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Together Rx Access - Colorado Access 2000
Together Rx
Roba Whiteley
Executive Director
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Being Uninsured
• About 46 million people are uninsured
– including 9 million children
– 8 out of 10 are hardworking Americans
• 1 in 3 people who are uninsured don’t fill their
Together Rx Access
• A prescription savings
program created by 10
leading pharmaceutical
companies to help
hardworking Americans
and their families gain
access to the medicines
they need to take care of
their health
Supported by
The Together Rx Access™ Card
• FREE Prescriptions Savings Card
– For individuals and their families who need medicines but
don’t have coverage
• FREE to Get and FREE to Use
• Savings are Real
– Most cardholders save 25 to 40 percent* on brand-name
– Savings on a range of generic products also available
*Each cardholder’s savings depend on such factors as the particular drug purchased,
amount purchased, and the pharmacy where purchased. Participating companies
independently set the level of savings offered and the products included in the program.
These decisions are subject to change.
Access to Wide Range of Medicines
• Over 300 brand-name medicines to treat
common conditions:
– High cholesterol
– Diabetes
– Asthma
– Arthritis
• The majority of pharmacies in the United
States and Puerto Rico
• Refers to the Partnership for Prescription
Assistance (PPA)
Quick & Easy To Enroll
Fast & Easy to Use
• Short application form
• Use at your neighborhood
pharmacy for immediate
Who is Eligible?
The Card is for people who:
• Have no prescription drug coverage
• Are not eligible for Medicare
• Are legal residents of the United States
or Puerto Rico
• Have household income equal to or less than:
$30,000 for a single person
$40,000 for a family of two
$50,000 for a family of three
$60,000 for a family of four
$70,000 for a family of five
Growing Awareness & Participation
• Over 600,000 cardholders
• More than $25 million in savings
• Resolutions from:
– Alabama
– Colorado
– Florida
– Georgia
– Louisiana
– Mississippi
– South Carolina
Getting the Word Out to Your
Web site link to
Together Rx Access banner on your Web site
E-newsletter, direct mail
Make brochures available at:
your office
town hall meetings
public events
Throughout your community
• Let local reporters know about the Card when you are
speaking about health care
Together Rx Access Website
Together Rx Access Brochures
Together Rx Access Brochures
To Learn More
• Visit
– Pharmacy Locator
– List of medicines
• Call 1-800-444-4106
Thank You!
Together Rx Access
© 2006 Together Rx Access, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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