Expanding the possibilities.


Expanding the possibilities.
Expanding the possibilities.
Annual Report 2011
Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging • Arbor Rose • Jerome Home
The Orchards at Southington • Mulberry Gardens of Southington
Mulberry Gardens at Marian Heights • Southington Care Center
Not for profit members of Central Connecticut Senior Health Services
Our Mission
Our mission at Central Connecticut Senior Health Services is to provide and
promote wellness and independence to ensure optimal quality of life for the
people we serve.
Our Vision
Through our integrated services and continuum of care we will become our
communities’ choice in meeting their health and wellness needs.
Our Governing Boards
Central Connecticut Senior Health Services, Inc. Board of Directors
John C. Matulis, Jr., Esq.
Carol Barno
John Dillaway
Carl J. Sokolowski, Esq.
Vice Chairman
Patricia Walden
VP of Operations
John S. Manning
Clarence J. Silvia
Craig Bogdanski, D.O.
Harry Mazadoorian, Esq.
Joseph Crispino, Esq.
John F. Mullett
Daniel Daigle
Dennis Stanek
Phillip T. Davidson
Susan N. Venberg
Barbara Mackay
Audrey Zack
Jerome Home Board of Trustees
Clarence J. Silvia
Daniel Daigle
Phillip T. Davidson
John Manning
Vice Chairman
Harry Mazadoorian, Esq.
Expanding the Possibilities
A Message from Our President & Vice President
Dear Friends,
“All positive change in the world comes from our ideas of what we
believe is possible.”
—Alexandra Jamieson
As we enter a new season of growth and change, we are drawn to focus
on the possibilities that lie ahead in creating the future of aging services
with new partners and collaborative processes across a fully integrated
continuum of care.
Central Connecticut Senior Health Services has grown from one skilled
nursing and rehabilitation community to a full spectrum of senior
care, offering independent and assisted living, as well as a variety of
community-based resources to help people age in place, in whatever
place they call home. In 1990, we served approximately 500 individuals.
By 2011, this number has risen to more than 10,000 people each year.
This report puts faces on those numbers, with the acknowledgement
that they are a small sampling of the collective wisdom, experience,
and life-force within our Central Connecticut Senior Health Services family. They are individuals who have
embraced change, started a new chapter in their lives, or helped us in some other way to fulfill our mission.
Our goal is to continue to support them in whatever way we can. Our experience has taught us that when
you expand the possibilities for one—whether resident, patient, employee, family member, volunteer, or
friend—we expand the possibilities for others, for the organization as a whole, and for the communities
around us.
We invite you to join us in the mission of creating the future of aging services as we enthusiastically explore
and expand the possibilities together.
Kind regards,
Trish Walden
Vice President
Clarence J. Silvia
Expanding the Possibilities
Starting the relationship...
at the Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging
s is the case with most of the individuals who access the Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging,
the initial phone call or contact is usually just the beginning of a relationship. The Center suggests
possibilities and offers solutions that are as varied as the seniors and families it serves. To do that,
the staff needs to get to know each family and their challenges.
Linda Carrano was impressed with the instant rapport that Marc Levesque, senior resource case manager,
created with her mom during the first of two home assessments. “Marc was instrumental in connecting
with my mother on a person-to-person basis to better get to know her needs and preferences. He was also
instrumental in providing my brother and me with links to community resources.”
Through the Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging, Linda and her mom learned of Mulberry Gardens’ Adult
Day Center, a day center that provides hot meals, socialization, activities, and a variety of therapeutic
activities designed to help seniors age in place and flourish. According to Linda, “Mom likes it, and we like
that she likes it.” 
The Wisdom Awards
The Wisdom Awards, an event held in April, honored and celebrated seniors over the
age of 70 years old who serve as a model of graceful aging and continue to make
a difference in ways great or small. Proceeds from the Wisdom Awards benefit the
Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging as well as the Central Connecticut Senior Health
Services Life Stories program.
Above: Marc Levesque,
senior resource case
manager, escorts
Toni Height, one of
the Wisdom Awards
At left: Recipients of
the Wisdom Awards.
Expanding the Possibilities
quality of life...
at The Orchards at
fter a 20-year career
in market research,
Pamela Smith knew
that she wanted a change.
