Rule the Real Talk


Rule the Real Talk
Tips on How to
Rule the
It’s Time to Start Important Conversations
With Your Doctor
Unfortunately, nearly
a quarter (24%) of
all women surveyed
Real Talk
3 in
All Relationships
Take Work
of women
in a relationship
work to
breathe life
into it
Bring Sexual Health
to the Forefront
Couples are not talking
about sexual health or
family planning.
to initiate discussions
about their birth control options.
of women
in a relationship
are keeping theirs
healthy by making
time to
Be Open and Honest
Be up
with your partner about
your needs and concerns
but don’t forget that
your doctor wants to
hear from you, too!
When women in relationships
were asked how often they
discuss birth control
with their significant other...
f requent ly
or never
Your doctor is a
huge advocate
for your sexual health
he or she
is there to
help you
with their partners
from these
important conversations!
discussing their sexual history
with their doctor.
don’t shy away
feel uncomfortable
Ways to talk to your partner and doctor
from Dr. Logan Levkoff,
Sex & Relationship Expert
A 2014 Merck survey
of 2,015 women,
ages 18 -40 found that:
rely on
their doctor
About Your Sexual Health
women admit
they typically
? ???
make informed
about your sexual
& reproductive health.
Don’t be afraid to have a real talk with your doctor about your
birth control options and if a non-daily option could work for you.
Abbreviated Methodology
This survey was conducted online within the United States by Kelton on
behalf of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. from October 8–October 29, 2014
among 2,015 women ages 18-40.

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