Religion - VoFotos


Religion - VoFotos
720 Wells St. Chicago, IL 60610
Penthouse Level
Located three stories above street level, exposed
brick walls and 15 foot cathedral windows shower
club goers with views of the Chicago Skyline.
Photography | Chuan D.Vo of
VIP review
Still searching for a deeply spiritual
table service experience? Sounds
like you’re in need of Religion.
writing | brian salgado
eligion shares a space and
management group with
Chicago mainstay Club
720, located at 720 N.
Wells St. Partiers looking for Religion have to
climb up two flights of winding stairs before
finally reaching their destination, but once they
arrive, they’ll realize the effort was well worth
For those of us clubheads raised
in a Christian family, Religion’s decor will
immediately them of those Sundays spent
in services. The room boasts stately wooden
furniture, and benches replace traditional booths
normally found in table service areas.
Exposed brick surrounds patrons
between windows that extend from booth to
ceiling. The elevated DJ booth is flanked by
organ pipes and a stained glass window.
The menus has the traditional bottles
available, include a wide selection of tequila,
vodka and other liquor to be paired with a
variety of mixers. The Religion servers, however,
make sure everyone feels like its time to celebrate
when they bring out table patrons’ selections.
Each bottle is delivered to the table
with a lit sparkler attached as if Sunday mass
was about to begin. From there, attentive servers
dole out the spirits as if it were church wine,
keeping every drinker’s glass full almost before
it he or she puts it down.
DJs spinning from the booth keep the
dancers moving by pumping the latest hits from
the Chicago house genre. For those looking for
some privacy, another set of stairs leads to the
VIP section aptly named “The Altar.”
Go-go dancers eventually took their
positions on platforms located in the middle of
the dance floor. On their breaks, aerial dancer
Aislinn Mulligan captured the imaginations of
onlookers by performing a series of complex
twists, turns and flips on two ribbons of silk
affixed to a steel beam above the club.
720 N. Wells (Penthouse level), Chicago IL
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