She also knew she wanted to
give back in some way, but
was unsure beyond that. Her
journey began with volunteer
work and led to a degree in
human development and
gerontology and a position
at the Connecticut Center for
Healthy Aging.
Now, eight years later, as the
coordinator of resident services
at The Orchards at Southington,
she has the privilege of helping
enhance the quality of life for
residents and their families.
What led her to this point
was, in her words, “listening to
myself and others—and being
open to the possibilities.”
Pamela sees many similarities
between what she currently
does, and what originally put
her on this new career path.
Often she is working with
residents and their families as
they are going through a period
of change. “I believe that the
key in making this all work is
treating people with respect and
dignity by listening to them,
and also helping them see that
Above: Resident Services Coordinator and Gerontologist Pamela Smith stands
by long-time Orchards’ resident, Mary Cammisa.
life at any stage can be rich with
new opportunities.” As Pamela
tells it, her mid-life career switch
was the equivalent of “a little
red convertible.” While she may
Expanding the Possibilities
have missed out on a sporty new
car, she has never regretted her
choice—and the residents, staff,
and families of The Orchards are
delighted. 
Going above and beyond...
at Mulberry Gardens of Southington
You know, I was never much of a joiner before I got
here,” notes Betty Furlong.
“Here” refers to Mulberry Gardens, the community that she
toured and chose as her new home in October, 2010. After
celebrating her one year anniversary, she shares, “I have not
yet found a downside here, and I don’t think that I will because
everyone goes above and beyond every day. And if I can help
someone get her sweater on or give a hand to someone else who
needs it, of course I’ll do it.”
According to those who know her, Betty does a lot more. She
also serves
on the
Betty Furlong, pictured above with Exercise
Physiologist Robert Keith, shares a laugh while
Committee, sitting by the fireplace at Mulberry Gardens.
a group of
staff, families, and volunteers who help the community
determine its goals and progress in making Mulberry
Gardens the best possible place to live, work, and visit.
The Four Seasons Room, a 550-square foot area that
overlooks the wooded property and adds year-round
light and space for residents, staff, families, volunteers,
and other visitors to enjoy, was one of those projects.
Betty not only contributed to the Four Seasons Room,
she also helped to raise funds for it with her hall mate
Marie by overseeing the goodies table at the Annual
Craft Fair. “It’s a good place to cozy up with a book,” she
muses. “I’m glad I supported this project and this fine
community that I call home.” 
The Four Seasons Room, completed in April of this
year, provides a quiet and comfortable spot for
residents to enjoy a beautiful view of the wooded
grounds at Mulberry Gardens.
Expanding the Possibilities
Relieving the stress of caregiving...
at Mulberry Gardens Adult Day Centers
n 2010, a grant from New Britain’s American Savings
Foundation was instrumental in expanding possibilities
for Greater New Britain’s seniors and their families.
Through their support, Mulberry Gardens at Marian Heights
Adult Day Center introduced cognitive and physical
fitness programs for clients as well as preventative health
screenings and a variety of holistic and complementary
More than 65 million people, or 29% of the U.S. population,
provide care for a disabled or elderly family member
or friend during any given year, spending an average of
twenty hours per week providing care. Statistics like this
one highlight the importance of more resources for these
Fortunately, the American Savings Foundation’s mission
of supporting families synced perfectly with Central
Anna Wolfenden, Marian Heights adult day member,
enjoys an intergenerational activity with her friend
Connecticut Senior Health Services’ mission to help
Savannah from the on-site child daycare.
seniors maintain their independence in their community
environment and relieve some of the stress of family caregivers.
“Because of American Savings Foundation, we are able to cook for and with the residents. It really is a great
interactive and therapeutic activity,”
Leonora Rodriguez, day center recreation director, enjoys the
shares Tonya Lok, site coordinator.
Grandparent’s Day celebration at Mulberry Gardens of Southington.
From senior friendly exercise
equipment, to a cognitive fitness
system to maintain brain function,
to a massage chair to promote
relaxation, the Center provides
programming for seniors who
want to remain independent in the
community as they grow older. 
Mulberry Gardens offers two
convenient adult day centers—
Mulberry Gardens of Southington and
Mulberry Gardens at Marian Heights in
New Britain!
Expanding the Possibilities
Supporting the
good work...
at Jerome Home
or some people, change
happens gradually. And for
others, necessity dictates a
much quicker timetable.
