Kinetico Yellow Page Program by How the Program Works in Five


Kinetico Yellow Page Program by How the Program Works in Five
Kinetico Yellow Page Program by
How the Program Works in Five Easy Steps...
Step 1. Recommendation Process
Prior to your yellow pages directory closing YP Resource will develop a customized
recommendation for your ad size and heading selection. Included will be the costs for the
proposed ads as well as the cost to renew the ad you had last year.
Step 2. You Decide What to Place
After reviewing the YP Resource recommendation along with the tear pages to see what
your competition is doing, you decide what size ad to place and how much to spend.
Everything can be accessed on-line or mailed directly to your attention.
Step 3. Choose an Ad Design
You will have the option of choosing one of the new Kinetico Yellow Pages ad designs or
requesting to use the same ad style you had last year. This would also be the time to
indicate any changes in copy points or phone numbers from your ad last year.
Step 4. Sign off on Final Order and Art
After you have completed steps 1- 3 YP Resource will work your order and prepare your
artwork reflecting telephone numbers and copy points in last years ad or new information
you have provided in step 3.
Approve On-line
Your order and art will be posted on-line for your review. After proofing both the order
and art you will “click” approved or print the order and art from the website sign and
them return to YP Resource for placement
Approve Hard Copy
After receiving the order and art please proof, sign and return to YP Resource via
mail or fax to 203-870-1810
Step 5. Payment
Prior to the ad being placed you will select a payment option credit card or check. If you
are paying by credit card you can key your credit card information directly into the website
or provide it over the phone.
There will be an option to pay over 6 monthly installments for any ads that exceed $1,500.
You will only have to provide your credit card information one time and it will automatically
bill in six equal installments.
Contact Information:
Yellow Page Resource
999 Oronoque Lane
Stafford, CT 06614
Mindi Smith 203-386-0228 ext 241
SELECT YOUR AD STYLE below to use for your ad
going forward. Check the box below the desired ad.
Ad Style 1
Yellow Pages
Ad Style Selection
Ad Style 2
We would like
to use last
years design
Ad Style 3
Ad Style 4
DEALER NAME ________________________________________
Please fax or email this page with your
recommendation to: 203.870.1810
Yellow Pages
Ad Style Selection
Please select the image and
or equipment you would
like to use in your ad.
Approving Recommendations
STEP 1.)
A.) View Tear pages provided & Recommendation sheet to see what you are
currently doing & what your competition is doing.
B.) You will be given two options. Option 1 is to renew what you did last year.
Option 2 is our recommendation to capitalize on incentives & increase
return on investment. Choose an Option by checking the box that applies..
STEP 2.)
Review the “ Style Selection” Sheet. This provides you with several
different Ad images available to you. Please choose an Ad style off this
sheet by checking the box below the Ad. You may also decide to keep the
same Ad “Style” as last year.
STEP 3.)
Once the ABOVE steps have been completed please either, fax or email
back ONLY The “Style Selection Sheet” & the “Recommendation Sheet”
STEP 4.)
Once we receive the information in STEP 4, we will design your ad & work
the order. We will send back the Artwork & Order for Sign off so you can
proof copy points, phone, address etc.. & then you must send back to us with
any corrections.
STEP 5.)
We will work the order with the publisher & contact you for payment.

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