Coastal Conservancy in SB County Projects, Partnerships, and


Coastal Conservancy in SB County Projects, Partnerships, and
Coastal Conservancy
in SB County
Projects, Partnerships, and Future Directions
Project Clean Water
September 22, 2011
Rachel Couch
[email protected]
Mission Statement
The Coastal Conservancy acts with others to preserve, protect,
and restore the resources of the California coast, ocean, and
the San Francisco Bay Area. Our vision is of a beautiful, restored,
and accessible coastline, ocean and San Francisco Bay Area.
Program Areas
Public Access
SF Bay Area Conservancy
Coastal Resource Conservation
Ocean Protection Council
North Coast
SF Bay Area Conservancy
Central Coast
South Coast
Project Selection Criteria
Key Criteria Required by the Conservancy
Promotion of the Conservancy’s statutory programs and purposes
Consistency with purposes of the funding source
Support from the public
Greater-than-local interest
Sea Level Rise Vulnerability
Additional Criteria
Minimize GGH Emissions
Resolution of more than one issue
Vulnerability to Impacts other
than Sea Level Rise
Conflict resolution
Realization of prior Conservancy goals
Return to Conservancy
Funded Projects: Acquisitions
Nipomo Dunes
Wilcox Property
Arroyo Hondo
El Capitan
Ellwood Mesa
Pt. Sal - Paradise Beach
Devereux Slough - Ocean
Meadows Golf Course
Conservation Easements:
Freeman Ranch
La Paloma Ranch
Paradise Beach – Pt. Sal Reserve Management Area
Funded Projects:
Coastal Access
Accessway Improvements:
East Beach Footbridge
Isla Vista Stairways
Surf Beach RR Crossing
Watershed Resource Center
Dunes Center
Sea Center
Shoreline Park
Goleta Beach
Coastal Trail Segments
Campus Lagoon Stairway
West Campus Bluffs Trail
Coal Oil Point Reserve
Funded Projects:
Habitat Restoration
Coastal Wetlands: Carpinteria Marsh, Devereux Slough, Goleta
Slough, Lower Santa Ynez River
Fish Passage: Carpinteria Creek, Arroyo Hondo Creek, Santa Ynez
River-Quiota Creek, Refugio Creek,
El Capitan Creek, Sisquoc River
Habitat Restoration: Refugio Creek, Santa Cruz Island, Santa
Ynez River, Devereux Slough, Guadalupe Dunes
(and many, many more…)
Building Partnerships &
Technical Assistance
SoCal Wetlands Recovery Project
Goleta Slough Management Committee
GavPac Trails Subcommittee
Guadalupe Dunes Collaborative
Habitat Linkages Working Group
Regional/Local Climate Adaptation Planning
Future Directions
Climate Research
Executive Order S-13-08
OPC SLR Resolution
SCC Climate Change Policy
Climate Adaptation Strategy
New Legislation ??
= New Paradigm for Coastal Resource
Protection and Enhancement
Future Directions
“The future ain’t what it used to be”-Yogi Berra
Fed, State & Local Budget Cuts
Dwindling Bond Funds
Climate Change Projections
= Uncertainty
Local/Regional Partnerships Key
Creativity Essential
Thank You!
Rachel Couch
[email protected]
(805)845 8853