Take for instance, the journey of
Mildred Shockley and her son
Tony. With three days notice,
they orchestrated a move that
brought Mildred across seven
states to be closer to her family.
The next step was finding the
right Connecticut senior care
community. When shopping
around, they were told to visit
Jerome Home.
The recommendation was a
fortuitious one. As Tony relates,
“My wife works in healthcare. I
used to work in healthcare, in
different organizations and in
different parts of the country. I
have to say that I’ve never been
around a more friendly, caring
bunch of people in my whole
The Attwood Residence at
Jerome Home nurtures Mildred’s
social nature, something that
was not always the case in the
rural community she inhabited
before moving to Jerome Home.
She also sees her grandsons
more often. Both Mildred and
her son agree that the move has
improved her quality of life.
(l-r): Mildred, Tony, his wife Jen, and Beverly Lonero, the ACES volunteer who
collaborated with Mildred on her Life Story, admire the fruits of their efforts.
That’s one of the reasons why
Tony has become a donor as well
as a family member. “We love
the mission, we love Planetree,
we feel like it’s just a little thing
we can do to help.”
Mildred has also become active
in supporting the good work
at Jerome Home in her own
fashion. After participating
in the Life Story program,
for example, she encouraged
other residents to expand their
horizons by becoming involved
in the program. “She’s my
biggest cheerleader!” shares
ACES Life Stories Coordinator
Bill Stanchelek.
Expanding the Possibilities
Everyone has a story
to tell, and the Life
Stories project is going
a long way toward
recording those
stories for history.
With a grant from
Americorps through
the initiative called
Americorps in Eldercare
Settings (ACES), Life
Stories is able to
record seniors’ stories
in a variety of ways in
order to preserve their
Finding home, community and family...
at Arbor Rose at Jerome Home
The care . . . and the caring.”
Those are the words that Regina
Gourson uses to describe what
makes Arbor Rose special, and
they are as true now as they
were three years ago when she
moved in.
A long-time New Britain
resident, Regina passed by
Jerome Home and the more
recently built Arbor Rose almost
every day in the city where she
raised a family,
supported her
husband’s work
in the pharmacy
industry, and
worked as a
registered nurse
and volunteer.
number of good friends, many of
whom are also from New Britain.
A prolific reader and lifelong
student, Regina is also involved
in the Arbor Rose community
through the Residents’ Council,
a variety of activities, and as a
Why does she give? Regina is
quick to note that it is part of
her heritage as “the First Law of
the Torah is that you must give.”
She also derives pleasure from
seeing someone else enjoy a
project she’s supported. Finally,
her philanthropy is fueled by her
deep connection to Arbor Rose.
She summarizes it simply: “It’s
our home, our community, and
our family.” 
Jerome Home and Arbor Rose share a beautiful courtyard for
residents and families to enjoy.
When she
found herself
in a situation
where she
needed some
more assistance
as well as the
peace of mind
that she’d have
more help if she
needed it, “there
was no question
that I should
be here,” recalls
She’s made a
Expanding the Possibilities
Competent and compassionate care...
at Southington Care Center
knee replacement.
Benny’s attitude positively
impacts all who meet him. His
philosophy is simple, and is
no doubt one of the keys to his
energy and vitality. “When I
see someone alone, or needing
help, I pitch in because I know
that it helps me as much as it
helps them.” 
Josephine Carbone with
Benny Cammuso, volunteer,
former short-term rehabilitation patient, and relative
of a former resident.
enny Cammuso came to
the United States from
Italy in his teens and
started working for a living
almost immediately. After
he retired four decades later,
he thought, “Sure, I could
go fishing, but I’d rather do
something that really makes me
feel good.”
Now he volunteers for a
number of Southington
organizations, including
Knights of Columbus, the
Elks, Bread for Life, Calendar
House, and the Emergency
Response Certification Team.
He’s also active at Southington
Care Center because he
witnessed the competent
and compassionate care
provided there when his sisterin-law was a resident, and
experienced it when staying
as a short-term patient after a
Expanding the Possibilities
Central Connecticut
Senior Health Services
has adopted a philosophy
of “relationship-centered
care” known as Planetree.
As Planetree communities,
we partner with the
residents and family
members to identify and
satisfy individual needs
and preferences.
