College of Business - The University of Texas at Arlington



College of Business - The University of Texas at Arlington
Commencement ’15
Saturday, December 19, 2015 • 11 a.m. • College Park Center
the university of texas at arlington
—UT Arlington President Vistasp M. Karbhari
Commencement ceremonies are celebratory events, and audiences are encouraged to support family members and friends as their
accomplishments are recognized on stage. However, overzealous displays exhibit a lack of courtesy for the speaker and disrespect
for the occasion and its participants. Individuals who disrupt the ceremony by screaming, shouting, or using noisemakers may be
asked to leave. Thank you for your cooperation.
The Graduating Class
P rogr a m
C ollege
B usiness
The Academic Procession
University Marshal
Entrance of the National Colors
Call to Order
National Anthem
Welcome and Introductions
Commencement Address
Presentation and Recognition of
Graduate Candidates
Candidates for Doctor of Philosophy Degrees
Candidates for Master’s Degrees
Presentation and Recognition of
Undergraduate Candidates
UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra
Conducted by Tim Ishii, Director of Jazz Studies
Degree Candidates, Faculty, and Platform Party
Dr. Timothy Quinnan
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, UT Arlington
UT Arlington Army ROTC Color Guard
Dr. Ronald L. Elsenbaumer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, UT Arlington
UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra
Ashley Ghent, Vocalist
Dr. Rachel Croson
Dean, College of Business
Mrs. Jeanne Smith
Partner, Tax and Strategic Business Services, Weaver
Dr. Edmund Prater
Director, Doctoral Programs
Dr. Chandra Subramaniam
Associate Dean, Students and Programs
Scholars of the Goolsby Leadership Academy
Dr. David Mack
Associate Dean and Director, Goolsby Leadership Academy
Candidates of the Department of Accounting
Dr. Li-Chin Jennifer Ho
Interim Chair
Candidates of the Department of Economics
Dr. Roger Meiners
Candidates of the Department of Finance and
Real Estate
Dr. David Diltz
Candidates of the Department of
Information Systems and Operations Management
Candidates for International Business/
Modern Languages
Candidates of the Department of Management Candidates of the Department of Marketing
Alma Mater
Conferral of Degrees
Closing Remarks
The Academic Recession
Dr. Mary Whiteside
Interim Chair
Dr. Roger Meiners
Dr. David Gray
Dr. Fernando Jaramillo
UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra
Ms. Ghent
Dr. Vistasp M. Karbhari
President, UT Arlington
Dr. Rachel Croson
Dean, College of Business
Graduates, Faculty, and Platform Party
Music by UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra
The audience will please remain seated for the procession and recession.
A dministr ation
The University of Texas at Arlington
Vistasp M. Karbhari, Ph.D., President
Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kelly O. Davis, B.B.A., Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller
Duane B. Dimos, Ph.D., Vice President for Research
John D. Hall, B.B.A., Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations
Jean M. Hood, B.S., Vice President for Human Resources
Linda K. Johnsrud, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Planning and Strategic Partnerships
Michael K. Kingan, M.P.A., Vice President for Development
Teresea S. Madden, M.S., Vice President for Global Educational Outreach and Extended Studies
Jeffery Neyland, Acting Chief Information Officer
Timothy W. Quinnan, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Lynne T. Waters, B.A., Vice President for Communications
Nan Ellin, Ph.D., Dean, College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs
Rachel Croson, Ph.D., Dean, College of Business
Jeanne M. Gerlach, Ph.D., Ed.D., Dean, College of Education
Khosrow Behbehani, Ph.D., Dean, College of Engineering
Karl M. Petruso, Ph.D., Dean, Honors College
Paul Wong, Ph.D., Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Anne R. Bavier, Ph.D., Dean, College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Morteza G. Khaledi, Ph.D., Dean, College of Science
Scott D. Ryan, Ph.D., Dean, School of Social Work
Rebecca M. Bichel, M.L.S., Dean, Library
The University of Texas System
Paul L. Foster, Chairman
R. Steven Hicks, Vice Chairman
Jeffery D. Hildebrand, Vice Chairman
Francie A. Frederick, General Counsel to the Board of Regents
Ernest Aliseda
David J. Beck
Alex M. Cranberg
Justin A. Drake
Paul L .Foster
Wallace L. Hall Jr.
R. Steven Hicks
Jeffery D. Hildebrand
Brenda Pejovich
Sara Martinez Tucker
William H. McRaven, M.A., Chancellor
Steven Leslie, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Raymond S. Greenberg, M.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Scott C. Kelley, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Commencement Ceremony • 3
UT A rlington Class of 2015
Candidates for Graduation
College of
Architecture, Planning
and Public Affairs
Krishan Patel
Charles L. Shy
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Randy Glenn McLain
Doctoral Degrees
Department of Public Affairs
Megan Irene Topham
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
B.B.A., UT Arlington, 2005
Dissertation Title: Evaluating the Impact of
Sustainable Built Environment Commitments and
Outcomes on Respiratory Health: A Longitudinal Case
Study of Two Texas Cities
Supervising Professor: Colleen Casey
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Nita A. Clark
M.P.A., University of North Texas, 2011
B.S., Louisiana State University, 2009
Dissertation Title: Representative Bureaucracy
and the Indirect Effects of Substantive Co-Worker
Supervising Professor: Colleen Casey
Master’s Degrees
Department of Planning and
Landscape Architecture
Corry Langston Archer-McClellan
Korey Malcom Brooks
Jordan Monica Feldman
Quinton Thaddeus Henderson
Kristiina M. Heredia
Chelsea Sue Irby
Bryan Isham
Marguerite Michelle Reynolds
Muzaib Riaz
Isaac Robles
Ryan M. Brown
Natalia Chuprakova
Jon-Michael Louis Clothier
Susan Caroline Justus
Jo Ann P. Leavell
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Tharani Devi Krishnakumar
Marlene Castillo
Jennifer Lynne Craig
Brian Richard DeLatte
Stephanie Nicole East
Evan Mitchell Groeschel
Jacqueline Nichole Jackson
Maria Keenmon
Heather Denise Knox
Jessica Lane
Stephanie Marie Leonard
Letecia Marie McClendon
Adrienne Nycole Moore
Kent G. Moore
Mustapha A. Muhammad
Erikka Danyeil Neroes
Precious L. Randles
Krystal L. Thatcher
Prapatporn Trirattanawaraporn
Tasha Armira Velasco
Ashley D. Warren
Fengfan Zhang
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Kristina Danielle Ashton
Jessica Lynn Baca
Sterling Boyd
Jorge O. Pineda
Rumana Razzak
Victor Angel Vielma
Yuan Zhang
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Robert Casasus Martinez
Patrick Joseph Craine
Alexei Dukov
Francisco Ibarra
Johnny Limones
Ryan P. Moore
Jaron Jay Lyndon Ricketts
Tommi Salmi
Zachary Joseph Zimmerman
Baccalaureate Degrees
James Clifford Lusty
Ali Mahdi
Meaghan Nicole Paris
Octavia M. Pinckney
Talia Xochiquetzalli Rueda
Jose E. Zamora
Yesenia Hernandez
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Ashton Nichole Tate (C)
Kharrolyn Amissah-Aidoo
Fidel B. Cedillo
Arturo Chavez
Christopher Lee Chrysler
Samantha R. Doerge
Porter W. Fuqua
Joshua Daniel Hallett
Valon Maloku
Lizardo Meza
Ronald Mauricio Nunez
Crystal Maria Portillo
(C) Cum Laude
December 2015 candidates’ official statuses will be determined by final semester grades.
Commencement Ceremony • 5
College of Business
Doctoral Degrees
Philip L. Bond
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
M.A., University of Rhode Island, 1993
B.A., University of Rhode Island, 1991
Dissertation Title: An Investigation of the Efficacy
of Mind Maps in Software Development Among
Individuals and Pairs
Supervising Professor: Sridhar Nerur
John A. DeLeon
M.B.A., Dallas Baptist University, 2009
B.B.A., UT Arlington, 2007
B.A., Dallas Baptist University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Resources, Innovative Outcomes,
and the Symbolic and Substantive Performance
of Entrepreneurial Firms: An Examination of
Independent Popular Music Artists
Supervising Professor: Liliana Perez-Nordtvedt
Kristopher Floyd
M.B.A., UT Arlington, 2010
B.A., Appalachian State University, 1997
Dissertation Title: Influencing Donor
Decision-Making: An Examination of Situational
Characteristics that Impact Donation
Supervising Professor: Zhiyong Yang
Leon P. Weeks
M.B.A., Universtiy of Tennessee-Chattanooga,
B.A., Southern Adventist University, 1980
Dissertation Title: Moderating Effects of
Institutional Logics on Strategic Response to Coercive
Institutional Change
Supervising Professor: Susanna Khavul
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Ola H. Al Laymoun
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
B.S., Mutah University, 2005
Dissertation Title: Gamification, Creativity,
Performance, and Task Satisfaction: An Experimental
Supervising Professor: Sridhar Nerur
Sultan Salem Alkhuzam
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
B.A., King Saud University, 2005
Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Consumer
Animosity: From Consumers to Managers
Supervising Professor: Lawrence Chonk
Hyun Young Cho
M.A., University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, 2007
B.A., Yonsei University, 2004
Dissertation Title: The Impact of Presentation
Mode on Evaluation
Supervising Professor: Ritesh Saini
Indika Dissanayake
M.S., UT Dallas, 2009
B.S., University of Moratuwa, 2004
Dissertation Title: Understanding and Exploiting
Contestants’ Characteristics and Behaviors in
Crowdsourcing Contests
Supervising Professor: Jie Zhang
Yoon Sang Lee
M.S., University of Florida, 2009
B.A., Dongguk University, 1998
Dissertation Title: Design of Intelligent Agents for
Supply Chain Management
Supervising Professor: Riyaz Sikora
Master’s Degrees
Department of Accounting
Quynh-Chau Huyen Doan
Graham Archibald Lovin
Xue Wang
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Reed Christopher Carrigan
Brian T. Laws
Akim Insyxiengmay Singthao
Christopher Adams
Lindsye Alexandra Cooper
Timothy Patrick Hancock
Tina Ho
Alfred Hongkwong Ip
Cody Alan Litton
Joshua Caleb Martin
Bryan McGuirk
Frederick David Olenick
Zachary Daniel Perry
Hien Pham
Kathryn Alexandra Price
Aman Shrestha
Jihyun Sim
Sanjok Sharma Timilsina
John Michael Wlasuk
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Elizabeth Gilliam Bailey
Jennifer A. Cummings
Michael Lee Hoang
Mayra Elvia Huereca
Karalee Nunn
Richard Z. Cavagnolo
Katelyn Paige Gregory
6 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Jonathan Jong Lim
Alyssa L. Morrison
Blanca Talley
Hanh Tuyet Thi Tong
Ngoc Thi My Truong
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Tung The Chan
Richard J. Goeke
Chloe Ivy Schultz
Kristen Ruth Scott
Maureen Elizabeth Vignaux
Program in Business
Austin Alexander
Bradley James Brumbaugh
Xiaojing Chen
Zhaohong Chen
Yi Cui
Bryant Yang Foo
Lixiao Ge
Jiayun He
Ling He
Daming Li
Yanliang Li
Dong Liang
Yanli Lin
Hongzhi Liu
Jichuan Liu
Li Lu
Jinhu Luo
Carmen Anita Lynch
Yafei Mao
Rodney McTaggart
Ross Alan Michelsen
Hao Mo
Nanxi Mu
Cara Nyholm
Charles Francis Passantino
Le Ren
Sanam Saboury
Yanyan Shen
Karissa Thomas
Ravi Tulsani
Chidebe S. Ugoji
Jing Yan
Lixuan Yan
Leilei Zhang
Qiang Zhang
Wei Zhang
Ying Zhang
WeiWei Zhou
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jie Chen
Yun Chen
Tzu-Ying Chiang
Dong Hu
Heguo Jiang
Lin Li
Tianxin Li
Kim Seng Lim
Yichong Lin
Bin Liu
Jimei Liu
Jingjun Liu
Yong Liu
Qi Lu
Bo Lv
Wei Ma
Yan Meng
Yuhong Qin
Xiaodi Su
Feng Tang
Jun Wang
Lu Wang
Xiaobo Wang
Xiaoqing Wang
Ying Wang
Chen Xia Xiaoxiao
Haimei Xu
Ting Xu
Kai Ye
Yang Yu
Huafeng Yuan
Mingzhi Yuan
Bin Zan
Qing Zhao
Bin Zhou
Lena Rashad Abdelhadi
Atheena Abraham
Ragyashree Amit Ajmera
Khalid Saleh A. Aladhadh
Mengran An
Andrew J. Anderson
Tasneem Aurangabadi
Rohini Avadhanam
Samantha Soleil Avila
Abdulgahnee B. Ayinde Barnes
Dilshad Essani Bana
Edith Jennifer Banda
Kaitlin Booher
Samantha K. Brett
Courtney Michelle Burkhart
Lingjie Cao
Roberto Cardenas
Wan-Ting Chang
Yu-Ling Chang
Yung-Chiang Chang
Ching-Fei Chen
Pu-Yuan Chen
Zhiyong Chen
Chia-Hsiang Cheng
Chia-Hua Chiang
Salvador Armando Davo
Giada Giovanna D’ortona
Xiangwen Du
Brittany Lawrence Dwyer
Xiaoyan Feng
Christopher Leigh Forbus
Noemie Anna Forget
Kun Fu
Jerry Santiago Fuentes
Yun Gao
Carla Garcia Pallares
Ye Gu
Xiaokun Guan
Matthew Ryan Hackney
Brittney Lynee’ Hall
Randall Mason Harris
Amardeep Singh Hehar
Kung-Chyuan Ho
Alexis Holguin
Yifei Hou
Yu-Wen Hsieh
Kao-Cheng Hsu
Ching-Ping Huang
Hsiang-Yi Huang
Pan-Hsuan Huang
Leah A. Hunter
Austin Bradley Jarvis
Jennifer Leigh Jones
Sneha Jose
Stephanie Kan
Chung-Hsuan Kuo
Zhiming Lai
Tai Thanh Lam
Chia-Hsuan Lee
Hao-Ping Lee
Jose Armando Lemus
Yang Li
Albert Hur Lin
Chia-Wen Lin
Shu-Ping Lin
Shu-Wei Lin
Tsai-Hsuan Lin
Tse-Wei Lin
Yu-Hsiang Lin
Garrett Layne Linscombe
Yu-Hua Liu
Yen-Chiu Lu
Ziyang Lu
Xiaoming Ma
William Thomas Mehl
Joshua D. Miller
James Allen Molnoskey
Jeff R. Mooney
Tianyu Mou
Stephen Paul Nardone
Long K. Nguyen
Mersing Hoang Nguyen
Trang Minh Nguyen
Rebecca O’Donnell
Oyindamola Anne Ogunji-Sobulo
Scottye Lee Perry
Luay Hayel Rahil
Karthik Ravichandran
Albert Joshua Rodriguez
Esteban Romero
Bertha A. Segovia
Justin Richard Self
Pramod Shakya
Jeremy Dell Sharp
Lin Sheng
Cheng-Yu Shih
Sherry L. Sims
Vaughn Spencer Sinkewiz
Michael Spencer
Curtis Carlock Spraggins
Andrew Ryan Steffee
Jiahao Tian
Thanh K. Tran
Trang Thi My Tran
Chi-Jung Tsai
Chun-Yuan Tseng
Wan-Jou Tseng
Mohammed Ustad
Hang Wang
Wei Wang
Samuel Matthew Wasson
Olivia Caroline White
Ashleigh Dawn Wilford
Gregory Lekeith Wilkes
Fan Wu
Tianze Wu
Tung-Lin Wu
Zecun Xia
Changming Xu
Haonan Xu
Yadi Yang
Amy Lee Yoon
Yong You
Beibei Yu
Xinbei Yu
Dustin C. Zech
Qianxin Zhang
Xiping Zhang
Yifan Zhang
Xinzhe Zheng
Hui Zhi
Mengxi Zuo
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Augustine Abotsi
Shahid Aziz
Danielle Nicole Begley
Utsavkumar Rakeshkumar Bhavsar
Mitchell Todd Boeshart
Kameron Nicole Brewer
Brian Jinwoo Choi
Sarah Denise Clark
Jeremy Ryan Clayman
Erin Kristine Corpening
John-Paul Fernando Da Costa
David Roberto Delgado
Joseph Valto Denny
Jacki Seme Dewees-Cooper
Jimmy Olugbenga Dosumu
Okechikere Chidiebere Ekeada
Mark Isaac Fredrickson
John Elliott Gage
Edna Abigail Garza
Commencement Ceremony • 7
Amanda Elaine Giles
Jeremy Richard Hluchan
Chien-Lun Hsu
Thomas Leong
Hance Loyd
Krishna Prasad Mandava
Rachel Elizabeth Minnich
Alejandro Moreno
Mitul Harishkumar Naik
Trang Ngoc Nguyen
Dennis Gordon Norton
Ysenia Nichole Ortega
Ashley Nichole Osborn
Justin M. Patzig
Cencelia Monica Pierre
Deanne Sharee Pruitt
Daniel G. Reynolds
April Sherie Rogers
Catherine A. Sherrill
Jitendra Singh
Chelsea Marie Stoy
Jeremy Daniel Tellor
Martin M. Wells
Jason Matthew Wickland
Jhin Yu
Department of Economics
Run Chen
Geoffrey Williams Holland
Vinko Kaurin
Linda N. Lam
Nandit Nandan Paul
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Stephen Maxwell Williams
Department of Finance
and Real Estate
Mitchell Stanley Baker
Tunazzina Chowdhury
Trung D. Tran
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Mark Anthony Krueger
Department of Health
Care Administration
Lena Rashad Abdelhadi
Anibal Olivio Albizures
Eleanore M. Barrett
Melody Gay Bell
Mounia Boukhari
Marriam Arif Butt
Jasmine L. Christian
Cindy Eunsun Chung
Madeline Alise Daniel
Erica Yolanda Dawkins
Naylah Fajandar Doshi
8 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Dalshad Nooruldeen Hasan
