Annual Review - Euro Disney SCA


Annual Review - Euro Disney SCA
“We keep moving forward, opening
new doors, and doing new things,
because we’re curious and curiosity
keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney
on our Strengths
Million Guests
since 1992
Cast Members1
Business Events
per Year
Largest Hotel Capacity
in France
Name given to Disney employees
Sharing our
Disney Values
in France
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in France
Exceeding our
Guests Expectations
A Wonderful
Day Ahead
Each Visit at
Disneyland Paris
is Unique
Our Disney
Experience is
Still Alive
Every day we share
our Disney magic
Interview with
Philippe Gas
with thousands of Guests.
Their smile is our
Chief Executive Officer, Euro Disney S.A.S.
What are your thoughts on this past year as the head of Euro Disney?
Philippe Gas: Above all, 2009 has been marked by the global economic
crisis. It has changed the way consumers behave and it has changed how
we communicate and engage with them. The effects of this crisis will be
felt into 2010 and in response we are proactively changing our Marketing
and Sales strategies. What is important to keep in mind, is that the attractiveness of our Resort remained strong, especially for our proximity
markets, France and Belgium. Our Guests came in even greater numbers
delivering record attendance of 15.4 million and a hotel occupancy rate
above industry averages. The Mickey’s Magical Party celebration gave
people more reasons than ever to visit the Resort. Additionally, this year
was also marked by important milestones for the Company in the area of
workforce diversity, with the signature of the Diversity Charter. We also
released our first Community Report, which provides a snapshot of the
corporate responsibility efforts spearheaded by Disneyland® Paris with
regard to its local communities.
Why is your social commitment so important?
PG: Disneyland Paris is both a tourist destination and a regional business
driver that has a major impact on its surrounding communities, in particular in terms of job creation and economic value generation. This is why it
is very important for us to strengthen our ties and commitment to our local
stakeholders. We continue to support initiatives in key areas such as: the
attractiveness of Eastern Paris as a development and tourism hub, our
involvement in protecting the environment, employment
opportunities for those with limited professional experience
and proactive employment support for the socially
How has the current economic situation affected you?
PG: The current economic situation has had a significant
impact on European consumer behavior. The way people
consume leisure has changed and we have become increasingly proactive in our efforts to navigate this rapidly evolving
market dynamic. By adapting to these changes through
increasingly targeted offers and leveraging our sales and
distribution partners, we continued to drive record volumes
to the Resort. The needs of our Guests have changed with
the crisis and we have sought to better understand and
adapt to them. Providing what the Guest needs during this
difficult time is a strength we can build on and is important as
consumers are counting on the well-known brands they
What is Disneyland Paris doing to maintain its draw as the
leading tourist destination in Europe?
PG: In this economic environment, consumers undoubtedly
search for the best price but without making any concessions
on quality. From this point of view we need to be able to
deliver a high value vacation experience. And we do. No one
can equal Disney’s commitment to quality and innovation. It
is seen in the uniqueness of our Theme Parks, and in our
dedicated Cast Members. Every day, they offer our Guests
magical vacation memories, building upon the tradition of
service excellence for which Disney is known. It is important
for us to exceed our Guests expectations and to continue to
offer them an experience that only Disney can provide.
What will be new in 2010?
PG: The crisis has not impacted our drive to innovate and
amaze. We strive to be a step ahead in delivering the next
must-see, must-do, celebration. In April 2010 we will launch
Disney New Generation Festival and late summer three new
attractions will also open in the Walt Disney Studios® Park. Toy
Story Playland will be a new offering inspired by Disney•Pixar’s
Toy Story and its famous characters. Once again Disneyland
Paris will deliver new adventures and thrills to our Guests,
young and old alike. Celebrations like Disney New Generation
Festival give Guests new reasons to visit as we continue to set
the bar in delivering great family friendly entertainment.
Capitalizing on
Our Strengths
on Our Strengths
2009 Financial
Responding to
a Changing Consumer
Tourism Leader
in Europe
14 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 15
Capitalizing on
Our Strengths
Leveraging our Strengths in Challenging Times
In 2009, as we entered one of the most challenging economic environments in our history,
our objective was to focus on driving volumes and mitigating costs while ensuring decisions made during the crisis do not impact our ability to grow over the long-term.
The crisis has not changed the fundamental
pillars of our growth strategy. Philippe GAS, CEO
The Company managed the economic
crisis by including a targeted Marketing
and Sales approach, balanced cost management and a continued focus on the
Disney Difference. We adapted to changing consumer behavior while continuing
to deliver quality service to our Guests.
Consumers Booking Closer to
Departure Date
Since the crisis began at the end of 2008,
consumer behavior in the tourism and
leisure sector has changed dramatically
according to studies by Gallup, MKG
Hospitality and the UN World Tourism
Organization. Over the past year, consumers booked closer to their departure
date giving us less visibility on our business. For example, while Guests from
United Kingdom traditionally booked
several months in advance, they are now
booking much closer to arrival.
Closer to Home
In addition, consumers selected destinations closer to home and took shorter
vacations. The number of British, Spanish
and Italian consumers vacationing outside
their home countries declined or was largely
flat. In France, the industry saw a clear dip in
foreign tourism, which was also reflected in
our Guest mix. At Disneyland® Paris, where
Guests generated a record 15.4 million
visits, growth was mainly in the French and
Belgium markets. This growth in proximity
markets offset lower demand from Spain
and the United Kingdom, markets more
markedly impacted by the crisis.
And Looking for Deals
Easy access to real-time information,
primarily Web-based, made it simple to
shop around and compare increasingly
attractive offers. Consumers sought
strong “value for money” vacation options.
They increasingly opted for leading, familyfriendly brands they trust.
Making Disneyland® Paris
the Preferred Choice
In fiscal year1 2009, our Marketing and
Sales teams adapted to the changes in
Guest behavior by stimulating demand
with targeted offers. Although this had an
impact on our financial performance, it
was the necessary positioning given the
economic and competitive landscape.
And when Guests came, we leveraged
the Disney brand, using innovative quality
entertainment to create an unforgettable experience. We welcomed them to
our latest celebration, Mickey’s Magical
Party, with four new shows in the Parks,
and launched Playhouse Disney Live on
Stage! a new attraction for our youngest
Guests in the Walt Disney Studios® Park.
Meanwhile, our dedicated Cast continued
to deliver the level of quality service that
our Guests expect from Disneyland Paris.
Our fiscal year 2009 results confirmed the
effectiveness of our approach: Guests
continued to arrive in greater numbers
than ever before. In addition, our annual
hotel occupancy was 87%, significantly
better than regional averages. These
results led to a positive operating margin
and a cash position that gave us the
ability to both reimburse debt as well
as to continue to invest for today and
Solid Strategy
• Drive results through targeted marketing, while exercising prudent cost
• Invest in new content to continue
enhancing the Disneyland Paris Guest
• Provide excellent service, delivered by
our dedicated Cast.
iscal year represents the Company year end on
September 30, 2009.
Great Deals for Guests who Live Close by
Annual Passes bring Guests Back
Time After Time
Creating and rewarding consumer loyalty with annual
pass offers has been increasingly successful over the
past several years and a program that we continued to
grow over fiscal year 2009.
Promoting annual passes was a great example of how
we adapted to changes in our markets as annual passes
were a perfect compliment to changes in Guest behavior
with regard to traveling closer to home. As a result of the
success of this program, Disneyland Paris now has over
300,000 active annual passholders across Europe.
16 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 17
2009 Financial
We adapted to the changes in consumer behavior that were driven by the economic
crisis, delivering record Park attendance of 15.4 million, mainly from proximity markets.
These changes also impacted Guest spending and hotel occupancy, delivering lower
quickly to their needs
providing vacation
packages and offers
tailored by market in this
dynamic context.
Ready to Leverage Future
The post-crisis world will not be the same
as the one before. Looking ahead, we see
the same consumer trends of fiscal year
2009 continuing into fiscal year 2010.
Although some economies today show
signs of stabilizing, and even improving
in some of our key markets, the tourism
sector is still expected to lag the broader
economic recovery. As a leader in the
tourism industry, we are well-positioned
to monitor and understand the way Europeans consume leisure. However, with
feedback from our Guests, we responded
Over the past year, our capacity to
listen and adapt brought us increasingly
closer to our Guests and helped us to
deliver magical vacation memories for
many families across Europe. A special
relationship with children and the youngat-heart, combined with the remarkable
caring and know-how of our Cast, are
real strengths at a time when consumers
are increasingly rediscovering the trusted
brands that they have come to know.
Disneyland® Paris, the destination of
choice for Europeans
In 2010, Guests will be invited to come
and see their favorite characters in the
shows and parades of Disney New Generation Festival. In conjunction with this
new festival, we are preparing to open
three new attractions in Toy Story Playland in the Walt Disney Studios® Park in
late summer 2010. It is important for us to
continue to earn the trust that our Guests
place in us by delivering magical family
experiences, and to continue to offer them
the Disney Difference, something they
cannot find anywhere else in Europe. We
want Guests to see their Disney vacation
experience as a milestone in their lives,
first as children, then as parents experiencing the Disney magic through the eyes of
their children time and time again.
As the popularity of Disneyland ® Paris
continues to rise, we believe that 2009
again demonstrated the effectiveness of
both our near term strategies in managing
this difficult context and our long-term
strategies to drive revenues through
marketing campaigns that drive urgency
to visit while providing compelling content
as well as removing barriers to visitation.
We believe that we have the right strategies in place to continue to be successful
over the long-term.
“In a particularly difficult environment, we wanted
Disneyland Paris to remain affordable. We also wanted
to stay top-of-mind with our Guests, and remain a part of
their lives. We wanted Guests to keep on visiting us, even if
times were tough. That way, when the situation improves,
we’ll have remained in the family vacation life cycle.”
Throughout the year, we balanced our promise of a high-quality Disney
entertainment Guest experience with a continued focus on responsible cost
Consolidated Revenues Down
7%, but Strong Volumes with
Record Attendance and 87%
Hotel Occupancy
Our operations are comprised of two
business segments. The first and most
significant is the Resort activity, with two
main drivers: the Theme Parks, and the
Hotels and Disney® Village. The second is
our real estate business which, together
with French public authorities, is responsible for developing the approximately
2,000 hectares site surrounding Disneyland Paris.
Revenues from the Theme Parks declined
by 4% to €688 million, primarily as a
result of the 5% decrease in average
spending per Guest. This was partially
offset by a 1% increase in attendance to
a record 15.4 million visits. Revenues from
our Hotels and Disney Village fell by 8%
to €475 million, due to a 5% decrease
in average spending per room and a
3.6 percentage point decline in occupancy to 87%.
Real estate revenues decreased
€ 23 million to € 18 million, as a result
of fewer transactions closed this year
compared with the previous year. Prior
year real estate revenues also included
€12.5 million from the sale of a property
in Val d’Europe, which the Company had
owned subject to a long-term ground
lease. This transaction was unique, which
makes the comparison unfavorable for
fiscal year 2009.
Costs and Expenses
In fiscal year 2009, costs decreased 2%
to €1.2 billion, down from €1.23 billion
the prior year, mainly driven by lower real
estate activity. Additionally, we deployed a
number of management initiatives which
helped us to contain costs in this difficult
economic context.
Revenue Breakdown by Activity
€187 million
The decline in revenues,
combined with our cost
management initiatives,
resulted in EBITDA at
€187 million, down
25% from last year, and
€26 million in positive
operating margin versus
€91 million in the prior
year. As a result, the
Company incurred a net
loss of €63 million,
compared with a
€2 million net profit
last year
Positive Operating Margin
Federico Gonzalez
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Real Estate Managed
for the Long-Term
■ Theme Parks
■ Hotels & Disney® Village
■ Other
■ Real Estate
18 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 19
We were cautious not to make short-term decisions that could
impact our long-term growth potential, especially as it relates to
protecting the Guest experience. It is important to keep in mind
that despite the difficult context we continued to both service the
debt and invest in Resort development, important steps toward
reaching our long-term financial goals. Greg Richart, Chief Financial Officer
Key Financial Highlights
F iscal
(€ in millions)
Cash and Cash Equivalents of €340 million
During the year, the Group generated free
cash flow of €52 million. This was the
result of lower, but healthy, cash flows
from operations, driven by a decline in the
operating margin that was partly offset by
lower working capital requirements. Additionally, we reimbursed 86 million in debt
as well as continued to invest in content
for the Resort as outlined below.
