March Scoop


March Scoop
|Issue 22
Opportunity Centre
10108 14th Street Dawson Creek B.C.
cell: 250-784-8379
March 2016
Ladies Wine & Art @ the Art Gallery
March’s Inspirational Person of the Month is:
For those interested please sign up early as
we have to RSVP to this event. Come let your
creative juices flow and join us for an evening
with some lovely ladies in the community.
Meeting at the OpC Tuesday, March 29th @
Colton Giesbrecht for always helping to set
up tables for Math Class. Colton has won
$10 OpC money and his name will be put in
for the year end draw. Way to go Colton,
keep up the good work!!
Wednesday, March 2nd Lunch & Dessert Program
will be cancelled. For those signed up we will be
attending Passion to Purpose, a workshop being held
by David Johnston, from 12:00-1:30 @ the Super 8.
Refreshments will be provided but not lunch, so
please eat before attending.
Come out and support David!!!
To see a copy of the Scoop & Calendar check out the
DCSCL web page. Also check out the DCSCL FACEBOOK
page for Activities, Cancellations and Changes. Please
Note: We are CLOSED Friday, March 25th & Monday,
March 28th for Easter.
Don’t forget its Tax Time! We are currently working
on obtaining some volunteers to help us complete
our taxes. Please watch for updates on Facebook and
on the OpC White Board for further information and
|Issue 22
Holi fest
Debbie’s Story
The HOLI Festival takes place on the day of the full moon of the Phaluga
month and is one of the most famous celebrations in the northern parts of
India. At this Hindu-Festival people celebrate the victory of the good over
the bad and the beginning of the spring.
The Pink Elk
The special feature is that people paint themselves with various
colors and throw colorful powder in the air to express the freedom and to color their everyday life.
Real Elk are black because Elk are not Pink
but I am a Pink Elk and on top of my Pink
head I carry a pen for letters.
International Poetry Day
Unfortunately there is a huge level of inequality in the world
and people deserve a celebration where the everyday life takes
a step back and people come together in peace and harmony. A
pleasant and cheerful festival, which leave a lasting impression
on visitors and those who will read or hear about it. This Event
has the power to directly promote and foster equality and tolerance and bring people together.
We will be celebrating March 23rd @ 1:30 here at the
Learn how to:_____________
Monday, March 21st at 2:30 we will be celebrating
Poetry Day. Bring your favorite poem or a poem that
you have written and share it with all your friends!!
Its Survey time again, and we want to
know what you think! Becky will be
hanging around the OpC for a few days
with her IPad and our latest “Individual
Receiving Service” Survey. When you
see her, come and say ‘HI!’ grab the
IPad, fill out the survey and let us know
how we are doing. Here is Becky with
her IPad, and she is excited to hear from
Come join us on Monday evenings at 6:00 to learn all
sorts of awesome crafts, dances, and more! You have
to come to find out!!!
Elvis Dance Party
Please come enjoy an Evening dancing to
all the hits from Elvis. Sure to be a hunk a
hunk a burning fun!
Friday, March 11th @ 6:00
Help us celebrate International Woman’s Day History on
Tuesday, March 8th at 3:00 as we pay homage to all the
amazing woman who have paved the way for women
|Issue 22
March MENU
Lunch and Dessert Program
Thank you to all our cooks for making the Lunch and Dessert Program as
successful as it is!
Lunches Prepared by: Brianna Harman & Sherman Hansen
Desserts Prepared: by Jake Hanson
Mar 2nd
Will be cancelled to attend Passion to Purpose
@ Super 8 from 12-1:30
Mar 9th
Lunch: Filipino Sloppy Joe’s and Garden Salad
Dessert: Filipino Dessert Puto
Mar 16th
Lunch: Baked Ziti
Dessert: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
Mar 23rd
Lunch: Crème of Broccoli Soup & Grilled Cheese
Dessert: Raspberry Oatmeal Cookie Bars
Mar 30th
Lunch: Parmesan Chicken Bake
Dessert: Chocolate Zucchini Cake
Freezer Meals
Feb 10th @ 4:30
Goulash & Buns
Community Kitchen
Feb 24th @ 4:00
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Garlic toast
Fun Times at the OpC. Diane McInnis and Brianna Harman get goofy
in Drama Class. Carole Roberts enjoying painting time! Diane McInnis, Carole Roberts, Michael Ryder, Bernie Olson, Chelsea Lichti, and
Wanda Taylor enjoying Beginner’s Guitar and Angie Palfy and Billy
Ryder make mini snowmen!
