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Tele-Board MED
How does it work?
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Tele-Board MED is based on the whiteboard
software system Tele-Board. It is a web-based
application and characterized by hardware independence for input and output devices.
Tele-Board MED can be used on any screen – from
laptop to digital whiteboard. The panel content can
be edited via touch gestures or mouse clicks.
Users can choose the input device they prefer for
the creation of sticky notes: e.g., tablets, PCs or the
If you have questions or ideas feel invited to contact us.
IT-Systems Engineering | Universität Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
Campus Griebnitzsee
Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Str. 2–3
14482 Potsdam
Tele-Board MED
Phone: +49 (0) 331 5509–222
Mail: [email protected]
Can I test Tele-Board MED?
Interactive Documentation
in Medicine
On our website you can find additional information
and demo templates to download for free:
You can try out Tele-Board MED on your own
computer – just ask for a test account:
[email protected]
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Benefits for Doctors and Patients
Design of Medical Records & Templates
Patients can view their records and contribute
content. Hence, completeness and correctness of the
documented data can be controlled by both the
patient and the doctor.
Doctors can easily create case reports by exporting
panel content to common office software formats.
There is no longer a need to manually gather and
assemble handwritten notes.
In Tele-Board MED, a medical record is a collection
of panels. Panels can contain colored sticky notes,
scribbles, pictures, links and clusters.
Next to blank panels, which can be filled spontaneously, there are template panels to provide a structure for typical medical use cases. They contain for
example prepared icons and keywords to facilitate
information capturing and help mutual understanding. Specifically, there are templates in place for
the application domain of behavior psychotherapy.
• Medical record management
A doctor patient scenario using Tele-Board MED during a therapy session
What is Tele-Board MED?
Tele-Board MED is a digital documentation system
designed for medical settings. It allows doctors and
patients to work cooperatively with medical records.
At the Hasso Plattner Institute we develop
Tele-Board MED driven by two main goals:
• Supporting patient-doctor cooperation at eye-level
• Providing an electronic medical documentation of
high usability with benefits for both the patient and
the doctor
An environment where the patient can actively
contribute is one important factor in improving the
personal engagement in the treatment.
• Easy to navigate record history
The front panel shows a psychotherapy
anamnesis template filled with patient data.
• Panel export in various formats
• Automatic treatment session protocols
Data security measures according to medical
• encrypted data storage and transmission
• restrictive firewall
• encrypted backups
Front panel: Psychotherapy anamnesis template filled with patient data
Why is Record Transparency important?
In many countries there is a strong trend towards
patient empowerment. Germany, for instance,
adopted a new patient‘s rights law in 2013.
As a result, patients are granted the right to fully
view their medical files and take copies of them