Samantha Renee Ingram
Misha Iqbal
Brandon Kyle Jones
Jestin Joseph
Meghna Nagrath
Elizabeth Owens
Prity Patel
Urvi Jagdish Patel
Helen Pattou
Diana Perez
Cherl Jean Phillips
Tiffany Nichole Sheffield
Jeffrey Mark Tredemeyer
Gabriela Trevino
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Erfawn A. Akhtar-Khavari
Misty L. Barth
Warnakulasuriya Dabarera
Tina Lynn George
Christie Thi Le
Christopher Hal Moore
Tessei Nguyen
Bridget Vinson Page
Maulik A. Patel
Richard Daniel Patterson
Colten J. Philpott
Margaret Ann Proctor
Ashleigh Hunter Richburg
Jose Leopoldo Torres
Philip Kenneth Weber
Britni H. West
Aunre-Anna White
Sadie Elizabeth Wright
Department of Information
Systems and Operations
Alya Abdulwahab A. Al Moosa
Lav Budhathoki
Tadjre Jabar Calhoun
Goutham Chandru Manghnani
Kunal Jayesh Choudhari
Venkata Sri Kartheek Dalapathi
Amith Devaramani
Sarah Elizabeth Fulkerson
Meghana Gangadharswami Balihallimath
Sai Sriram Illa
Shruthi Ingarsal
Vedvati Shrikant Jatkar
Dinesh Kalavagunta
Gopinath Kumaravel Loganathan
Anshul Mahajan
Bhavishek Malik
Vinoth Sudhakar Manamala
Yingsen Mao
Utkarsh Mishra
Manikandan Narayanan
Emmanuel Naveen
Omolara Tolulope Onitilo
Deng Pan
Sri Rakshita Pasunoor
Nicholas Antonio Patruno
Pratima Paudel
Poornima Ramalingam
Priyank Rege
Jesus Reyna
Claudia Maeurer Rodriguez
Sarvesh Maya Rajan Sakthi Kamba Rajan
Kevin Shyu
Mitcheal Alle Veenstra
Shirish Kumar Veerabattini
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Guoxin Gu
Hao Hao
Rui Hao
Fengjuan He
Jobin Johnson
Kashayap Pranav Joshi
Wen Liu
Michael C. Muraya
Amrita Rajendra Racharla
Kaixin Tian
Chuqi Wang
Miao Wang
Fei Xie
Ninghong Xu
Kaixuan Yin
Yu Yin
Wei Zhang
Chao Zheng
Yang Zhou
Department of Management
Patrick K. Dede
Patrick Michael Frantum
Nicole Marie Groves
Hannah L. Holt
Ashley Taylor Leveque
Hong Lu
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Akshara Prithviraj Chavan
Warren Anthony Egerton
Department of Marketing
Sara Katherine Baker
Vijay Shivarudraiah
Rodolfo Jose Valles Puell
Baccalaureate Degrees
Stephanie Derosier
Noemi Rosas
Eduardo Andres Tobias (C)
Jose L. Aguinaga
Sergio Alcala
Jatziri Carpenter
Julian Gabriel Castillo
Eddie Contreras
Mayrena Cuartas (C)
Uriel Omar Garcia
Maria Haro
Adalberto Ley
Sandra Yerith Lopez
Dirsha N. Luevano (C)
Patricia Ortiz Mucino (S)
Alessio Ranieri (M)
Jorge Orlando Ventura
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jodie Dell Applewhite
Leidy Cuartas
Jonathan Cymerman
Omar Alejandro Franco
Nayeli Mejia
Carlos Alberto Morales
Lilia Arcelia Ortega
Department of Accounting
Christopher Adams (S)
Anthony Ray Armendariz
Kyle Travis Bahr
Jinyun Bao (M)
Izamart Barron
James R. Boutwell (C)*†
Ali J. Carrington
Richard Z. Cavagnolo (M)†
Paolo Chiantera (S)
Jesse Dalton Cox (C)
Danish Dawood (C)†
Kharisma Renee Delgado
Hang Thanh Dinh
Quyen Van Do (M)
Armando Perez Gallegos
Joan Lucy Garinger
Alexis V. Garza (M)
Derek R. Gay
Michael A. Ghalibaf
Andres Godinez (C)
Brenda Gonzalez
Desiree Grubbs (C)
Jessica L. Gullion (M)
Wei Guo (C)†
Yibralem Arega Haile
Sihame Hamdane (S)
Juan Miguel Hernandez
Ngoc Thuy Kim Ho (M)
Colton Quinn Hoke
Hoa Kim Huynh (M)
Lindsay Arlene Jenkins
Guowen Jiang (S)
Matt Ryan Kohn
Bishnu Koirala
Anh K. Le (C)
Quang M. Le
Gyeongeun Lee
Lixin Li
Xiuyuan Li
Liliana Lopez
Monica Martinez
Danielle Elaine Mastromonica (M)
Karim Akbar Mawani
Anh Tran Nguyen (S)
Cuong K. Nguyen (M)†
Dat Nguyen (S)
Kate Nguyen (C)
Lily Nguyen
Eric Wayne Nors
Sithabile Lorraine Nyereyemhuka
Frederick David Olenick (C)
Jose S. Palacios
Jenny Hien Minh Pham
Phuong Thi Hoang Pham (C)
Tran Dinh Vinh Pham (C)
Leticia Ramirez
Beatrice Reyna
Robert J. Rodriguez (M)
Joanna Sanchez (C)†
Alfredo Segovia
Alexander L. Short
Maximino Silva
Jihyun Sim (C)
Monika Singh (M)
Ronald Taylor Smith
Karla Valeria Sosa
Kellie Renee Subjeck
Klaudyna Szafranek
Blanca Talley (C)
Thomas Todar
Hanh Tuyet Thi Tong (M)
Valeria Trevino Hernandez (C)
Ngoc Thi My Truong (S)
Christopher Villa
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
John C. Betts
Adbeel Cabrera
Jennifer A. Cummings
Wendell Dugger Faulkner
Christopher Oliver Garza
Devon Gerold
Richard J. Goeke (M)
Sarah Beth Hitt
Chloe Qiaoling Huang
Jennifer Lan Nguyen
Karalee Nunn (C)
Paula G. Preuit
William J. Reimann (S)
Donovan Virasack Sengphaathit
George Soliman
Brian Wesley Talley (M)
Gabriel G. Trotta (M)
Ideki Wong
Mengxin Xu
Shanda Jubilee Ariola
Jasmine Danielle Armstead
Perla Esmeralda Cabrera*
Lauren Elizabeth Coalson
William D. Covalt (M)
Ebrahim Mahmoud Elkassih
Rachel Caitlin Fitts (M)
Renato Zoe Ganoza
Mason Connor Goode
Katelyn Paige Gregory (S)
Aaron Thomas Hale (C)
Daliah M. Hamdan (S)
Soyoun J. Hyun
Christine B. Imoukhuede
Kristina C. Jaramillo
Kevin Cheron Johnson
Vickie Karam (S)
Lona Katiyo
Jin Mo Kim
Phuc Ngoc Le
Jonathan Jong Lim (M)†
Ryan Millican (M)
Sara Nicole Molina
Michael Fabian Osterman
Liliana Servin
Quoc-Bao Dinh Tran
Anthony Blake Vance
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Angel Adriel Alcudia (C)
Fanta Diakite Kaba
Anna Christine Eikerts (S)
Ruth A. Russell (C)
David Salgado
Department of Economics
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Victor Arali Bitatule
Eunho Hwang
Fraileer Almaguer
Landon Cord Walker
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Ross G. Holder
Omotade Ajike Afilaka
Brianna Marie Benson
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude †Goolsby Scholar
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 9
Garrett L. Carr
Tekaeus J. Flowers
Carter Devon Forbes
Larry Lee Green
Yen Shan Lai
Peter Le
Quoc Van Le
John L. Lopez
Wesley Weijen Lue
John Loyd McLean
Haley Elise Moore
Onyx Deb Mosleh
Omoye Ojielu (M)†
Berea Danielle Orange
San Vi Pham
Travis E. Rausch
Spencer Row
Kaitlyn Michelle Stinson
Richard L. White
Juncheng Yang (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Don M. Katuwawala
Andre A. Moya
Brian T. Phillips (C)
David A. Rodriguez
Casey Martin Russell
Tara D. Scott
Scholar L. Weaver
Department of Finance
and Real Estate
Adam T. Abbott (C)
Jonathan Anthony Abchi Soulayman (M)
Melanie Danielle Abor
Ahmad Saad Yousef A. Alkandari
Patzy Marlene Alvarez
Andrew William Bacon
Bryan Robert Ball (M)
Tonybo E. Bello
Pessigue Berte
Sumera Bhojanee
Karla Calzada (M)
Jose Hiram Cardona
Pilar Castillo
Carlos A. Chavez
Hung T. Dao
Hussain Dhanani
Johnny N. Do
Lawrence Ford
Marcos R. Fuentes
Rahim K. Gangwani
Austin Tyler Gansky
Bradley Ross Griffith
Zachary Simpson Grubbs
Brenda Anahi Gutierrez
Cody G. Harris
Taylor Wayne Hay
Jeremy Haynes
Sultan Suliman Helabi
Zachary Kyle Hobbs
Aaron Joseph Hodapp (M)
10 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Matthew Bryan Horner (C)
Matthew Ryan Horton
Thu Tran Anh Huynh (S)
Jonathan Ibarra
Jazmin Jimenez
Laketress Shuntay Jones
Bridgette Juarez
Papiha Kashmiri
Joshua King (S)
Tejal Kshatriya
Daniel S. Lee
Nestor Lujan†
Ulises Luna
Hoang Ly
Christopher Mandujano
Stefanie Rae Massey
Eru Lloyd McIntosh (M)
Lourdes A. Mondragon
Meliza Munoz
Dianna Nguyen
Hung Manh Nguyen
My Ngoc Nguyen
Steven Ngoc Nguyen
Tho Ba Nguyen
Jamal Karale Nuno
Kyle Ryan Oxford (M)
Aresch Panahgahi-Vijeh
Pedro Parga
Shivesh A. Patel
Justin Christopher Pena
James Douglas Petty
Lauren Ann Porter
Jose M. Reyes (M)
Bradley M. Sigley
Kelley Grace Svochak
Blair Joseph Thomas (C)
Michael A. Tomich
Hung Tuan Tran (M)
Jason Tuan Truong (C)
Courtney Camille Tucker
Rafael Viera (C)
Landon Cord Walker
Leslie Tenille Wasemiller
Julia C. White
Melanie Lynn Wilson
Karen Jennifer Wollam
Matthew Wright
Whitney Wright
Pingwen Xue
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Bipin Singh Bhandari (M)
Kyle Jackson Bowling (M)
Jatoria L. Carter
Andrew J. Charles
Paul Alan Cochran
Sandra Coronado
Tasha Dillon
Brooke Fincher
Lupe Gonzalez
Marjorie N. Gray
Yousef G. Hamad
Joshua Lee Jackson
Abenezer M. Kassa (C)
Jeevan Sivakrishna Lekkala
Dina Luna
Opportune M. Matete
Douglas Stephen Miller
Anthony Nguyen
Thao Thi Thanh Nguyen
Olufunmilola Modupeolu Oshoba (C)
Grant A. Robinson
Catherine Diane Roblin
Paylee Mae Rowland
Ana M. Santacruz
Saaransh Showkeen (C)
Nora K. Solorzano
Joseph Valenzuela
Mayra Alexandra Villa
Jennifer Lindsey Wood
Moneak Young
Stephen Thomas Gordon
Department of Information
Systems and Operations
Suntu Ceesay
Eva Marie Counts
Daniel Echeghe Igara
Lorin Jackson
Jasmine C. Jessie
Mikmar Dolma Lama
Christopher Oliverson
An Dang Pham
Navinthira Kumar Raman
Hoang Van Mai Tran
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Timothy G. Hardeman
Jesse Kyle Poteet
James C. Ruska (S)
Marlene Aguayo (M)
Yannett Aleman
Rino Varughese Alex
Abraham Assi
Jinx Chochea
Victoria Lawson
Sarah A. Mowery
Kyle A. Nelson
Emmanuel K. Offei
Candelario Ornelas
Neha R. Panjwani
Jeremy Parent
Gerardo Rocha
Gary Allen Tate (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Paige Loreen Dunn (M)
Jeffrey M. Garcia
Rhoda C. Kabonso
Travis B. Markwardt
Kevin Thomas Matthews
Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullahi (S)
Gautam Aryal
Rashu Bhuju
Joshua David Bourassa
Alberto C. Bruno
Matthew Scott Burns
Haddy Ceesay
Ryan M. Corricelli
Jonathan Cuellar
William Richard Daniel (C)
Michael Damion Davila
Andrea Licia Defreitas
Alyssa E. Desoto
Tuan Hoang Dinh
Nam Doan
Sadaf S. Fayyaz
Jason Fredette (M)
Luis J. Fuentes
Alfredo Artemio Garcia (M)
Tigist Girma Gebeta
Tej Prasad Ghimire (M)
Ephraim Girmay
Swati Gupta
Christopher Jeane
Evan Hunter Jones (M)
Sudhir Kayastha
Darshana Kc (C)
Gregory L. Kennedy
Sanjok Kunwar (M)
Aaron Mikhael Leung Woo-Gabriel (M)
Jarrid K. Ly
Jobin Abraham Mathew
Kyle David Middleton
Chi Nhat Moc
Emily A. Moussavi (C)
Angela Tram Nguyen
Chris Pallattumadom
Prabal Raj Pandey
Nithin M. Panicker
Kritika Pant (C)
Tae Jun Park
Jessica R. Pearce (M)
Edwin G. Pereira†
Carlos R. Rangel (C)
Joshua N. Rivera
Jeremy B. Sanders
Bruce C. Sirisakd
Derek Cameron Taaffe
Krishna Thapa
Dalton Ray Vilaros
Michael Somo Wya
Dustin O. Zimmerman
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Sandy Kwek Coleman
Sudip Dahal
Clayton A. Dorsey
Ziaul Huq (C)
Do Kyung Lee (M)
Ganesh Babu Lohani
Grant M. Merana
Humayun Mughal
Shane L. Neuser
Eric Jonathan Smith
Joel K. Smith
Jehanzeb K. Tarar
Vu Ngoc Tran
Sivasak Vongmanobkun
Ashley Annette Williamson
Department of Management
Gabriela Adame
Selina N. Aggas
Rosemary Albrecht
Abaz Aliko
Maricela Avila
Patrick Wayne Barrow
Louis Boonsin
Danielle G. Boozer*†
Afsaneh Bosak-Barani
John A. Busby (C)
Shaun Mark Eli Cadoret
Tyler Campbell
Crystal Ann Casey
Salvador Castro
Crystal Celis
William Chandler
Tara Lynn Cioccia (C)
Shauntae Davis
Cristal De Leon (M)
Chase Devaul
Monica Thien-Tien Dinh
Thuy T. Do
Blake T. Dornak
Damien Edwards
Monica Escamilla
Eric Thomas Fetsko (M)
John William Ford
Jesus Gallegos
Bernardino Galvan
Sergio Garza
Kristen M. Goleman
Ana L. Gonzalez
Rosario B. Graciano
Rabun Anderson Hardy
Daniel Hernandez
Priscilla Yvonne Ibarra
Julia Anne Jacome
Trey C. Justice
Betty Mwena Kalambay
Jordan Richard Kellner
Trevor F. Kilgore
Jeremy Alex Kimray
John D. Le
Thanh Ha Thi Le
Thuy Truong Le
Shineka L. Leaks (C)
Robin Dawn Lopez
Hilda Mares
Pamela A. Martinez
Erendida Mata
Lauren Haley McCall†
Cynthia R. McCoy
Steven L. McCurdy
Curtis Gene Mcvea II
Estefany Margarita Medrano
Norma G. Mendez
Azucena Miranda
Michael Andrew Moreland (C)
Christopher Moses
Michael H. Murray
Sam Sateh Nassif
Tuan Trong Ngo
Hai Viet Nguyen
Jeff Ngoc Nguyen
Johnny T. Nguyen (C)
Quyen Vi T. Nguyen
John Andrew Ogburn
Christina Pacheco
Elizabeth Ann Paoli
Roshan Bhupendra Patel
Eduardo Irvin Paz
James A. Perla
Hong T. Pham
Adrianne Catherine Pierce
William David Pierce
Ashley Nicole Pitarro
William K. Posey
Aamer J. Qureshi
Maribel Ramirez
Mohammad Raad Rashad
Bisan Refai
Dejoria M. Roberson (C)
Nathaniel Jonathan Roberts
Abraham Ruiz
Jose A. Ruiz
Justin Brian Schnedler
John Henry Schober (C)
Matthew Schumann
Janet Searcy
Francisco Serrano
Nicole Alyssa Simon
Edith A. Solis
Jason Cameron Steffer
David L. Sutton
Nicholas Thomasson
Silvana Torres (S)
Peter Tran
Hiep Pham Quoc Truong
Laura Varela
Emilio Andres Vialpando
Kevin Villarreal
Hien Ngoc Vo
Scott Works
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude †Goolsby Scholar
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 11
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Lindsay Paige Anderson
Ryan Nicole Beth Blodgett
Daniel Paul Brase
Dustin Michael Brashear
Dexter Marquis Calhoun
Tricia Ann Clayton
Kynara Davis
Victor Estrada
Bo B. Hornburg
Todd Caleb Hunter
Dijana Kurtovic
Christopher J. Lanier (M)
James R. Norwine
Chiderah Treacy Nweze
Lucy Ochoa
Matthew Paul Owens
Lauren Nicole Park
Leonel Eduardo Perez
Alejandra Puebla
Poonam Shekhawat Tanwar
Shakita M. Wesley
Charles R. Wilson
Department of Marketing
Madison E. Aguilar
Ebenezer Osahon Ajayi
Huyen Thuy Dieu Bui
Lindsay Danielle Busher
Kristina Kay Bushong
Charles Thomas Calhoun
Yu Y. Cheng
Sydney Allison Coleman
Sueraiya Daoudi
Michael David Derr (C)
Cesar Diaz
Courtney Dobbs
Ashley M. Garcia
Nancy G. Guerrero
Vina M. Ho
Taylor B. Hufferd
William J. Hughes
Deandre R. Jones
Dong N. Lee
Rebecca A. Lewis (M)
Christopher Blake Little
Khanh Van Luong
Alinza Mahmood
Hayley Nicole Martin
Eduardo Martinez
Jason Aaron Millen
Clayton Michael Musselman
Bharati Nath
Anna Nguyen
Thy Mai Nguyen
Jonathan Ortiz
Niralee Patel
Timothy Lee Rivers
Keith Douglas Roane
Iris Patricia Salas (S)
Archana Sareen
Gladys A. Serrano
12 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Christina Nicole Stasny
James A. Sullivan
Cynthia Thompson
Michael Ton
Estela Trevizo
Violeta Valdez
Patricia H. Ventura
Kayla Danae Villarreal
Russell Walker
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Narmeen Dakak
Daniel Mark Gingerich
Javier Jose Gutierrez
Michael Wayne Jordan
Manpreet Kaur
Michael E. Kearney
Seong-Eung Lee (M)
Lauren L. Lindsey (C)
Audrey Valeria Morales
Ally Mehdi Moti
Sean Robert Natelli
Amy Nguyen (C)
Nathan Duc Nguyen (C)
Malori Ann Nichols
Clint Austin Rupp
Jessica Seanyear
Dallas Clinton Smith
Nathnael Gedai Weldai
Keisha M. Womble
Leonel Yanez
College of Education
Doctoral Degrees
Candice L. Cooper
M.Ed., UT Arlington, 2008
B.A., Baylor University, 2005
Dissertation Title: Students At Risk: The Impacts
of Self-Efficacy and Risk Factors on Academic
Supervising Professor: Maria Trache
Emmanuel Garcia
M.A., Texas A&M University, 2005
B.S., Southwest Texas State University, 2003
Dissertation Title: Experiencing Technology
Integration in the Collegiate Classroom: From the
Perspectives of Itinerant, Adjunct Language Instructors
Supervising Professor: James C. Hardy
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Serafin S. Garcia
M.B.A., Columbia College, 2008
B.S., Texas A&M University, 2004
Dissertation Title: Understanding the Help-Seeking
Experiences of Latino Male Community College
Supervising Professor: Ifeoma Amah
Asha Safiya Gibson
M.A., American University, 2003
B.A., Howard University, 2000
Dissertation Title: The Schooling of African
American Students in Junior High: Exploring the
Pedagogy and Preparation of Effective Teachers
Supervising Professor: Ifeoma Amah
Master’s Degrees
Department of Curriculum
and Instruction
Sara Lynn Allison
Heather Dawn Almodovar
Christine Aragon
Carol Arlene Bacon
Daisy Balderas
Lois Elsa Rica Barker
Samantha Ann Barker
Sara Marie Barnebee
Anna Elaine Barrett
Lauren C. Barron
Elena Danielle Baucom
Amanda Marie Bayes
Sylvia Alyse Bearden
Kelli Sue Beasley
Megan Lanae Bellows
Christina Betancourt
Juliette Michele Betancourt
LaDonna Gayle Bingman
Teresa Ann Bird
Rachael Susan Bodkin
Andrea L. Browder