In addition to improving
the resident and family
experience, we also
support the professional
and personal aspirations
of staff members, who
can more effectively care
for residents if they are
cared for themselves.
Thank You to Our Donors
October 1, 2010-December 31, 2011
We thank you for your generous gifts that expand the possibilities within our organization. Gifts can be made in honor or
in memory of a loved one. Tribute gifts may also be made in honor of an event or a special occasion, all of which directly
support Central Connecticut Senior Health Services programs and initiatives.
Please keep in mind that your donation is tax-deductible. You may use the enclosed envelope to make a donation
to any one of our entities. We apologize in advance if your name was omitted or misspelled inadvertently. If so, please
notify Julie Norko, director of development and philanthropy, at 860-378-1284.
Arbor Rose/
Jerome Home
Principal Patrons
Regina Gourson
Lions Club of
New Britain
Harry and Janice Mazadoorian
North Central Area Agency on Aging, Inc.
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John and Brenda Manning
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Developmental Services South Region
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Healthy Aging Included)
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for your
Financial Summary
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2011
Consolidated Income Statement
Other Payors
Total Patient/Resident Revenue
Other Operating Revenue
Total Revenue
Salaries & Salary Related
Other Non Salary
Nursing Home Provider Tax
Debt Service & Depreciation
Total Expenses
Operating Gain/(Loss) $24,761,099
Expense by Type
3% - Nursing Home
Provider Tax
8% - Debt Service
and Depreciation
19% - Other Non
70% - Salary and
Salary Related
Revenue by Service
Revenue by Payor
1% - Adult Day Care
31% - Assisted
2% - Outpatient
18% - Nursing Home
Short Term Rehab
2% - Other Operating Revenue
4% - Other Payors
1% - Contributions
14% - Medicare
58% - Private
48% - Nursing Home
Long Term Care
21% - Medicaid
Expanding the Possibilities
Expanding the Possibilities
ach gift to Central Connecticut Senior
Health Services, a not for profit
organization, comes from someone
special: a grateful resident, short-term patient,
client, family member, employee, volunteer
or friend, who sees the many great things
happening and generously shares what he or
she can. We are proud of the services that we
provide, and are delighted to accept donations
that help us enrich the lives of all members of
our extended Central Connecticut Senior Health
Services family.
Did you know that you can show your support
for Central Connecticut Senior Health Services by
making a gift that will cost nothing during your
lifetime? You can—through a planned gift like a
bequest or a gift of life insurance!
A planned (or deferred) gift is a type of
charitable gift that generally requires some
planning, most often with the assistance of a
financial advisor or an attorney. These gifts
• Gifts through Your Will
• Life Insurance
• Retirement Assets
• Appreciated Securities
• Charitable Gift Annuities
With many planned gift options, you can enjoy
significant tax benefits while helping future
generations of seniors and their families. Please
call 860-378-1284 or visit ctseniorcare.org for
more information. 
Did you know that...
• More than 700 people per year return home after short-term inpatient
rehabilitation in our entities?
• More than 400 individuals from the greater New Britain area benefit from Good Life
Fitness; a health, wellness and exercise program?
• More than 7,000 days of adult day care are provided annually at our day centers?
• More than 200 home assessments are provided annually through the Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging?
• More than 2,500 seniors and their families annually access educational resources,
consultation and related services to help age successfully in whatever place they call
More facts about our organization, resources, and other helpful information is available
at ctseniorcare.org.
Expanding the Possibilities
2011 Annual Report
Julie Norko, Cheryl Olson,
Erika Stinson
Contributing Writers:
Julie Norko, Trish Walden
Graphic Design:
Cheryl Olson
Main Photography:
Rusty Kimball
To request a copy of Central
Connecticut Senior Health
Services 2011 Annual Report,
please contact Director of
Development and Philanthropy
Julie Norko at 860-378-1284.
Central Connecticut Senior
Health Services is a not for
profit Hartford HealthCare
Central Connecticut
Senior Health Services
Connecticut Center for
Healthy Aging
860-276-5293 or
The Orchards at Southington
Mulberry Gardens of
Southington Care Center
Jerome Home / Arbor Rose
45 Meriden Avenue • Southington, Connecticut 06489
Return service requested
U.S. Postage
Permit #86
Southington, CT

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