NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project


NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project
Guide to
Law and
More Than Just a Book
About The Book
Below is some of the information that is covered in
your NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and
Project Management, State Specific Edition.
Part 1
Getting Your Business Off the Ground
Chapter 1 – The Plan
Chapter 2 – Choosing Your Business Structure
Chapter 3 – Becoming a Licensed Contractor
Chapter 4 – Managing Risk
Chapter 5 – Your Business Toolbox
Chapter 6 – Marketing and Sales
Part 2
Fundamentals for the Field
Chapter 7 – Bidding and Estimating
Chapter 8 – Contract Management
Chapter 9 – Scheduling and Project Management
Chapter 10 – Customer Relations
Chapter 11 – Employee Management
Chapter 12 – Jobsite Safety and Environmental Factors
Chapter 13 – Working with Subcontractors
Hear It From Our Satisfied Customers
As any architect or tradesmen will tell you, having the
right tools is as crucial to everyday work life as the
knowledge they possess. NASCLA Publications Inc.
(NPI) was created with the same premise; to provide the
right tools for you and your budding industry. NASCLA’s
Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project
Management is not just an ordinary study guide; it’s a
tool, one that can be used time and time again. See
what others have been so excited about over the years.
“We have been extremely impressed with the quality of
the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and
Project Management, Arkansas Edition. NASCLA
Publications, Inc. (NPI) tailored the business and law
reference manual to our state specific needs. NPI
addressed every issue that the board needed for
inclusion. I could not ask for a superior publication or
for a more responsive team from NPI.”
— Greg Crow, Administrator,
Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board Part 3
Office Administration
Chapter 14 – Financial Management
Chapter 15 – Tax Basics
Chapter 16 – State Specific Mechanics’ Lien Law
Appendix A – Glossary
Appendix B – Business Plan Template
Appendix C – Useful Links
Appendix D – New Business Checklist
Appendix E – State Specific Contractors Licensing Law
Appendix F – State Specific Rules and Regulations
The back of the book contains sample forms and links
to helpful information.
Because we work with the top testing companies, such
as PSI, Prometric, AMP and in-house state licensing
agencies, your transition will be a seamless process.
“We have found the NASCLA Contractors Guide to
Business, Law and Project Management, North Carolina
Electrical publication to be an excellent tool for our 1st
time examination candidates and career licensees. A
must have reference for all licensed electrical
— Robert Brooks, Jr., Executive Director,
North Carolina Board of Examiners
of Electrical Contractors
“Our agency has been very pleased with the Tennessee
edition of NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law
and Project Management. This was developed for our
contractors to use as a reference manual in taking the
business and law portion of the licensing exam.
However, NPI took it a step further, making it a valuable
resource to our licensees who continue to use as a
business guide. This book exceeds all of our
— Carolyn Lazenby, Executive Director,
Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors
A Personal Approach
Customized to Meet Your Needs
A Personal Approach
Customized to Meet Your Needs
A Few More Tools
Provided in Your State Specific Publication
NASCLA’S Contractors Guide to Business
Law and Project Management
Content Customization
Shipping Turnaround
State Specific Business and Law
Collaboration with your State Licensing Board
• Add desired content
• Modify existing content areas
• Remove content as requested
Individual Orders Shipped Daily
• U.S. Priority Mail
• Delivery time approximately 4 business days
Publishing Team
The NASCLA Publications, Inc.