Capital Expenditure
Cash flows used in investing activities
remained stable at €72 million. To be
prudent in the current economic environment, we curtailed some non-essential
investments during the year. However we
continued to invest in projects that would
support the Group’s long-term growth.
These investments include the completion
of the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage!
attraction, launched last March, and the
development of Toy Story Playland, set
to open by the end of the summer. We
also made investments behind the scenes
Theme Parks Attendance
(Visit in millions)
(e.g., upgrades to our call center reservation system), which are important for
improving the efficiency of operations.
Average Spending per Guest
(In euros, excluding VAT)
Costs and expenses
Operating margin
EBITDA 187.2
EBITDA as a percentage of revenues
Net profit / (loss)
Future Investments
The Group is currently working on projects
and investments that aim to inspire and
thrill our Guests, while creating value both
for the Resort and our stakeholders. We
remain confident that our business fundamentals – those which make us Europe’s
number one tourist destination – remain
strong and will continue to serve as a
basis for long-term growth.
Attributable to equity holders of the parent
Attributable to minority interests
Free cash flow 1
Cash and cash equivalents, end of period
EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) and Free cash flow (cash generated by operating activities less cash used in investing activities)
are not measures of financial performance defined under IFRS, and should not be viewed as substitutes for operating margin, net profit/(loss) or operating cash flows in
evaluating the Group’s financial results. However, management believes that EBITDA and Free cash flow are useful tools for evaluating the Group’s performance.
Hotels Occupancy Rate
Average Spending per Room
(In euros, excluding VAT)
20 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 21
Responding to a
Changing Consumer
Marketing & Sales
With consumers booking closer to their departure dates, traveling
closer to home and looking for attractive deals, 2009 was a time
when we had to deliver the most from our Marketing and Sales
We launched real-time offers, in response to the rapidly changing
economic context, on a market-by-market basis. The proximity markets
of France and Belgium, in line with Guests now traveling closer to home,
delivered the highest response.
Adapting to Changing
Ground Rules
In fiscal year 2009 the dynamics of Guest
behavior changed dramatically in response
to the global economic crisis. Guests took
vacations that were already booked early
in the year, but began to postpone making
decisions about and committing to the
next one. Additionally, with unemployment
rising, Guests sought more affordable
closer to home vacations instead of long
haul destinations.
“TGV Family on highspeed trains is our
response to parents who
want to continue to travel
at reduced prices, yet
still benefit from special
offers and services for
their children. A leader
in family entertainment,
Disneyland® Paris was a
natural choice as one of
our partners.”
Mireille Faugère
Executive Committee Member and
Director, Travelers in France and
Europe, at French national railways
SNCF, until December 31, 2009
Within this context, each country in the
European Union was at a different
point in the crisis
fiscal year
2009 and
changed their
behavior as the
global recession
unfolded. The Marketing and Sales team
responded with offers
tailored to each market
throughout the year. These
included package offers of up to 30%
and 40% off standard rates. This rapidly
changing context also required a change
in the media used with a need to leverage
more highly flexible advertising like radio
and Internet. This allowed us to move
quickly and communicate our offers on a
timely basis.
As the trend to travel closer to home
became an increasingly prevalent phenomenon, media spending on distant markets
was reallocated and an increased focus
to drive demand from proximity markets
marked the second half of the year. The
result was record attendance and occupancy levels that outperformed the regional
Learning from our Guests
In the current context we maintained our
focus on targeting the three core groups
that consistently show a special
affinity for the Disney brand. We
call them “Disney families,”
“Disney adults” and “aspiring
Disney families.” Our primary
focus is on Disney families, not
only because of their strong affinity for the Disney Difference but
also because of the considerable
growth potential that they represent for us.
Tailored marketing and sales strategies target Disney families across all
our markets, whether first-time or repeat
visitors. Magic, excitement and the opportunities to share special moments with
their children were, as always, the central
themes of our communication.
Delivering Magical Family Vacations
We know that these new consumer behaviors may remain
for some time to come but Guests will be increasingly
seeking improved value for money instead of simply low
cost vacations. With the high-quality service and entertainment Disneyland Paris has to offer, we are well positioned
to deliver on this request, with high-value, family vacation
experiences within a short flight, train ride or drive from most
European markets.
Alliances are Essential in Reaching out
to Guests
Disneyland Paris cultivates strategic alliances with selected
brands and companies to create win-win propositions.
Fourteen strategic sponsors provide not only high quality
food offerings to our Guests (Coca-Cola, Danone, Dole,
Kellogg’s, Nestlé Waters and Unilever), but also reliable
and convenient transportation options (Ford and Hertz), as
well as quality products and services to both Guests and
the Company alike (Crédit Mutuel, Gibson, Hasbro, Kodak,
IBM and Orange). Additionally, we have the opportunity to
develop joint promotional campaigns to increase awareness
and visitation to the Resort.
Here is one promotional campaign example, we worked
with Danone Velouté (lightly-sweetened yogurt) to create a
free prize draw for 12 stays at Disneyland Paris. Consumers
simply had either to buy a specially-marked pack of Velouté
in a store and use the “magic key” code under the cardboard wrapper to enter the drawing or to send in a written
request for a free “magic key” code before January 2010.
Easy Access also Speeds Guests to our
Transportation partnerships with Eurostar, SNCF, RATP
and Air France aim to maximize the benefit of the Resort’s
strategic central location. Exceptional access to the area is
also provided by the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station,
which is France’s number one TGV station in terms of
22 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 23
Adapting Offers and Distribution
We adapted our Marketing and Sales
offers as well as channels in real-time
with targeted tactical offers. We tailored
package deals and consumer communications to each market segment, focusing
on removing “barriers to visitation.” Over
the last year, the main barrier was purchasing power. That’s why we placed special
emphasis on lower price point packages,
which addressed consumer spending
However before these tactical offers were
even launched, we had already improved
upon a favorite offer from 2008. Kids Under
7 Go Free was made even better by adding
travel to the package. During our year-long
Mickey’s Magical Party celebration, for one
paying adults per room that stay at our
hotels, up to three children under seven
years old received free accommodation,
free entrance to both Parks, and they also
traveled free (either with Air France or on
the French TGV high-speed train).
We also responded to smaller budgets and
demand for customized stays with flexible
packages, like Tailor Made Dreams where
Guests can choose one or two extra hotel
nights for a special
price, qualify for
longer-stay rewards,
and enjoy halfboard meal plans
for even greater
convenience and
savings. Additionally, Extra Magic
Hours, for Guests
who book a Disney
hotel, gives access
to the Disneyland®
Park up to 2 hours
before official
opening time.
Extra Magic Hours
together with our
Tailor Made Dreams package give the
Guests options to put the finishing touch on
their ideal vacation.
One of our objectives is to be present
where our potential Guests want to buy.
Delivering on this promise includes working
with the diversified distribution channels of
a broad-based travel and leisure network
that includes Europe’s largest tour operators. They bring in-depth knowledge of
It’s all about the
Disney Magic in our
Guests “toonified” before
Innovative Marketing
visiting Disneyland Paris.
Last year, we kept up the pressure to bring the Disney
magic to life in and outside of the Parks by finding new
and innovative ways to reach our audience.
In a 2-month casting campaign, dubbed “Mickey
Star”, and featured on the French TV channel TF1 (plus
on radio station RTL), a pan-European audience of 28
million witnessed 5-10 year old children from France
and Belgium compete to be one of four dance finalists
in a live broadcast from the Disneyland Park.
their respective marketplaces and act as
valuable ambassadors of our message.
Moreover, a vast network of travel agents
ensure personalized advice for Guests to
customize the perfect stay.
Europeans within 2 hours
Travel of the resort
online promotions to be present up to
the last minute of the decision making
process on travel and leisure booking
portals like
The Wonderful World
of the Web
“The way people consume leisure has
changed drastically,” says Norbert
Stiekema, Senior Vice President, Sales
and Distribution. “We are ready for that in
all markets. We are where customers want
to buy. Major tour operators work with us,
as do large, established retail networks.
Today, online Internet business also plays
an important role and we remain focused
on this key sales channel” he adds.
Leveraging the Internet
Consumers Change,
We Change
We have continually adapted to changes
in European travel. In each country, we
found partners who are leaders in their
respective markets. We work closely
with them, but also continue to develop
our own “direct” distribution channels.
For instance, our websites and booking
engines are in local languages and
Guests pay using their own currency. The
goal is to facilitate consumer decisionmaking, and be available when or where
the consumer is ready to buy.
In fiscal year 2009, we also moved to
more flexible media plans which included
an increased use of the Internet. Since
Guests are now booking much closer
to their departure dates, we tailored our
That also means changes in the way we
provide support. For example, after our
Disney Stars B-to-B online sales training
tool taught more than 40,000 travel agents
how to better sell the vacation experience
at Disneyland® Paris, we followed up with
a B-to-B website, exclusively reserved for
trade partners.
Finally in a 3-week “viral” Internet campaign called
Mickey Dance, the inimitable mouse received over 100
million views from an audience of 22 million in France
and the United Kingdom. That’s the power of the
Disney brand.
Parisians caught a glimpse of a huge 3D
Disney poster in a subway station over
the space of four weeks!
Mickey’s Magical Party: The Most “don’t miss” Event of the Year
Throughout fiscal year 2009, our objective was to maintain a sense of urgency
to visit, with our Mickey’s Magical Party
entertainment offering and related marketing campaigns. We also boosted our
messaging presence in new and creative
places in order to reach out to potential
Guests with highly innovative and interactive communications.
through Flashcode technology. Advertising across Paris featuring Flashcode
offered a taste of treats to come, with a
sneak-peak at the “Mickey Dance video”.
In another move, the Company teamed
up with Google Earth to give its audience
of 150 million users a chance to preview
our Parks in 3D – a first in Europe, which
sent viewers flocking to our website.
A Celebration with Real
Disney’s Toonificator Turns
Net Surfers into Cartoon
At Disneyland Paris, we’re celebrating
Mickey’s Magical Party with a year dedicated to the world’s most beloved mouse.
On the program are events packed
with emotion and devoted to bringing
our lovable characters within reach of
Flash the Party on your Phone
People don’t have to wait to enter the
party and join in the fun and it’s largely
thanks to innovative, interactive communications. In one campaign, before Guests
arrived at the resort, they got a chance
to “warm up” using interactive advertising
During Mickey’s Magical Party, Guests
can go to
There, an online “application” (in computer
software, a service available to end users)
lets individual potential Guests virtually
dive into the world of Mickey’s Magical
Party. You can either upload a personal
photo to the site or create a toon of yourself directly online.
In just seconds, your photo transforms into
a “Toon” that you can personalize – face,
eyes, mouth, ears, nose and hair, as well as
outfits and accessories at your fingertips.
Who do you Want to Be?
Princess or pirate? Buzz Lightyear or
Stitch? Donald or Mickey? Mickey’s
Magical Party is ready whenever you are.
Once “toonified,” Guests dance to the
music and discover an extravaganza of
colors and pixie dust in all that is new at
Disneyland Paris.
Out-of-this-World Immersive
For starters, our four new interactive
shows and a brand new attraction are
calling you. Kids dance with Mickey &
Friends at the Hub, be-bop with DJ Stitch
in Discoveryland®, boogaloo with Minnie’s
Party Train on Main Street, U.S.A.®, and
with the Stars’n Cars parade or with all
the characters at Playhouse Disney Live
on Stage! It’s party time with Mickey &
Friends like never before. So don’t miss
out on the fun!