Savitri Burns Brown
Kelly Ann Buffington
Sandra Gayle Burg
Heather Glyn Burns
Laura Ashton Byno
Alison Nicole Capasso
Amanda Puckett Cargill
Ashley Nicole Cathey
Amanda Lee Ceballos
Amalia Cervantes
Julia E. Claycomb
Johanna N. Cole
Brianne Louise Cottingame
Raquel Linda Cox
Regina Allemang Crouch
Martin Bjorn Cunningham
Ambreen Das
Beatrice Marie Davis
Stevie Jeanne Davis
Sarah Louise De Valdenebro
Cristie Lynn Decato
Christina Joy Dickinson
Jeanette Louise Dissler
Rachel Donnini
Maya Electrisna
Maribel Espindola
Nina Alyse Farris
Martin Lance Fell
Brittny Sandra Fillmore
Flor Y. Flores
Chad Elliott Forkner
Amber Judy Dawn Fox
Sarah Catherine Franks
Kendra N. Funches
Summer D. Fuselier
Jeanetta Marie Garcia
Julian Garcia
Stefanie Deanne Garcia
Nicole D. Gentner
Gretchen Noelle Gibson
Samantha Kileen Gilliam
Caitlin Elise Gillum
Cristella Gomez
Amanda Renae Goncalves
Leticia Araceli Gonzalez
Carol Patrice Grider
Jamie Adelaide Grimes
Nikki Lanette Groth
Margarita Guzman
Jarrod Halbert
Michelle Jane Halek
Amber Nicole Harrington
Lauren Christine Hart
Mary Isbell Heath
Cristina Hernandez
Tracey Louise Hill
Kally Elizabeth Hinton
Haley Michelle Hiscocks
Noelle Caroline Holden
Crystal Dee Hoogeveen
Joni Leighann Hutcherson
Diane Marie Ippolito
Katherine E. Jackson
Keren Nicole Jackson
Angelica Maria Johnson
Brandy Johnson
Caroline Dianne Jones
Melynda Jones
Kristin Michelle Keith
Cheryl Ann King
Julie Anna Knobles
Katherine Dian Knox
Noah Christopher Krzan
Monica Swinney LaRiviere
Laurel Evans Laumann
Julia Marie Lee
Leaandrea Dawn Lehde
Ashley Nicole Loewe
Mandy Rae Loving
Kristen Deann Loyd
Shawn Patrick Lucena
Heather Dawn Mann
Oscar A. Martinez
Olive Aracely May
Adrienne Marie McCann
Cindy Dianne McCaslin
Keysha Yvette McCord
Angela Dawn McKinney
Sonia Iris Mejia
Jill Renae Melchiorre
Chimene Ann Mergens
Katherine Lynn Miller
Valerie Anne Moore
Jackie Diane Morgan
Leondria Nicole Morgan
Andrea Alexandra Morrow
Shonda Morrow
Courtney Munoz
Natalie Blair Nash
Dessard Joseph Norris
Godleva Denise Novella
Susan May Nunn
Erika Olivas
Sean Andre Oshman
Erin M. Osterman
Cassandra Rae Padgett
Elizabeth Yvonne Paletz
Erin Leigh Parks
Karen Denise Pasichnyk
Nina Wright Phelan
Deborah Lynn Phillips
Tatyana Petrovna Rapoport
Ashley Bevis Rector
Mercedalia Berenice Reyes-Gracia
Debbie Zoe Richardson
Melanie Danielle Ringman
Heather Christine Rodriguez
Raquel Cantu Rodriguez
Valerie Rodriguez
Pilar Amanda Roper-Foo
Samantha Walling Ross
Charlene Perras Rossi
Angela Langs Rouse
Ana Laura Salaz
Gayle Samuels
Francisca Sanchez
Nely Tinajero Santoyo
Katherine Ann Seeley
Michelle Catherine Sellers
Amber Diane Setzer
Margaret Anne K Showers
William Lee Smith
Lindsy Megan Starkey
Hannah Elizabeth Stephens
Ashley Michelle Stevens
Mildred Leola Stevenson
Malori Stewart
Ko Tamura
Abdullah Tatir
Sheri Jean Taylor
Norina S. Terry
Kaicy-Lora Elenor Thomas
Stefanie Kay Thomas
Erin Tidwell Thorpe
Kayla King Tillison
Anita Louise Tope
John Michael Trammell
Shannon Marie Troescher
Johna Evelynann Underwood
Jerome Renaud Uzzeni
Valerie Michelle Valadez
Lea Dana Vander Meulen
Holli Marie Vargas
Cecelia Vasquez
Laura Velliquette
Martha Powell Waggonner
Jessica Ann Want
Sara Elizabeth Ward
Christian Arceneaux Washington
Shelley Elizabeth Weaver
Carissa Ann Weishuhn
Laura Viccinelli Weiss
Frances Celeste Wells
Carrie Ann Whitaker
Mickel Lee Williams
Nedra Jeanine Williams
Felicia Dawn Wilson
Randall Craig Winter
Katherine Winzer
Theresa Marian Yates
Kelsey Willberg Yeaman
Andrew Skiles Zachry
Kathlene Michele Zeeb
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jesus Aguirre
Lauren Elise Allen
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 13
Stephanie Marie Angell
Susan Christine Ardila
Angela Ramandy Barnes
Abby Elizabeth Batlle
Latasha Michelle Bell
Denise Lynn Bennett
Sonya Michelle Bennett
Erin Leigh Bereuter
Daniel Edward Brough
Alana Childs Castanon
Valerie Ann Casteel
Melissa Castillo
Kristy R. Caston
Stephanie Mccool Cavazos
Marcia R. Chaffin
Julie Dionne Chamberlain
Skylar Linden Chastain
Judy Soyeon Cho
Barbara Ann Davis
Wesli Wynn Davis
Cristy Renee Dillard
Lindsey Pamela-Anne Dixon
Allegra Michelle Duale
Amanda Jean Duclos
Kandece Channell Embrey
Kimberly S. Fairchild
Jamie Elizabeth Fisher
Maribel Sara Flores
Emily Katherine Gaines
Mary Ann George
Kristen Stalvey Gilbert
Colleen Cecilia Gilchrest
Megan Elzabeth Glynn
Breezy Colette Gosney
Sarah Diane Grace
Rachel Michelle Haley
J’Conise A. Hamilton-Wright
Ana Maria Hankins
Amie Diane Hanneken
Meredith Urban Hartl
Angela Kay Helms
Brittany Horn
Pamela Michelle Horton
Tonine Andrews Jackson
Kimberly Dawn James
Rebecca Marie Jasinski
Michael Jon Kirchhefer
Sarah Laskoski
Bradley Gerald Leake
Lori Lynn Lee
Kristen N. Lewis
Zachary Lloyd Liedtke
Fabierae Dominica Lozano
Sara Rae Lucia
Leah Raechelle Lugo
Angel Christine Mahoney-Gooch
Bonnie Melissa Martinez
Tricia Michele May
Kristi Marie Medrano
Kelly Ann O’Donnell
Amy Katherine Owens
Amber Renaye Parker
Kimberly A. Pearson
Carol Elaine Pettit
Joanna Gabriella Plummer
14 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Kymberly Nycole Pyeatt
Arelis Reyes
Nicole Richardson
Jamie Sammis Ringgenberg
Alisha Michele Ruffin
Erin Leigh Russe
Lindsey Dawn Rutherford
Josshue V. Salinas
Wendy Michelle Samz
Jeri A. Sappington
Carol Rebecca Shores
Stacy Jo Smith
Jessica Sellers Stewart
Darla Sue Stroud
Stephanie Michelle Sullivan
Paula Irene Szymanski
Rhonda Lee Thompson
Shyrana Tipler
Karley Monelle Trammell
Matthew James Trammell
Jacinda K. Upchurch
Meredith M. Van Dam
Jesus Vasquez
Margarita Villa
Lindsay D. Weaver
Brittany D’Ann White
Mendi Lee White
Sylvia Veronica Wilborn
Callie Diane Wilburn
Marlys Alicia Williamson
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Mara Liz Alvarez-Delgado
Ashley Auces
Jeremy Case Copeland
Kenneth Norman Foster
Claudio Andres Jara-Campos
Lori Carol Mayfield
Khalid Tayeb Yanouri
Maggie Elisabeth Brentlinger
Leticia Hinojosa
Brittni Brianne Johnson
Scott Taylor Loudermilk
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
John D. Anderson
Kelly Larae Campbell
Erin Hayden Tate
Department of Educational
Leadership and Policy Studies
Mir Safdar Ali
Misty Leann Argo
Alisa Latrice Babasola
Cheryl Lynn Beal
April Caggins Benjamin
Zachary Ethan Beshea
Lacy Marie Blakley
Chandra Lanae Boone
Tracy Carol Brinkley
Jalyn Denise Burns
Esteban Cavazos
Georgette M. Cheatwood
Janessa Lee Corbitt
Michael D. Corley
Amanda Ruth Cothrin
Tony Calvin Daniels
Dana Scarmardo Dorsett
Connie Duran
Jed Frank Eisel
Caitlin Lewis Elam
Jeffrey Dale Evans
Yolanda Denise Figgs
Lucinda Francis
Devonna Sanchez Friesenhahn
Magdalena Resendiz Garcia
Dana Latrice Green
Brittany Rae Michelle Griffin
Mayra Guerra
Rebecca Lauren Gunter
Sharmeadia Miranette Gunter
Aretha Benita Hall
Esmeralda Hanna
Audra Yvonne Heins
Lea A. Hempstead
Jennifer Nicole Hennessey
Adenike Ibiyemi-Aluko
David Jimenez Rosado
Laura Wright Josefsson
Sharlonda Renae Kennedy
Alana Marie Kirkpatrick
Dianna Karolina Kondratowitch-Pierce
Tracey Deanna Lamb
John Denton Long
Jennifer Elaine Martin
Vicki Rae Mata
Ivor Pearl McBride
Lauren Kaye McDaniel
Lisa McLeod
Nancy Melancon Meyers
Kailani Kalei Miller
Myra Jacqueline Molina
Tiffany Ada Lorene Molina
Ileana Gomez Murillo
Chelsey Veronica Murphy
Michelle Nieto
Erin Michelle Pacheco
Alicia Pane Pane
Lindsay Paris
Amanda Jo Ponder
Gail Elizabeth Randazzo
Gabriel Luis Rivera
Amy Cathleen Robison
Joe Gabriel Rodriguez
Anel Saldivar
Mallory Anne Sanders
Della Marie Sherrill
Jennifer Morris Shifflett
Marisa Salazar Silguero
Laura Alexis Silva
Jeffrey Scott Smith
Kevin Lee Thomas
Andrew David Tippins
Jesus Trevino
Claudia Melissa Vera
Lacey Louise Victor
Monica N. Villasenor
Amber Nicole Washington
Kyle Charles Williams
Chelsea Nicole Winbush
Sandra Windham
Ashleigh Nicole Zuschlag
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Austin B. Aeschbacher
Adrian I. Apodaca
Tameka Da’Shun Archie
Alexandra Eugenia Ayala Gimenez
Sloan Marie Bales
David Belloc
Martha Elizabeth Benavidez
Yvonne Marie Besetzny
Johnny William Bolton
Amber Jo Ann Bowen
Monika Leigh Bray
Reci Lynn Brooks
Sarah A. Brooks
Stacy Lynn Carroll
Teresa Lynch Carroll
Christopher James Chappotin
Willie Chen
Paul A. Cieremans
James Daniel Clark
Jamie Lee Coleman
Robin Denise Conger
Eva Maria Cussen
Claude C. Davis
Kristi Denise Davis
Tyler D. Dean
Amanda Ryan Doerfler
Travis Lee East
Deborah Amanda Falls
Ana Monica Fernandez
Sarah Marie Fox
Jeffrey Paul Furrh
Amber Lauren Garduno
Todd James Gibbons
Roberto Carlos Gonzalez
Aaron Mark Guerra
Kayla Damise Hock
Kimberly Dawn Hock
Jennifer Amy Hubble
Sherry Lorraine Hutchinson
Ashley Carter Johnson
Aaron Thomas Jones
Miles Joseph Knight
Blendeana Ranae Lane
Tequila Marie Lockridge
Jose Marco Luna
Alice Jeya Luu
Belinda Lynn Maddox
Melinda Mahan
Mark Vincent Mansfield
Dorothy Marie Marinski
Rebecca Lynne May
Suzanne Marie McGahey
Jessica McLoughlin
Deirdre Maria Medina
Bertha Mae Middlebrooks
Tonia Janelle Miller
Megan Michelle Mossman
Tom Nguyen
Jessica Laurel Nugent
Jessyca Alyss Paiz
Lisa Rene Pehl
Melissa Irene Pepper
Brittney Beth Posey
Adan A. Rammos
Chealsie Jeanine Sanchez
David Alden Sharp
Nichole Jeanette Sharp
Ninette Michelle Skinner
Clarissa Smith
Michele Roseanna Stokes
Kimberly Dawn Strachan
Shelby Nicole Taylor
Melissa Denise Torres-Mendez
Monica Yelena Torrez
Lizet Vasquez
Kristin Paige Vosburgh
Kimberly Ann Wallace
Laurie Kathryn Webb
Julie Anne Wiley
Dana Katherine Winek
Adrian Woodson
Baccalaureate Degrees
Department of Curriculum
and Instruction
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Andrea Gillis
College of Engineering
Doctoral Degrees
Ghassan Mohammad Atmeh
M.S., UT Arlington, 2012
B.S., Jordan University of Science and
Technology, 2010
Dissertation Title: Novel Neuro-Dynamic Methods
for Solving Robotic Planning and Control Problems
Supervising Professor: Kamesh Subbarao
Brian L. Copp
M.E., UT Arlington, 2012
B.S., UT Dallas, 2003
Dissertation Title: Bayesian Statistics and
Information Fusion for GPS-Denied Navigation
Supervising Professor: Kamesh Subbarao
Alexis R. Gonzalez
B.S., UT Arlington, 2009
Dissertation Title: Complex Multidisciplinary
System Generation for Aerospace Vehicle Conceptual
Supervising Professor: Bernd Chudoba
Amen I. Omoragbon
M.S., UT Arlington, 2010
B.S., UT Arlington, 2008
Dissertation Title: Complex Multidisciplinary
Systems Decomposition for Improving Aerospace
Vehicle Design and Technology Management DecisionMaking
Supervising Professor: Bernd Chudoba
Amit R. Oza
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
B.S., University of Oklahoma, 2005
Dissertation Title: A Portfolio-Based Approach to
Evaluate Aerospace Problem Requirements Towards
Complex Multidisciplinary System Decision-Making
Supervising Professor: Bernd Chudoba
Alok A. Rege
M.S., UT Arlington, 2012
B.S., Aeronautical Society of India, 2009
Dissertation Title: Characterization of Flapping
Wing Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics Analysis
Using Computational Methods
Supervising Professors: Kamesh Subbarao,
Brian Dennis
Commencement Ceremony • 15
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Julia E. Cline
M.S., UT Arlington, 2011
B.S., University of Alberta, 2008
Dissertation Title: Accurate Three-Dimensional
Characterization of the Nonlinear Material
Constitutive Properties for Laminated Composite
Supervising Professor: Andrew Makeev
Sthanu Mahadev
M.S., UT Arlington, 2011
B.E., Anna University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Analysis of Thin-Walled
Cylindrical Composite Shell Structures Subject to Axial
and Bending Loads: Concept Development, Analytical
Modeling, and Experimental Verification
Supervising Professors: Wen Chan, D. Stefan
Xiao Peng
M.S., Wuhan University, 2008
B.S., Wuhan University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Formalization of the Engineering
Science Discipline—Knowledge Engineering
Supervising Professor: Bernd Chudoba
Harshan Ravi
M.S., UT Arlington, 2013
B.T., Jawaharlal Nehru Technological, 2008
Dissertation Title: MRI of Cerebrovascular
Reactivity Using Gas Inhalation Challenges
Supervising Professor: Hanzhang Lu
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Raichel M. Alex
M.S., UT Arlington, 2010
B.T., University of Calicut, 2006
Dissertation Title: An Investigation of the Effect of
Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Cerebral Hemodynamics
in Relation with Systemic Hemodynamics
Supervising Professor: Khosrow Behbehani
Tina Jeon
B.A., Pepperdine University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Characterization of AgeDependent Cortical Microstructure and Thickness
with MRI
Supervising Professor: Hao Huang
Derek White
M.E., UT Arlington, 2004
B.S., UT Arlington, 2001
Dissertation Title: Non-Invasive Biomedical
Imaging and Radiobiology Investigations in PreClinical Prostate Tumor Models
Supervising Professor: Ralph P. Mason
16 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Raju Acharya
M.S., University of Kansas, 2012
B.T., Tribhuvan University, 2010
Dissertation Title: Enhanced Shrinkage
Characterization of Clayey Soils
Supervising Professor: Anand J. Puppala
Gautam R. Eapi
M.T., Motilal Nehru National Institute of
Technology, 2007
B.T., Jawaharlal Nehru Technological
University, 2003
Dissertation Title: Comprehensive Neural Network
Forecasting System for Ground Level Ozone in
Multiple Regions
Supervising Professors: Melanie L. Sattler,
Michael T. Manry
Poorya Hajyalikhani
M.S., University of Tehran, 2009
B.S., Islamic Azad University of Semnan, 2005
Dissertation Title: Experimental Study on Seismic
Performance of Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams
and Squat Walls with Innovative Reinforcement
Supervising Professor: Shih-Ho Chao
Alejandro Her Pino Bravo
M.S., UT Arlington 2013
B.S., University of Cauca, 2001
Dissertation Title: Prediction and Simulation of
Soil Swelling Behavior Through a Unified SWCCClay Mineralogy Based Methodology and Model
Supervising Professor: Anand Puppala
Hamideh Riazi
M.S., Tehran University, 2009
B.S., Tehran University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Improving Water Quality
Forecasting Using Data Assimilation
Supervising Professor: Dong-Jun Seo
Jairo E. Yepes Heredia
M.E., National University of Colombia, 2009
B.S., National University of Colombia, 2006
Dissertation Title: Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical
Behavior of Unsaturated Soils via a Servo/SuctionControlled Ring Shear Apparatus
Supervising Professor: Laureano Hoyos
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Ali Q. Abdullah
M.S., UT Arlington, 2012
B.S., University of Technology-Bagda, 2004
Dissertation Title: Development of a Simplified
Flexible Pavement Design Protocol for New York State
Department of Transportation Based on Aashto Me
Pavement Design Guide
Supervising Professor: Stefan Romanoschi
Tito P. Nyamuhokya
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
B.S., University of Dar Es Salaam, 2003
Dissertation Title: Enhanced Viscoelastic Modeling
of Hot Mix Asphalt
Supervising Professor: Stefan Romanoschi
Asheesh Pradhan
M.E., McNeese State University, 2009
B.S., Tribhuvan University, 2004
Dissertation Title: Discrete Element Modeling of
Geogrid Reinforced Granular Media
Supervising Professor: Xinbao Yu
Alireza Sayah
M.S., Islamic Azad University, 2010
B.S., Islamic Azad University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Models to Simulate the Seismic
Performance of Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls
Supervising Professor: Ali Abolmaali
