Active Outdoors in Värmland


Active Outdoors in Värmland
Active Outdoors in Värmland
Pretour 12 – 14 May
You're welcome to take part in everything which Värmland has to offer.
You're visiting a place full of adventure, challenges and lots of fun activities. At times,
the country is so beautiful that it'll take your breath away. It's never far away and
always readily accessible no matter where you are.
Adventure awaits you in the deep woods of Värmland. This is where you can build
your own raft and slowly travel down the mighty river Klar – an unforgettable
experience. Hiking or biking in Finnskogen where new and exiting discoveries can be
found around every bend.
Saturday 12 May
• Arrival at airport and transfer to hotel in Sunne
• Outdoor activity such as; hiking, canoeing, fishing or mountainebiking
• Dinner at the hotel
Sunday 13 May
Breakfast and then transfer to Stöllet
09.30 Start of timber rafting; information about the route, how to build and manouver a
timber raft, thereafter participants will build a timber raft together. Instructors will on site at
all times.
12.00 Time to launch rafts onto river and take off. Lunch and coffebasket are sent along for
the ride. The raft will travel down the river at a leisurely 2 km/ hour
16.30 Arrival at final destination and dismantling of raft.
Transfer to Sunne
Time for some relaxation at the hotel
Monday 14 May
Departure from Karlstad
Photo: Staffan WIdstrand/