Guests “toonified” before
Visiting Disneyland Paris
24 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 25
Mickey’s magic mailbag
Mickey Star,
an Ingenious Way to Bring
Fame within Reach
For the show Mickey Star, French television host Nikos Aliagas and Mickey invited
young contestants to get a chance to realize
some pretty big dreams. The grand prize was an
evening of dancing with Mickey and his friends in
a TV special, broadcast live from the Disneyland®
Park, and seen by millions of viewers on French television channel TF1.
A brand has to do with the emotional relationships between a company
and its customers. Disneyland® Paris, for instance, is more than just
another destination; it’s a pathway to family fun and togetherness. Leading
products and services come and go, but successful brands are about
emotional connections and trust. François Banon, Vice President Communication Europe
The Disney Tradition: One of
the Greatest Storytellers on Earth
“Disney•Pixar does it again!
Up soars to new heights!”
- The Internet Movie Database
You are never too old to dream
Visitors viewed the 400 Works
of Die Duckomenta
“Only Disney Can do That!”
Celebrated Parisian tea house Ladurée brought a touch
of French gastronomic flair to Mickey’s Magical Party
scene. Asked to create a culinary sensation, pastry chef
Philippe Andrieu rose to the challenge with art and finesse.
A macaroon with character from Ladurée
In order to kick off the
Halloween season,
celebrated American
s t r e e t a r t i s t Tr o y
Henriksen, accompanied by the Resort’s Pumpkin
Men, invaded a Paris Metro station, and
then an avenue, in the “spirit” of performance art.
“Working live in the street and in the
subway is for me a return to my roots”
says Troy. “When I first came to Paris,
I would spend my days in the Metro, sketching people passing by. Adapting my
style to the Parks’ Halloween universe
lets me put a new spin on Disney magic.
I think that’s great.”
Mickey in Print
Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson are kings of
Kitsch, and have set up a group of artists that
they call interDuck…. One specialty: great works
of art, as seen through the eyes of Disneybrand lovers. Die Duckomenta is the name of
their eclectic collection, about which The Wall
Street Journal-Europe wrote: “This exhibit is
no featherweight, so you better duck.” And for
private collectors, there is a 2009 Die Duckomenta calendar, also available in the Parks
during Mickey’s Magical Party.
Disney and
Troy Henriksen
Liv Tyler, a Princess Dream
Come True
After enjoying some of the Park’s most
out-of-this world attractions, the star and
model Liv Tyler was asked what she liked
best about the wonderful world of Disney.
Liv’s reply: the song “A Dream Is A Wish
Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella.
What better proof that sometimes
dreams do come true?
As Walt Disney himself said: “I only hope that we never
lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”
Indeed, the Ladurée offering is a Mickey Macaroon, which
remains true to the immutable 3-circle graphic guidelines
that have made Mickey the most recognizable mouse in the
world. This is some Disney brand strength which you can
really sink your teeth into!
In the Disney•Pixar animated film, Up,
78-year-old retired balloon salesman Carl
finally lives his lifetime dream of a fabulous
adventure. At the same time that the film
was released in France, Carl’s “balloon” was
here for real at the Disneyland Park, flying off
theater screens to take off from the foot of
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.
A Source of Inspiration
“Through the eyes of a child”
Last year, 38-year-old contemporary Italian photojournalist Alex Majoli took time off from
covering the world’s hot spots to take a look at Disneyland magic “through the eyes of a
child.” Bringing along his 6-year-old daughter Maria seemed only natural. The artistic duo
found themselves, within the time it takes to do a photo shoot, on an enchanting visit of
the Parks, ready to capture with three different cameras little Maria’s perspective in the
heart of a dream world.
Like father, like daughter
Millionaire magic is moral of Slumdog tale,
with star exclaiming “I’m going to Disneyland!”
Love and money – director Danny Boyle mixes both in his movie epic inspired
by the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar plays
Latika, the childhood friend of the main character Jamal, in the 8-time Academy
Award winning picture, Slumdog Millionaire. Last May, she visited as a Guest at
Mickey’s Magical Party.
A day packed with emotion
First, the young actress learned the “Mickey Dance” during the all-new show, It’s
Party Time with Mickey & Friends! Although her movie career is already on the
fast track, Tanvi confided when exiting Space Mountain: Mission 2 that she has
always wanted to be an astronomer when she grew up.
“Maria gives us an impressive glimpse,” says Alex,
“managing from her angle to be both nonchalant and dumbfounded by a world, where
marvels literally jump off the page.”
The photos were exhibited at the Paris
Magnum Gallery, where people discovered the wonder of Disneyland Paris
through fresh eyes and, perchance,
sensed once again the innocence of
Maria, commenting
on her visit to Disneyland Paris
Last June following the French Open
quarter finals match, tennis superstar
Serena Williams took a break, armin-arm with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland
Paris. Minnie, for her part, paid tribute
to women’s tennis, modeling her most
elegant just-off-the-courts look.
Decidedly, tennis was headline news at
Disneyland Paris. Only days before the
opening games at Roland Garros tennis
stadium, Mickey organized a warm-up
tournament on his home court and invited
seeded French player Gaël Monfils and
Swiss star Stanislas Wawrinka, along with
young players from the association Fête le
Mur (tennis against social exclusion). The
whole party was sponsored by former
French Open winner Yannick Noah and
the result was a “Tennis Party” with a
doubles dose of magic.
26 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
Tourism Leader
in Europe
A Spectacular Entertainment
Kingdom. Once upon a time,
Walt Disney had a vision of a place
where children and parents can
have fun together, and everyone is treated
like a special Guest.
That pioneering era was the first step that
led us to Disneyland® Paris today, a “magical”
place where dreams come true, and Disney
stories, characters and ideals live on.
The No.1 Tourist Destination
in Europe
Paris, City of Light, one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe… and now,
with Disneyland Paris right next door,
Europeans can enjoy one of the most
magical destinations in France. A leading
tourist destination, fully integrated within
European tourism landscape, Disneyland
Paris includes two Disney theme Parks,
seven Disney hotels (5,800 rooms), the
Disney® Village retail, dining, and entertainment district, a Disney-themed golf
course, and two convention centers.
Like Walt said: “Disneyland will never be
completed. It will continue to grow as long
as there is imagination left in the world.”
Indeed, there are now also eight partner
hotels (for an additional 2,400 rooms),
making the area one of the biggest resort
destinations in France.
Key Player in Service
Strong Ties in Key Areas for the Future
“The strength of our strategic partnership with the Seine-et-Marne local council reflects
the successful integration of Disneyland® Paris into its host region. As the region’s
leading private employer and Europe’s number one tourist destination, we have a
responsibility to deliver continued balanced and responsible development of the Region
for the benefit of all stakeholders”, says Company CEO, Philippe Gas.
At the heart of Walt’s vision was impeccable service, wholesome entertainment
and an emotional connection with the
wonderful world of Disney – plus new
adventures and surprises around every
corner. The Disney legacy has inspired
us to become tellers of modern tales
that span borders and generations with
equal ease. It is the high quality Guest
experience we create, combined with the
strength of the Disney brand that make
the resort a unique destination, and a
premium choice for European families.
France Bets on Disney’s
Lasting Tourist Appeal
Disney know-how is acknowledged industry-wide. Our methods to deliver service
excellence and an outstanding Guest
welcome are legendary. We participate
in number of programs where we share
our knowledge and expertise, such as
Atout France, the agency created in 2009
by French Secretary of State for Trade,
Crafts, Small and Medium Enterprises,
Tourism, Services and Consumer, Hervé
Novelli, whose mission is to strengthen
France’s tourism appeal around the
Locally speaking, we continue to integrate
into the Seine-et-Marne community as a
partner in tourism and economic development in the region. We renewed our
commitment to growing the eastern Paris
area as a business and tourism hub with
a focus on job creation and sustainability.
This was done with the local council of
Seine-et-Marne as a follow-up to our
development partnership agreement,
signed in 2005, and we set up a new
working group in 2009 to take things
farther. As part of the Schéma Départemental du Tourisme Durable 2009-2013
(local government’s plans for tourism
development), synergy initiatives included:
promoting the Region together and capitalizing on the resort’s location to create
stronger ties through services such as
shuttles between Disneyland Paris and
local towns (Provins and Vaux-le-Vicomte),
and providing regional tourist information
to visitors through the Disneyland Paris
central reservations office.
Tourist Destination
in Europe
For Everyone
L a s t s u m m e r, t h e C o m p a n y
supported the launch of a new
program, proposed by French
Secretary of State for Urban
Policies, Fadela Amara, focusing
on developing summer activities
for low-income children and their
families. The operation, called Des
vacances, moi aussi! (Holidays, me
too!), was launched in June 2009,
when 500 families spent a day at
Disneyland Paris. Mrs. Amara’s
choice of Disneyland Paris was
highly symbolic. After all, what
better place to announce her
“vacation plan” for underprivileged
families than at Europe’s leading
tourist destination?
28 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // capitalizing on our strengths
capitalizing on our strengths // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 29
Louis Braille Celebrates 200th Birthday
Coupvray is one of the five towns in the Val d’Europe district of Seine-et-Marne. It is also the birthplace of Louis Braille,
the inventor of braille, a worldwide system that many blind people use to read and write. In June 2009, to celebrate the
bicentennial of his birth, Disneyland® Paris welcomed the International Congress of the Visually Impaired, where speakers
from different institutions, journalists and health care professionals gathered to take stock of recent progress in dealing
with this disability.
jobs generated in France in 2008
by Disneyland Paris activities
(source: Délégation interministérielle
au projet Euro Disney, 2008)
Major Impacts for Tourism and the Economy
New State report released
An interministerial directorate, the Délégation Interministérielle au projet Euro
Disney, updated its analysis of the
economic and social impacts of Disneyland Paris (through 2008). Key findings
showed that the destination, including
our partner hotels : (1) was the fifth
largest hotel complex site in France,
(2) accounted for 10% of hotel stays in
the Ile-de-France region (3) generated
through foreign Guest visitation, 6.4%
of France’s tourism income measured
in non-French visitation (4) generates
2.78 jobs elsewhere in France for every
job at Disneyland Paris and (5) has led
to the creation of 56,000 direct and indirect jobs in France (up 14.5% compared
to the situation in 2005).
What those findings mean
The impact of Disneyland Paris goes far
beyond its host site, extending across
the entire greater eastern Paris area in
terms of jobs, business development
and accessibility. Above all, the findings
demonstrate the remarkable success of
leveraging public-private partnering as an
opportunity that has proven its worth, and
which will continue to play a key role in
our future development.
Contributing to Val d’Europe
Val d’Europe is part of an Eastern Paris
economic development region, Marne-laVallée. Its development is the realization
of a public-private partnership initiative,
unique in France, between Disney and the
French State.
With Villages Nature, Disneyland Paris and Pierre & Vacances look ahead to the
European tourism of tomorrow. Although still under study, it would be
unique in Europe and would respond to people’s quest for harmony
with nature in the 21st century. This project would represent a large
scale example of eco-tourism in France, while incorporating in its design
the basics of sustainable development, notably by promoting renewable
energy use and sustainable water management.
A cornerstone to this development has
been a suburban, national, and international rail hub, now the best-connected
regional and high-speed train station in
the country with the launch of its interconnection to the East European TGV
rail network. The hub handles 100 trains
per day, offers daily service to 65 other
train stations in France and abroad, and
ensures high-speed rail links with London
(2 hours 30 minutes) via Eurostar and
Roissy CDG airport (10 minutes) via the
TGV. The hub also provides direct access
to Paris via two commuter rail stations
linked to the suburban rail lines.
Key Figures:
Businesses Established
in Val d’Europe
(source: SAN Val d’Europe, 2009)
Responsible Development
An economic lever for the region
By creating a balanced development plan
including residential, business, tourism, and
public infrastructure needs such as transportation, schools, education and health
care facilities – Val d’Europe has demonstrated its commitment to responsible
development and laid the foundation for
long-term success. The balance between
employment opportunities and the population reflects that vision with regional
development generating the equivalent of
two jobs for each active resident, twice the
local average for the Ile-de-France region1.
As an added testament to the success
of public spending on this publicprivate partnership, the private sector has
invested over €6 billion, compared to
€650 million from French Government,
over a 20-year period.