Nan Zhang
M.S., Hohai University, 2011
B.E., Hohai University, 2009
Dissertation Title: Development and Validation
of TDR-Based Sensors for Thermal Conductivity and
Soil Suction Measurements
Supervising Professors: Xinbao Yu, Anand
Yeqing Li
M.E., Nanjing University, 2009
B.E., Shantou University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Methods for Large-Scale
Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Supervising Professor: Junzhou Huang
Tuan Anh Nguyen
M.S., UT Arlington, 2012
B.S., Vietnam National University, 2007
Dissertation Title: Tools for Program
Understanding and Reverse-Engineering of Mobile
Supervising Professor: Christoph Csallner
Md. Mehrab Shahriar
B.S., Bangladesh University of Engin, 2008
Dissertation Title: Human Mobility-Centric
Efficient Frameworks for Opportunistic Mobile Social
Supervising Professors: Sajal Das, Yonghe Liu
Jing Xu
M.S., Nankai University, 2011
B.E., Nankai University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Fault Localization in
Concurrent Programs
Supervising Professor: Yu Lei
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
S.M. Taiabul Haque
B.S., Bangladesh University of Engin, 2009
Dissertation Title: Human Factors in Textual
Password-Based Authentication
Supervising Professor: Matthew Wright
Min Gon Kang
M.S., UT Arlington, 2010
B.S. Hanyang University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Integrative Computational
Analysis for Multimodal Genomic Data
Supervising Professor: Jean Gao
Yanliang Liu
B.S., Sun Yat-Sen University, 2007
Dissertation Title: Design and Analysis of PlaceBased Opportunistic Networks
Supervising Professor: Yonghe Liu
Gustavo Puerto Souza
M.S., Centrode Investigacion Matemat, 2010
B.S., Universidad Autonoma de Yucata, 2007
Dissertation Title: Computer Vision Tools to
Enhance Perception During Endoscopic Surgery
Supervising Professor: Gian-Luca Mariottini
Aaron N. Staranowicz
B.S., UT Arlington, 2010
Dissertation Title: RGB-D Camera Calibration
and its Use in a Fall-Risk Assessment System
Supervising Professor: Gian-Luca Mariottini
Saravanan Thirumuruganathan
M.S., UT Arlington, 2010
B.E., Anna University, 2005
Dissertation Title: Enabling Exploratory Mining
Over Hidden Databases
Supervising Professor: Gautam Das
Tanmoy Bhowmik
B.T., Motilah Nehru National Institute of
Dissertation Title: Sparse Signal Reconstruction in
Linear Inverse Scattering Problem
Supervising Professor: Soontorn Oraintara
Guoliang Chen
M.S., Peking University, 2004
B.S., Peking University, 2001
Dissertation Title: Design and Fabrication of
Guided-Mode Resonance Devices
Supervising Professor: Robert Magnusson
Jeffrey Brandon Hall
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
B.S., UT San Antonio, 2002
Dissertation Title: Exploiting Higher-Order
Statistics in Radar Scattering Data for Super
Resolution Imaging
Supervising Professor: Saibun Tjuatja
Muhymin Islam
B.S., Bangladesh University of Engin, 2009
Dissertation Title: Surface Engineered Biosensors for
the Early Detection of Cancer
Supervising Professor: Samir Iqbal
Yi Li
M.A., Peking University, 2004
B.E., University of Electronic Science, 2001
Dissertation Title: Electrostatic and Piezoelectric
Micro Energy Harvesters for Environmental
Vibrational Energy Scavenging
Supervising Professor: Zeynep Celik-Butler
Mohamed A. Nour
M.B.A., University of Phoenix, 2008
B.S., Oklahoma State University, 2003
Dissertation Title: Measurements, Modeling, and
Simulation of Semiconductor/Gate Dielectric Defects
Using Random Telegraph Signals
Supervising Professor: Zeynep Çelik-Butler
Shuling Wang
B.E., Shanghai University of Science, 2009
Dissertation Title: Comprehensive Study of
Composition Gradient Microstructure of Strontium
Doped Lanthanum Manganite Thin Films Deposited
by Magnetron Co-Sputtering
Supervising Professor: Efstathios I. Meletis
Zhenyuan Zhang
B.E., Chang An University, 2007
Dissertation Title: Arc Flash Hazards Analysis
Supervising Professor: Wei-Jen Lee
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Seda Ermis
M.S., Mersin University, 2009
B.S., Mersin University, 2006
Dissertation Title: A Microwave Backscattering
Model for Precipitation
Supervising Professor: Saibun Tjuatja
Seyedali Moayedi
M.E., Sharif University of Technology, 2009
B.E., Sharif University of Technology, 2007
Dissertation Title: Self-Organizing Small-Scale
DC Power Systems
Supervising Professor: Ali Davoudi
Hamidreza Modares
M.S., Shahrood University of Technology,
B.S., University of Tehran, 2004
Dissertation Title: Optimal Tracking Control of
Uncertain Continuous-Time Systems: On-Policy and
Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning
Supervising Professor: Frank L. Lewis
Vahidreza Nasirian
M.E., Sharif University of Technology, 2010
B.E., Sharif University of Technology, 2007
Dissertation Title: Revisiting Control
Establishments for Emerging Energy Hubs
Supervising Professor: Ali Davoudi
George J. Toscano
M.S., Bangladesh University of Engin, 2008
B.S., Bangladesh University of Engin, 2005
Dissertation Title: A LiDAR-Based Auto Hydro
Breakline Generation Algorithm for Standing Water
Supervising Professor: Venkat Devarajan
Antonio A. Alanis Pena
M.E., Instituto Technol y de Estudios, 2008
M.S., Instituto Technol y de Estudios, 2002
B.S., Instituto Technol y de Estudios, 2000
Dissertation Title: Mathematical Optimization
Techniques for Managing Selective Catalytic Reduction
for a Fleet of Coal-Fired Power Plants
Supervising Professor: Jay M. Rosenberger
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Billy J. Gray
M.S., Texas Tech University, 2006
B.S., Tarleton State University, 2001
Dissertation Title: Embedding Integrated RFID
Sensors into Fiber Reinforced Plastics During the
Manufacturing Process
Supervising Professor: Erick C. Jones
Olumide O. Aruwajoye
M.S., UT Arlington, 2009
B.S., Tulane University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Material Changes of Bone
Following Femoral Head Ischemia
Supervising Professor: Pranesh B. Aswath
Syed Dawar Sajjad
B.S., Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, 2009
Dissertation Title: Guanidinium-Based Anion
Exchange Membranes for Alkaline Polymer Electrolyte
Fuel Cell Applications
Supervising Professor: Fuqiang Liu
Commencement Ceremony • 17
Manouchehr Teimouri
M.S., Khaje Nasir Toosi University, 2007
B.S., Amirkabir University, 2004
Dissertation Title: Nanoparticle-Bridge
Oligonucleotide Assay for Amplification-Free Electrical
Detection of Low-Concentration Oligonucleotides
Supervising Professor: Seong Jin Koh
Pavithra A. Wijethunga
B.S., University of Peradeniya, 2005
Dissertation Title: Droplet Based Liquid-Liquid
Microextraction and Manipulation of Immiscible
Liquid Droplets on Electrowetting on Dielectric Digital
Supervising Professor: Hyejin Moon
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Komail Abbas
Jasmine Javon Martel
Srikar Palakurthi
Venkat Kalyan Varma Penmetsa
Dilip Ramini
Dushyanth Reddy Tadisina
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Dong Liu
M.S., Auburn University, 2010
M.S., East China University of Science, 2007
B.S., Zhejiang University, 2004
Dissertation Title: Studying an All-Vanadium
Photoelectrochemical Cell for Highly Efficient Solar
Energy Conversion and Storage via Photocatalytic
Redox Reaction
Supervising Professor: Fuqiang Liu
Yuan Ting Wu
M.S., Florida Institute of Technology, 2011
B.S., National Chiao-Tung University, 2007
Dissertation Title: Phoresis of a Solid Particle in
Real Fluid
Supervising Professor: Bo Yang
Yoonki Sa
M.E., Hongik University, 2006
B.S., Hongik University, 2004
Dissertation Title: Mechanical Reliability of Porous
Low-K Dielectrics for Advanced Interconnect: Study
of the Instability Mechanisms and their Mediation
through Inert Plasma Induced Re-Polymerization of
the Backbone Structure
Supervising Professor: Choong-Un Kim
Yishu Wang
B.E., Dalian University of Science and
Technology, 2007
Dissertation Title: Comprehensive Study of
Composition Gradient Microstructure of Strontium
Doped Lanthanum Manganite Thin Films Deposited
by Magnetron Co-Sputtering
Supervising Professor: Efstathios I. Meletis
Marianna L. Vallejo
B.S., UT Arlington, 2010
Dissertation Title: Energy and Water Impacts of
Data Center Cooling Systems: A Triple Bottom Line
Assessment for Facility Design
Supervising Professor: Dereje Agonafer
Xiao Zhang
B.S., Huazhong University of Science and
Technology, 2006
Dissertation Title: Experimental Investigation of
Methane Reformer with a Continuous Flow Reactor
Supervising Professor: Dennis H. Brian
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Sheikh F. Ferdous
B.S., Bangladesh University of Engin, 2008
Dissertation Title: Improving Fracture Toughness
of Silicon Carbide Based Ceramics By Microstructure
Supervising Professor: Ashfaq Adnan
18 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Master’s Degrees
Department of Bioengineering
Shruti M. Amin
Venkata Rounak Avatapally
Qing Ding
Arun Duraiswamy
Victor Andre Fernandez
Ankush Goyal
Aida Homayoun
Muhammed Rayhaan Jeenah
Ukesh Kandel
Srilekha Katkuri
Venkata Siddharth Lingamallu
Nazaneen D. Mousavi
Thinh H Nguyen
Mandeep Devbhandari Shrestha
Piyush Raj Wagle
Yezhou Wang
Rohit S. Warrier
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Koumudi Chari
Varun Ajay Kanal
Sriram Venkatachalam
Ciwen Wang
Department of Civil Engineering
Lokeshwar Reddy Allampati
Sai Chand Amada
Effat B. Arzani
Chaitanya Ranga Reddy Boggula
Uday Sai Chalasani
Chadwick Martin Freedlander
Akhila Reddy Gondi
Arun Joe Joseph Palani
Lalitha Jyothi Kotapati
Seyedmehran Madani
Abhilash Reddy Manda
Sumedh Meshram
Ashwinth Rajkumar
Deepak Ravi
Eyad Sheatt
Sivannarayana Chowdary Venigalla
Cesar Eduardo Aguirre
Salah Abdulmahdi Al Janabi
Muntasser Hussein Albu Malulah
Vishal Badduri
Rama Krishna Boyapati
Christopher William Cervenka
Govinda Raju Gollarahalli Thimmappa
Richard Kaiser
Akash Kanderaya Venugopal
Ashraf Khan
Aadithya Prem Kumar Kurramboyina
Krishna Priya Methuku
Alireza Moradzadehkarimi
Sumitha Nagarikanti
Essam Khalid Nassar
Sujit Dhau Pawar
Sree Roop Ravipati
Geoffrey R. Scheid
Yash Milankumar Shah
Nithin Shivaramu Gowda
Mushtaq Ahmed Syed
Preji G. Thomas
Sharanya Vemula
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Crystal Jamaica
Dorota Maria Koterba
Mohammed Ali Sayani
Mohammadreza Khajeh Hosseini
Morteza Kiani
Beomgeun Kim
Kavya Koganti
Rakesh Krishnarajapete Raju
Masrur Mahedi
Seyedeh Hosna Mousavipour
Hossein Sadeghi
Sandip Tamrakar
Aayush Raj Tiwary
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Nickey Akbariyeh
Narasimha Reddy Alimeneti
Francisco David Berrocal Ruiz
Rakesh Bilichode Jayanna
Maria Angeles De La Flor Montero
Vinod Reddy Kamagani Kuntla
Department of Computer
Science and Engineering
Charles W. Gatz
Shreyas Anand
Susmitha Anandarao
Abhisheka Annayyagari
Meghana Anoop
Venkata Lakshmi Manasa Arvapalli
Omid Asudeh
Dilip Kumar Atchyuta
Deepak Chand Atluri
Apeksha Bhat
Mahesh Biyyala
Lakshmi Sravanthi Boddapati
Venkata Sesha Krishna Chaitanya Kumar
Sai Chaithanya Reddy Boodida
Advait A. Chabukswar
Karthiga Priya Chandran
Vamshi Krishna Chinnala
Pavani Kamala Davuluri
Fatma Dogan
Ankita Duggal
Ravi Teja Gadde
Sasidhar Gaduputi
Usha Shruthi Gandham
Dheeraj Ganti
Hemanth Geddada
Harshavardhan Reddy Gorla
Ankur Goyal
Saiprathap Guduri
Varnika Reddy Gummi
Priya Dharshini Gunasekaran
Yash Gupta
Raghu Pavan Gurrala
Fnu Harmeet Singh Assi
Rakibul Hasan
Ruman Ul Hassan
FNU Ishita
Hima Bindu Jampani
Alice Olga Jose
Minumol Joseph
Dhruv Rohitkumar Joshi
Siddhesh Joshi
Anand Hemantkumar Kadia
Sharath Noel Kadirikota
Sagar Kairamkonda Veeresh Padmavathi
Soumya Kambhampati
Harish Kamuju
Shenbagaram Kandan
Sri Varsha Kantheti
Samruddhi Kapileshwar
Nandini Keteneni
Anuraag Krishnamurthy Konda
Aarthy Aiswarya Kumar
Alok Kumar
Ying Li
Srivarun Lokku
Mahadev Kiran Mahadevraj
Mirrella Mahapatra
Husain Mandsaurwala
Ranjith Marasingana Hally Appaji
Vishwarathreddy Morramganti
Sri Harsha Motukuru
Sathvik Movva
Ruhavi Sagar Mudumba
Sravankumarreddy Mummadi
Aravind Muniyappa
Divendar Umesh Murtadak
Bhargav Reddy Myla
Hima Bindu Nagabhyrava
Lalit Kumar Naidu
Sumesh Nellemakkal Balan
Sirisha Nellutla
Lokesh Paduchuri
Shivang Ketankumar Parekh
Harish Patsalla
Arun Kumar Pokharna
Manisha Ponnam
Hrishikesh Nitin Potdar
Anuroopsai Potthuru
Dhruv Natwarlal Prajapati
Sumera Z. Primuswala
Rahul Anil Punde
Akshay Krishna Radhakrishna
Rahul Raj
Gurkamal Deep Singh Rakhra
Raguvinoth Ramasamy Sundaresan
Rohith Reddy Ramireddy
Vasupradha Seshadri
Sagarkumar Navinchandra Shah
Vidisha Hiren Shah
Jagadish Shivanna
Sathvik Shivaprakash
Anu Shiwakoti
Prathu Singh
Shreyas Kashyap Somashekar
Shwetabh Srivastava
Mahadevan Sudarsanan
Surya Narayanan Swaminathan
Sandeep Ravindra Tengali
Bhargavi D. Urs
Uzwal Goud Vaddeboina
Akarsh Varadaraju
Sri Kiranmaye Veerapaneni
Vinod Vemasani
Nitin Venkatesh
Sri Harsha Venkatrayappa
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Shruthi Bheem Reddy
Nikhil Gokuldas Bhutada
Naga Gouthami Bumi Reddy
Jaganmohan Chandrasekaran
Krishanu Devangi Savyasachi
Sai Kavya Dukkipati
Jose Jaime Farrington-Zapata
Vijay Kumar Ganapathy Nagarajan
Sagar Rajesh Gandhi
Sashidhar Reddy Kalluri
Tejaswini Naidu Karanam
Upendra Madam
Ram Siddarth Manickam
Sri Malavika Nallamilli
Mounika Nalluri
Krishna Meghana Nekkadapu
Raj Kumar Padilam
Prerana Hanamant Patil
Sarath Polavarapu
Vinodh Ravi
Rahul Rayineni
Gowtham Sathiyanarayanan
Miteshree Jayendra Sheth
Shival Bharatbhai Thaker
Ismail Z. Vandeliwala
Guranant Singh Virdee
Alex Regan Borg
David John Calmese
Matthew Raymond Chedister
Sean Anthony Crane
Jonathan W. Eason
Michael Jacob Frerichs
Kevin Michael Hayes
Patrick M. Hucks
William L. Hunter
Shannon Craig Jones
Jay Pradyut Modi
Travis Jerome Prescott
Angel Omar Romero Jerez
Robert A. Sebastian
Luke Anthony Shreffler
William Clayton Sims
Billy Brian Snider
Christopher Ashton Wise
Mary Kathleen Yingst
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Qicheng Wang
Dongdong Xie
Yixiao Yang
Fuqiang Zhang
Department of Electrical
Surya Teja Avadhanula
Prerana Baraskar
Sandeep Reddy Bhumula
Rama Krishna Raghavendra Bulusu
Shwetha Chandrakant Kodpadi
Manu Chilukuri
Victor Charles Chinta
Sai Abhinav Chityala
Esmael Dadgar
Krishna Teja Reddy Damalacheruvu
Krishna Kanth Dhansetty
Nilufar Ebrahimzadeh Pustchi
Ayman Issam Farshouk
Bharath Ganapathihalli Somashekharaiah
Shubhanker Garg
Commencement Ceremony • 19
Mohan Giribabu
Varad Nitin Gokhale
Santosh Gouribidanur Prakash
Shreyas M. Gune
Deepak Hingole
Bhavya Idupulapati
Swethaa Alliyalamangalam Jayaraman
Margie Ashokbhai Joshi
Venkata Sairam Kadiyala
Satish Kannan
Chetan Gurudas Kini
Vijaya Krishna Koppolu
Pradeep Kumar Kumaravadivel
Bala Chandra Reddy Kurelli
Nrusimha Subrahmanya Hanuma Teja
Maddulapalli Venkata Lakshmi
Uma Sagar Madhugiri Dayananda
Uthra Mahendran
Akshay Malhotra
Apoorv Vinayak Malmane
Dhruv Jayprakash Mistry
Abdul Hafeez Mohammed
Imran Ahmed Mohammed
Nagashree Mundgemane Nagaraj
Sarika Nagaraj
Swetha Nagaraj
Raviteja Nallan Chakravartula
Sameera Nalluri
Aishwarya Narasimha Murthy
Sai Kishore Narra
Harish Reddy Nerella
Sai Praneeth Pabba
Jayesh Jayangbhai Parikh
Archita Vinay Parvatkar
Deep Prakashbhai Patel
Vrushank Atulkumar Patel
Manikanta Potnuru
Siddu Basawaraj Pratapur
Suraj Rabindranath
Niranjana Ramkumar
Janardana Hosahalli Raviraj
Ritvij Ravindra Sahasrabuddhe
Prajwal Subramanya Sanket
Abhishek Seshasayee
Dipu D. Shah
Harshal Vijaybhai Shah
Nishit Samirbhai Shah
Vishal Jayeshbhai Shah
Sonal Singh
Deepu Sleeba Philip
Vishwak Reddy Tadisina
Anoop Talluri
Manasa Thellapati
