AIR MILES® Reward Program



AIR MILES® Reward Program
AIR MILES® Reward Program
Quick Facts
The AIR MILES® Reward Program is a unique shopping
rewards program that enables Canadians to earn AIR
MILES® reward miles by making everyday purchases at a
variety of participating Sponsors.
 Over 10 million active AIR MILES Collector accounts, representing two-thirds
of Canadian households
 Over 200 brand-name Sponsors at thousands of retail and service locations
 Over 1,200 Reward options from hundreds of Rewards Suppliers
 Over 34.0 billion AIR MILES reward miles issued to date (as at 12/31/08)
 Over 7.0 million AIR MILES reward redemptions to date
There are 1,000 AIR MILES Cards swiped a minute
every minute of every day, seven days a week!
Household Penetration
More than 10 million active AIR MILES Collector accounts,
representing two-thirds of Canadian households
Competitive Awareness
(Top) Q1. Which one name comes to mind when you think of programs where you collect points or miles for purchases you make and the points can be
redeemed for free rewards? (Share) Q1 + Q2. What other collection programs for free rewards can you name? What others?
Scale: Open ended question (one answer accepted for Top of mind; multiple answers accepted for Share of mind)
Base: random sample of 2,005 Canadian households
Proven Results:
Long Term Sustainable Impact
• Immediate impact at
launch, where spend
Collector is
substantially more
• Sustained increase in
spend by AIR MILES
Collectors over time,
as demonstrated by
the maintained gap in
spend between the
two groups, and the
steady increase in
average spend by
Proven Results:
AIR MILES Draws a Crowd
A major city uses the AIR MILES Bonus Card to boost participation at an environmental event
35% increase in
traffic YOY
Attendance 168% above
Adding AIR MILES to the event sparked very positive response
from participants and successfully drove increased participation.
Proven Results:
AIR MILES® is the Preferred Choice
A Sponsor offered new customers a reward choice of: cash back, a gift certificate, or AIR MILES
Not only was AIR MILES the preferred reward choice, but it also
delivered stronger results at a lower cost.
Source: AIR MILES Sponsor Data
AIR MILES Issuance Options
Generate Results Quickly & Easily
New AIR MILES Bonus Cards are:
• Flexible – you choose the denomination
• Customizable – add your company logo and/or card holder
AIR MILES Bonus Card
• Turnkey – simply hand them out to your customers or
employees, no IT programming or requirements necessary
• Physical Card
• Easy – customers go on line to deposit the reward miles into
their accounts
• Simplify your incentive rewards - give your customers choice
on what they want from the rewards catalogue
• AIR MILES Bonus Card: Customizable options include branding, card carriers, card expiry date, active/
inactive cards, card denominations, card bundles
• Clients have control over their program, how you choose to reward your customers is entirely up to you.
Carriers are also available:
Bonus Cards
 70 word copy available on carrier
 Cards printed on recycled paper
 Ability to use the AIR MILES logo with approval
Bonus Card
- AIR MILES Bonus Cards are pre-loaded with a denomination of AIR
MILES. The two codes found on the back of the card are used to
deposit the AIR MILES directly into the customers’ account.
- This option is only available for the purchase of services, not on
- Cost per mile $0.30
- $0.13 per card for production fees
- Carrier $0.28 to $0.33
- Example:
20 AIR MILES = $6.13
50 AIR MILES = $15.13
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Proven Results: Coalition Delivers ROI
Market Leaders
Program ROI*
(#1 Share)
Non-Market Leaders
Program ROI*
(#2 or #3 Share)
Coalition generates significant ROI for market leaders as well as non-leaders
*Source: AIR MILES Database - arrangement of Sponsor logos does not coincide with order of ROI’s
Proven Results: Coalition
Delivers ROI
Coalition Partners
Lift in Spend of Existing Customers*
Shift in New & Reactivated Customers*
% of Affected Sales*
Program ROI*
Coalition generates significant ROI for High Frequency Retailers
*Source: AIR MILES Database - arrangement of Sponsor logos does not
coincide with order of ROI metrics
Lift in Spend = % lift in monthly spend due to Coalition
Shift in New & Reactivated = % of non-shoppers that begin to shop at partner due to coalition
Program Design Suggestion
Cost per
Under $500
$501 to $1500
$1501 to
$3001 to
$5001 to
$7501 to
Program Design will be
customized per SGI
Member based on
customer spend and
program objective.
This program design
reflects that of
approximately 1 AIR
MILE per $20 spend.
How to get started!
Please email or call us for more details.
Kate will introduce you to your territory representative
Kate Booth
Senior Manager, Corporate Sales & Operations
[email protected]