Press Release


Press Release
Press Release
Maurizio Dal Re
CEO, Araknos
[email protected]
Araknos wins the MSSP Project with Méditel (Morocco)
ARAKNOS becomes a leading Vendor only an year after its first showcase in a Morocco international fair
Casablanca (Morocco), 30th December 2010 – In June 2010 Araknos has been invited to bid for an MSSP
(Managed Security Services Provider) project with Méditel, the first private Moroccan telephone operator.
Méditel goal is to provide value added IT security services for its network of customers.
Araknos made a successful bid winning over all other French and Moroccan competitors both Lot1
(Perimeter Protection) and Lot2 (SIEM), where the Araknos product Akab showed significant advantage over
the concurrent USA products.
The importance of this project is emphasised by the fact that it is the first MSSP project in Morocco and it is
launched by a dynamic company with international visibility like Méditel, which has been recently acquired by
France Telecom.
Araknos big opportunity was the possibility to demonstrate internationally the superiority of its products: for
less than an year from a simple exhibitor in a Moroccan international fair the company became a leading
Vendor in a foreground Moroccan national project, which certainly proves the company's dynamism and
international recognition.
Within the MSSP Project, Araknos Maroc, a local Araknos controlled company, will be in charge with the
local operational support, the product personalization and the after sale customer support.
Méditel (
Méditel is the first Moroccan private telephone operator. The company has been active since the liberalization of the Moroccan market in
2000. In less than 10 years the company has reached to serve more than 10 million customers.
Méditel has invested heavily in 3G cellular technology and has launched several innovative Internet services, thus facilitating the
development of the Moroccan National Digital Plan.
Araknos (
Founded in 2002 on the idea of realization of the Akab architecture, Araknos has established itself in the years as a company leader in
Italy in the realization of sophisticated products for Cyber Defence, used within the most important public and recently even private
SOCs (Security Operation Centers)
In the light of international expansion, Araknos founded in 2010 in Morocco a new company, Araknos Maroc, and opened an office in
San Jose, Silicon Valley (USA) in order to obtain better results from the high value technology of Akab.