Squab`s 10 top tips for first


Squab`s 10 top tips for first
Squab’s 10 top tips for first-time home movers
Always use a removals company that is a member of The British Association
of Removers (BAR).
This means you are using a reputable removals company, with trained professionals operating to The BAR
Code of Practice, approved by the Trading Standards Institute. It basically means you are using a trusted
remover operating to high standards, using quality vehicles and materials to transport your possessions.
In the unlikely event that you experience a problem, and you are unable to resolve it directly with your
removals company, you also have access to BAR’s independent dispute resolution service which gives all
sorts of advice. When you prepay for your move, you also have added peace of mind that your money is
safe from the BAR Pre-payment Protection Scheme, which comes into effect if your removal company
cancels the move. www.bar.co.uk for full details.
When it comes to packing, try to be as organised as you can.
Preparation and planning is everything. And while your removal company will take care of the physical
move of your household possessions, it does require some planning from your perspective. Moving
home is classed as one of ‘life’s major stresses’ but a lot can be done to make it less stressful. For example,
starting packing weeks in advance, a little bit at a time – this will help make the task seem less of an ordeal.
Your removals company should be able to provide you with any packing materials you need. Or, use the
professional packing services of a removals company giving as much notice as possible. You can be clearing
spaces such as the loft weeks in advance. It’s the perfect time for a thorough clear out. Also clearly label
anything that needs to stay in the house.
If packing yourself, always label the boxes.
This information is essential when unpacking so that you know roughly what’s in each box and which room
it came from. Label all boxes with the room it was packed from, the contents and where it is destined to go,
eg. the kitchen, the living room. It will save so much time and hassle. Take special care when packing items
of value or importance.
Check that you are insured for everything you expect to be insured for
during your move.
Talk to your removals company about their insurance cover and read the small print in your Home
Insurance documents. Decide if you need additional cover.
Advise Mains Service Providers in advance and make all the necessary arrangements.
These include utilities companies such as gas/electricity, water, telephone and internet service providers.
Remember your removals company will not be able to disconnect anything operated as part of a mains
Disconnect all appliances before the date of the move.
This includes all electrical appliances, and don’t forget this extends to light fittings. Your movers cannot
do this as they are not trained to do so. It’s a good idea to try running down the contents of fridges and
freezers before the move.
If you have any unusual possessions, then advise your removals company
as far in advance as possible.
These could be valuable works of art, antiques and precious collections, garden ornaments and equipment,
IT equipment. Remember to consider everything that is your home, your garden, your loft and your garage!
It’s easy to remember to tell all your friends and family that you are moving,
or are about to move, but don’t forget to notify organisations such as:
Doctors, dentists, optician and any other healthcare providers; your bank, building society, credit card
companies; pension and insurance companies; passport, DVLA and television licencing, and don’t forget
premium bonds if you have them! If you have animals, then notify your vets. Advise any suppliers/creditors
you may have. Set up a redirection service with the Post Office to re-route your mail from the specified
Make arrangements for children and pets for the day of the move.
It can be a good idea to enlist the services of a friend or relative to look children and pets during the day of
the move. It will be an upheaval for them too and they will all need a settling in period. If that is not possible,
try to ensure children (especially the younger ones) have some form of entertainment. Pets will need to be
housed in a secure room/cage. (Remember cats need special attention.)
10 Don’t forget the tea!!…
Most removals crews work very hard. So please don’t pack away the kettle and teabags until the very last
moment. A cup of tea is always appreciated!
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