publishing team is comprised
of experts in the construction
industry. Please note, each
chapter of the book is written
by a professional in their field
of work. For example, the
tax section is written
by a licensed CPA
Flexible Content Organization
• Order of chapters
• Content presentation within chapters
State Specialized Approach
Procurement of State-specific Resources
to Develop Applicable Content
Addition of State Publications Included
with Written Content
Alternative Content Delivery
Content Delivery through CD-Rom
• Information delivery
such as sample documents
• Resource links
• Interactive tool
Study Guides to Compliment Publication
Review Questions as a Chapter Wrap Up Tool
Annual Revisions
Annual Federal and State Revisions
• Updates due to changing laws and regulations
• Addition of new industry information
State Licensing Board Guidance on Timing of Revisions
• Based on legislative sessions
• Coordinated with state licensing board preferences
Flexible Graphic Design
In-house Graphic Design Team
Current Design can be Modified to Client Specifications
• Page layout and column formatting
• Artwork within chapters
• Cover artwork
• Page and chapter numbering
Expedited Service Available via FedEx Express
• Overnight
• 2nd Day (2 business days)
• Express Saver (3 business days)
Purchase Orders Shipped
via FedEx Ground and
Express Every Tuesday
and Thursday
Discounts Available
Revenue Opportunities for State Licensing Boards
through Publication Sales
40% Discount for State Licensing Boards
• Applicable to bulk quantity orders purchased
directly from NASCLA Publications, Inc.
40% Discount for Testing Providers
• Applicable to orders of 100 or more books
purchased directly from NASCLA Publications, Inc.
Test Bank Revisions
Currently work closely with major test providers
• Prometric
• In-house State Licensing Board
Testing Departments
Transition NASCLA Publication
to Another Test
Providers Exam
• For example, Arkansas
uses the NASCLA
publication and
Prometric as a test
Personal Approach
Centralized Publication Development, Printing
and Shipping Operations
Flexible Print Format
Ongoing Communication and Face-to-Face Meetings
Different Binding Formats Available
• Coil binding
• Perfect binding
Concern for Your Needs through the Entire
Different Page Sizes Available
• Standard 8 1/2" x 11"
• Compact 7" x 9"
Development and Annual Revision Process
More than 20 plus states have already adopted
NASCLA’s Contractors Guide to Business, Law and
Project Management, State Specific Publications!
Please contact us today!
Content Customization
NASCLA Publications, Inc. publishing team works oneon-one with your state agency to ensure your state
specific needs are addressed. Content can be easily
modified by our publishing team. Please note that the
publishing team researches your state and includes
state specific information within the various chapters
along with your current laws, rules and regulations.
North Carolina
South Carolina
No Developmental Cost or Fees
We’ve already done most of the ground work for you!
Not only that, but there are no developmental cost or
fees for your state agency! From beginning to end, it's
complimentary! Whether we’re still in the development
stage of the process or updating a critical issue that
requires quick circulation, there will be absolutely no
cost to your state agency!
Book Discounts
State Agencies receive a 40% discount on the
publication retail price. Seriously, 40%! In this
economy how can any state afford to turn down this
kind of offer?! To add even greater value, your State
Specific Publication can be purchased directly through
NASCLA, which includes guaranteed shipments in a
timely manner. The typical retail price for publications
range from only $45 to $53.
The NPI Network
State board members from across the country,
industry leaders and the NPI research staff are
dedicated to providing you with the help you so
greatly deserve.
Non State Specific Business and Law
Annual Revisions
In today’s market, we feel it’s necessary to make your
critical revisions as quickly as possible. Typically, we
can edit a state specific publication within a month
and print within 1-2 weeks.
New Mexico
NASCLA Publications, Inc. also offers a variety of other
contractor publications and resources that may be of
interest. NASCLA Publications, Inc. can collaborate with
your state agency on state specific code publications
and work with the International Code Council (ICC) as
well. To see samples, please see the State of Rhode
Island Code Publications at (navigate to
the NASCLA Bookstore).
NASCLA Residential
Construction Standards
This publication can be
customized for your
state agency.
NASCLA Contractor’s State Licensing
Information Directory
A summary of contractor licensing
requirements of the 50 states and
the US Territory of Guam.
For more information on these or any of NPI’s publications,
please visit the NASCLA Publications, Inc. website at
Contact Information
Angie Whitaker, NASCLA Executive Director
National Association of State Contractors Licensing
Agencies 23309 N. 17th Drive, Building 1, Suite 110
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
PH 623-587-9354 FX 623-587-9625
EM [email protected]