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Elm Award Ceremony - May 26, 2011
Sea Loft at Waypoint Event Center
Fairfield Inn and Suites
In 1997 the Society established the Elm Award to recognize those individuals or organizations who have done
an outstanding job in either the ongoing maintenance, preservation, restoration or adaptive reuse of their
historic property. As May is National Preservation Month, this is a fitting tribute to those who have
accomplished much in preserving the heritage of the city for the future.
Elm Awards:
1. Baker-Robinson Whale Oil Refinery to Richard LaFrance, Waterfront Hospitality
2. 82-86 Front Street to Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Dawson
3. 42-44 North Water Street to Mr. Philip Dwane
4. 114 Front Street to Buzzards Bay Center, Inc.
5. 220-222 Hawthorn Street to Mr. Robert P. Horta
6. 411 County Street to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Saunders
7. 603 County Street to Mr. David Silva, Sr.
8. 695 County Street to Ellen Eichorn and Howard Munoz-Bennett
9. 33 Madison Street to Marilyn Camille and Boaventura Barros
11. 71 Hawthorn Street to Yuji and Alda M. Watanabe
10. 109 Hawthorn Street to Mr. George A. Avila
12. 18 Arnold Street to Mr. George Telheiro
13. 46 Campbell Street to Mr. George Telheiro
14. 140 Cottage Street to Franklyn and Priscilla Bill
15. 51 State Street to Darin Bond and Aaron Stallings
16. 1558 Purchase Street to Mr. Doug Mills
17. 46-48 Fielding Street to Mr. and Mrs. David B. Pepin
18. 163 River Road to Dr. Victor H. Mailey
19. 169 River Road to Mr. and Mrs. David P. Teneyck
20. Victoria Riverside Townhouse Lofts to Mr. Steve Ricciardi
Lifetime Achievement Award: to Bruce and Kathleen Barnes for their many years of significant contribution to
the preservation community in New Bedford.
Baker-Robinson Oil Refinery
c. 1845
Waypoint Event Center at the
Fairfield Inn and Suites, 185 MacArthur Drive
82-86 Front Street
c. 1765 – Seth Russell
42 – 44 North Water Street
c. 1825 - Frederick Bryant/Lysander Washburn
114 Front Street
1832 – Coggeshall Counting House
220 – 222 Hawthorn Street
1925 - Harry Wantman
411 County Street
1853 – Benjamin Cummings
603 County Street
1873 – Michael McCullough
695 County Street
1850 – Sarah Willis Read
33 Madison Street
1839 – Tilson B. Denham
71 Hawthorn Street
1887 – William Watkins
109 Hawthorn Street
1905 – Joseph Nicklas
18 Arnold Street
1909 – Thomas B. Tripp Carriage House
46 Campbell Street
1842- Paul Howland, Sr.
140 Cottage Street
1897 – Edward B. Whiting
51 State Street
1873 – Alice S. Lewis
1558 Purchase Street
c. 1851 - 1871 – Fire Station
46-48 Fielding Street
1923 – Edeas Audette
163 River Road
c. 1800 - 1830
169 River Road
1904 – Emma & Charles Horton
Ten Manomet Street
1896 – built by William Whitman
Lifetime Achievement Award
to Bruce & Kathleen Barnes
presented by Mark P. Fuller, Society President,
and Louise Wheeler, Vice President
Historic Marker Program
Since 1976 the Preservation Society has been awarding historic plaques through its Historic
Marker Program. New Bedford homeowners may apply to the Society to receive a plaque. This
past year, recognizing the diversity of the city’s neighborhoods, the society has developed a more
inclusive, multi-tier marker program that reinforces the collective memory of many diverse
people, past and present, who share a common heritage and which builds understanding and
neighborhood pride. The Marker Program now consists of three distinct marker types: Level 1 and
2 markers that denote style, based on the following values of architectural significance, and a
third marker (Level 3) that denotes a significant person or event having been associated with the
• Age of property, minimum of fifty years.
• Architectural Style. Property must be clearly representative of its style or a combination of
styles. Altered properties would not necessarily be excluded, but the property must retain
definite elements of its contributing styles. A change in exterior wall fabric (for example,
replacing clapboards with wood shingles) would not automatically disqualify a property unless the
change included wholesale destruction of architectural details.
• Property must be well-maintained and appropriately restored with a paint color scheme suitable
to the style and period of the property.
The fee for a plaque covers the historical research done to date the building and to establish who
was responsible for its construction, the completion and filing of the Historic Building Survey Form
B with the Massachusetts Historic Commission and for the manufacture of the plaque. Historic
Marker applications are available on the society website at
Preservation Society Summer Events
Thursday, June 9 ~ AHA! Night of Tours ~ free!
gather at the front porch of the
Rotch-Jones-Duff House and Garden Museum
at 6 p.m. for an architectural walking tour
led by Bruce Barnes
Summer Saturday Walking Tours ~ July and August
Starting July 9 (1 to 3 p.m.)
led by Bruce Barnes
highlighting the city’s 19th Century Neighborhoods
Call society office 508.997.6425 for
Schedule and reservations ($7/person)
July 28 & August 4
“City Celebrates!” ~ Summer Thursdays
6 p.m. - free!
Historic Mill Trolley Tours:
North End (7/28) and South End (8/4)
Trolley will depart from the William Street side of Custom House Square. New Bedford was one of the most important centers of textile
production in the world at its peak in the early 1900s. The industry began in the city in 1846 and lasted until the 1980s. The legacy of this long
and eventful history continues to affect the city today in profound ways. Please join the Society to learn more about the buildings, people and
events that shaped the development of New Bedford during this important era in the city’s history. The tour will last approximately one hour
and will be led by Society member Bruce Barnes. Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis, non-handicap accessible.
Plan to take a leisurely stroll this summer and discover the city’s 19 Century neighborhoods with the Society’s self-guided Architectural
Walking Tour Brochures. Observe the city’s architectural gems and learn about the history of over 300 historic homes documented in these
brochures, which are freely distributed at the New Bedford Waterfront Visitor Center, the National Park Visitor Center at
33 William Street, and through the Society office at 388 County Street.
For more information on society events and programs, please call
the society office at 508.997.6425 or visit