The Scoop
| Issue
What to Expect in the Activities...
Parent Meeting
St Patrick's Day Dance
Wednesday, March 9th 6:00
Come join the fun as we dance the
night away with our friends!
Don’t forget to wear green!
All parents are welcome to come join us.
Basic First Aid Safety
Bring your first aid kit so we can go
through it and make sure you have
all the supplies you need and learn
how to tend to a minor burn and
small cuts.
Thursday, March 17th @ 6:00
Baking Evening
Come build your baking skills at the
Tuesday, March 1st @ 10:30
Thurs, March 3rd @ 6:00 &
Appropriate Attire
Due to the ever changing BC weather, we are asking all people to make
sure they come ready for all outdoor activities and day trips. Please
make sure to always wear a warm
jacket, boots, scarves, mittens,
toque, and bring extra socks in case
they get wet.
Wed, March 16th @ 6:00
Inclusion BC
Inclusion BC is hosting the IGNIGHT CONFERENCE! It will take place June 23-25 2016 in Prince George BC. Visit to watch a video and find out more. This is an amazing event, sure to inspire and encourage, celebrate and empower! See you there!!
PWD is changing! Inclusion BC continues to push for serious increases of the PWD rates. The current increase is not enough to
raise people out of poverty, leaving them to struggle with the growing cost of living. Inclusion BC wants to see people with disabilities recognized by our provincial government, no longer ignored and neglected. Check out to find out
more and how you can help.
The changes to the rates break down like this:
People receiving disability benefits who also receive a transportation subsidy of $52/month will receive a $25/month increase.
People receiving disability benefits who also receive a transportation subsidy of $66/month will receive an $11/month increase.
People receiving disability benefits who do not receive either a Bus Pass or a transportation subsidy will receive a $77/month
Along with the small increase to PWD, the provincial government is cancelling our bus passes! This change may not affect you
very much if you don’t ride the bus very often, but this will affect everyone on PWD across BC! Check out
to find out more about these changes, and how you can help. There is a petition started, pushing for the provincial government
to not only let us have the increase, but also let us keep our bus passes. Sign the Petition, support your friends, and push the
government to do better!”
The Scoop
| Issue
Attendance and Times
Please call 250-782-8377 and listen to the answering machine each night for the next day’s activities.
The OpC reserves the right to cancel activities if there is not enough interest or too few participants have
signed up. We will attempt to contact the remaining individuals with at least 1 hour notice prior to cancelations. These people will receive a refund. All those who cancel or do not show will not receive a refund.
Please be advised that if you are not signed up for an activity but show up unannounced, efforts will be
made to accommodate you however it may not be possible,…. if transportation is involved or supplies are
Community events can be scheduled at any time, so the OpC reserves the right to cancel planned activities at
a moments notice, in order to attend community functions.
Fun in the Snow
Willy’s Success Story
Willy has been working in the shredding program for a very long time. He is the driver’s
right hand man. Willy helped load and unload
over 10 000 pounds of paper last month!!
Willy is very well known in the community
and everyone recognizes him as the guy from
Confidential Shredding!! Good job Willy, keep
up the good work!!
Do you enjoy challenging yourself?
Join us on Friday,
March 4th @ 6:00
as we go to the
Encana Centre for
a night of Wall
Climbing. Completely safe and
full of fun!
Come watch our local Mile Zero Skating Club’s
Garden Party. We will be meeting at OpC at
6:00 Fri, March 18th.
St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17th. We will be doing
Card Making at 10:30 so you can give all your friends a wonderful card to celebrate!