The Basics of Online Marketing


The Basics of Online Marketing
Online Marketing for
Credit Unions
Using the Internet to
accomplish your credit
union’s marketing
Kelly Nicklas Latham
Marketing Director
NAFCU Services Corporation
My Background
• Dot-coms:,
• NAFCU Services:
credit union industry
providers, marketing
Purpose of this Webinar
• Learn how to use the Internet to accomplish
your credit union’s existing marketing
– Results-driven
– Opportunities
– Tactical
• Previous webinar – “The Basics of Online
Website Tracking
Search Engine Optimization
Pay-per-click Advertising
NAFCU Services Marketing
Why Track Your Website?
• How many people visit your website each
• Understand reach -> priorities – focus your
time/effort/budget on biggest opportunities
• Is your traffic increasing over time?
• Understand trends
• Where do visitors come from?
Search engines?
Your emails?
Other websites?
• What do Web surfers first type into a search
engine to find your product/service?
• Which “keywords” result in traffic to your website?
• What are your visitors interested in?
• Understand hot topics/products
How Can I Track My Website?
Websites can be tracked in two ways:
– Log files; used by software like Hitbox,
Webtrends, etc.
– HTML script; add to your pages; Google
has a free version called “Google
• How do you currently track your website?
Google Analytics
Website tracking software (ex: HitBox, WebTrends)
We don't currently track our website
Not sure
Google Analytics
1. Go to:
2. Once your provide your website info, etc.,
you will receive your script:
<script type="text/javascript">
var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www.");
document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "'
<script type="text/javascript">
try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-xxxxxxx-x");
} catch(err) {}</script>
3. Add to your web pages…
Bonus – Track Every Link
Google “URL builder” for a
handy tool
Track by campaign!
Search Engines
• Online marketing on steroids
• Relevancy rules!
• Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)
• Search Engine Pay-per-Click Advertising (“PPC”)
Search Engine Optimization
– improving the volume and
quality of traffic to your web
site from search engines via
"organic" search results
Organic search results
– results collected through
algorithms, considered FREE
Search engines “spider” the
– Method of indexing web pages
What are they looking for?
• Search engines “spider” the Internet
– Looking for:
URLs (“domain names,” “website names”)
Page titles
Page content
“Meta” tags
Link popularity
Search Engine Optimization = Increasing
“relevancy” of your website
How do I improve my SEO?
• Take stock: search common phrases and make
a note of where you appear
– 1st page of results?, 3rd page? Never?
• Google “search engine optimization whitepaper”
and read it
• Make friends with your webmaster
Search Engine Pay-per-Click
“Poor man’s marketing…”
ƒ Only pay when someone clicks
ƒ Highly targeted
ƒ $.10 - $1.00 per click?
ƒ Cost and # times your ad is
served depends on ad relevance
• Do you do pay-per-click advertising?
– Yes
– No
– I’m not sure.
Why PPC for credit unions?
• Target by local phrase
– “austin credit union”
• Make a list of all towns, suburbs, zipcodes, surrounding areas that
you serve
• Less competitive, more affordable
• Highly targeted
• Target by location
– Geo-targeting
• Ad only serviced within a zipcode, city, metro region, 3- or 5- mile
radius from a credit union location
• Target to local websites
– Content network
• News sites, TV station websites, popular city blogs
How do I start a PPC campaign?
1. Sign up at
2. Write your ads
Austin credit unions
Join ABC Federal Credit Union
today and experience the difference.
3. Enter your keywords, geographic settings, etc.
4. Set your budget – start small - $100/month?
5. Test and refine
Other Marketing Tools & Ideas
for Credit Unions
Have you thought about movie
theater advertising?
• Target by location
– zipcode, specific theater
• Captive audience
• But I don’t have a
commercial and it’s too
expensive to create one…
We’ve created commercials for
• Visit
• 10 commercials to choose from
– Generic credit union benefits
– Credit unions for housing finance
– New! “Federally insured” ads
• Free to NAFCU members as a benefit of
– FCU but not a NAFCU member? Email us at
[email protected] for membership info.
• Customize with designer for $150
• Spanish version available
• Put on your website, in your lobby, on tv,
Your Credit Union Locator
• is a consumer-facing credit union locator website.
Visitors search for a credit union by zip code or membership type in
order to find the right credit union to join.
Gaining momentum as consumers become increasingly dissatisfied with
their current financial institutions.
– Over 30,000 unique visitors in 2009 and growing fast. Visit
press page to see CBS Early Show clip.
Branch listings free to NAFCU Members. Visit to
ensure your credit union’s information is accurate.
– Not a NAFCU member? Email us at [email protected] for pricing
Coming soon: Financial Calculators for your website
Financial Calculators
Coming soon…
You can:
• Embed these calculators
on your website
• Link to a popup or new
You will:
• Increase your website’s
• Help members reach
their financial goals
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“Out-Smart, Out-Market, Out-Serve, Out-Sell and Flat Out Do What Your Competitors Can’t“
Contact info:
Kelly Nicklas Latham
NAFCU Services, Marketing Director
[email protected], 703-842-2201