Putting Wheels Under Weekly Deals


Putting Wheels Under Weekly Deals
Putting Wheels Under
Weekly Deals
The “Cockpit” of Choices
78% of survey participants said that weekly circulars affect where they shop.
82% of survey participants said that weekly circulars were important or
extremely important in determining what they will purchase while they shop.
80% of survey participants said that weekly circulars are important or extremely
important in determining where they will shop that week.
Over 75% of survey participants said that email is one of the best ways to
communicate deals to them
Survey Data
Over 97% of those who responded to the survey were Price Plus members
Did not include new shoppers or transient shoppers, whom we would like to
become Price Plus members
Only included ShopRite, not any of Wakefern’s other branches
Highest level of education received for survey responders
Undergraduate or Technical School: 44.05%
Graduate School: 30.06 %
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the highest level of education received
for citizens of New Jersey (where ShopRite has the most presence)
Associate’s Degree: 6.81%
Bachelor’s Degree: 24.61%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 14.40%
Print Ad Revenue vs. Online Ad Revenue
Revenue (Dollars)
Source: Pew Research Center 2013 State of the News Media
Nominal versus Inflation-Adjusted US Postal Rates
Biweekly Circular
Company will save money by reducing their
printing costs
Compare sales from weeks you send out
circulars to weeks you don’t
Send out every other week
Online circular will be updated weekly,
even though print circulars will transition
to biweekly
Turbocharged Vouchers
Double, triple, and quadruple vouchers
for local businesses
Success of Tesco
Redemption rate of 10-20%
Support local business and local values
Update App:
Save users’ location
Make all coupons accessible at all local locations
Transfer some Facebook practices onto app.
Employee spotlight once a week
Owner featured on app
Employee Education
Educate them about loyalty program so they can better inform customers
Will be provided via webcast to all Shoprite store managers
Managers will then use the information to train employees
Customer Education
Service kiosk located in store next to service counter
Select employees will answer questions regarding app use and loyalty program
Price Plus Lounge: Instant, tangible
rewards for membership
Members will receive one free coffee or
donut with proof of Price Plus membership
Would utilize the store’s service counter, so
no additional employees would be needed
and no shelf-space would be taken
Add a few tables and chairs or benches for
customers to relax and enjoy
Service counter employee will check cards
and serve customers
Will cater to current members, as well as
encourage new members to join the Price
Plus Club.
People are informed about rewards program
Face of the local community
Sponsoring local clubs or organizations
Offer turbocharged vouchers
Connecting with people at the local level
Personally and emotionally
Member Club Lounge
Schedule of Implementation
• 3-6 months
• 3-6 months
Price Plus
Lounge: Free
coffee and
donut for
6-12 months
• 12-18
• 12-18 months
of Print
• 3-10 years
Potential of a Complete Phase-Out
Effects of these programs:
Employees who are better able to explain the digital presence of
Wakefern’s stores
Customers who are educated on how to effectively use digital
resources available to them
Smoother navigation of the webpages and apps
Growth of Price Plus program because of a recognition of the
benefits offered including the Price Plus Lounge
Eventually, mass-distributed print circulars could cease to
exist for Wakefern stores
Printed weekly specials could be offered as an option for Price
Plus members
Cost Savings
Reallocate the money that you save from sending out less weekly circulars to
other places
Approximately $1500 per ShopRite store per month
Each individual store can allocate the money where they need it most such as
loyalty program, updating the app, or turbocharged vouchers for community
Thank you for flying OSU Airways

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