Attracting new businesses
Val d’Europe has seen over 1,700 companies come to the Region since its creation,
leveraging both the economic power
house of the large scale Resort destination as well as the attractiveness of the
Eastern Paris location. In 2009, that trend
continued, both in the town center, served
by suburban commuter rail lines, and in its
business park, Paris-Val d’Europe, just off
the A4 freeway.
space becoming available, and the
announcement in November 2009 of the
Seine-et-Marne Chamber of Commerce
and Industry joining the Val d’Europe
For instance, in downtown Val d’Europe,
where office occupancy is now over 95%,
France Telecom Orange has opened a
new call center for its commercial services
in a brand-new building, within walking
distance of the RER A suburban train
station. Occupying 3,600 sqm of office
space tailored to the modern design
norms for call center operations, some
300 Orange employees began moving
into the space as of November 2008.
Just two months later, the ESMA Aviation
Academy, based in Montpellier, created an
annex in Ile-de-France to bring its training
activities closer to France’s largest employment pool. Val d’Europe was chosen
for its easy accessibility and optimal
quality/cost ratio in office rentals. As a
result, around 500 aerospace workers will
be trained in Val d’Europe each year.
Moreover, the business park is also
undergoing expansion, with new office
Excellent quality of life
According to a May 2009 survey by CSA,
that polled 1,018 people, either living,
working or studying in Val d’Europe,
the town received an approval rating of
7.6 out of 10 for its overall image. In addition, 80% of respondents said that they
felt “at home,” 90% would recommend
the place to friends or relatives, and 64%
were “very satisfied” with the quality of
life. In short, Val d’Europe is a great place
to live and work, and can look forward
to a bright future. Most importantly, it is
likely to be a key player of the greater
Paris region throughout the 21st century
with the Seine-et-Marne well positioned
to play an important role in future growth
ource : DLPI based on CCI de Seine-et-Marne
Exceeding our
Like Nowhere Else
and Innovation
32 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // exceeding our guests expectations
exceeding our guests expectations // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 33
Like Nowhere Else
Mickey’s Magical Party
For every Guest, it’s party time all the time
in the Parks.
New spectacular celebrations,
at Disneyland® Paris surprised
and enchanted our Guests.
Someone You Know Can’t
Wait to Go
The mouse with that inimitable look
welcomes everyone to his magical party,
which runs through March 7, 2010 –
a celebration that sprinkles party pixie
dust all over the Resort.
“Mickey’s Magical Party is something
that his fans do not want to miss,” said
Company CEO Philippe Gas, while approving last-minute preparations.
Our Cast Members have
pulled out all the stops
to create an experience
Guests will never forget.
From the moment they
arrive, they step into a
unique party atmosphere,
with special decorations and
magical shows, led by Mickey
and his friends, taking place
in both Parks. Every day is
party day, throughout this vividly
magic year.
The Program:
Fun, Frolics and Grins
It’s Party Time with Mickey & Friends!
Who hasn’t dreamed of dancing with
Disney characters? Well at Disneyland
Paris, dreams come true as Mickey and
Goofy throw a party to remember at the
heart of Main Street, U.S.A. ® , on the
Park’s new 360-degree central stage.
No reservations needed for this party, as
starry-eyed Guests find themselves at the
center of the action. Everyone’s invited to
sing, dance and play, as they mingle and
hug the Disney characters they love.
Kids go loco with joy when the party train
pulls up and those loveable characters
disembark. So get on board for the most
enter-training experience of the year. It’s
a hoot!
Disney’s Stars’n Cars!
Kids and adults gasp as colorful
characters hit the streets in fantastical
eye-popping Disney-fied rides – a new
event for a new season in the Walt
Disney Studios® Park. It’s a cavalcade of
convertibles, a jamboree of jalopies and a
hoedown of hotrods.
It’s Dance Time in Discoveryland®!
Top DJs have to hang up their baseball
caps when the mischievous alien from
the Walt Disney Pictures hit comedy Lilo
& Stitch takes to the turntables. He’s got
them all dancing to the beat with his own
impish mix of dance rhythms.
In his new guise as DJ Stitch, the fuzzy
phenomenon outpaces his troupe of fleetfooted dancers with his manic mixes.
Guests are in stitches as they join in the
fast and furious fun. A novel entertainment experience, DJ Stitch performs
on a new mobile stage, next to
Space Mountain: Mission 2.
Minnie’s Party Train!
Kids don’t have to be railroaded
into joining Minnie Mouse and
her friends on Minnie’s Party
Train, promising maximum
fun all the way down the line.
The carriages are packed with
Disney characters, headed down
Main Street, U.S.A., to greet all
their fans along the way.
“Disney’s motoring stars like Aladdin, Ariel,
the Disney Villains, and the fur-ever friendly
Sully, from Disney•Pixar film Monsters
Inc., sure are camera-ready for their fans,”
says Simon Opie, Vice President Product
Integration. And, of course, it’s all set to
your favorite Disney tunes.
in 2 Theme Parks
All four star-studded
events take place
during the Mickey’s
Magical Party year, and
are genuinely participative shows in the grand
tradition of Disney
family entertainment.
New Attraction!
Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage!
Mickey’s Magical Party features our unbeatable fun-packed
calendar of seasonal events, new entertainment…and
a new attraction. Playhouse Disney is one of the Disney
Channel’s most successful preschool television programs.
Ever imagined jumping through your TV screen to join your
favorite Disney characters on the other side? Well, that is
what little ones do as Playhouse Disney swaps the screen
for the stage in our new live show, several times daily in the
Walt Disney Studios Park.
Kids are invited to help Playhouse pals Mickey Mouse,
Little Einsteins and Handy Manny create an unforgettable
surprise party for Minnie. Puppet masters and sing-along
music carry them into a merry-go-round of song and dance,
a spectacle that fits firmly within our strong tradition of bringing beloved characters within the reach of our Guests.
What small children want most
To interact, in real time, with their Disney “friends” that they
see every morning on one of their favorite shows, Playhouse
Disney. That is what puts a sparkle in the eyes of our young
Guests. The essence of the Disney world through young eyes
is more than magic and thrills. It is the beginning of a life long
emotional connection to the joys of childhood.
34 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // exceeding our guests expectations
Where Great Expectations
find Great Satisfaction
New Wild West Show
at Disney® Village
exceeding our guests expectations // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 35
TGV Familly
Variety for Different Tastes and Budgets
What was special about
last summer?
People come to Disneyland Paris from
all over the world. That’s why we pride
ourselves on making everyone feel at
home in the Resort, even when it comes
to what’s on their plates. Our restaurants immerse Guests in the experience,
inspired by the rich history of Disney
storytelling, and showcasing carefully
crafted detail in the themed meals we
serve. Moreover, there is incredible variety
in the dining experiences we offer, from
counter service to meals with our lovable
characters to elegant table service. There
is something to please just about every
palate – and budget too.
“Our vacation began on the train, thanks to
Disneyland® Paris. We took advantage of a
new experience aboard the TGV (France’s high-speed train), enjoying a coach
with fun activities for kids exclusively
reserved for families during crowded
summer months.”
Guest testimonial
Mickey has joined Buffalo Bill’s
Wild West Show. For the first
time ever, Mickey and his friends
– Minnie, Goofy and Chip’n
Dale – invite Guests to share
their epic adventures across
the American W ild West.
Throughout the dinner-show,
parents and children, decked
out in cowboy hats, add their
enthusiasm to the Wild West
fun held in Buffalo Bill’s arena.
With over 10,000 performances
since opening in 1992, the show
has had almost 10 million spectators!
“Come’n get it!” at the Cowboy
Cookout Barbecue
In March 2009, a new dining experience debuted at the Cowboy Cookout
Barbecue restaurant in Frontierland ®.
A crowd pleaser as soon as Guests walk
through the door, it’s “quick’n casual” with
the speed of counter service, but the ease
of a Maître d’ seating you at your table.
After a big Howdy, Guests get menus
and are invited to place their orders at the
counter; a new restaurant service format,
but no change in our traditional “ranch
hand” choices – including chili con carne,
pork ribs and sausages – or for “green”
cuisine buffs, our appetizing salads.
Disney Village Proudly Welcomes Starbucks
Disney Village gives Guests
a new experience
Coming Up Next
From Princess Tiana(1) to Buzz Lightyear,
Remy(2), Stitch and Sully, the newest
generation of Disney’s beloved
characters arrives at Disneyland
Paris for the Disney New
Generation Festival.With fantastic
shows and parades, the year-long celebration will kick off
in April 2010 and continue through March 2011 with innovative character experiences in both our Parks.
Coming in late summer of 2010, our Guests will find out what it feels
like to be shrunk to the size of a toy. Buzz Lightyear invites them into
Andy’s backyard when the all-new Toy Story Playland (3) premieres
at the Walt Disney Studios® Park with three interactive attractions –
Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, Slinky Dog (4) Zig Zag Spin and RC
Racer (5) – all inspired by blockbuster Disney•Pixar animated
picture Toy Story.
© Disney•Pixar
(1) From Disney animated feature The Princess and the Frog
(2) Inspired by Disney•Pixar film Ratatouille
(3) Inspired by Disney•Pixar film Toy Story
(4) Slinky® Dog is a registered trademark of PoofSlinky, Inc. All rights reserved.
(5) Hot Wheels® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. Hot Wheels® trademark and track
used with permission. ©2009 Mattel, Inc. All rights reserved.
If the word “magic” makes you think of
Disney, then the word “coffee” probably
makes you think of Starbucks. Like Disney,
Starbucks has always had service and
quality at the heart of its strategy. Additionally, our companies share the same spirit of
corporate citizenship, both in environmental
and social terms.
Opened on July 1, 2009, the coffee shop
in the Disney® Village is the first of its kind
in Europe. Built according to new
overall eco-friendly design criteria,
which used local materials,
innovative techniques and
energy-saving features,
the shop enhances the
customer experience while
reducing its environmental
36 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // exceeding our guests expectations
exceeding our guests expectations // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 37
Quality and Innovation
Quality as a Key Success Factor
At Disneyland® Paris, quality is everybody’s business,
and its only measure is the satisfaction of our Guests.
Our first objective is to ensure that preparation and delivery
are letter-perfect so every Guest has an unforgettable experience.
Technology, One Way to
Enhance the Guest Experience
Interactivity and real-time information have
grown to play a critical role in the success
of every stay, right down to the smallest detail. From preparation all the way
through to the way we fulfill expectations
and make dreams come true, we strive
for every Guest to fully experience the
Disney magic.
Innovation has always been an integral
part of Disney’s culture. State-of-the-art
technologies blended with unmatched
storytelling skills are what make the Disney
experience cherished.
To Your Mobile
Phone – and
Using mobile phones,
Guests have access
to a wealth of up-tothe-minute information.
Called Flashcode, the
solution was tested at
Disneyland ® Paris to help our Guests
organize their stay. At any moment,
updated in real time, they have access to
the advice and practical information they
need during a visit: show schedules, food
& beverage specials, boutique promotions, access to multimedia content, even
videos and games.
Bluetooth is Where It’s At
In-house studies revealed that 56% of
Disneyland Paris visitors had Bluetooth
on their mobile phones, and knew how
to use it. That is why we have tested and
implemented Bluetooth technology in
the Walt Disney Studios® Park, to enable
Guests to easily get information about
show times and wait times for their favorite attractions.
the Resort so they can get back to having
fun faster.
We continue to study what are the best
technologies we can leverage to improve
the Guest experience for today and
Photos have been taken
to recreate the Disneyland
Paris magic on Google
Earth in 3D
Flashcode, Bluetooth
and More!
