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Mo` Better Accessories
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Star brite’s
Vinyl Guard
Star Tron’s
Ring Clean+
By Ken Duke
ho among us—or among your
customers—is not looking for
something that will make his
fishing or boating experience better, easier, less
expensive or more productive? Yep, I think that
describes everyone. If it improves our leisure time,
you have our attention.
These new items promise to do that. They just
might deserve some space in your store, too.
Star Brite
Star Tron’s new Ring Clean+ is formulated
with the latest technology deposit control
compounds plus a proprietary enzyme package for
the ultimate in cleaning power. Ring Clean+ is
engineered to remove the toughest deposits from
carburetors, fuel injectors, intake ports and
combustion chambers. The formula helps improve
fuel combustibility to prevent formation of future
deposits; as a bonus, it can help improve fuel economy, too. It’s the solution for engines that idle for
extended periods or that run on ethanol blended
fuel. The product can be used in all gas and diesel
engines, and can be used as often as needed to
keep engines running strong.
Star brite’s new Ultimate Vinyl Guard with
PTEF utilizes the most advanced ingredients
available to protect against fading and damage
caused by UV exposure and the harsh marine
environment. The formula also enhances the
appearance of vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather
surfaces, giving it a durable, semi-gloss finish. The
PTEF polymers bond to the treated surface to
create a barrier against UV damage and
to help repel stains and dirt. Unlike most
topical sprays that can only provide short-term
42 FTR • April 2016
engineered to deliver long-lasting
benefits under harsh marine
conditions. The product helps
restore moisture to older vinyl
and keeps new vinyl looking its best.
Sea Eagle
The new Quik Row Fixed Seat Rowing
Frame with rod holders from Sea Eagle turns
kayaks and iSUPs (inflatable stand-up paddle
boards) into rowing and fishing machines. This
allows anglers to move quickly to where the fish
are and start casting with the oars always at the
ready. The Sea Eagle Quik Row Frame easily and
quickly straps down to most Sea Eagle kayaks or
iSUPs. Two oars propel the kayak faster than
single paddle strokes, making it easier to go long
distances. If you prefer to sit facing forward, just
turn the rowing frame around to face the front of
your craft.
The thick cushioned seat provides true sitting
comfort and can be swiveled for a 360-degree view.
Strong aluminum oars with fiberglass blades
provide a comfortable grip and powerful stroke.
The Sea Eagle Quik Row Frame can also be fitted
with two optional Scotty Rod Holders so you can
row, drop your oars and fish instantly.
This Quik Row Frame carries an MSRP of $449
with frame, cushioned swivel seat, oars and
oarlocks. It’s $499 with frame, cushioned swivel
seat, oars, oarlocks plus two Scotty rod holders
and mounts.
Maxxon Outfitters
New from Maxxon Outfitters are three heavyduty 600 dernier PVC-constructed Dry Bags.
They’re rugged and versatile. All offer watertight
roll-down closures, improved welded seams,
adjustable shoulder straps with quick-release
removable buckles and extra D-ring attachments.
The series includes a 40-liter backpack (red/black,
MSRP $49.99) and a pair of 20-liter bags in either
red ($25.99) or camo ($29.99).
Sea Eagle Quik Row Fixed
Seat Rowing Frame
Scotty’s new Low-Pro Track is made from
corrosion-proof high-strength composite material
that will last a lifetime. The top load design allows
for quick and easy setup of all Scotty accessories.
Install it on a kayak, canoe or any other watercraft. Slide the Scotty 438 Gear-Head Adapter into
the track, click in a favorite Scotty rod holder or
accessory and start fishing.
The new Post Mount Transducer Mounting
Arm is designed for kayak and small boat use. It’s
made from high strength composite material that
will give you years of service without corrosion
problems. The arm telescopes from a compact 11.5
inches to 18 inches in length. Its fully-adjustable
design allows for use at any angle.
The 282 Rod Holder Track Combo includes
a 280 Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder, 438 GearHead and 440-4 Low-Pro Track. The casting reel
sits in a cushioned cradle while a front slot allows
for a spinning reel. The open bottom allows for the
rod holder to accommodate trigger grips as well.
Rods can be secured with a soft latching strap
which snaps over the top for baitcasters or under
the bottom for spinning reels. The 438 Gear-Head
Track Adapter quickly slides into place and locks
down Scotty rod holders and accessories. This
allows you to quickly change rod holder positions
with a simple twist. The new Scotty 440-4 Low-Pro
Track is made from high-strength composite
material and can be quickly and easily installed.
Scotty’s 3134 Locking Plates are a threat
deterrent system that works in conjunction with
existing mounting knobs and padlocks. They work
with all Scotty tilt-up Electric and tilt-up Manual
downriggers. They are manufactured using
rugged fiber-reinforced engineering-grade nylon
molded over a robust stainless steel plate.
The new Heavy Duty Big Game Stainless
Steel Gimbal Mount Rod Holder works in
conjunction with flush mount gimbal rod holders.
It’s made from heavy-duty polished 304 stainless
steel tubing and comes equipped with Scotty’s
241L Side/Deck mount. No drilling or mounting is
required. It’s offered in two sizes.
An angler can position his rod holder or
other Scotty accessory virtually anywhere on his
SUP or flush kayak/boat surface with the
Stick-On/Glue-On Accessory Mount with
Gear-Head with 3M VHB Tape. The attached
Gear-Head mount allows you to quickly change
rod holder positions with a simple twist. It’s a nonpermanent solution for mounting Scotty products.
The new 443 Flexible D-Ring with 3-Inch
Stick-On/Glue-On Accessory Mount can be
used in conjunction with a strap, cord, or bungee
to secure a cooler, paddle, dry bag or almost
anything else.