Talitha Preethi Thompson Anandaraj
Ramsanjeev Thota
Parth Rajeshkumar Trivedi
Krishna Kanth Vangaru
Bhargav Vellalam Srikanteswar
Kumar Nakul Venkatesh Shivaprasad
Vasavee Vijayaraghavan
Burhan Ayub Wani
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Shruthishree Bangalore Krishnamurthy
Sagar Ravi Bhavsar
20 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Priyanka Bhoothpur
Venkat Sai Raj Boddupally
Abhilash Pavan Krishna Dachepalli
Anil Kumar Ginjupalli
Yilong Hao
Shivamurthi Kadame Jagannath
Karishma Katara
Bala Chakri Kothuri
Sreevinay Netrapala
Sandeep Kedarnath Pal
Neha Patnekar
Hitesh Premshankar Rai
Anchit Rastogi
Kruttika Srinivasan Vedam
Bhuvan Sunkara
Angela Sh Thomas Muthiah
Nnennaya M. Udochu
Rohit Ramachandran Warrier
Department of Industrial,
Manufacturing, and
Systems Engineering
Christoph Bollgen
Sravani Kode
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Adebiyi Sanusi Akinsanya
Vignesh Athithangal Ravirajulu
Karunakar Cherala
Sai Pavan Kumar Devarasetty
Narendra Gangavarapu
Mustafa Ghotawala
Rohan Mahesh Hegde
Sri Harsha Kondalamahanthy
Russel N. Mascarenhas
Venkata Vineeth Mucherla
Arun Bharadwaj Muthukrishnan
Neel Vinodkumar Patel
Vivek Sagi
Khaled Yousef Khaleel Yaseen
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Trishanka Reddy Beti
Jude Vimal Francis
Abhinay Simha Vangipuram
Sounith Aalla
Dinesh Ragavan Alagiriswamy
Hariram Baskar
Avinash Bellapu
Srinandan Prakash Damle
Srinath Degala
Nikita Pravin Dixit
Karthik Elangovan
Srinidhi Gangasani
Bhavana Gatram
Prudhvi Gogineni
Venkata Sai Ram Kaja
Ravi Chandra Reddy Kandanulu
Venkata Naga Siva Ganesh Karthikeya
Mamidi Rama
Sukesh Karunanidhi
Paras Sohan Kawade
Rupin Reddy Kolanu
Ravi Teja Kotha
Suryateja Kothapalli
Bhaarath Kumar
Shurendhar Kuppusamy Kanagaraj
Abhinay Chowdhary Moturi
Rakesh Narayana
Mitul Patel
Pranesh Ramachandra Murthy
Kamalakannan Ramakrishnan
Ajay Sagar Rangapuram Banking
Vijay Sagar Rangapuram Banking
Nahal Sakhavand
Niranjan Anand Saraf
Vaishal Dharmesh Shah
Abdul Khamar Shaik
Uday H. Soni
Amod Ashutosh Tamboli
Nandakumar Thandavan Vidhyasekaran
Sathish Thati Sreedharan
Venkata Siddartha Yalavarthy
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Nikhitha Akula
Veverly Marie Ann D’Costa
Atul Vilas Kamble
Vibushita Mahesh Sarma
Pradyumna Mohanram Raja
Tejaswi Mule
Kaushik Narayan Padmanabhan Kuppuswamy
Vishal Ravikumar
Jashandeep Singh
Madhu Kiran Vemula
Dheep Chandar Venkatesh
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Carrie Lynne Mizell
An T. Bui
George W. Gazzam
William L. Hunter
Department of Materials
Science and Engineering
Beatrice Acheampong
Venkatakamakshi Supraja Giddaluri
Akshay Sunil Hande
Sravya Josyula
Kavisha Tekade
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Akanksha Pandey
Ronaksinh Parmar
Kush Shah
Department of Mechanical
and Aerospace Engineering
Chih-Hau Chen
Dhruv S. Deshpande
Abilash Nallaguntla
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Daniel A. Paramo
Jahed Ahmed
Tolulope Motunrayo Akindoju
Sridutta Aditya Akula
Abhishek Balli
Rohit Narayan Bangalore
Raghunandan Bangalore Nagendra Rao
Prakhar Bindal
Anirudh Rao Boinpally
Phanindra Bolla
Erin Leigh Busk
Nallely Esmeralda Davila Cantu
Amith Kumar Dondhe
Srikanth Reddy Eddla
Khaled Elhaj Suleiman
Venkata Sai Pratap Reddy Gurrala
Sai Tarun Reddy Kandadi
Sai Bhargav Kondapalli
Shanmukha Prasad Gupta Kota
Avinash Appu Kotian
Amit Manikrao Kumbhar
Rishi Kurudi
Nishanth Reddy Mannem
Pradeep Mohan
Ravish Aithal Parampalli Narayana Murthy
Hayneshkumar Rajubhai Patel
Priyankkumar Arvindbhai Patel
Sachinkumar Shantilal Patel
Dhananjay Ravindra Pawar
Manoochehr Rabiei
Santosh Raju
Nagabhushanam Rekapalli
Devi Prasad Sahu
Nishant Sannan
Mohit Mahendrakumar Shah
Fayyazuddin Sultan
Jose Jesus Tinoco
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Shailesh Jayant Divey
Gouthami Muddasani
Aalok Ashokbhai Naik
Sandeep Kumar Narra
Neeraj Ponnala
Aswinraj Srinivasan
Michael Vu
Purushotham Balaji
Joshua Michael Dawson
Vijay Gopal
Shashank Hariharapura Ramesh
Manikanta Jonnalagadda
Vincent P. Ricketts
Shehzad Maksudahmad Shaikh
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Wei-Tsen Lu
Mohammed Shahid Ali
Christopher Joseph Allen
Hakan Arslan
Divya Swamy Bandaru
Trina Barua
Framroz Bharucha
Shahzad Shahrukh Bulsara
Ajit Rajesh Desai
Anurag Dey
Niravkumar Prabhatsinh Dodia
Shahid Faizee
Devi Prasad Gorrepati
Ya Hao
Ye Hong
Mauricio Jaguan Nieves
Sachin Jose
Aniket Ramchandra Kalambe
Nachiket Rajendra Kansara
Pritam Pintu Karmokar
Ninad Ramesh Kawle
Shiva Prasad Keralapura Basavaraju
Ruturaj Kiran Kokate
Venkata Naga Indu Sravani Kota
Anik Mahmood
Amey Nandkishor Mathakari
Monisha Mohan
Sahithi Reddy Nagilla
Pranav Bharatbhai Parikh
Dhanraj Arun Patil
Mayuri Suresh Patil
Deekshith Pittala
Kanan D. Pujara
Mithun Rajaram
Karthik Rajashekar
Sayalee Pradeep Sabne
Tushar Saini
Mohammad Saifullah Mohammad
Zafar Shaikh
Guruprasad Shrikant Shinde
Ashwin Venugopal Siddarth
Rajat Kamleshwarprasad Singh
Abinav Suresh
Varun Nanjunda Rao Viswamithra
Bharathram Visweswaran
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Abhishek Arun Babu Mysore
Girish Bangalore Jalappa
Nikhil Dilip Baviskar
Abhishek Nitin Deshpande
Hassaan Ahmad Khan
Mitul Harishkumar Naik
Ruben Gregory Puthota Dominic Savio
Pavan Rajmane
Subhash Shreyas Seshadri
Neha Shigrekar
Ananthavijayan Sridhar
Baccalaureate Degrees
Department of Civil Engineering
Brittinie Nicole Alcorn (M)
Miles Cameron Allard
Akram Nasser Awad (C)
Matthew T. Burgess
Taylor B. Derden (C)
Jesse Martin Geer
Jorge A. Jimenez (C)
Derek Auld Kiddy
Tenzing Lama (M)
James Lance
Christian B. Libebele (M)
Ana Lozano
Alfredo Luera (S)
Christian Dean Mendoza
Sally Moncada
Jose G. Murillo
John Travis Overturf
Amy Lee Parker (C)
Javier Perez Moreno Alvarez
Nhan Phan Hong Pham
Manaf Makin Refai (M)
Yasamin Sadreddini (C)
Michael Anthony Salcedo
Mauro Santos
Amy Tran
Javier Valdez
Joseph D. Williams
Matthew Zamaripa
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Taylor Neal Bates
Luis Ricardo Guerrero
Farwa Lalee (C)
Cesar Adrian Razo-Garcia (M)
Kellie Dawn Ward
Farzam Yazdani
Department of Computer
Science and Engineering
Suhail Ahmed (M)
Khai Dinh (S)
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 21
Robert Eliasoff
Zach Curtis Hasbrouck (C)
Nathan Charles Hill (C)
Amado Stephen Jose (M)
Anastasia Toledo Matienzo
Vivek Shrestha (C)
James Francis Staud
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Saul Fabian Estrada (C)
Dineth Sachintha Hettiarachchi
Birendra Malla
Jay C. Ocampo
Walter Ayiera Oduk (M)
Shawn M. Simonson
Patrick A. Break (S)
Ricky B. Hensley
Charles Jacobsen (C)
Jesus Linares
Xin Liu
Francisco Martinez
Timothy Michael McCoy
Craig Moritz
Khanh Ngo
James W. O’neil
Harold W. Wheaton
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Elise Irene Austin (C)
Emery Roddrika Barnes
Timothy Beene
Jason L. Jennings (S)
Edward Jake Kuykendall
Derrick James McDowell
Nishchal Pandey (C)
Priscilla E. Paz (S)
Andrew Michael Toscano
Nhat C. Tran (C)
Earl Harry White
Shane Andrews
Saurav Dhungana
Jonathan Scott Fromknecht (C)
Damber K. Khadka (S)
Kevin A. Kocian
Mohammad O. Kothawala
Mohamad Idris Patan
Deepak Pokhrel
Sulabh Shiwakoti (C)
Ahad M. Virani
Ross H. Walker
John David Weidmann
Han Zhang (S)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Sabin Raj Bajracharya
Shreemila Rajwant
22 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Department of Electrical
Department of Mechanical
and Aerospace Engineering
Meraj Ahmad
Lakesha Darshe Avery
Nazia Ayub
Stephanie S. Bello
Duy Ngoc Dinh (M)
David A. Dodson (C)
Andrew Nghiem Duong
Ramin Firoozi (M)
Quan Tan Ho (M)
Osadebamwen O. Imade (M)
Anil Jirel
Ethan L. Le
Nicolae D. Lesenco
Clayton Monroe Lucas
Bardia Mojra
Ly Hoai Nguyen
Shin Yup Park
Mukul A. Patel
Matthew A. Ponto
Humberto J. Sarinana (M)
David James Seekins
Diveej Shrestha
Jimmy Truong
David Caroll Williams (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Dan Enrique Gandara
Layal Jabbour
Jeffrey Mark Mays (S)
Abhishek K. Thakurdesai
Hasintha Hiran Amaranayaka
Ryan K. Burch
Aliasger Salim Dogo
Benito Timothy Juarez
Ted Anthony Linzy
Parker H. Mays
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Junaid Nisar Ahmed
Joseph Frank (C)
Summer W. Grubbs
Jeiny Elizabeth Gutierrez
Stuart Shelton McGregor (M)
Victoria Anne Pankonien
Rima Rai
Ruben I. Reyes
Omar Antonio Tejada
Carlos A. Teran (S)
Department of Industrial,
Manufacturing, and
Systems Engineering
Sarmila Acharya (M)
Aaron Reuel Alagar
Khubaib J. Bari
Caitlin Webb Bertucci
Lennett Cruz
Stephen J. Halcomb (M)
Davis Gia Hoang
Yara M. Hussein
Justin Thomas Janiga
Sabu R. Kandel
Murat Kucukay
Suat Kucukay
Rania Maged Malkawi (M)
Quy Quoc Nguyen
Bryan S. Shiroma
April Shortt (M)*
Chakrajiva Mitra Singh (C)
Dylan M. Slick (M)
Priyadarsini Subramanian
Gabriella K. Tchombe
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Maricela Saray Taylor-Arce
Truitt Alexander Ammons (C)*
Rabin Bhattarai
William Wade Buck
Travis R. Butler
Matthew N. Cox
Juan Alberto Davila (C)
Glenn Everett Dodson
Anne Marie Franchek
Alexandra Maria Gamboa
Caleb Gentry (S)
Joshua D. Henley (C)
Duy Thanh Lu
Rafael Lujan (M)
Eric Medina
Wesley W. Mercer (M)
Omar Morfin
Thinh Duc Nguyen (C)
Kevin Eugen Nichols
Steven Paul Pape
Jigarkumar Bhikhubhai Prajapati (M)*
Nicholas Charles Ricciardelli
Joseph Albert Rutledge
Allen Jacob Sager
Britton Lee Sanders
Deependra Shrestha
Claire M. Simmons
Jeremy N. Su (M)
Thomas A. Thomsen
Nathaniel J. Tidwell
Jimmy Torres
Jonathan Rafael Veloza Bernal
Nicholas Matthew Venter
Lauren Michelle Welman
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jacob Lee Aguilar (C)
Michael E. Araujo
Jacob Daniel Bell
James R. Benner
Hoilik Chan
Filiph Rangel Costa
Moses Onyekwelu Ejiofor-Nnaji
Joseph Frank (C)
Orlando Gonzales
Mauro Javier Guadiana (C)
Tyson Timothy Henry (C)
Seth Daniel Jameson
Juvenal Octavio Jove
Adrian Loza (C)
Samer J. Malaabi
Cliff O. Nudi
Ifeanyi E. Offor
Robin Randall Pittsley
Wesley A. Ruebman
Alexandre G. Selianov
Rojer Shrestha
Shane Mcquiston Sloan (M)*
Aaron Carl Tritten
Jay Tuladhar
Austin Williams
Hareed Yusuf
College of Liberal Arts
Doctoral Degrees
Alan M. Cochrum
M.A. UT Arlington, 2010
B.A., UT Arlington, 1983
Dissertation Title: “Becomes a Woman Best”:
Female Prophetic Figures in Shakespeare’s Plays
Supervising Professor: Amy Tigner
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Chere R. Blair
M.A., UT Arlington, 2002
B.S., Southwestern Assemblies of God
University, 1998
Dissertation Title: Teaching/Writing Workshop: A
Critical Memoir of Training Teacher Candidates in
Developmental Composition
Supervising Professor: Tim Morris
Lynnelle E. Brown
M.A., Bob Jones University, 2003
B.S., Bob Jones University, 2001
Dissertation Title: A Corpus Study of Requests in
Naturally Occurring Spoken American English: A
Context Analysis Approach
Supervising Professor: Laurel Stvan
Kristen D. Burton
M.A., Oklahoma State University, 2010
B.A., Oklahoma State University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Intoxication and Empire:
Distilled Spirits and the Creation of Addiction in the
Early Modern British Atlantic
Supervising Professor: Christopher Morris
Master’s Degrees
Department of Art
and Art History
Gabriel Dionisio Duran
Shuhong Wang
Department of Communication
Chani J. Wellborn
Shannon Delia Zenner
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Gabriela M. Granado
Department of Criminology
and Criminal Justice
Alexander A. Anderson
Austin Santana
Brittany Michelle Wolff
Christina Nicole Reed
Dawn Marie Shelton
Dezarae S. Favors
Georgy Varughese
Indra C. Pinckney
James Dawon Reed
Jazmine La’Keithia Jackson
John Achar
Kamren Gross
Karmanesha Eugena Spraglin
Keegan Amanda Martin
Logan Derrick Trotter
Martinique Viamante Octave
Nicholas R. Maryol
Olusegun Samuel Ebifemi
Sheldia Burrell
Sheri D. Brock
Sherrell Pierra Survillion
Stephan R. Wiley
Whitney Leighann Skierski
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jamila Jani Brimidge
Shamika Lashun Denson
Aileen Enriquez
Armando Garcia
Timothy D. Hayden
Christopher Andrew Horn
Jaclyn Ruth Howard
Justin Wayne Leathers
Sheanette Mon’Chelle Leonard
Laura Elizabeth Lewis
Marcus William Lewis
James Michael Mccord
Nancy Medina
Francis W. Minikon
Anna Morquecho
Stephanie Latrice Murry
Alexander X. Rosado
Richard Kenneth Scott
Wesley Lawrence Shipman
John Singleton
Fatimah June’ Bila’L Torrence
Vanessa Lynn Longoria
Jared Allen Phillips
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 23
Department of English
Baccalaureate Degrees
Department of Art
and Art History
Adam Luo
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Matthew D. Underwood
Department of History
Patricia M. Aulbaugh
Michael James Basha
Ethan Jacob Gardiner
Charles Stephen Grand
Nathan Michael Johnston
Joseph R. Lincecum
Charles Edward Marks
Rebecca E. Price
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Kristi Nicole Rico
Zachary Tarrant
Department of Linguistics
Carrie Jill Sullivan
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Alla Louay Al-Shalal
Laura L. Copeland
Jimmy Truong Nguyen (C)
Samuel Ian Tushim
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Cindy I. Nzeakor
Roberto Daniel Penalba (C)
Steven Carl Baker (M)
Kristopher Chi Ngyuen
Cameron Shay Rogers Sullivan
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jonathon A. Maxey
William M. McElory
Shannon A. Bowen
Crystal D. Cobb
Tasleem Khan
Venecia M. Jones
Abel Keonine
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Elizabeth Frances Jones
Leslie Elizabeth Lemus
Joseph W. Malott (S)
Jonathan A. Matamoros (M)
Ethan C. Moon (M)
Alexander Michael Rosales (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Ambar L. Garcia De Camps (S)
Kathryn Diane Swilling
Kelley C. McCabe
Kelly Josephine Blevins (C)
Bridget M. Chandler
Zahra McGinnis (S)
Mariam Jamil Naba (M)
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
David Cooper
Department of Modern Languages
Christopher Michael Holton
Michael A. Connop
Megan Desoto (C)
Amber Nichols (M)
Tania C. Vitela (C)
Helen Hulme
Maria Lopez
Veronica Pantoja
Efrain Silos
Jared M. Wait
Department of Music
Jessica A. Shadman
Department of Political Science
Lucas James Lothamer
Dashawn S. Thompson
Department of Sociology
and Anthropology
Chad J. Austin
La Tonya Nicole Davison
Anthony Steven Johnson
Kelsey Rene’ Willson
Steve C. John
Genesses Alejandra Martinez
Aryell S. Richardson
Juan Rodriguez
Kayla Roland
Hugo Alberto Ruiz
Jessica Leigh Smith
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Liana Francia Tuliau
Moraima Villela
Andrea Lee Cronberg
Shanna Renee King (M)
Todd R T Russell (S)
Chelsea L. Synder
Suzanne Kaye Salazar (M)
Marlon Dewayne Grandberry
Maureen Barbara Greenwood (M)
24 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Aaron Emmanuel Gabriel (M)
Daniel Haddad Troconis (S)
Megan E. Wood (S)
Adeo E. Cisneros (C)
Cynthia De La Torre (M)
Selena Granado (C)
Gabriel Guerrero
Abel Isidro
Jonathon Russell Jaggers
Estefania Lua
George Alex Martinez
Moises Junqueira Moura
Susan H. Nguyen (S)
Christina Nicole Overstreet
Arvel H. Perry
Eric Ramirez
Bipassana Shrestha (C)
Andrew Vo
Tre’Mone Deshalantae White
Department of Communication
Saul Arechar
Shabina Sammar Aslam
Brandon Douglas Bergvall
Natali Nan Berry
Nia Diane Bosilikwa
Alexis Renata Brazell
Max J. Briese
Sonia A. Brozowski
Leslie Q. Cardoza
Vanessa Cordova
Dario Gligoric
Gabrielle Mara Griffin
Safia S. Jafferali
(Second major in Public Relations)
Jonathan Murillo
Tran Ngoc Nguyen
(Second major in Public Relations)
Cirilo Ocampo Jr.
