A procedural health literacy book based off of the game “Tarzan


A procedural health literacy book based off of the game “Tarzan
A procedural health literacy book based off of the game
“Tarzan crosses the creek” by Sask Sport
Written by :Bailey Wells * All artwork retrieved from http://office.microsoft.com
Health literacy is important because it helps children learn and participate in physical activity at a young age, which would hopefully continue into adulthood. According to Sasksport (2001), “sport and physical activity provides opportunities to develop in the following areas:
‐Strength, endurance, and flexibility
‐fitness and an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle
‐competence in physical skills
‐fundamental motor skills
‐improved concentration, listening, critical and creative thinking, readiness to learn, and enthusiasm for learning
‐improved emotional control and confidence
‐improved social skills, such as cooperation, teamwork, self‐discipline, responsibility, support for others, respect, communication
‐management of disappointment and stress
‐aid in the morale development (right from wrong).”
Goal: jump across the “river” without “falling” into the water.
Skills used: running, jumping, landing, and balancing
Materials needed: skipping rope and chairs
First, mark out the edges of the river, making it increasingly wider. Then place chairs along the river’s edge. 7
Travel along the river bank until you reach a chair.
When you meet a chair road block, run towards the river and 9
then jump across. Then walk along the other side of the river until you reach 10
another chair roadblock. Now back up and run towards the river and jump across 11
again. Be careful that you don’t fall in!
Continue travelling up the river and crossing it when you reach the chair roadblocks until you reach the end. 12
When you get to the end of the river and chair roadblocks, 13
the game is over!
Variation: jump off one foot to cross the river, and land on the 14
opposite foot on the other side of the river.
1)Take turns
2)Be supportive of your peers
3)If you fall in the river, go back to the beginning and try again
About the Author
Bailey Wells is a fourth year nursing student at the University of Regina. She is an only child and has a cat named Tasha. In her spare time she likes to read, listen to music, play her guitar and piano, and spend time with her grade 7 & 8 youth group at her church. She commits at least two hours per week to aid her youth kids in maintaining healthy lifestyles through physical activity
This book was made in partial fulfillment of KIN 180: Growth & Development course at the University of Regina, 2014. Other balance and jumping games are available by looking on the Sasksport website, by going to: