Setting up the works council at Looije Tomaten


Setting up the works council at Looije Tomaten
Setting up the works council at Looije Tomaten
Text: Grada Terlouw en Arja Hilberdink
Why does Looije need an Ondernemingsraad?
In the Netherlands, having an OR is a legal requirement for
This time we want to tell you a little about the works council
all companies with more than 50 permanent employees. This
that is being set up at Looije Tomaten.
number also includes temporary staff who have worked at the
company for more than two years.
What is a works council?
A works council, known in Holland as an ‘Ondernemingsraad’
What do you have to do to set up an Ondernemingsraad?
or ‘OR’, is a group of company employees who officially
The management and the Enjoy The Taste (ETT) group are
represent their colleagues in consultations with the company’s
both involved in setting up the OR. At ETT meetings the group
members are currently busy working out the rules that govern
the way the OR works. These include aspects such as the
for at least a year. A temporary staff member must have been
number of members the OR will have and rules relating to
with us for 36 months. An employee can vote after six months’
service, and temporary staff get a vote after 30 months.
How can employees join the OR?
We can imagine that this all sounds rather complicated, so we
Once all the rules are in place, elections will be held.
will be giving you more details over the next few months. We
Employees can stand for election and colleagues can vote for
will also be keeping you informed on progress in setting up the
them. However, there are rules governing this. To be eligible to
Looije Tomaten OR.
stand, an employee must have been working for the company
the downstairs
It probably won’t have escaped your
notice that the office area in the
packaging facility is being rebuilt.
The plan is to increase the space up
to the first red swing door, making
more room for desks and space for a
meeting room.
We expect the building works to be
finished within 1-2 weeks.
Farewell Nicolas, Sebastiaan & Margriet
Over the past few weeks, we have said goodbye to three colleagues. Margriet Looije, Nicolas Hirschegger and Sebastiaan
Vermeulen have all left Looije. Nicolas and Sebastiaan are trying their luck elsewhere and Margriet wants to focus more
on her studies.
At their farewell drinks Looije
thanked them for their years of
dedication and commitment.
We wish all three every success
in their new challenges.
Tiramisu with Honeytomato® cream
As you know, we recently held two cookery workshops at our Naaldwijk location. Some truly mouth-watering dishes were made
there, and we would like to share the recipes with you. We’re starting with the dessert: tiramisù with Honeytomato® cream.
2 eggs
75 g caster sugar
100 g Honeytomato jam (see recipe
on website)
250 g mascarpone
125 ml cold espresso
25 ml Kahlúa (coffee liqueur)
16 sponge fingers
cocoa powder
fresh mint
Warm the eggs over a pan of hot water and beat in the sugar. Continue beating until the mixture reaches a temperature of 78°C.
Remove the bowl from the pan and continue beating until the mixture is at room temperature.
Rub the tomato jam through a sieve, fold into the cooled egg mixture along with the mascarpone and place in a small piping bag.
Mix the espresso with the Kahlúa. Dip the sponge fingers in the mixture and arrange eight fingers in a row in a dish. Pipe a layer
of the mascarpone cream on top, place the other sponge fingers on top of the cream and finish off with another layer of the cream.
Garnish with cocoa powder and mint.
Diploma for Frank Hoogeveen
Good news for Frank Hoogeveen! He has just graduated in Horticulture and Agriculture at the HAS University of Applied
Sciences. Many congratulations, Frank!
De Tasty 2015
The culinary lifestyle event De Tasty will be taking place
at the Utrecht Jaarbeurs on the weekend of 31 October
and 1 November. We will once again be showcasing our
Honeytomatoes® there this year.
It promises to be a weekend brimming with culinary inspiration
for everyone who fancies themselves as an amateur chef, foodie
or wine buff. So keep the weekend free and come along to our
stand to say hello or to taste our delicious Honeytomatoes®.
Mini dictionary
It’s cold, it’s raining a lot and the leaves are falling from the trees. And that means one thing: autumn is back in full swing. So we are
dedicating a mini dictionary to this season.
Czas zimowy
Kinga Koper-Ocimek
Roksana Glab
Collin de Vette
Suzanne de Jong
Katalin Miklos
Marta Ogonowska
Aleksandra Klus
Melissa Valentin
What keeps you busy… Katarzyna Kwiatkowska
My name is Katarzyna Kwiatkowska. I am 24. I have been
working at Looije for more than 1 1/2 years, for the last 4
months as a wrapping line operative. I live in Maassluis now.
... in your personal life?
There hasn’t been anything going on in my private life
lately :). Recently my mother told me she was going
to retire. I was very pleased about that, but it made me
realise that I still have another 40 years of my working life
ahead of me. I have very little free time because I spend it
learning Dutch. I hope my life in this country will change
at some stage.
... in your work?
As I said before, I work as a wrapping line operative. My job
is to operate the machine that packs the trays of tomatoes and
check the quality of the tomatoes. I also have to replace the
film and change the settings, depending on the order.
... in the world?
Recently I got a pleasant surprise when we qualified for the
European football championships.
Over the past few months there has also been evidence of
a change in the political situation in Poland with regard to
taking in migrants. It annoys me that the government is
incapable of guaranteeing jobs and decent working conditions
for local people and yet still decides to accept such a large
number of refugees.