Dafne Monzerrath Perales
(Second major in Communication Technology)
Miguel A. Salinas
Allonte’ B. Spears
Vastem Tolbert
Yanet Vences
Andrew T. Waller
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
George B. Clark
Kari Elizabeth Corcoran
(Second major in Public Relations)
Robert T. Hayes
Amber Marie Lopes
Todd A. Patterson
Sarah Rae Rhodes
Claudia Sitiriche
Abel Briceno
Rebecca Rose Briscoe (M)
Hunter Darnell Clark
Allison Mackenzie Cox
(Second major in Public Relations)
Ryan C. Garr
Rachel Garrett
Shubhanga Gautam
Froylan Guerrero
Arian Juvenal Hernandez
Parker Scott Hillis
Keyra-Sue Devante’ Johnson
Briana G. Mejorado
Adedoyin Kemi Ogunbanwo
Morgan A. Pfursich
Jeremy I. Portales
Cesar Roberto Ramirez
Vania Anel Salinas
Tre Devonte Stein
Christopher Dean Whetstone (M)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Hannah E. Barnett
Clenisha S. Dortch
Omobarede J. Eseyin
Thomas Hervey
Elizabeth Liddicoet
Latresa L. Mattox (M)
(Second major in History)
Ricardo Montemayor
Shayda Jasmine Nazifpour
Curtis Evan Yancey
Brittany A. Baston
Nadajalah Lee Bennett
Robert E. Cruz
Kasey A. Dawson
Noriko Martinez
Henry Young Muhumuza
Millicent A. Nyangon
Marjorie Marisha O’Neal
Elisabeth Alicia Pavia
Natalie A. Pivec
Elexander Jeremiah Randolph
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Eddie Cobham
Grace Anne Fisher (C)
Krystal Denise Sams
Harrison R. Stanley
Arman Amlani
Alexander Scott Barrington
James D. Chase
Jemal D. Gibson
Gerardo Gonzalez Inzunza
Jonathan McCoy
Patricia Kay Mireles (M)
Jonas Mutoke Ngalamulume
Joshua Dean Strickland
Taylor Nathan Whidby
Micheal Wayne Wood
Laura E. Woodside (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Umair Murad Ali (S)
Dustin H. Daniel
Aluet Fadul
Grant A. Mckinley
Diana Mendoza
Wyatt Sloan
Kelsey Lynn Thompson
Yaritza D. Vazquez
Chase B. Williams
Aisha N. Willis
Lauren N. Womble
William Adrian Aleman (C)
Charlisa C. Bailey
Zeina Bassam Barakat
Dayton Thomas Bell
Secret Ophelya Bridgewater
Brittany D. Buckley
(Second major in Advertising)
Abigail R. Contreras
Robert Jovan Davis
Raymond A. Diaz
Kaycee L. Douglas
Valerie Jane Farrell
Monica Nicole Favella
Daniel Garcia
De’Angela L. Giles
(Second major in Advertising)
Constantino Gonzales
Veronica Guerrero
Christina R. Harris
Dakota Lea Hart
Mckinley Lee Hendrix
Lauren Elizabeth Hollabaugh
Jesus Francisco Ibarra
Ashi Jones-Ogbechi
Alyssa S. Kossuth
Erika C. Long
(Second major in Advertising)
Robert Oliver Malone (C)
Georgina Martinez
Mireya J. Martinez
Jennifer Isabel Mendoza (C)
Lauren Cecilia Mims
Analyse M. Miranda
Khadija M. Muhammad
Emily M. Nelson (S)
Alyssa Plasek
Allison Marie Price
Miranda Cheyenne Reeves
Madeline Sisa Ross
Stephanie Scoggins
Salaheddin Eddin Shishakly
Pauline K. Tchoffo
Hannah C. Telkamp (C)
Eric Thanh Tran (C)
Annet Vazquez
Chloe C. Walker
Aisha N. Willis
Jazmin Zamarripa
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Brandon R. Demings
Mia Nicole Edwards
Amber Marie Lopes
Kevin S. Luong
Remy G. Mccool (C)
Anachrista Robles
Ashleigh Lauren Scordas
Jillian T. Tapia
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 25
Department of Criminology
and Criminal Justice
Jose Jesus Alcaraz (M)
Estrella Rosi Almaraz
Dominique L. Baker
Nicholas L. Barnett
Fernando Barragan
Ashley M. Bolliger (M)
Bianca A. Cardona
Amanda Carrizales (M)
Janett Chavez
Michelle Danece Coffer
Nestor Antonio Colecio-Martinez
Scott Cameron Creasy (S)
Javier A. Cruz
Amanda Marie Davila
Felicia D. De Leija (S)
Angelina Danellielle Dixon
Matthew Stephen Dondero (C)
William Alexander Duran-Velasquez
Victor Echeverria
Murphy Elizalde
Brianna L. Evans
Sierra C. Faggett
Jesus Felipe Faz
Amanda Flores
Schimane M. Fluellen
Gabrielle Rachelle Garcia
Andrea Nicole Garza
Marlen Gonzalez
Kyandra Renee Hardeman
Shaye Dwight Henson
Gabriela Hernandez-Garcia (C)
Jonathan Herrera
Melinda Jo Hestilow-Flynt
Mohammad Azmi Ismail (C)
Debra Denise Johnson (C)
Nathan Allan Kaess
Jessie Glee Krueger
Nahielys M. La Fontaine (C)
Trevor Lawson
Leonardo Lopez Jr.
Lindsey Jazzelle Lopez (M)
Demi E. Martinez
Aaron Omar Moomand
Francisco Morales (M)
Olga Gabriela Moralez
Cesar A. Munoz (C)
Daena Orona
Rossina Ortega (M)
Angelica Perez (S)
Eduardo Perez
Mirna Janeth Ramirez
Rossy Maria Ramos
Laura Lee Reyes
David Rhee
Luz Alicia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez
Edgar A. Rojas
Katelynn Michelle Romine
Anthuan Salazar
Kelli Lynn Saucedo
26 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Kelly Louise Scherr (C)
Thomas Scott Seliga
Tyler R. Sloan
Jasmine Smith (C)
Sharika Danielle Smith
Cari N. Stokes
Kaitlyn M. Strickland (C)
Mason L. Swafford
Destiny Lynell Taylor
Andrew Simon Thompson
David J. Tomich
Daniel Lee Travitz
Christopher Anthony Valencia
Britney Vazquez (S)
Alexander Q. Veale
Fidel Velazquez
Taneya Ranesha Vines
Briana N. Walker
Courtney Brione Wright
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Haisah Adetutu Adeyemo
Amal Ali Al-Yafai
Britney Elizabeth Cunningham
Danny Delgadillo
James E. Elems
Hunner Dee Holleyman
Stephanie Martinez
Osvaldo Abel Medrano
Rachel Diane Muhammad
Joanna Petersen (C)
Ariana Rodriguez
Heriberto Rodriguez
Rosa M. Sanchez
Daniel Jeffrey Schultz
David Phillip Shaw (C)
Llynea F. Sherwin
Sergio Sixtos (C)
Pamela Glasscock Smith
Mia Mone Spears
Nicholas Alan Wenzel
Samantha Nickole Bagert
Rustin Lee Behl
Ashley Nichole Clough
Almendra Garcia
Kirk Lewis Lecroy
Tiara M. Markham
Jessica Niccole Planas
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Brenda Carol Harris
Khadijah Huckaby
Derwanna S. Murphy
Department of English
Erika D. Barraza
Evan Dejuan Battee
Trevor Alan Beers (M)
Samuel Taylor Brown
Benjamin Friend Dishman
Reagan Faith Ewing
Samuel Fatzinger (S)
Ricardo Garza
Lauren Adelle Gibson
Zara T. Hassan
Maribel Hernandez
Christopher R. Johnson
Nicholas Stephen Klein
Kyle Ian Koehn
Neal E. McAlister
Mark Raymond McMonigle (C)
(Second major in Philosophy)
Brenna R. Norrell
James Patterson
Mayra Sanchez Quinones
Michael Thomas Riojas (M)
Jordan A. Robinson (M)
Eleni Salinas
Zachary Thomas Sandri
Evelyn D. Singleton
Jonathan D. Spring (S)
(Second major in Critical Languages and International Studies)
Haley Michelle Stanaland
Kayce J. Stubblefield (M)
Madelaine Thomas
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Samantha J. Jones (M)
Ann-Marie Montou
Department of History
Abraham Aguilar
Sasha G. Aldrete
(Second major in Psychology)
Edgardo Avelar
Cory Balderas
John E. Bentley (C)
Brandon Berkhouse
Courtney R. Broderick (S)‡
Jose Angel Castro
Brian Joseph Clock
Matthew Guy Donaldson
Angela Lorine Douglas-Rowe
Coy Joseph Goodson
William James Hansard (S)
Rayanna Lynn Hoeft (S)
Angela Mia Jensen
Leslie Elaine Johnson
Jonathan A. Knadle
Joseph Soonshin Lee
Timothy F. McDermott (C)
Ryan P. Moore
Vijoleta Nikolic
Bradley E. Norris
DeVantae Patterson
Ashleigh Michelle Powell
Rebecca D. Queen
Alexandra Noel Smith
Lauren L. Spurrier
Luis Suarez
Jeron Malik Taylor
Jordan D. Turner
Rubi C. Velasquez
Bryan Douglas Wheeler
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jesus Adame
Caroline Jo Baxter
Jeremy David Bell
Brandon Keith Carper (M)
Critt Dustin Coburn (C)
Tiffany Lee Ellis
Demarcus Lavance Iglehart
Abdylraim Jasari
Matthew R. Kirk
Chase Byron Lee
Scott Hood McWilliams (M)
Richard Eric Sherrod
Jesse Wilbert Wallace (C)
Department of Linguistics
Harmony M. Ge (S)
Kelsey N. Griffith (S)
Sonia R. Headley (C)
Alberto B. Navarro (C)
Thuy Thi Minh Nguyen
Rubi Maria Orozco (M)
Frankie M. Pennington (C)
Martha Ramos
Michael Edwards Rubio
Leira Taina Santiago-Acevedo
Roxanne Dee Workman
Department of Modern Languages
Giselle E. Ixchu
Ryan J. Hilton (S)
Angelica Munoz
Santiago Raul Tettamanti
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Shane Mcquiston Sloan (M)
Lexi A. Alexander
Cristina Contreras
Christian S. Cross
Cindy Dayane Elias
Iris D. Escobar
Pedro Flores
Rosalinda Guerra
Rocio Daniela Lopez
Mayra Alicia Maldonado
Jessica Nava
Beatrice Resendez-Rico
Teresa R. Smith
Adriana N. Tapia
Teresa Nhan M Tran
Elizabeth Ashley Wyatt
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Flor De Maria Angelica Aguilar Manjarrez
Mayra Barron Macias
Diana Beatriz Moreno (C)
Delilah Rodriguez
Nayelly Salazar
Department of Music
Kasey A. Barge
Logan E. Bowers (S)
Taylor B. Brown
Jonathan Michael Cole (M)
Alkeem Jemi Davidson
Logan Z. Davis
Joshua T. Hand (C)
Samuel D. Jones
Christian Wells Levens (C)
Jose Jonathan Martinez
Loida Raquel Osorio (C)
Thomas O. Primozic (S)
Monica Marie Ramirez
Caitlin Elyse Ravkind (S)
Tyler D. Richardson
Kayla M. Scales
Shelby Dyan Thomas (M)
Keith Allen Tindall
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Kory M. Morris
Johan H. Rodriguez
Kristin L. Waymel (C)
Department of Philosophy
and Humanities
Courtney R. Broderick (S)
William S. Heeps
Kevin L. Jump
David A. Marrufo
Kodie Ryan Martin (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Kala Renee Boyd
Ralph Castro (C)
Department of Political Science
Kaleigh L. Goodman
Terrence Ra’Mond Harbin
Taylor Marie Hughes
Danial Ahmed Khan
Barry Jonathan Lancaster
Juan J. Mata
Norma Mendoza
Kenneth William Misurella
Millicent A. Nyangon
Adila Adil Omer
Arslan Batyrovich Paytykov
Michael Wayne Powell
Polly Deanne Roark
Olivia M. Roberts (S)
Cristian Aly Rodriguez
Jasmine A. Schmidt (C)
Audrey Marissa Spring
Giovanny Torres
Emma Claire Vosburgh (M)
Simone Lauren Waters
Tyler Jackson Windom
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Anne Esman
Matthew W. Hampton
Logan Holmes (S)
Justin R. Jones
Patrick A. Kelly
Lee Fitzgerald Robinson
Mauricio E. Rodriguez
Heba Said
Department of Sociology
and Anthropology
Marlen R. Ibarra (S)
Meerambika Kulkarni
Hannah N. Malott
Barbara Manuel
Salem M. Mhanna
Sandra Vaquera
Ashley Elisabeth Wolff
Simonne L. Bailey
Jacob Gabriel Garza (S)
Brianne D. Hamilton
Adam A. Mendoza
Vanessa Annette Obi
Stacy Lynnette Rayon
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Mitchell Lee Dodd
Tamara Alturk
Chelsea Elizabeth Biddick
Christopher Michael Carreon (M)
Jessica N. Corrigan
Joshua Marc Duncan
Rogelio Ferretiz
Ana Margarita Garza
(S) Summa Cum Laude ‡McNair Scholar
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 27
Department of Theatre Arts
Ashley Nicole Ellis
Whitley L. White-Body (C)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Andrew Beckman
Courtney N. Gwosdz
David Saldivar
Jorge A. Lanuza
Heidi Lynn O’Ferrall (M)
Adrian G. Stecker
Jailene Torres
Chasity Rachaelle Willis (M)
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Adrian Ismael Vasquez (C)
College of Nursing and
Health Innovation
Doctoral Degrees
Catherine Frances Lux
M.S.N., UT Arlington, 1994
B.S., Johns Hopkins University, 1987
B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 1985
Dissertation Title: Pediatric Obesity Shared
Medical Appointment: Use of Technology for Patient
Supervising Professor: Sharolyn Kay Dihigo
Irene Okoronkwo
M.S., Texas Woman’s University, 2012
B.S.N., Louisiana State University Health
Science Center, 2007
Dissertation Title: Mental Health Clinician
Attitudes on the Recovery of Severe Mental Illness in
Inmates in Correctional Facilities
Supervising Professor: Diane Snow
Michael Gary Watson
M.S.N., University of Arkansas for Medical
Sciences, 1999
B.S.N., UT Arlington, 1995
Dissertation Title: Promotion of Advanced Practice
Provider Compliance with the 2012 Surviving Sepsis
Campaign Three-Hour Bundle Guidelines in the
Emergency Department
Supervising Professor: Maureen Courtney
Denise M. Cauble
B.S.N., UT Arlington, 1982
Dissertation Title: Predictors of Persistence in
Online Graduate Nursing Students
Supervising Professor: Patricia Thomas
Joan Heilskov
M.S., UT Arlington, 2005
M.A., University of Iowa, 1993
B.S.N., University of Iowa, 1979
Dissertation Title: The Role of Platelets in the
Successful Closure of the Ductus Arteriosus in
Premature Infants Treated With Indomethacin
Supervising Professor: Judy Leflore
Master’s Degrees
Kellie Herlihy Abbee
Malika Abdelfettah
Mihoko Watanabe Abegunde
Lacresia Dasha Adams
Anish George Alexander
Julia Elizabeth Alvis
Jessamy Anderson
Leticia Rosebud Appiah
Nancy L. Ashmore
Maureen Orda Balingit
28 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Catherine Banci
Kimberly Ann Barnes
Rebecca Grace Bartmas
Gina Renee Basham
Stacey Rene Beason
Sherry Lee Benitez
Rachael Michelle Bennett
Hannah Cherie Binkley
Wendi Bolton
Sarah Lynn Bowes
Deryl Glenn Brown
Gary D. Busby
Jennifer L. Campbell
Maria Consuelo Cantu
Xirong Cao
Michel Anne Carter
Tracy R. Casey
Brooke Ann Cemper
Any Chacko
Pamela K. Chenault
Lauren Jayne Clements
Vernell Nicole Clemons
Kerri L. Coduti
Crystal Dawn Cole
Nilfy Cooper
Michael Cowles
Justin Reid Culpepper
Lindsey Anne Cunningham
Brittany Nichole Davenport
Rachel Jean Davis
Kristen Louise Donaghue
Julienne Bacani Dressel
Tamara Lynette Dubose
Yana N. Dudko
Victoria Joanne Duncombe
Candice Durante
Nicci Renee Elbel
Sandra Ann Elings
Daniel Anthony Elinskas
Kelly Jeannette Elmlinger
Penny Chiebonam Emelife
Bridgette Michelle Estes
Angelica De Leon Estrada
Mary Kathryn Frith
Sunita Sharma Ghimire
Aprill Graham
Christina Leann Green