In 2009 we tested contactless payment in several locations
at Disneyland Paris. Holders of
contactless payment devices
and credit cards who are clients
of our partner bank Credit Mutuel
now have the opportunity to use their
contactless payment methods at dedicated locations to save time while paying
in selected restaurants and boutiques of
Google Earth,
Your Dream in 3D
A fantastic virtual journey
It starts on the Disneyland Paris website at
Real-time information is a fantastic leap forward
for our Guests, simply because it lets them save
time, which they can then spend having more
fun. That way, they completely master organizing
their stay. Julien Kauffmann, Vice President Business Optimization
Looking down from the earth’s stratosphere, the blue
planet calls to you. Soar towards France. Irresistibly,
the path leads to Disneyland Paris, east of the French
capital. The next stop is a magical experience, where
Google-nauts fly over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Built
with panoramic imagery, offered by Google Street View,
go for a stroll anywhere in the Parks, for instance, down
Main Street, U.S.A.®, as if you were really there.
On the wings of an amazing technological
tour de force
Two photographers snapped 85,000 shots of all the building
facades visible around the Resort, in order to create the 1,587
3D models that make up the two Parks, seven Disney® Hotels
and the Disney® Village shopping area at Disneyland Paris.
“I have seen a lot of amazing 3D modeling on Google Earth,”
says Brian McClendon, Research & Development Director for
Google Maps, Google Earth and Sketchup, “but when I saw
the Disneyland Paris project, its realism knocked my socks off.”
Disney’s graphic artists really out did themselves. They have
taken virtual tourism into a new dimension and have pioneered
in realms of 3D realism where no one has gone before.”
Disneyland Paris is the first Park to borrow the magical powers
of Google Earth 3D technology, with its feature, Google Street
View, to create an interactive journey that Guests are not likely
to forget.
38 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // exceeding our guests expectations
exceeding our guests expectations // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 39
Booking your visit
“Should I use a travel agent, or make
plans directly with Disneyland Paris?”
And what about the World Wide Web?
Of the millions of people who come
to Disneyland Paris each year, how
many are asking themselves that very
The key is to adapt ourselves to the
preferences of our Guests.
Modernized booking
Constant Listening to Guests’ needs Drives Quality
As Europe’s leading tourist destination,
we naturally strive for excellence in terms
of delivering a quality experience to our
visitors…a daily challenge that Disneyland® Paris meets, since survey results
show that throughout the Resort, almost
7 out of 10 Guests declare themselves
“completely” or “very” satisfied with their
of Guests are “completely”
or “very”satisfied
of Guests want
to visit again
of Guests would recommend
Disneyland Paris to friends
“Quality is everyone’s
responsability, which
requires constantly
listening to our Guests’
Cyril Evrard
Senior Manager Consumer Knowledge
Total Quality, more than just
a department
The Quality department at Disneyland
Paris opened in 1996. Today, there is a
quality oversight organization that coordinates quality actions and best practices
across the entire Disneyland Paris site.
“Starting from values shared with our
Guests, universal standards have been
defined, which touch on four main priorities: safety, courtesy, entertainment value,
and efficiency,” says Neil Corbett, Vice
President Business Insight & Improvement. Our standards are shared with
all Cast Members when they join the
Company, as we value their commitment
to service excellence. Everything counts:
a bright smile and warm contact with the
public, particularly with children, senior
citizens and disabled Guests.
Getting to know our Guests
In a spirit of continuous improvement,
Guest feedback is constantly monitored. Our in-house research department
employs 30 analysts and field researchers. They continuously conduct regular
and one-off studies and surveys in order
to measure the quality of our Guests’
experiences. Studies focus especially on
key issues that strongly impact customer
satisfaction, such as quality of hotel rooms
and breakfast service, food experience,
information availability, rides and shows, or
just Guest flow management in general.
Lights, camera, action!
After getting a picture of what our Guests
think, we use our findings to create action
plans, often accompanied by decision
making tools and coaching for management and Cast Members in order to
ensure improvements in operations. Incidentally, our quality management does
not dictate ready-made solutions; rather, it
prefers to encourage Cast Members and
managers to develop solutions from the
perspective of the front line. Our approach
puts our people at the heart of change
Guests Surveyed Each Year
at Disneyland Paris
“Our objectives have been to make our
call centers evolve with a solution that
looks towards the future”, says Julien
Munoz, Central Reservations Office
(CRO) Director at Disneyland Paris.
That means using IP technology and
enterprise-wide LAN/WAN networking,
which empowers our Guest service
agents to answer calls via a new interface on their PCs. “We’re capitalizing
on our existing resources, while enhancing the efficiency and security of our
infrastructure,” adds Julien.
As Europe’s premier tourist destination, our CRO receives 2.2 million calls
per year, handled by 350 Guest service
agents, each fielding some 60 calls a
day. The quality of our Guest interaction, which has to meet Disney’s very
strict standards, depends in part on
giving our employees the best tools
possible. But beyond technology that
works optimally, we want to create a
relationship of trust and a feeling of
closeness with our Guests.
For many potential Guests, the call
center is in fact their first Disney
contact and experience. The broad
range of products, distribution channels, and the six official languages
spoken all mean that, when routing a
call, we take into account the specific
skills of each Guest service agent.
Sharing our
Disney Values
The Magic
is in The People
our Communities
Serious About
Preserving the Planet
42 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
Sharing our Disney values // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 43
The Magic
is in the People
A Diverse and Inclusive Company, we always keep our
eyes and ears open to the opinions and well-being of our
Cast Members. With over 100 nationalities and 500 job
profiles on site, there’s an opportunity for everyone at
Disneyland® Paris.
Innovative casting, unique environment and a great
work experience are the secrets that keep our Cast
Members committed to delivering magic to our Guests.
Cast Members
Committed Cast of Diverse
A wealth of talent, diversity and opportunity make the Disney experience unique.
In fact, diversity in the workplace is at
the root of our creativity. Whether in our
shows, on our rides, or in the experience
that we offer in our Parks and Hotels, we
are storytellers. We have so many different sources of talent – not just the 100
nationalities and 19 languages spoken,
but also creative engineers, professionals
from the tourist trade, the young and the
not so young.
An Inclusive Company
Diversity of our Cast has always been
essential to the Disney Difference, given
the universal reach of our brand. We have
been honored for our vanguard efforts
in recognizing individual differences and
received the fifth annual Cultural Diversity
Trophy from consultancy Management
des Ressources Humaines (Human
Resources Management) in 2008, in
partnership with the French state agency
for social cohesion and equal opportunity,
and ideas for both problem-solving today
and building a vision of tomorrow. We
want to create an environment of confidence and recognition for these talents
that our unique, multicultural organization
Diversity is further evident in our strong
commitment to gender equality. Already
in 2007, we signed a second agreement
on diversity with our social partners,
following initiatives which began in 2004.
The Company also supports its 400 disabled Cast Members through a dedicated
team called Mission Handicap. Together
with our social partners, we committed to
increase the number of those employees
by 5% every year.
Partnering for Outreach
On March 3, 2009, we signed a mentoring
program with the Paris-based association Nos Quartiers Ont Des Talents (Our
Neighborhoods Have Talent). The goal
is to counsel college graduates from
underprivileged neighborhoods on how
to successfully enter into the professional
Working Together
Being diverse across the Company is
not enough. Our goal is to leverage this
organizational opportunity to create better,
more innovative solutions to the challenges we face through the use of more
diverse perspectives and insights. We
believe that different cultural backgrounds,
experiences and points of view bring a
dynamic and unique source of inspiration
Languages Spoken
eighted-average number of employees
employed by the Group for fiscal year 2009.
As noted in the 2008 Social Audit employees
contracted as of December 2008 were 14,500
and weighted-average was 14,000.
“Young graduates, out of low-income neighborhoods, have
more trouble than most finding work. Above all else, their
primary desire is to have an opportunity to showcase their
talent and abilities in a challenging role that reflects the
educational level and qualifications they have attained.”
Yazid Chir, President, Nos Quartiers Ont Des Talents
Giving Voice to Diversity
Diversity Caravan
The first survey of its kind in France (July-November
2008), the Diversity Caravan invited Disneyland® Paris
Cast Members to give their opinions freely, gathering
5,000 responses. The findings of that independent poll,
managed by consultancy Management des Ressources
Humaines (with the support of ACSE, the French state
agency for social cohesion and equal opportunity) highlighted employee involvement and their experience with
diversity in the workplace.
“We want to work in complete transparency with all of
our Cast Members, regarding diversity initiatives,” says
Company CEO, Philippe Gas. “The statistics, comments
and suggestions we received are full of learnings and
will enable us to continue to reinforce our commitment to
diversity,” he adds.
The findings that resulted from our surveys are well above
national averages. They show that 86% of Cast Members
say that diversity is “strong” or “very strong” at Disneyland
Paris. Over 90% say that they have never been the victims
of discrimination in the Company, and 80% have never seen
such acts. Finally, 63% claim that the process for reporting
discrimination has been clearly explained to them.
(source: CSA/HALDE/ILO – May 2009).
Going Further
On March 3, 2009, Philippe signed a national Charte de la
diversité en entreprise (Diversity Charter). The document
commits businesses to reflect in staffing the diversity of the
French population, and to deploy human resources policies,
centered on recognition for individual talents. Companies thus
foster social solidarity and equality, which is the commitment
Disneyland Paris has had to diversity since opening in 1992. It
is also a promise to go further: “Diversity and multiculturalism
are much more than concepts, or even objectives to achieve,”
says Philippe Gas, “they are the real assets necessary to
reach our goals and be successful.”
44 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
Sharing our Disney values // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 45
Empowering the cast at all levels of the Company is enabled by delegation.
Our intention is to increasingly decentralize the decision making process to
increase the sense of responsibility below the Company’s Executive Teams.
This will allow front line managers, our experts in the field, those best placed
to manage an issue, to make decisions in real time to take action to deliver
an improved Guest experience. Philippe Gas, CEO
Unique Campaigns
Sourcing in Europe
Unique Work Experience
Giving Everyone a Chance
Corporate culture:
the sum total of our values
Gateways to employment
Cast Members strongly identify with the
promise of Disney service excellence and
top quality entertainment for our Guests.
That is why our people think of themselves as “Cast Members” rather than
as “employees.” The result is strong ties
between individuals, and a strong attachment to the Company.
Since 2000, our CastMemberland program,
managed by a dedicated team, has put the
well-being of Cast Members at the heart
of our workplace. It regularly measures
employee satisfaction, and offers proximity
services, such as dry cleaning, an on-site
post office and notary services. There
are also special events – like Christmas
with the family, or team sports – during
which Cast Members can get to know
better the people they work with on a daily
basis, because a good place to work is
one where there is plenty of team spirit.
Today, 92% 1 of our Cast Members are
permanent hires, a base that has remained
stable despite the economic situation. One
employee out of five has been with
us since opening. Turnover
is 20% on average and
12% for employees with
more than one year seniority, which is in line with
industry standards (source:
2008 Social Audit). A large part
of first-year turnover includes
employees who take advantage of the experience and
training that they receive
at Disneyland® Paris, as
a stepping stone to the
hospitality industry all
over Europe.
As the largest employer in the area, we
have a responsibility to our community,
which is also a great resource. Disneyland
Paris actively engages in hiring from the
local community, including the socially
disadvantaged. For example, we are
partners with the Seine-et-Marne local
council’s Initiatives 77 program, to offer
job opportunities to at least 80 young and
long-term unemployed people every year.
On-the-job training
Internships and a dual-education system,
which applies to over 3% of our workforce,
provides students with a first opportunity
for work experience, while we have a
chance to discover – and retain – talent.
Additionally, we support staff members
following a program, called Validation des
Acquis de l’Expérience (Validation of Field
Experience), which allows French schools
to grant degrees partly or totally based on
work experience. Finally, mentoring gives
experienced Cast Members the opportunity to pass on their know-how to younger
employees, while being rewarded by the
Through the Disney University, we facilitate
every Cast Member’s ability to achieve
service excellence, in addition to offering
opportunities for career mobility. A training
center, accredited by French quality and
standards organization AFAQ-AFNOR, the
Disney University, provides classroom as
well as personal instruction, which gives
everyone – with or without prior qualifications – the best chance to succeed in
their role. Our training budget is 4.63%
of payroll: i.e. nearly €6 million spent
in-house, out of a total of €15 million for
training overall.
