Inflatable Boat Cradle


Inflatable Boat Cradle
We built this dinghy cradle while in New Zealand in 2001. I found
two young men skilled in woodwork and FRP.
Starboard side view
Port side view
The white pieces on the deck of the
cradle are HDPE guides that help the
boat slide into it’s resting position.
The hardware on the forward deck is a
Johnson anchor chain tensioner
attached to Amsteel line running to a
3:1 block and tackle under the deck
and then back up to a snap shackle as
a bow tie down.
Yanmar LOADSTAR DPL48-2PT 2"
Diesel fire and bilge pump
Aft end is 6 inches off of the deck
Access hatches
OMG, was all of this stuff inside?
Yes, and we actually use all of this stuff!

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