Sarah M. Green
Lisa M. Grissett
Dana Michelle Gutzman
Debra Sue Hale
Micheline Anne Hamilton
Elizabeth Joy Harris
Avis Lynne Harris-Caldwell
Shilloy Christine Hart
Alycia Lauren Hawkins
Anna Katherine Hays
Hayley Jordan Hendon
Cherelle Sharda Hill
Shelbi Elan Hill
Susan Lohrman Hogue
Kuang-I Huang
Linda Ngozi Imoh
Ima Isang Iwot
Bobby Jefferson Jackson
Lisa Kimberly Jackson
Mark Neel Jacob
Ashley Nicole Jones
Chester Ray Jones
Linda Lee Kelso
Sarah Allen Kennedy
Bryan L. King
Crystal Harley Kornak
Marissa Jean Krupowicz
Evelyne Mbe Laka
Casey Lynn Lemons
Katharine P. Leveritt
Kathrine Anne Lim
Sarah Amy Littlefield
Cindy Denise Lucas
Adam Benjamin Madrid
Katherine Michelle Mapula
Anna Ferris Martinez
Lisa Lenee Martins
Smitha Mathew
Suzanne Elizabeth Matson
Sheila B. Matthews
Shirley Ann McFadden
Ashley M. Menta
Ragini Kantilal Mistry
Rachael Melissa Mitchell
Ifeoma Nneka Mozie
Cari Lee Naukkarinen
Francisca Ego Nebe
Trang H. Nguyen
Jennifer Ann Nuspel
Ruth Nyambane
Eunice Akinyi Ogodo-Ochuodho
Jennifer Anne Oliver
Stella Kwamboka Osoro
Kevin G. Paganelli
Crystal Kathleen Perry
Leanne Carol Perry
Phuong Tran Thu Pham
Adriane N. Phillips
Kelly Ann Pohorelsky
Sofia Poonawala-Manjee
Lea Ann Quave
Michael Anthony Quintanilla
Jessica Randall
Pamela Lavina Richards
Kristi Lynn Rietzel
Jeremy Layne Rinner
Angela Leann Robb
Monicah C. Rono
Odia O’Dela Russette
William Clint Sanders
Jason Bradley Sapp
Gretchen Sass
Leslie Ann Schubert
Christy Diane Schwalbach
Rebecca Katharyn Scott
Shreeju Shrestha
Jason Michael Smith
Lindalee Smith
Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Joy Elizabeth Smoot
Lindsay Marie Snodgrass
Laura Celeste Soto
Jeremiah Lawrence Stecki
Ellena M. Steward-Scott
Wendy Lynn Stewart
Leah Ruth Stuckert
Michele Grand Suter
Deshonna Michele Taylor
Terri Michelle Tewart
Joyce Thomas
Cetty Semhar Thompson
Jose L. Torres
Tram Bao Tran
Kristina Elaine Trembly
Jasmine Elise Trevino
Amanda L. Truelove
Kristina Marie Turk
Prisca Chioma Ughanze
Uchenna Stephanie Ukoha
Dorothy Umoren Umoh
Adriana Urbina
Betty Valeros
Gensa Geoson Varghese
Meghann Margaret Venkatesan
Lee Ann Vest
Barbara Ann Washington
Leslie Eleanor Watts
Robert Charles Wedepohl
LeKeya Martin Weir
Laquitha Chanta Wright
Julio Zamarripa
Melissa Kay Zinn
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Petra L. Adams
Susan Z. Akberzie
Jeannette Sarah Alexander
Jolyn Marie Allen
Melanie Lynn Aluotto
Usha Ananthaswamy
Helen N. Aneke
Kara L. Bader
Davina Ashleigh Barron
Lindsey Elaine Baxter
Deena Lee Benjamin
Lauren Ashley Bereuter
Mary Kathleen Bolles
Kesha Lynnette Brown
Tiffany Michelle Bruno
Michele Lauren Carlin
Sunila Cherian
Claudette Cook
Janet Gayle Cover
Heather Danell Craig
Carnika S. Donald
Suzette Dooley
Jennifer Joann Dugger
Richard Jimoh Emodogo
Leia Marie Engle
Brandy Elaine Estes
Saloni Rajesh Gandhi
Alea Rae Garces
Kimberley Ann Gardner
Katie Ginder
Lashandra D. Gray
Felecia Beavers Green
Deann Rae Harrison
Lisa Mae Havick
Clarissa Lee Hinojosa
Jo C. Hoffman
Keneisha Vonshay Houston
Amanda Leigh Howard
Kailee Marie Hughes
Kendra N. Johnson
Cynthia James Jones
Sandy Dawn Jones
Tania Jones
Christina Lynn Kamm
Jessica June Keller
Jami Marie Landers
Ashley Jennifer Larsen
Julia P. Larsen
Linda Yen Ly
Cheryl Mallory
Marissa Kelly Marti
Chung Hui Massey
Jamie Gwynn McClanahan
Jessica Lynn Mears
Christina Louise Mercer
Damaris Bousi Michoma
Peter N. Moenga
Caroline Kemunto Mose
Simba Ketai Muketiwa
Bilha Wangari Mureithi
Duncan Maina Mwangi
Joyce Wanjiru Mwaniki
Jason Kent Noles
Nirmeen Noorani
Charis Elizabeth Oji
Olasumbo Tolayemi Oladunni
Christy Nneka Olloh
Amanda Josephine Orozco
Jeanna Anne Berryman Padilla
Derica Shanasy Perez
Sherry Ann Perry
Heather Socha Petrie
Anna K. Plummer
Eileen Ann Pucci-Womack
Ann Louise Quinlan
Belinda Leigh Read
Anneshia Trinay Redic
Kelsey Elizabeth Reekie
Christine Corene Roberts
Cheyenne Kathleen Ruby
Rebecca Lammers Sobol
Lisa Nicole Soucy
Anne Elizabeth Stout
Christina Stylianou
Rachel Sara Summer
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 29
Meghan Melissa Surley
Stephanie Clark Swalwell
Nicie Jones Taylor
Deepika Thankanchan
Brandi Renee Trujillo
Emily Kathleen Turner
Andrea Marie Urso
Ana Gabriela Vera
Amy Socorro G. Villaroya
Robin Amber Walterscheid
Beth Wangechi Wangombe
Nakeisha D. Washington
Cassidy Clark Watson
Dana Michelle Westcott
Amy Michele Wetzel
Alexis Jaynese Williams
Tessia Renee Winnfield
Jarred Adam Wolfe
Jodi Michelle Wright
Jasmin Guyton Young
Renata Maria Zelvyte
Department of Kinesiology
Kyle Harris Randle
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Ezequiel Gonzalez
Chelsea Elizabeth Mont
Baccalaureate Degrees
Sally Jane Abare
Arvis Sills Abban (M)
Smink Otieno Achila
Binta Miracle Adagbo
Mary Naomi Adame
Amy Lynne Adams
Pricillia Marta Adams
Megan P. Addison (M)
Candace Leanne Adkins
Aysha Jordan Afaneh (C)
Amanda S. Agoes (C)
Daniela Aguero
Shazia Ahmed
Evelyn Ahumada (M)
Autumn Paige Aikin
Heather Nicole Aiosa (S)
Mark Steven Aiosa (S)
Ann Karen Aizon (C)
Whitney Rae Akin
Ali Badri Al Rubaiee
Stephanie Marie Al-Ajba
Stephanie Janel Alaniz
Amee Lauree Aldaco (C)
Amber Linn Aldridge (C)
Tetyana Aleksenko
Cynthia Alexander
Cynthia Alfaro (M)
Gisela Ana Maria Ali (C)
Rukhsana Ali
Christie Lynn Allen (M)
30 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Rozanne Bailey Allred
Candice Ann Altes (M)
Leah Kay Altom
Adrianna Alvarado
Carlos Javier Alvarez
Edward Alvarez
Manuel Aurelio Amezquita
Nina A. Anders (C)
Beverly Lynn Anderson
Jareka Lynne Anderson
Stephen Ryan Anderson (S)
Tracey Kaye Anderson (M)
Amber Christina Andrews (C)
Laura Annette Aneshansley (S)
Tonya Michelle Angstadt
Innocent Chidera Anunobi
Blossom Ifeyinwa Anyanwu (M)
Paula Sue Anz
Theresa Lee Aragon
Melissa Layton Ard
Anne Lorraine Ares
Justina Amaka Arize
Brooke N. Armstead
Shelly Marie Arnold
Shanna Ashberry
Sarah Elizabeth Ashley (C)
Shaunn Elizabeth Atebara (S)
Erica Levine Atherton (M)
Brandi Renee Avila (S)
Elizabeth Ann Ayala
Jessica Renee Aydelette
Meriani Opeyemi Babatope
Robin Maxine Babcock
Christopher Brian Babineaux
Kristian Victoria Baca
Jazmyne Dela Cruz Bacani
Jose Ruben Badillo
Janelle Marie Bailie
Rebecca Jane Baker
Krista Gail Balchunas
Sharon Ann Baldree
Anita Ferenczi Baldwin (S)
Jeffrey G. Baldwin
Sarah A. Baldwin
Crystal Monique Banda
Damian Allistair Bantin (S)
Claudia Janet Barajas
Edith Marleni Barbosa (M)
Azaliah Joy Barcelona
Brianda Valeria Barragan (M)
Gayle L. Barre
Melida Barriera-Renfrow
Tina Lajean Barrow
Jeffy Ann Bartholomae
Jessica Paige Bartlett
Stran Hassan Barzani
Dominique Baskerville
Katie M. Bates
Kenneth Mathew Bateson (M)
Aldo E. Bautista
Cynthia Alyse Bavi
Ashley Marie Bayer (M)
Nicola Michelle Bayley (S)
Amber Beacham
Marlen Caballero Beard
Leanne Marie Beaudet
Christin Sue Bechtel (S)
Christina Marie Lorenzo Belandres
Kimberly Maureen Belgum
Chloe Belin
Elizabeth Marie Bell (C)
Malachi John Bellah
Gale Marie Rose Benavides
Caleb Allen Bennett
Debra Louise Bennett
Kacie Brown Bennett
Tana Lynn Bennie (S)
Michelle Denise Berggren
Jo-Rizza Tongco Bermillo
Scott Michael Bernshausen
Brittany Nicole Berry
Jennifer Lea Berry
Christine Ann Bethel (M)
Lindsey Ryan Betsill
Erin M. Bettley
Amy Decker Bettner
Muna Basnet Bhattarai
Eilleene Diala Biaoco (M)
Andrew Joseph Billeci
Caroline C. Bittok
Kyla Nicole Black
Bethany Blair (C)
Daniel Eastman Blake
Joan Elizabeth Blanchfield
Dawn Nicole Blauvelt (C)
Lauren Hite Bledsoe (M)
Sarah Estell Blessman (M)
Gina Darlne Boiles (M)
Cynthia Boling
Andrea Marie Boone
Channon M. Borden
Cheryl Smith Bostelman
Lori Gayle Boswell
Catherine Marie Bourland
Darsha Latrice Bowie
Margot Ann Boyd
Arlicia R. Bradford
Brittany Ann Brady (S)
Todd W. Brady-Garcia (C)
Violet May Braham
Stephen Keith Bramlett
Pete C. Bravo
Victoria Anne Bravo (S)
Megan Michelle Bray (C)
Courtney Noel Brazil
Sarah Corazon Briceno
Tyler Williams Brookshire (C)
Kimberly Ann Broughton
Benita N. Brown
Brandee Dawn Brown
Christopher Justus Brown
Deitra Trask Brown
Kanisha L. Brown
Katie Nanette Brown
Shearren Vonshay Brown
Stacie Michele Brown
Amel Zoubi Bruxvoort
Darlene Linda Bryant
Garret Andrew Bubela (M)
Brook Ann Buchanan
Cynthia Joy Buche
Candace Leigh Buckles
Sabrina Elise Budden-Wright
Ruben Bujanos
Stephanie M. Burbano
Virginia L. Burke
Troy Dale Burmaster
Amy Crystal Burns
Ashley Michelle Burns
Margaret Leanora Burns
Jessica Renee Burrows
Starkecia Natasha Butler
Kerry Louise Byrne (M)
Wendy Kaye Cabello
Martha F. Caceres
Denise Dupepe Caillouet
Shawna Marie Cain (C)
Maria Lynne Calame
Ambrosio Calderon
Demetria Trinetta Caldwell
Kristen Marie Caldwell
Jessica June Callahan
Heather N. Campa
Katy Angelina Campbell (S)
Maria Shelleyann Campbell
Kristin Ruth Canada (C)
Rachael Carol Canady (C)
Diana Doris Canales
Stephanie Kay Canfield
Maricela Esther Cano
Nancy Jo Cardenas
Sallie Nicole Carlton
Kelsie Nicole Carmichael
Cassandra Flores Carmon
Brittani Nicole Carnes
Laura Iris Carrillo
Mark Cole Carrillo
Dana Liane Carroll
Melissa Jewell Carter
Lacey L. Carver (C)
Sarah Grace Casamassina
Rachel Michelle Casey (C)
Jennifer Ann Caskey
Kimberly Anne Cason (M)
Billie Ruth Cassimatis
Kathleen Joyce Castellano (C)
Leslie Christine Castillo Sanchez
Jaime Castro (C)
Joanne M. Castro
Courtney Lynn Caudill (M)
Lori Ann Cavallaro
Anthony James Cecchini (M)
Sarah Emily Ceja (C)
Kanika Kaur Chadha
Heidi Flora Chamberlain (C)
Kendra Kathleen Chambers (M)
Lucy Chipoya Changwe
Cheryl Marie Chasse (M)
Ngozi Chatterton
Elizabeth Marie Chattin
Crystal Andrea Chavez
Elizabeth Chavez (C)
Genesis Chavez (C)
Terren Lichele Cheesbro
Jenny Yicheng Chen (M)
Anjali Maria Cherian
Kristen Elena Childress
Quintosha D. Childress
Kimberlee Michelle Chislock
Ashlee Denae Chism (C)
Juanita Denise Chism
Teresa Cirvello (S)
Kathleen Brooke Clark
Maria Rochelle Clark
Valarie Golden Clark
Krista Dawn Claypool
Sara K. Cohen
Robert Keith Cohick
Dina Ruth Cole
Holly Ann Cole (C)
Oluremi Cole
Dona Nicole Coleman
Felicia Nina Coleman
Daniel Collier
Bobby Joe Collins
Danielle Collins
Crystal Nichole Colquitt (C)
Jamie Lynn Comeaux
Natalie Marie Comiskey (C)
Kelly C. Conklin
Cathryn Joyce Conrey
Jennifer A. Constancio
Larissa Contreras
Kelly Erin Cook
Samuel Aaron Cook (S)
Andrene Coombs (C)
Casie Laine Coon
Amy Travis Coppola (S)
Jennifer Marie Corbin (M)
Jessica Laine Cornelius
Michell Lee Cosgrove (M)
Eileen Melissa Costa
Angela Renee Costlow
Ashley Cox Coulter
Susana Roque Courville
Edward Allen Covey (C)
Rachel Lynn Cowen
Rebecca Shari Cox
Roishaunta Victoria Cox
Davette E. Coyne (S)
Lyndsay Dyanne Craddock
Andrea Renee Crews
Christina Ann Critendon
Mona Gonzales Croley
Colin David Cronenberg
Tabitha Anne Crouch
Stacy L. Cruz (M)
Susan Michelle Cruzston (S)
James A. Cuellar
Dana J. Cummings
Thomas Cunningham
Amber Nicole Curry
Natosha Latrice Curtis (C)
Sandra Cuta
Brittany F. Dahl (M)
Lan Anh Dam
Ashley Marie D’Angelo (S)
Iman Serena Daniel
Brittany Marie Darbonne
Rebecca Lynn Darring
Keeli Sue Darst
Brittni Marie David (S)
Kelly M. Davidson
Ashley Michelle Davis (S)
Debra Lynn Davis
Lorelie Day
Wineth Mojares De Carlos
Betsy Luz De La Cruz
Deidre Cecelia Deats
Yvette Cecelia Debellotte-Amos
Nancy Lee Deboy
Sarah Ann DeCoste (C)
Giovana Del Villar
Frank Anthony Delatorre (S)
Lizeth Karilu Delgadillo
Dayna Delgado
Miranda Gail Denman
Francine D’Errico
Indira Dhakal
Karla Marina Diaz
Lizette Yvonne Diaz
Karen M. Dickey
Diem Hong Do
Megan Alicia Dobbs
Vanessa A. Doeppe
Jillian Doke-Magruder (S)
Ann Liza Dokken (S)
Candice R. Dominguez
Kristina L. Donoho
Dustin Ray Dorflinger
Carrie Nicole Dotson
Wendy Nicole Dowden (S)
Rosalyn Jeannette Downs
Valerie Elizabeth Doyle (S)
Christine Marie Dreisen (M)
Kimberly Charlette Drummond
Tammy L. Dubose
Sharon Denise Duffee
Shannon Christine Duke (M)
Cheryl Lynne Dunn
Lisa Mae Durham
Alex Duron
Jenise Marie Dykes (C)
Regan Carr Earle
Mitchell Eboigbe
Mary Carol Echols
Ashley E. Edwards
Colin Tyrone Edwards (C)
Maria Chiegeonu Egbirika
Charles Ransome Ehima
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 31
Sandra Lynn Einan
Elizabeth A. Eley
Maria Juanita Elizondo
Jennifer Lynn Elliott
Sarah Jane Elliott
Teana Gabrielle J Elmer (C)
Jude E. Emego*
Vivian Ngozi Emeremnu
Erica Dawn Endicott
Ngozi Celestina Enemchukwu
Karen Roberts Enneking (M)
Anastasia Ione Erb (M)
Kimberly R. Erikson
Carolyn Renee Ermel
Innocentia Adaure Eronwu
Phillip Eugene Ervin
Heather Erwin (C)
Adrienne Jane Escobedo
Brandi Kay Escochea
Shervin Esfahani
Reyna Margarita Espinoza
Raul Esquivel
Christopher Bryan Essex
Sheena Tiana Estifanos
Ana-Alicia Estrada
Michael Anthony Estrada
Karen Burke Evans (M)
Renan Genzer Evans
Jenni D. Fair
Nathan Neal Fairchild
Sandra Farias
Veronica Lynn Felan
Ryan Monroe Ferguson
Patrick Ryan Finnegan
Argentry Renee Fisher
Karen Teague Fisher
Christina Kay Fleeman
Evangeline Margot Flesher
Shannon Louise Fleury
Clarissa Ann Flores
Diana Flores (C)
Sherry Marie Flores
Diana Catherine Flurry-Wilemon
Susan Samantha Folsom (C)
Patricia Ann Ford-Hessel
Kathy Ann Forrest-Wilson
Brenda Fox (M)
Meredith Anne Fox
Andrew James Foxcroft (S)
Autumn Kay Frail (M)
Courtney D. Franklin
