway into the Village, connect visitors and residents with
the downtown core and provide a much needed venue for farmers markets, festivals
and events.
Last year, when the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation announced it would provide $240,000
in funding for the project, suddenly the dream became a reality! Honouring heritage, and
the Pemberton spirit for adventure, The Timber Framers Guild will lend their time and
skill to build the structure in a traditional barn raising fashion. The organization has been
involved in multiple community construction projects in North America and abroad.
The barn will be raised right in the centre of Pemberton downtown from May 12th- 24th,
2014, with collaboration from 100 volunteers from the Timber Framers Guild of North
America and with the Pemberton community.
Lynda – Volunteer Working Committee
I became a volunteer for this project because I am excited that a vacant downtown lot is
going to be transformed into a magnificent and beautiful gathering space. This project is a
true gift. People are coming from all over North America to help us build this structure –
these are people who do not even know us. I will be organizing all the local entertainment
and community celebrations for the event. Other volunteers will be cooking up a storm
to provide meals and even more locals are setting up room in their homes to provide the
timber framers with accommodation. I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing project and
this community!
The Timber Framer Volunteers
Randy – Project Coordinator
Each individual brings a tool box full of uniqueness to the community-building process.
Many timber framing professionals from BC, and further afield, will give up paid work to
journey to Pemberton in search of training and expertise. All share a desire to learn more
about the coalescence of craft, science and art that is timber framing - the core purpose
of this artisan’s Guild is education and shared knowledge. Timber Framers Guild building
projects improve the communities they work in, they also improve the skills of all the
people that get to participate.
Q. Where is the
Barn Going?
A. The Pemberton Downtown
Community Barn will be located on
Frontier Street and can be viewed as you
arrive in the Village.
Q. Who are the
A. The families opening their doors for
homestays, community organizations and
local restaurants providing food, tourist
opportunities and entertainment for
our hardworking volunteers, individual
businesses donating their time, equipment
and resources for the barn raising event. All
those hands will help to raise the barn as
this dream becomes a reality.
Q. What’s unique
about the Downtown Community
A. In days gone by the community
came together to raise a barn for their
neighbours to help them prosper. This
barn raising event, and the Village of
Pemberton, will bring back a piece
of Pemberton heritage as over 100
volunteers come together for the
construction of the new Downtown
Community Barn.
Q. Who is the
Timber Framers
A. The Timber Framers Guild is a
multi-national group of professionals
and enthusiasts dedicated to the craft,
tradition, and future of heavy timber
construction practices. 50 volunteer Timber
Framers will visit the Village for this highly
charged educational and communitybuilding event. The Timber Framers’ Guild
will bring the expertise to ensure the best
possible structure will be in place for the
community of Pemberton.
Q. What is happening Q. When is the Barn
over the 12 days? Raising Event?
A. The Timber Framers Guild will be
A. Join the Village of Pemberton on
hosting a series of workshops and be
available daily to speak about the barn
raising activities. The Village will also
host briefings to speak about the project
and the impact on the community
of Pemberton. Stay up to date with
daily postings on the Village and the
Downtown Pemberton Barn Facebook
May 22nd and May 23rd for the exciting
final stages of this traditional barn raising
event right here in the downtown core.
Witness as the many hands that made this
project possible work together to finalize
the structure and celebrate this new
community venue.
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TFG Profiles
The Village of Pemberton is a municipal government working to
set a stable course for Pemberton, balancing social, economic
and environmental goals to ensure the Village maintains its
unique character and enviable quality of life.
The Timber Framers Guild of North America is a non-profit
organization dedicated to promoting the benefits, beauty, and
practicality of a timber frame structure.
“The creation of this exciting new community space is an important part of the
Downtown Enhancement Strategy and is a continuation of the Village’s commitment
to bringing vibrancy to our downtown core. The 2014 Barn Raising Event would
not be possible without the support of hundreds of volunteers and the financial
contribution from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.”
Former Mayor Jordan Sturdy.
“This project was estimated to cost over $1 million when we first reviewed the
design plans. However, when the community of Pemberton came forward with
donations of in-kind support, such as concrete and other vital hardware, we can
now build the barn for a third of the original cost. It is truly amazing the support
we have received from the community – this event on the 22nd and 23rd should
be really exciting as we all pull together to raise the structure.”
Project Coordinator, Suzanne Bélanger
Visit the Tourism Pemberton Media Gateway to learn more
about Pemberton:
“I think the biggest thing for me is getting to see the timber framers and the local
volunteers actually build the structure with their hands – together. What you
will see over these 12 days is everyone contributing to raise this massive structure.
Just like in times before when communities came together to raise a barn for a
neighbour’s industry, Pemberton is coming together with us to raise a barn for the
community’s benefit.” Project Coordinator, Randy Churchill.
Whistler Blackcomb
Foundation Profile
The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is dedicated to providing
financial support to registered non-profit organizations whose
activities provide benefit to residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor.
“We are excited to support this unique and innovative project for the community
of Pemberton. It will be a wonderful event for everyone to experience a real barn
raising made possible by so much collaboration.”
Executive Director of Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, Mei McCurdy.
“Tourism Pemberton is very excited about the new community barn as this will be
a welcome asset in promoting additional visitor experiences in our downtown core.”
David MacKenzie, President, Tourism Pemberton
Contact The Village of Pemberton ​to get details and comment on this exciting project
Jennifer Kirk, Communications Coordinator, [email protected], 604-894-6135 (230)