A School to Learn the Keys
to Service Excellence
Developing talent
Disneyland Paris receives 98,000 unsolicited job applications every year. People
come for our brand and unique promise,
but stay for the breadth and scale of
operations, which for them translates
into a vast array of opportunities for training and hands-on experience. In the
particularly difficult context of the recent
economic crisis, training our people for
new or existing roles has remained a
Disneyland Paris looks for only the best,
both at home and abroad. In order to
enlarge our pool of potential job applicants, we crisscrossed Europe last year
to reach out to candidates on their own
turf. Our casting teams go to where the
talent is with innovative communications
that create buzz, draw talent and build a
network of future hires.
In March 2009, Disneyland Paris transformed the iDTGV high-speed train into
a casting audition, decorated in the
Mickey’s Magical Party umbrella theme.
The “red-eye” train is particularly popular
with students and young adults returning
home for the weekend. Recruiters from
Disneyland Paris presented travelers with
information on the Company, conducted
interviews and established direct contact
with potential candidates.
Picnic Party
Shortly before school let out last June,
Disneyland Paris organized a giant “Disney
style” picnic on the campus of the Paris
International University. The event drew
700 French and foreign students – threeand-a-half times more than expected.
That shows both our know-how in
throwing a great party, and the enduring
and endearing magic of the Disney brand
in attracting talent.
Facts &
Figures about
our Teams
(source: 2008 Social Audit, 2009 Reference
Stable Employer
Permanent Hires
Strong Company
Years Average Seniority
Average Employee Age
Recognition of Talents
Cast Members
Management program
Disneyland Paris is an excellent job reference; at the same time, it is also a school
of management. We have special training
programs for managers, and they have
plenty of opportunities immediately to try out in the field what they
have learned in class. In fact, 70%
of managers at Disneyland Paris
have been promoted internally.
Committed to
Gender Equality
Employees, as of September 30, 2009.
46 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
our Communities
Our Community Relations
draw strength from the same
foundations as our business
success - a base of Disney
traditions and a vast array of talents
in entertainment and creating
memorable moments.
1991. Our community relations
department dates back to one year
before the Park opened.
Putting Children First
Right from the start, children have been
at the heart of our corporate voluntarism. Through the universal reach of our
storytelling and the emotional connections
made possible by the Disney Difference in
entertainment, the emphasis has always
been, and always will be, on offering
children and their families memorable
moments in our Parks.
In the words of Walt Disney, “All our
dreams can come true, if we have the
courage to pursue them.” Thanks to a
dedicated community relations department that was created in 1991, and a
passionate team of Disney VoluntEARS,
our Company is the partner of choice for
local recreation centers, regional initiatives
and European charities, brightening the
lives of children every day.
Disney Gives Sense to Service
Leveraging Disney Traditions for a Cause
The year’s resort celebration, Mickey’s Magical Party,
provided a chance to leverage our Disney culture of tradition and great entertainment to benefit long-time charity
partner Rêves (Dreams).
Rêves, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2009, has
partnered with the Disney Wish program for as long as the
charity has existed. When a child with a life-threatening
illness lives a seemingly impossible dream, that child
gains new hope for the future. The experience puts new
spring in his or her step. Our charity partners tell us that
a dream is in fact a giant leap towards short- and longterm healing. Fulfilling the dreams of children with special
medical needs is a gift that any Disney Cast Member can
be proud to give.
Last June 22, as part of the “My Mickey Ears” fundraiser,
an impressive group of celebrities customized Mickey
Ears. Vanessa Paradis, Zinedine Zidane, Phil Collins and
Tony Parker were among the 116 stars from six European
countries who donated their time and creativity to imagining fun variations on Disney’s iconic mouse-ear caps…
which were then auctioned in different countries by charities, such as Rêves in France, to help finance activities
that brighten the lives of children in need.
At Disneyland® Paris, service is central
to the business and unsurprisingly to
our community as well. The end result
is magical, because the Disney formula
for service has always remained focused
on people and their dreams. Common
sense? Yes, but it is also a way to
build solid relationships and win-win
Through employer-backed volunteering,
we lend our skills and support to dozens
of charitable organizations. In practice,
that means Disney Cast Members, who
are motivated by traditions of extending
a warm welcome and of making people
feel at home, mobilize the force of their
talent and diversity to lend a helping hand,
especially to children in need.
Working Hand-in-Hand
with Charities
We give Cast Members opportunities to
be of service to the communities in which
they work and live - first of all, by inviting
children to the Parks in order to share
dreams and unforgettable moments with
their families. For instance, the Disney
Wish program (launched in 1992) now
works with over 40 charities in Europe to
fulfill dreams.
Rêves is just one of such charities that
make dreams come true for children who
are confronting life-threatening illnesses. In
some cases, those children simply say that
they wish to “spend a great day at Disneyland Paris, just like ‘normal’ families.”
In December 2008, the Disney Wish
program teamed up with French charity
Petits Princes (Little Princes) to offer
9-year-old Célia a princess experience.
She could not say thank you enough for
making her dream come true. She loved
being dressed up, made up and treated
like a princess. That evening when she
went to sleep, chances were that her
head was filled with dreams of elegant
gowns, pretty jewelry, and the thrill of
someday perhaps meeting a real Prince
Charming. Magic!
If children cannot come to us, Cast
Members and favorite Disney characters
go to them, visiting local hospitals, fairs
and recreation centers, where they spread
Disney magic and wonder through special
meet-and-greet parties, make-up sessions
and balloon-sculpting workshops.
Those cheerful workshops are often a
welcome break for hospitalized children,
and often put a new twinkle in the eyes of
the adults around them. For caregivers,
the workshops are a “shot in the arm” of
optimism, a chance to smile and to hope
for a better day.
Since 1992, our Company
has, on average, granted
more than one wish a day
“Disney may be
known for its Mickey
Mouse ears, but in my
experience, it is their
hearts that make them
great, as a business and
as a charity partner.”
Josiane Gonnot
President of the charity, Rêves
48 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
Sharing our Disney values // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 49
Disney’s Strength:
Local Presence
Cast Members take characters
on heart-warming hospital visits.
Our Company works
with a growing number
of charities in Europe.
Through local initiatives and
partnerships, our Company
committed to giving back to
the community and to those
who need it the most.
Starlight Children’s Foundation
Last July, we celebrated the
fourth anniversary of our strategic alliance with the local
council of Seine-et-Marne.
Central to that partnership is
social action. We are in several
programs that foster employability through training and mentoring
of unemployed community members
- a powerful boost in times of economic
As part of the Passerelles pour l’emploi (Gateways to Employment)
program led by local non-profit
association Initiatives 77, our
Company trained 240 job seekers,
with 69% of them successfully finding
a job after completing the program.
In the Cap Parrainage (Headed for
Mentoring) program, Disneyland® Paris
executives and managers mentored
young job seekers to help them prepare
for job interviews and build their professional networks.
In addition, our Company invited hundreds
of Guests to Solidarity Days, with children
from partner charities, community
organizations and local recreation
centers coming to share a magical
day at Disneyland Paris. Through
the enthusiasm of our young
Guests, and also by sharing
Disney magic with them and
their families, we sowed the
seeds of long-lasting ties with
local communities.
Our Company provides opportunities
for its Cast Members to participate in
outreach activities through its Disney
VoluntEARS program. Disney VoluntEARS
are current or past employees - or family
members or friends of employees - who
wish to donate their time, talent and
enthusiasm to their communities. The
program has more than 800 participants,
many of whom say that volunteering is
a favorite job perk. For 10 hours volunteered, Disney VoluntEARS receive €100
to donate to the charity of their choice.
As Disney Ambassador of the Magic Kingdom in Europe, Julien Lothier
is no stranger to fairytale princes and princesses. Still, Julien was thrilled
to be invited by a real-life member of a royal family, Princess Alexandra,
to represent our Company and its various talents in United Kingdom
during a visit to Buckingham Palace in London. Julien joined charity
partner Starlight Children’s Foundation and its honorary patron, Princess
Alexandra, in a special send-off ceremony last June for four children who
were going to live the fulfillment of their wishes at Disneyland Paris during a
magical weekend in the Parks. The event was organized in conjunction with the
Disney Wish program, and further underscored our commitment to offering magical
memories to children who are confronted with serious medical conditions, as well as
to their families.
Fête le Mur (Tennis against
social exclusion)
Only days before the French Open at
Roland Garros, Mickey Mouse invited 200
children to watch an exciting match with
French tennis celebrity Gaël Monfils. The
tennis showdown combined entertainment and community commitment as only
Disney can do.
Disney fun regularly extends beyond the
gates of Disneyland Paris. Last year, we
organized forest clean-up events and
video screenings in local towns to raise
awareness about acting ecologicallyfriendly and to show the importance of the
environment for quality of life.
Last July, our Company launched Disney’s
Reading Together program, which is a
local adaptation of a worldwide Disney
initiative, aimed at encouraging children to read with family and friends. In
line with our tradition of storytelling, the
program reflected our belief that reading
with parents, caregivers and friends
provides children an engaging opportunity to connect with their creativity and
imagination. The first reading workshop
took place at the Tournesol Recreation
Center, located in the neighboring village
of Chessy. Reading workshops continue
to take place within our local community,
reaffirming the difference we can make in
daily life.
The May event took place on a tennis
court temporarily set up on Main Street
U.S.A.® in the Disneyland® Park. Fête le
Mur young player Yassine was chosen
to help Mickey beat the seeded tennis
star, before joining the rest of the charity’s
players for a visit of the Park. Fête le Mur
supports tennis enthusiasts from lowincome neighborhoods by offering them
coaching, mentoring and opportunities to
practice their game.
Opération Pièces Jaunes
(Operation Small Change)
At the heart of an annual fundraising drive
in France, patroned by former First Lady
of France Bernadette Chirac, the idea is
to collect coins and give them to French
public hospitals. The 20th Anniversary of
Opération Pièces Jaunes was a chance
for our Company to provide community
support with a distinctly festive flair.
We organized a photo contest, with children sending their party photos, for a
chance to win a day-trip to Disneyland
Paris. The contest was publicized on
7 million small-change collection boxes
in post offices and businesses, in support
of the hospital fundraiser. Contest
winners from 21 different
French regions spent a day
at Disneyland Paris before
visiting a Paris hospital.
50 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
Serious About
Preserving the Planet
Renewing our enduring commitment
Disneyland® Paris is strengthening its promise to reduce its environmental impact. It also
encourages its Cast Members, Guests and business partners to adopt environmentallyresponsible behavior.
Celebrating Earth Day - Every year, in partnership with local businesses, our
celebration of Earth Day is one big way we raise awareness of environmental
responsibility among our 13,400 Cast Members.
Initiatives like the one at Disneyland Paris are
fundamental to the future of our planet.
Maud Fontenoy, UNESCO Spokesperson for the Oceans,
Vice President of the Conservatoire National du Littoral in France
(national coasts preservation committee)
Making a Difference
On April 27, 2009, Disneyland® Paris celebrated its own Earth Day with an interactive
exhibit intended to raise awareness among
Cast Members about responsible environmental behavior. Booths, workshops
and video-screenings combined fun and
hands-on participation with educational
themes on the environment. There were
suggestions of dozens of simple things,
which everyone can do daily to reduce our
impact on the environment. That included
recycling packaging, saving energy and
water, protecting biodiversity, learning to
act “ecologically” and promoting more
environmentally-friendly transportation.
Management Commitment
Company CEO Philippe Gas is clear about
the commitment at Disneyland Paris when
it comes to the environment. Motivation
among our Cast Members is at the top of
his list of key success factors: “Each of us
has to do his or her own part to demonstrate eco-responsibility at every level of the
Company.” Our Green Standard program,
launched last year, coupled with internal
festivities on Earth Day, are strong contributions to employee awareness and
Guest Speaker
Maud Fontenoy
Maud is modest about her heroic achievements: rowing across the Atlantic,
and then the Pacific, and sailing around
the world, against the current! She has
seen the extent of pollution in the world’s
oceans, and has become an ambassador
for environmental protection. Maud –
herself a former Disneyland Paris Cast
Member – made a strong impression
when speaking at our internal Earth Day
and underlined “It is important to work
with companies that make commitments like those at Disneyland Paris,
where groundbreaking projects involve
After touring different booths, Maud
waxed enthusiastic about the whole
exhibit and acknowledged its message as
“fundamental to the future of our planet,
making this a better world that we can
pass on to our children.”