T-H Marine
Maxxon Dry Bag
KVD Kong
Over the past few years, as screen size and
capabilities of high-end marine electronics has
increased, so have the weights. The KVD Kong
Extreme Electronics Mount is built of aircraft
aluminum and stainless steel. It’s designed for the
heaviest of today’s marine electronics and has zero
movement with these units in the roughest water.
In addition, the arm is secured to the base with a
mechanical cam-nut that allows quick installation
or removal.
The TH Marine Hydrowave H2 is the next
generation Marine Audio device. It’s based upon
the reactive senses of bass and other predatory
fish. The Hydrowave H2 delivers the latest in
patented, sound-emitting technology, effectively
imitating the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish feeding activities. The H2 offers 16
sound patterns and five preprogrammed delay
options. It features a 2.5-inch Liquid Crystal
display and 16-bit CD quality sound.
The “The Eliminator” Prop Nut offers
several advantages over stock propeller nuts.
Designed to lessen prop noise and vibration, “The
Eliminator” stabilizes the prop by providing a
larger contact point. It also acts as a heat sink and
has built-in cooling ports that reduce the operating temperature for longer battery and trolling
motor life. Made to fit most Minn Kota and
MotorGuide trolling motors, it comes in an assortment of colors.
Tip Savers
April 2016 • FTR 43
Anglers and boaters can reduce the pull weight
of their trolling motors by as much as 50 percent
with the Equalizer Trolling Motor Assist
System. It consists of two air pistons that attach
to almost any MotorGuide Gator Mount to provide
effortless lifting in and out of the water. Complete
with easy-to-follow instructions, drilling template,
and marine-grade hardware, the Equalizer
Trolling Motor Assist System is quick and
straightforward to install.
“The Silencer” from is a simple trolling
motor modification that can help extend the life of
your investment and improve function. Custom cut
to fit both MotorGuide and Minn Kota mounts,
“The Silencer” creates a soft, padded surface on
your mount that eliminates abrasive metal-onmetal contact. In addition to extending the life of
trolling motor mounts, “The Silencer” also quiets
the harsh “clanking” noise associated with pulling
your trolling motor out of the water.
One of T-H Marine’s staples and greatest
successes is the Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate. Now
there’s a new Atlas Heavy Duty for outboards
up to 400hp.
TackleWebs Suspended Storage Systems
Tip Savers protect valuable rod tips and
organize rods while eliminating tangles. They’re
available with 4- or 8-inch mounting stems. The
mounting stems can be welded in the center for
deck mounts or offset to one side for gunnel
mounts. Tip savers consist of two complete units,
one for the rod butts and one for the tips. They
come complete with mounting plates and bungees.
With its Suspended Storage Systems,
TackleWebs/CoolerWebs is creating some innovative designs to utilize the wasted space of vessels
and provide high quality, rugged and accessible
gear storage. Whether it’s the underside of a rod
locker lid, strapped to a T-top, or in a cooler to keep
sandwiches from getting soggy, TackleWebs’ versatility and ease of installation is the answer.
The new TackleWebs Cup Holder utilizes their
proprietary heavy-duty adhesive Velcro tape which
allows for easy peel-and-stick installation (no
more drilling holes) and it’s designed to hold the
new large Rambler/Tervis cups and tumblers that
have become so popular.
Shoreline Marine
New for 2016 from Propel Paddle Gear by
Shoreline Marine is the Universal GPS/Phone
Mount. It’s a great accessory for boaters and
paddlers who want to hit the water and stay
44 FTR • April 2016
connected. There’s no need to worry about water
damage with this waterproof, breathable design.
Fully compatible with touch screens, paddlers and
boaters can maintain near full use of their phones
or GPS while protecting them from splashes. Fits
most cell phones and handheld GPS systems. The
mount can be positioned at any angle and includes
an adjustable lanyard.
Weego has a new accessory designed to
increase the versatility of their Jump Starter
Battery+ series. Weego 12V DC Adapters allow
boaters to bring portable power on board their
boat, while at the dock or a campsite, on the trail
or road, or even in the wilderness or offshore. It
connects Weego jump starters to any 12V DC plug
AKUA Aluminum
Bass Boat Fender
attach the 12V DC Adapter to the
12V/10A output on the jump starter and
the other end to the device’s DC plug.
The convenient 3.5-inch cord keeps storage space to a minimum and fits in the
Weego Jump Starter Battery+ carrying
case. While compatible with Weego
jump starters, it will provide instant
power for any lithium jump starter with
a 12V 5.5mm barrel jack output. MSRP
is $9.99.
New Pro Products
V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System
to power a lantern, air compressor, heater,
portable radio, portable vacuum, phone charger
and more. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply
The patented V-T2 Livewell
Ventilation System naturally cools,
oxygenates and removes harmful metabolic gases from the livewell. The result
is fish that are healthy, strong and
ready for release. Running back to the
livewell to check on fish or add ice eats
up valuable tournament fishing time. A
livewell equipped with the V-T2
Livewell Ventilation System allows anglers to
weigh-in with confidence, avoid penalties and
dramatically reduce the risk of delayed mortality
after release.
AKUA Marine Products
AKUA has developed a fender for aluminum
fishing boats. The AKUA Aluminum Bass Boat
Fender is designed to fit on smaller aluminum
fishing boats with smooth gunwales. The fender’s
unique patented suction cup design allows a fast
fit, secure hold to the gunwales and protects where
damage is most likely to occur. The patented
design allows the fender to slide on impact, past
the suctions so the suction cups won’t pop off.
They’re small enough to fit in a storage unit and
are designed to float. They are easy to put on, easy
to take off, and made in the U.S.A.■
April 2016 • FTR 45