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No Body`s Perfect - Christian Schools Australia
No Body’s Perfect
Sharon Witt
Resource Sheet
Mission Australia Youth Survey Results 2014
The top three issues of concern for young people aged 15-19
• Stress
• School / Study Problems
• Body Image
Body Image consistently ranks in the top 4 issues of concern each year.
The Facts
90% of 12-17 year old girls and 60% of boys in the
same age group, have been on a diet of some type.
It is estimated that up to 30% of girls may resort to
extreme diets or develop disordered eating habits.
Helpful Websites
Enlighten Education
Positive Magazines for Girls
The Butterfly Foundation
...offers one-day and half-day
school programs for girls and one
hour seminars for parents on issues
concerning girls.
Gigi Magazine
...offers support and programs relating
to body image and eating disorders.
Offers professional development
sessions for teachers to take back to
their schools and run presentations
with girls.
Fantastic articles on website
...offers in-school workshops and
seminars for Girls from Years 6–12.
For bookings and enquiries
Bella Magazine
(online only)
Helpful Youtube Clips
– Search title
Sharon Witt
– Author / Educator
‘No Body’s Perfect’ for students and
also a Parent Seminar of the same
name. (No minimum audience.)
Mici Magazine
Girl Wise series of books
Books for younger girls (best suited
for primary aged girls 7-12 years)
•Photoshop Extreme Makeover –
Angela Talbot’s old lady
•11 facts about Body Image
•5 minutes of what the media actually
does to women
•The Photoshop Effect
•Unreal Celebrity Photoshop
•Evolution of Beauty
– Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
•Media and the Distortion of
Body Image
•Miss Korea 2013 Face Morphing