The Green Home of the Future
What can each of us do at home, every day,
for the environment? During our internal
Earth Day, the environment team at Disneyland Paris set up a mock house in which
each room showcased sustainable practices or products. The things to do are
simple, but when you add them all up, they
make a real difference.
It was a chance for everyone to discover the
best ways today to save on heating, water,
electricity, and even how to produce more
energy than we use. We have all heard of
low-energy light bulbs, however, we also
learned that there are different kinds of solar
panels, and even that wind power can be
installed in the garden!
Working with Local Partners
Many companies in the region, that are
involved in sustainable development, were
invited to contribute to our internal Earth
Day by displaying their technologies and
products. That way, everyone could visit, for
example, a booth in the gardening section
of the fair that had a demonstration on how
to compost. Also present were institutional
partners, such as the Seine-et-Marne local
council, the Seine-et-Marne nonprofit association for environmental action, Maison de
l’Environnement (House of Environment), and
its Info-Energy consultant, who fielded questions from Cast Members about renewable
energies at home.
Timon &
Because we believe
every day should be
Earth Day, last April, the
Company decided to devote an
entire month to this initiative. Children
from local schools saw a special
screening of Safety Smart Goes Green,
a Disney animated short feature,
adapted to the French market. Timon
and Pumbaa, two beloved characters from Disney’s animated feature
film, The Lion King, taught children
the three “Rs” of environmentallyresponsible behavior: Reduce, Reuse
and Recycle.
Forest Clean-up Campaign
Kicks off Earth Initiative
As part of our Earth Month celebration,
Safety Smart Goes Green was also
screened at the city hall of the town
Gouvernes, in France. This is one of
the ways we provided assistance as
part of a long-standing commitment
to support local initiatives. Attending
were the town’s mayor, other elected
officials, local organizations, residents
and children, who later participated in
a day of picking up litter in forests and
other nature areas, along with a group
of Disney VoluntEARS.
1,300,000 km
Distance traveled by carpooling
Cast Members in 2009
15 %
Disneyland Paris electricity
bought from renewable sources
including hydroelectricity
and wind power
Ordinary waste recycled;
the rest incinerated within
a heat recovery system
52 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
Sharing our Disney values // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 53
Environmental Policy
Ever since Walt Disney committed, more than 60 years ago, to conserve natural
resources, Disney has sought to be a good steward of the environment. As a member
of the worldwide Disney family, Disneyland® Paris carries on Walt’s legacy of environmental responsibility.
Reduce and Recycle Waste
Our long-term goal is to send zero waste to landfills. Looking out to
2013, we are moving towards reducing the volume of incinerated waste by 15%,
implementing recycling everywhere on site, meaning “backstage” and “on stage,”
and increasing our purchasing of products that use recycled materials.
Disneyland Paris collects and processes
25 different kinds of waste, sorted into
two broad categories: non-hazardous
industrial waste (99%) and hazardous
industrial waste (1%).
Today, the incineration of a portion of that
waste enables the heating of buildings
and homes in the neighboring town of
Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes. However, our
intent is to decrease the volumes incinerated waste and increase recycling
on site. Through 2013, we will work to
reach that goal in a program that we call
“Educate & Inspire” an effort to increase
our collective environmental responsibility.
We are also set to substitute more and
more products with those made from
recycled materials.
metric tons of ordinary waste
metric tons of total waste
In the Walt Disney Studios® Park,
we have tested recycle bins since
July 2008. Last summer, 20 recycle
bins were installed with more
coming soon. We already expect
to collect 10 metric tons of sorted
waste, before site-wide installation of bins in 2010. Additionally, we
now provide shopping bags made
from 80 percent-recycled plastic
and which carry the Blue Angel
Save Energy, Encourage Development
of Renewable Energy Sources
Act, Influence and Inspire
Our philosophy is to take action in reducing our environmental impact while influencing
Cast Members and business partners to adopt environmentally-responsible behavior. We
also inspire Guests to do the same.
Disneyland® Paris targets four key environmental performance objectives: minimize waste,
save energy, conserve water and reduce direct GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Quantified
targets keep us on track to start minimizing our overall environmental impact. A dedicated
team monitors daily electricity, natural gas and water consumption. Their analysis ensures
that corrective measures, when necessary, are put in place as quickly as possible.
Our long-term goal is to reduce our indirect GHG emissions from
electricity consumption. Looking out to 2013, our goal is to reduce
electricity consumption by 10%, compared with 2006 levels*. At the same time,
we continue to increase the share of renewable energy (i.e. wind power and
hydroelectricity from French energy provider EDF) in our electricity purchases.
Achieving this target depends on a combination of operational efforts and behavioral
changes. We have already rolled out energy
saving measures that optimize
energy consumption
without impacting the
quality of the experience delivered to
our Guests. We got
the ball rolling by
starting to switch
to low-consumption
light bulbs, installing
motion detectors on
escalators and moving sidewalks, automatically switching off street lights when no
one is present, turning down thermostats,
and more. For instance, Disney’s Davy
Crockett Ranch® is adding 139 new bungalows that have motion detectors to control
lighting automatically. New bungalows also
have water-conserving showers instead
of bathtubs. Bungalows further feature
environmentally-friendly tin roofs, picture
windows to let in natural light and energy
retaining insulation (e.g., double-glazing).
* 2006: 190,482 MWh of electricity used
In 2006, we committed to purchase
15% of our electricity from renewable
energy sources. That translated
into an indirect emissions reduction of 1,500 metric tons-equivalent
of CO2 in 2007 alone (equal to the
energy consumption of 400 average
197,802 MWh of electricity
110,366 MWh of natural gas
54 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // Sharing our Disney values
Sharing our Disney values // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 55
Conserve Water
Our long-term goal is to minimize our water use. That mainly means
pursuing efficient use, and studying solutions to treat and recycle water.
Water plays a major role in
the experience and
magic of Disneyland®
Paris. As a natural
resource, it is a
central focus
of our environmental efforts.
Our energy
system helps
teams to control water consumption.
Since 2004, we have reduced our perGuest water consumption by 20%, due
to our on-site water management system.
Today, we are looking for more savings
through greater efficiency.
thousands of m3 of potable water
Green Standard,
a Worldwide Disney Initiative
We have been studying the benefits
of having our own water treatment
plant on site, which would not only
help save water, but also recycle
80% of treated non-drinking water
(e.g., used in cleaning the Parks,
plus water in Park streams and used
to irrigate trees and plants). Those
efforts are in addition to our use of
“natural” treatment methods, for
instance the live fish that keep our
lake clean.
Earth Day participants have but one goal:
environnemental excellence.
In an effort to be the change that we
want to see in the world, we launched
our Green Standard in 2008, a global
Disney program that raises awareness and empowers Cast Members
to reduce their operational impact on
the environment. Through specific
communications, all Cast Members
are encouraged to adopt the Green
Standard, meaning environmentallyresponsible work habits at all times,
including in meetings and at events,
during travel, and even while dining.
Finally, key performance indicators
allow us to track improvement.
Nicole Ouimet, Environment Manager
We have established
methods to save energy,
and sort waste at the
source. All of our Cast
Members try and follow
our Green Standard, and
results are encouraging.
Reduce Direct GHG Emissions
Our long-term goal is to achieve zero net direct GHG emissions
from using fossil fuels. Meanwhile, by 2012, we want to achieve
a 50% reduction through efficiency and offsets.
Our GHG emissions include stationary
and mobile sources, as well as refrigerating fluids. At Disneyland Paris, activities
that produce emissions include transportation used by Cast Members and fuel
consumption by our vehicle fleet. Natural
gas is used to heat and operate certain
rides and attractions, while refrigerating
fluids are used to cool installations and
Disneyland Paris already monitors its
purchase of vehicle fuels, energy
used in buildings, and refrigerants – all sources of direct GHG
In the Walt Disney Studios® Park,
the Studio Tram Tour ® uses a
natural gas vehicle to take Guests
around the Park. Furthermore, we
are looking at other opportunities
to reduce emissions, such as using
hybrid motors in different attractions.
Paul Chatelot, Environment Director
In a follow-up phase, the Company
is studying a commuter plan that
targets, over the next 5 years, to
reduce the use of individual cars,
in line with the French Agreements
on the environment, and to optimize business travel. Today, 28%
of Cast Members use public
transportation every day, which
we encourage by paying 65% of
the cost of their public transportation passes. Additionally, we have
committed to continue expanding
our carpooling program, launched in 1997. Our overall objective
by 2012 is a 30% reduction in
CO2-equivalent quantities, related
to business travel emissions,
and a 10% reduction, related to
commuter travel emissions, both
compared with 2008 levels.
Cast Members
as Change Agents
The Green Standard has boosted the
commitment of Cast Members. As the
largest single-site employer in the Paris
region, Disneyland Paris is showing
that when it comes to caring about the
environment, every little effort does
make a big difference.
One Year Later, Results Tell the Story
Fewer water
bottles, thanks to
335 water fountains
around the Resort
Metric tons of cardboard
recycled, with cardboard
compactors Resort-wide
Less office paper,
with 70% of paper
certified 100%recycled
56 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // corporate governance
corporate governance // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 57
Corporate Governance
Euro Disney S.C.A., the holding company of the Group and Euro Disney Associés
S.C.A. with EDL Hôtels S.C.A., the two operating companies of Disneyland® Paris, are
all French société en commandite par actions.
Under French law, in the structure of a société en commandite par actions
the Gérant and the Supervisory Board both have distinct roles.
The two other components of the legal structure of a société en commandite
par actions are the general partners and the limited partners.
The Management
Company (“Gérant”)
The role of the Gérant of a société en
commandite par actions is to manage the
Company in the Company’s best interests.
For further information on the Gérant
and the members of the Management
Committee, please see the Group’s 2009
Reference Document, available online at
The Supervisory Board
The role of the Supervisory Board is to
monitor the management of the Company
in the best interests of the shareholders
and to oversee the quality of the information communicated to them. For further
information on the Supervisory Board,
please see the Group’s 2009 Reference
The Euro Disney S.C.A. Supervisory
Board Members’ Charter sets out the
fundamental obligations to which the
members of the Board must abide.
Two Committees have been created
within the Supervisory Board of Euro
Disney S.C.A.:
• A Financial Accounts Committee (Audit
Committee), created in 1997, is composed
of three members of the Supervisory
Board, namely Mrs. Valérie Bernis, Mr.
Philippe Geslin and Mr. Anthony Martin
Robinson. Its role is to review, on behalf
of the Supervisory Board, in particular the
Company’s financial information, internal
control procedures and internal and
external audit functions.
• A Nominations Committee, created in
2002, is composed of two members of the
Supervisory Board, namely, Mr. Philippe
Labro and Mr. Thomas O. Staggs.
Its role is to assist the Supervisory Board in
the search and selection of new members
of the Board and in particular to review
any unsolicited applications.
The general partners
The general partners have unlimited liability for all the debts and liabilities of the
Company. For disclosure of the general
partners and the operating companies of
Disneyland® Paris, please see the 2009
Reference Documents.
Antoine Jeancourt-Galignani
Valérie Bernis
Gérard Bouché
Michel Corbière
Philippe Geslin
Philippe Labro
James A. Rasulo
Anthony Martin Robinson
The limited partners
The limited partners are the shareholders.
Their rights are represented by shares
which are identical to the shares of a
company that is structured as a French
société anonyme. The shareholders are
convened to general meetings of shareholders and deliberate in accordance with
applicable laws and regulations.
For disclosure of the
Group’s corporate
governance policies
and procedures and
the compensation
of the Gérant, of
the Members of the
Management Committee
and of the members
of the Supervisory
Board, please see the
Group’s 2009 Reference
Document, available
online at http://corporate.
