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Ultimate Wah-Wah Pedal with
Optical Control
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Product Features:
Multi-functional Wah-Wah pedal—offers
everything you need for all styles and sounds
This BEHRINGER product has been designed to
compete head to head with leading products on
the market
Total optical control for wear-and-tear-free
pedal operation (no mechanical pots and
Unique spring-back pedal mechanism with
resistance adjustment for ultimate playing style
(option to remove)
Heel-down frequency range freely adjustable via
Range control (440 Hz to 250 Hz) for use even
with bass guitars
Additional Fine Tune control allows high-end
extension of sweep range for incredibly bright,
ultra-present tone
Ultra-musical Q control for precise filter shaping
to achieve vocal-like effects
Tunable boost function including On/Off switch
to push your licks up to the limit
Dual LED indicators for Effect On/Off and Boost
On/Off at the tail of the pedal for total control
Ultra-low noise circuitry for outstanding audio
The HELL-BABE HB01 is unlike any wah you’ve ever
stepped on, offering a tremendous array of tonesculpting options. You get everything from “oldschool” wah to the most up-to-date sounds, all in
one mesmerizing effects pedal. The HELL-BABE will
add new dimension and depth to your artistic
What’s So Great About the HELL-BABE?
First of all, this demon’s heel-down RANGE control provides low
frequency adjustment that can be swept from 440 Hz down to 250
Hz, making the HB01 the ideal companion for either guitar or bass.
For custom-tailoring the toe-down frequency range, the HELLBABE features a FINE control, allowing you to adjust the frequency
sweep as high as 2.2 kHz.
Volume Boost
You can even dial in a powerful volume BOOST (up to +15 dB), so
that when you do step on the HB01, your guitar will rise to the top
of the mix. A highly versatile Q control is provided for precise filter
shaping and for achieving vocal-like effects.
No-Nonsense Build Quality
Unlike anything else on the market, the HELL-BABE uses no
mechanical pots or switches, which significantly reduces on wear
and tear. But that's not all that separates this pedal from the pack; it
also features a spring-back pedal mechanism with resistance
Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC
power supply (not included)
High-quality components and exceptionally
rugged construction ensure long life
Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
adjustment. And thanks to our ultra-bright LED indicators you’ll
always know when it's on and when the volume boost is activated.
You can power this bad boy with a 9V battery or our PSU-SB DC
power supply (not included).
The super-affordable HELL-BABE HB01 is loaded with userfriendly features, and is quite a bit more versatile than your dad’s
wah. Step on one today at your BEHRINGER dealer and experience
“love at first wah!”
* Please see the 3-Year Warranty Program for full details.
A New Era In Installed Sound
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