Miranda Lambert - Certified Roses


Miranda Lambert - Certified Roses
Fact Sheet
Exclusively from Certified Roses for 2016
Miranda Lambert
(cv. TEXmirlam) PPAF
Fragrant Hot Pink Hybrid Tea
Hybrid Tea
Plant Habit:
Medium to medium-tall,
4 to 5 feet
Growth Habit:
Upright, bushy & full
Stem Length:
Foliage Color:
Rich grey-green
Very good
Flower Color:
Saturated hot pink
Bud Form:
Very pointed & elegant
Flower Form:
Fully double, old fashioned
Flower Size:
Large, 5-inch diameter
Petal Count:
Over 35
Intense rose & fruit
Seedling x seedling
Certified Roses
Certified Roses
Selling Points:
• Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert continues to achieve monumental
attention in the music world and has established herself as one of country’s most successful women.
• It's only right that the Miranda Lambert rose turns heads with its phenomenal fragrance, big blossoms
and vibrant pink color.
• Every old fashioned flower is packed with petals of saturated cerise pink inviting you to bury your
nose for a full whiff.
• A good-looker in the garden, this bushy full plant is a bouquet-making machine lending loads of
long-stemmed beauties clothed with grey-green leaves.