Thomas O. Staggs
The members of the Supervisory Board are also members of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A.’s Supervisory Board.
The Supervisory Board
Antoine Jeancourt-Galignani
He was elected to the Supervisory Board in
February 1989. He was appointed Chairman in
September 1995. He is member of the board
of directors of Gecina, Total and Kaufman &
Broad S.A.
Valérie Bernis
She was elected to the Supervisory Board
in 2008. She is also member of the Financial
Accounts Committee. She is a member of the
Executive Committee of GDF SUEZ, were she
is in charge of Communications.
Gérard Bouché
He was elected to the Supervisory Board in
February 2007. He is the owner and operator
of the E. Leclerc Shopping Center of Coulommiers and the golf course of Boutigny (Seine-et-Marne-France). He is also Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer of Bouché Distribution
S.A.S., a French corporation.
Michel Corbière
He was elected to the Supervisory Board in
February 2006. He is the founder of the group
Forest Hill, which specializes in sports and
leisure activities as well as in the hotel industry.
He is also the founder of the French company
Aquaboulevard de Paris.
Philippe Geslin
He was elected to the Supervisory Board in
February 2007. He has also been the Chairman
of the Financial Accounts Committee since
June 2007. He holds various corporate
positions and board memberships in financial
institutions and major companies (Calyon,
Crédit Foncier de Monaco, Union Financière de
France-Banque and Gecina).
Philippe Labro
He was elected as a member of the Supervisory
Board in March 1996 and has been a member of
the Nomination Committee since November 2002.
He was Vice President and General Manager of
the RTL France Radio. He is the Project Director,
Design and Operations of Labrocom S.A.R.L. and
Vice President of Direct 8 as of September 2009.
James A. Rasulo
He was elected as a member of the
Supervisory Board in May 2003. He was
Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts for
TWDC until December 2009 and is currently
Chief Financial Officer of TWDC.
Anthony Martin Robinson
He was elected as a member of the
Supervisory Board in December 2004. He has
also been a member of the Financial Accounts
Committee since April 2005. He is Executive
Chairman of Center Parcs (UK) Plc, as of
September 2009.
Thomas O. Staggs
He was elected as a member of the
Supervisory Board in March 2002 and has
been a member of the Nominations Committee
since November 2002. He was Chief Financial
Officer of TWDC until December 2009 and is
currently Chairman of Walt Disney Parks &
Resorts for TWDC.
58 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // group structure
Group structure // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 59
Group Structure
Holding Company
EDL Hôtels S.C.A.
Euro Disney S.C.A.
Euro Disney S.C.A. is the holding company
of the Group and is listed on Euronext
Paris. Its main asset is its investment in
82% of the share capital of its subsidiary,
Euro Disney Associés S.C.A. (“EDA”). The
general partner of Euro Disney S.C.A.
is EDL Participations S.A.S., an indirect
subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company
(“TWDC”) and the gérant of Euro Disney
S.C.A. is Euro Disney S.A.S., which is
also an indirect subsidiary of TWDC. Mr
Philippe Gas is the Chief Executive Officer
of Euro Disney S.A.S.
Operating Companies
Euro Disney Associés S.C.A. (“EDA”)
EDA operates the Disneyland Park
and the Walt Disney Studios® Park, the
Disneyland ® Hotel, the Disney’s Davy
Crockett Ranch® and the Golf Disneyland®
and manages the real estate segment
of the Group. Euro Disney S.C.A. holds
82% of EDA’s share capital. The remaining 18% of EDA’s share capital is held
by two indirect subsidiaries of TWDC:
EDL Corporation S.A.S. and Euro Disney
Investments S.A.S. The general partners
of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A. are Euro
Disney Commandité S.A.S., a French
wholly-owned subsidiary of Euro Disney
S.C.A., EDL Corporation S.A.S. and Euro
Disney Investments S.A.S., both of which
are French wholly owned subsidiaries of
TWDC. The gérant is Euro Disney S.A.S.
EDL Hôtels S.C.A., a wholly-owned
company of EDA, operates all of the
Disney ® Hotels (except the Disneyland
Hotel and the Disney’s Davy Crockett
Ranch), and Disney® Village. The General
Partner of EDL Hôtels S.C.A. is EDL
Hôtels Participations S.A.S., a French
société par actions simplifiée and a whollyowned subsidiary of EDA. The gérant of
EDL Hôtels S.C.A. is Euro Disney S.A.S.
Financing Companies
Effective 1 October 2003 (first day of fiscal
year 2004), the Financing Companies
described below were included in the
consolidated reporting group (for further
information, please see the Group’s 2009
Reference Document).
Phase IA
Financing Company
The Phase IA Financing Company, Euro
Disneyland S.N.C., a French société en
nom collectif, owns the Disneyland Park
and leases it to EDA.
The partners of the Phase IA Financing
Company are various banks, financial
institutions and companies holding an
aggregate participation of 83%, and
Euro Disneyland Participations S.A.S., a
French société par actions simplifiée and
an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of
TWDC, holding a participation of 17%.
The Group has no ownership interest in
the Phase IA Financing Company. The
Phase IA Financing Company is managed
by a management company, Société de
Gérance d’Euro Disneyland S.A.S., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of TWDC.
Phase IB
Financing Companies
The Phase IB Financing Companies are
incorporated as French sociétés en nom
collectif, and are governed by the same
principles as the Phase IA Financing
Company. Each of these companies (i)
rents the land on which the related hotel
or Disney Village, as the case may be,
is located, from EDL Hôtels S.C.A., (ii)
owns the related hotel or Disney Village,
as the case may be, and (iii) leases the
related hotel or Disney Village, to EDL
Hôtels S.C.A. The partners of the Phase
IB Financing Companies are various
banks, financial institutions or other, that
are creditors of the Phase IB Financing
Companies. The Group does not own
any participation in these Companies.
The management company of each of
the Phase IB Financing Companies is
EDL Services S.A.S., a French société
par actions simplifiée and a wholly-owned
subsidiary of EDA.
Centre de Congrès Newport S.A.S.
Centre de Congrès Newport S.A.S., a
French société par actions simplifiée
and indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of
TWDC, entered into a ground lease with
EDL Hôtels S.C.A. pursuant to which
it financed and acquired the Newport
Bay Club® Convention Center and, since
completion, leases it back to EDL Hôtels
S.C.A. with an option to repurchase such
Public shareholders*
Phase IA
Phase IB
Phase IB
Phase IB
own the
phase IB
Disneyland® Park
Walt Disney Studios® Park
Disneyland® Hotel
Disney’s Hotel New York®
Disney’s Sequoia Lodge®
Disney’s Newport Bay Club®
Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne®
Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe®
Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch®
Newport Bay Club Convention Center
Disney® Village
Golf Disneyland®
General Partner
*Including Kingdom 5-KR-134 Ltd
(Prince Alwaleed), 10.0%
60 // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // euro disney S.c.a. and its share
euro disney S.c.a. and its share // 2009 ANNUAL REVIEW // 61
Euro Disney S.C.A.
and its Share
Shareholding Structure
Share Price Evolution
SBF 250 Rebased
EDL Share Price
The Euro Disney S.C.A. Investor Relations team
represents the primary contact for the broader
financial community.
Investor Relations is part of the Finance
team and reports directly to the Chief
Financial Officer. The team partners with
Corporate Communications to develop
and prepare the financial communication
regarding the Group including all Earnings
Releases, the Annual Report, the Annual
Shareholder’s Meeting, the Shareholder’s
Club Newsletter as well as managing the
IR section of the corporate website.
Forums and Events
The Investor Relations mission is to proactively provide timely and insightful financial news flow to external stakeholders. In
2009, the IR team participated in various
mid cap forums to increase its presence
in the financial community interacting with
existing and new investors both in France
and abroad. Analysts and institutional
investors were invited for site visits during
the year to hear about the latest Resort
developments and news, allowing them to
experience the magic of Disney first hand.
Participation in sector and mid cap forums
as well as investor site visits will continue
to be a priority in 2010, as they represent
the best opportunity to interact with potential investors and showcase the Resort.
In parallel, the IR team will continue to
proactively communicate with analysts and
investors regarding the Group’s news flow
and financial performance.
Relations with Individual
The Shareholders Club team is the
primary contact with the Company’s individual shareholders. They are available to
answer any shareholder question including providing timely information on the
Group’s financial performance, strategies,
share price evolution and market related
information an investor may need. The
Shareholders Club team is also available
to help individual shareholders better
understand the Group’s legal structure,
as needed.
Throughout the year the Shareholders
Club team keeps the Club members
current on the Group’s activities by providing news flow and information on our
financial results and other major events
at Disneyland Paris including the Annual
Shareholder’s meeting. The Shareholders Club Newsletter, developed by the
Shareholders Club team, was sent by mail
to the Club members twice in fiscal year
2009. The newsletter provides the latest
financial information and current news on
Disneyland® Paris as well as a page especially dedicated to the Club.
To provide additional interaction between
the individual shareholders and the
Company’s Management, two round
tables were organized in fiscal year 2009.
These meetings provided an opportunity
for members of the Shareholders Club,
gathered in small groups, to exchange
their ideas and comments with the senior
* Via its wholly-owned subdsidiary,
EDL Holding Company.
** V
ia Kingdom 5-KR-134 Ltd, a company
whose share capital is held by trusts
for the benefit of HRH Prince Alwaleed
and his family.
Euronext Paris
management of Euro Disney S.C.A. These
informal discussions have been organized
again in fiscal year 2010.
Also starting in fiscal year 2010, a new
eco-friendly e-newsletter will be sent regularly to the members of the Shareholders
Club replacing the previous printed paper
Euro Disney S.C.A. Online
Today, the financial community and individual shareholders can find a wide array
of financial information on the Group by
visiting the website of Euro Disney S.C.A.
They will find all the financial information
published by the Company, the market
price of the Euro Disney S.C.A. share,
information on corporate governance,
the Shareholders Club newsletters as
well as other news published about the
The members of the Shareholders Club
also have access to their own new Shareholders space on line. They may register
on line, and for several months now,
they have been also able to renew their
membership, register for Club events and
update their personal data as needed.
15 08
29 08
12 08
26 08
10 08
24 08
12 08
26 09
9/ 9
23 09
9/ 9
23 09
6/ 9
22 09
7/ 9
21 09
4/ 9
18 09
2/ 9
30 09
13 09
27 09
10 09
24 09
The Group works directly with financial analysts who both cover the Company
as well as those who are developing research as part of an investment decision
making process. The Investor Relations team also works directly with both
retail and institutional investors to respond to any questions they might have
about the Group, its financial performance or current events, including hosting
on-site events and conferences for analysts and potential institutional investors.
39.8% The Walt Disney Company*
10.0% Prince Alwaleed**
50.2% Other shareholders
Share price comments
Euro Disney S.C.A. implemented a 100
to 1 consolidation of shares on December
3, 2007. The Company’s consolidated
shares are traded on Euronext Paris under
the tag “EDL”. Shares not exchanged for
consolidation were listed on Eurolist under
EDLNR until June 3, 2008.
(nominal value:1€ per share)
Eurolist Segment: B (Mid Caps)
Market Indexes:
CAC Mid & Small 190 & SBF 250
Mnemonic: EDL
ISIN Code: FR0010540740
After the two-year consolidation period
(i.e. December 3, 2009), consolidated
shares that remain unclaimed were sold
on Euronext and the net proceeds of the
sale remain at the shareholder’s disposal
for a period of 10 years in an escrow
account opened in the name of the
Investor Relations
Tel: +33 (0)1 64 74 58 55
Fax: +33 (0)1 64 74 56 36
Shareholders Relations
From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local time)
From Monday to Friday:
- By telephone: 00 800 64 74 56 30*
- By e-mail: [email protected]
- By fax: +33 (0)1 64 74 56 36
(*) Free number from a ground line and national operators from France, Germany,
the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.
From other countries, call: + 33 (0)1 64 74 56 30 (local rate).
Ratatouille, Monsters, Inc., Toy Story © Disney•Pixar
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