Express Loan Approval


Express Loan Approval
The Federal Savings Bank is proud to announce our Express Loan Approval Program! Getting your file
underwritten early in the loan process allows you to shop for a home without worry of loan approval. When
you do find the home you want, our program will allow you to provide a stronger offer and close in fewer days!
Here are the benefits of a fully underwritten file:
Bargaining Leverage
In today’s market, there is a lack of inventory. This is resulting
in many multiple offer situations. With our Express Loan Approval
Program, your offers will stand above the rest!
Peace of Mind
• Relieves the stress of wondering if the loan will
be approved
• Shop for a home without worry
• Realtors, attorneys, and the seller will know the
buyer’s financing is already in place
Close in Fewer Days
Because your credit, assets, and income has already been
reviewed by underwriting, we only need four property specific
items to get the clear-to-close:
• Title
• Appraisal
• Flood Certification
• Fully executed sales contract
We have the ability to close your loan in 30 days.
In some cases, even less than 14 days.
For more information, please contact :
Upen Patel
Mortgage Banker, NMLS# 1374243
direct: (703) 454-0802
fax: (703) 454-0804
cell: (571) 331-5161
[email protected]
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