Dorothy Gilley Franklin (C)
Nicoline Egydia Franklin
Haylie Rae Frascatore
Heather L. Freiermuth (S)
Jason Frescas
Gabriela Frias
Danielle Denise Friday
Jennifer Joann Frie
Roma Michelle Frier
Lisa R. Frisby
Amanda Nicole Fugitt
Valerie Lynn Fuller (S)
Uman Gahlot (C)*
Lisa Russell Galang
32 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Gabriel Larry Gallardo
Michelle Nicole Gallien
Krystle Leigh Gandhi
Juli Anna Gandolph (S)
Lora Paige Gantt (S)
Amanda Deanne Garcia
Angelica C. Garcia
Christina Marie Garcia
Israel Garcia (C)
Lindsay Rose Garcia (M)
Lisa Ann Garcia
Luz Celina Garcia (M)
Mayume Garcia
Melissa Montez Garcia
Nimfa Alba Garcia (M)
Luz Maria Garcia Rodriguez
David Glynn Garner
Liza Nicole Garza (C)
Rosalie Garza
Stephanie Dawn Garza
Brittney Gerica Gast
Suzanne Boudreaux Gates (M)
Tami Kay Gates (C)
Philecia Lynnette Gaye
Kari Dollar Gee
James Bryce Geeslin (C)
Chana Gelber
Brandi Nicole Gentry (C)
Anitha George (C)
Jenifer Rebecca George
Elizabeth Emma Geyer
Monica Gil
Emma Michelle Gilham
Stanley Ricky Gill
Kimberli Kay Gillett
Hayley Lynn Gilliland
Jose Alexander Giron
Elizabeth Diane Gist (M)
Jeanne Elizabeth Gladstone (S)
Alexander Gnaedig
Jennifer Gomez
Melisa C. Gomez (C)
Christine Michelle Gonzales
Roy Gonzales
Amanda M. Gonzalez
Nancy Yvonne Gonzalez
Cenyellia Goodwill
Christine Michelle Goodwin
Leslie Elizabeth Goodwin
Heather Lee Gordon
Clinton M. Gorman
Amy Celeste Goslee (M)
Marvena Jovette Goss
Sherri L. Gould
Michele Diane Grabowski
Leah D. Graham
Monico Roldan Granado
Adriana Yolanda Grandpre-Aguiar (M)
Haley Jaey Grant
Cassandra Marie Green
David George Green
Gregory Eugene Grim
Juan Grimaldo (M)
Nicole Denise Grimes
Marla Lanae Grover (C)
Courtney Nicole Groves
Kaylee K. Grubbs (M)
Barbara Heacock Gruennert (S)
Erika Marie Guerra
Marian Nichole Guerrero
Larissa Nicole Guevara
Theresa Lynn Haddox
Deborah Janell Hafernick (S)
Joel Frederick Hagenswold
Jennifer Natalie Hahn
Jessica Beverly Hahn Hutchins
Jonathan R. Hall
Sandra Hall
Shanna Jade Hall
Jenna Leigh Hallmark (C)
Jessica N. Hamblen
Deanna Roxanne Hambly
Denise G. Hamby (C)
Bridgett Hamilton
John James Hank
Traci Dawn Hankins
Catherine Ann Hansen (S)
Brianna Kathrine Hanson (C)
Lata Manoj Harchandani
Janie Marie Hardaway
Elisha Nicole Harmon
Linda Harper (M)
Nakita Harris
Jennifer Nichole Hart
Megan Denise Harvey
Kristin Marie Head
Praise Fene Hedlund (M)
Annette Diane Hefner
Jason Lee Helm (S)
Kathryn Frances Henderson
Marco Jon Henkemeyer
Heather Jeanine Henry
Melinda Renee Henry (S)
Brittany Veshaun Henson
Erin Kay Hernandez (M)
Michelle Fierros Hernandez
Sandra Patricia Hernandez
Carl Roy Heron
Rachel Suzette Herrera (C)
Heather Nicholson Hess
Shea Briana Heston (M)
Juliet Heu
Aurelia Claire Hicks
Laura Higgins
Paula K. Hikel
Sabrina Marie Hill
Brandon Him
Karen Denise Hinton
Betty Kazu Hitch (M)
Nam Phuong N. Hoang
Cynthia Louise Hobbs (M)
Melanie Lynn Hodges
Emily Hodgins
Laura Shannon Hoff
Dana Kirsten Hoffecker-Perkins
Mandy Terracina Hoffpauir
Terry Anthony Hogan
Danielle Nicole Hokanson
Lucinda Robinson Holcombe
Brenda Ann Hollar
Casey Holm
Shane Dale Holton
Amber Jean Honeycutt (C)
Shannon D. Hooks
Sandra Kay Hooten (M)
Latoya Renee Hopes (C)
Jonathan Hopps
Amanda Lee Horelica
Jamie Kay Hornbeck
Heather Kristin Horne (C)
Matthew Michael Hotchkiss (C)
Alisha N. Howard
Sandra Suzanna Howard
Kenzie Danielle Howe (M)
Diane D. Huber (S)
Phyllis Adwoa Hudson
Catherine L. Huebner
Cambri Ann Huff
Jodie Lea Hughes
Lucia Huitt (M)
Nicole M. Hukel
Violet Ashley Humphries
Rachel Adair Hunter
Lauren Elizabeth Huntoon (M)
Natalie Brooke Huse
Noorie Hussain
Chelsea Jean Huth
Marissa Carol Hyatt (C)
Amaka I. Ibekwe
Mimi S. Idicula (M)
Caroline Odochi Igharoro (C)
Lori Interrante
Melinda San Ip
Dominique La Sharia Irving
Magen Marie Isaacs (C)
Rachel Dee Ishmael
Carissa M. Islas
Sylvester O. Iyamah
Christina Renee Jackson
Doris Elizabeth Jackson
Dylana Marie Jackson
Josette Dyan Jacobs (S)
Kelly Elizabeth Jacobs (C)
Kristen Nicole Jahns (C)
Susan Lynn Janicki (M)
Safa Esam Jassim
Ashley Veronica Jeffrey
Carrie Nicole Jennings (M)
Crystal Byars Jernigan
Margarita Carmen Jimenez
Robert Jimenez (C)
Jisha John
Molly Jo Johnson
Stacey Lynne Johnson
Sunny Lea Johnson
Wahu Kinyanjui Johnson
Golden Johnson-Coston
Brandyln Rae Johnston (M)
Shera C. Joiner (M)
Ariana Catherine Joll (M)
Ashley Lynne Jones
Jayda Devone Jones
Sara Marie Jones (C)
Tristen Whitney Jones
Amanda Leigh Jordan
Ananya Jordan-Rosen
Juanita Rachelle Joseph
Erika Anna Alparaque Jurisprudencia
Aicha Evelyne Kakou (C)
Jennifer Lee Kalbach
Kimberley Ann Kammann
Kelly Chauvin Kanon
Lucy Thami Kanyangi
Faith W. Karanja
Virginiah Kariuki
Menuka Karki
Karen Troylyn Karnaky
Caroline Wanjiku Karori
Linda Vania Kasper (M)
Amandeep Kaur
Angela Sue Kendall (M)
Nancy Keovongsy
Megan Elizabeth Kerr (M)
Jenna Lynn Khan
Timothy Jay Kightlinger
Susanne Marie Kiker
Minji Love Kim (C)
Avida King
Kendall Kinnear
Cloe E.A. Kinnett
Terra Faye Kirby
Elena Ivanovna Kiseleva
Pauline Marie Klimas
Robert Clayton Klotz (S)
Brittny J. Knight
Kelli Dawn Kniolek
Amanda Jane Knowlton
Mara Maria Knowlton
Lance William Koehler (S)
Sonja Anna Koehn
Sara Louise Koenig
Tammy Germany Koepp (M)
Katen Hillary Kolar (M)
Angela Walsh Koons (C)
Kimberly Korywchak
Jill K. Kottmeier (M)
Tatiana Kriger (M)
Meredith Kusko
Cristy Deann Kuykendall
Jennifer Rene Kuykendall
Hanna Kwon (M)
Cynthia Kay La Neave
Stephanie Lorraine Labonne
Tayler Delaine Lacefield
Angelica Lagman
Luina Carmella Lagrimas
Srinidhi R. Lakhanigam
Linda Ngoc Lam
Chris Lamar-Sterling (M)
Audrey Michelle Lancaster (M)
Blair Elain Lane
Tadd Edward Lane (C)
Patricia Ann Lanet
Erika Lange Batzler
Helen Grace Langendorf (C)
Tara Langford (M)
Andrea Michelle Langston
Wendy Jean Larkin (S)
Marlene L. Larraga
Madelyn Lastella (C)
Pushpa Latta
Amanekina Fiefia Latu Wiscombe
Coliah F. Laudat
Kirsten Nicole Lauritsen (C)
Sean Michael Laux (S)
Wendy E. Lawrence
Dung Le
Tam M. Le
Hannah Irene Leblanc
Chris Glenn Ledbetter
Esther Lee
Young W. Lee
Margaret Jean Leeton
Jacqueline Leopold-Williams
Ta’Shara Delores Lester
Andrea Lynn Lew
Libra Schanee Lewis
Sanette Lewis
Samantha Ann Lich
Donepaseuth Khounvisith Liddell
Jennifer Kay Lindsay
Sarah Elizabeth Lindsey
Luisa M. Lineros (C)
Sadie Ni Liu
Susan Raquel Loera (M)
Christopher A. Logan
Sandra Eugenia Lohstroh (S)
Christina Rocio Lomas
Alejandra K. Lopez
Julie Anne Lopez (M)
Lindsey Gail Lopez
Nicolas Lopez
Veronica J. Lopez (C)
Joline Byrd Lowe (M)
Andrea S. Lowrey (M)
Holly Lynn Lowry
Valerie Denise Lozano
Thomas J. Lugo
Amanda Salcedo Luna
Robyn Lee Luna
Patricia Louise Lynch (M)
Virginia Lyons
Madison Carol Mabry
Edward Macbeth
Ashley Gray Mackey
Twakillia Mackey
Michelle Maddox
Jennifer Anne Mahon (S)
Benjamin Joseph Mahoney (S)
Kathy Makowski (S)
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 33
Alexandra Vendryes Malek (C)
Christine Marie Maltz
Loretta Denise Mandeville (S)
Rhonda Michele Mangum
Lauren Marie Mansfield (M)
Jennifer Michelle Mantica
Alisa Marie Marincel
Barbara L. Marino (M)
Joselyn Martin
Leslie Denise Martin
Renee Martin
Barbara Martinez
Crystal Nicole Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez
Israel Martinez
Lindsey G. Martinez
Mariela Martinez
Robert Al Martinez
Lizbeth G. Martinez-Barbosa
Sonia Martinez-Garza
Tiffany Lynn Massie
Ozza Mathema
Debbie Celia Mathews (S)
Jonathan Trevor Matthews
Deanna L. Maxwell
Danielle Alexandra Mayo
Janeisha Shynece Mays
Charlotte Mbida-Essindy
Fomundam Newnton Mbuh (M)
Stephanie Louise McAnally
Pamela Wright McArthur (M)
Kendall Michelle McCollum
Amanda Renee McDaniel (M)
Sondra Tatum McGinnis
Tiffany Lynn McKinney
Tashna McKoy
Shelby G. Mclain (S)
Rebecca Anne McLean (M)
Shellie Joyce McNary
Victoria Lea McRae
Ana Rosa Medel
Maclovio Jesus Medina (M)
Suzanne Mehaffey
Lori Michele Melson
Jania Lacsam Mendoza
Regan Amanda Meredith
Kate Elizabeth Mescher (S)
Ashleigh M. Meyer
Lisa Meyer (C)
Zheng (Alex) Miao (M)
Emily Ann Middleton (S)
Jamie Nichole Miller (S)
Kristin Louise Miller
Michael Min
Christa Mary Mirabal
Kelly Marie Miranda
Jayna Mistry
David Wayne Molengraaf
Kimberly Kaye Molengraaf (M)
Maritza Carina Molina
Shazia Mominkhawaja
Natzely Monrroy
Veronica Montemayor
Colleen Catherine Moore (C)
Michaela Rena Moore
34 • The University of Texas at Arlington
April Morales
Marisol Moreno
Melanie Diane Morgan (C)
Cheryl Lynn Morrow (M)
Sharon Mortensen (S)
Carla Larue Mosby
Jacqueline Nicole Mosonyi
Shelby L. Mount
Britney Joy Mower
Misan Oghogho Mowoe
Irene Mudehwe
Gina Marie Mullins (C)
Isabelle B. Mulumba
Kristopher Kenneth Munn
Katlin Michelle Munoz (S)
Kimberly Michele Munoz
Magdalena Murguia
Kathryn I. Murphy
Kelli Murphy
Audrey Browning Murray
Esther Njambi Mwangi
Melody Mudenda Mwanja
Tammy Lynn Myers
Melanie Kulia Namocot
Diana Navarrete
Laura Meredith Nazario
Amy Nicole Neasbitt
Vicki Chapin Nesbitt
Charlisse Helen Newbell
Jamison Cole Newby
Amy Lee Newman (C)
Kim Maggie Ngo
Lucas Ngugi
Jessica H. Nguyen
Ama Kadjatou Niangadou
Rita Kristen Nichols
Robin Eileen Nichols
Susan E. Nichols
Jamie Leann Nixon
Anita Lynn Noble-Kelley
Rachel Michele Nobles
Samantha Noffsinger (C)
Thao Mai Norman
Jessica Anne Norsch
Jennifer Lynn Nunez
Lois Chinwendu Nwachukwu
Chioma Nwokoro
Okechukwu John Nwosu (C)
Nadine Mulonde Nzambi
Jennifer Dawn Oard
Elsa Obonyo
Shawn Patrick O’Brien
Jake Robert Ochsner (S)
Emelyn Mallari Ocop (C)
Judith A. Odhiambo (M)
Iyiola Opeyemi Oduekun
Ayomide Olayinka Ogunfeitimi (C)
Oyewole Gbenga Ogunnaike
Jennifer C. Okafor (C)
Nkoli N. Okoli
Chidimma Nwamaka Okolo
Victoria Amaechi Okoro (M)
Darlene I. Okpegbue*
Princess I. Okuche
Deborah Olabode
Jessica Jean Oliveira (M)
Clarissa Janett Olmedo
Tracy Ann Olson (C)
Lydia Olutoyin Oluwaleye
Rachel Danne Olveda
Tenesha Dawn O’Neal
Doreen Katharina O’Neil (C)
Rosita Nneka Onyekwere
Paul Mboya Ooyi
Theresa Ekuirele Oriwo
Olivia Monterrosa Ortiz
Amanda Deniece Osborne
Angie Marie Osborne
Joy Elizabeth Osborne
Jennifer Kiyomi Oshita
Mayra Lisette Osuna
Veronica Suzanne Overturf
Marilee Kuulei Owens
Shauntel Catrise Oyewole
Jessica Carolina Padilla (C)
Rebecca Ann Pak (M)
Amber Nicole Paliani (M)
Tara Diantha Palladino (S)
Joychristine Palmer (C)
Whitney Elaine Palmer
Angeline Bossa Pamphile
Kevin Daniel Pannell (C)
Ji Hyang Park
Courtney A. Parker
Noel K. Parks (C)*
Kelvin Parra
Marites O. Pascual
Bijal Patel
Minal Patel (M)
Shilpa Bipinchandra Patel (C)
Sneha Patel
Nicole Rhea Patrick (C)
Carol Patterson
Mayte Fernandez Patterson
Morgan Jalysa Patterson
Shira Angela Paul
Tristen Cara Payne
Tracey Tawana Payton
Kelsey Nicole Paz
Michael Brian Peek
Brenda Kaye Peel
Rebecca Olivia Pena (C)
Elisangela Bezerra Percell
Henry Estuardo Perez
Mary Isabel Perez
Shannon Rene’ Perez Vazquez
Jennifer Ledet Perio
Chad Michael Perque
Dace Besingere Person (C)
Christopher Warren Peterson
Dao Mai Anh Pham
Lisa Marie Phelps
Denise Rocio Phillips (M)
Luana Lynn Philpott (M)
Randi Gibson Pike
Cynthia Nallely Pinales
Deena Henson Pino
Kristin Lee Polachak
Deanna Lynne Polner (S)
Colleen Nicole Pond (C)
Allyson Elizabeth Poole
Tasha Rene’ Pope
Teresa Lin Pope
Gabrielle Renee Porter
Amber Kay Portis
Lance M. Potter
Sarala Poudel (C)
Manisha Poudyal
Bonnie Taylor Praught
Theresa Catherine Price
Michelle Lindsey Prystash
Bidya Pudasaini (C)
Veronica Puente
Surjit Singh Purewal
Melissa Renee Quain
Donnella Elaine Quarterman
Christina A. Quitasol
Kara Michelle Rabon
Heather Lynn Radovich
Alicia Rambo
Terri G. Ratcliff (M)
Christine Leigh Reardon
Debbie Reed
Kathryn Grace Reeves
Carol Lynne Reily
Amber Nicole Rendleman
Brandi Ann Renner
Rosana Renzzo
Ruth Nicole Resendez
Bianca Karina Reyes
Matthew Colby Reynolds
Dusty Rhoades Booth
Lashawn Danielle Richard
Silvia Maria Richards
Rahsaan Jerrett Richardson (C)
Kali Marie Richeson
Nadia Rida
Cherryl Riel (C)
Wendy Lujan Rios (C)
Jarrett Duane Ritchie
Emma Marye Ritter (S)
Mindy Elizabeth Rivera
Jennifer Renee-Mongle Rivers
Ivette Reyes Robaina
Karen Sue Robak
Ross Taylor Roberts
Nora M. Robertson
Rhianna Denee Robertson (S)
Cynthia Charlene Robinson
FaLeasha Jean Robinson
Kattia Ivonne Robles
Natacha Kenya Roblow
Krystal Jade Rockhold
Kristine Kay Rodriguez
Rocky J. Rodriguez
Yvonne Bernal Rodriguez
Michelle May Roe
Jessica Ann Rogers
Mark Anthony Rogers
Lori Lynn Roman
Vicki Elise Roman
Roxana Hazel Ropos
Lily Anna Rosa
Paola Carolina Rosario (C)
Anitra Nell Rose
Stacy Ann Rosenbaum
Roger Jonathan Rosewitz
Catherine A. Ross (C)
Katie Mason Ross
Susan Elizabeth Ross
Lamour Stephanie Rowe
Vera Kaelani Royster
Elizabeth Chunae Ruberg
Nicole Lynn Rudell (M)
Nancy Ruffin
Jessica Elizabeth Ruiz-Bramlett
Lisa Ann Rupp
Kayla Michelle Russell (M)
Kimberly Ann Ryder
Angela Salazar (C)
Jesus E. Salcido
Brenda Salgar
Eric Alden-Ray Salisbury
Margaret Katherine Salle
Narine Salomone (S)
Helen Samuel
Hank Fowell Samuels
Danielle N. Samuelson
Maria Sananikone
Ruviola Sanchez
Tomika Michelle Sanchez
Jaclyn Marie Sandeen
Crystal Ann Sander
Juanita B. Sandoval
Marlene Sandoval
Mark Christian Sansano
Serey Ol Sao
Mary J. Saunders
Lucy A. Sawatis
Richard Paul Sawicki (S)
Liv Villanueva Schaffer
Michelle Samantha Schilling
Kayle Eileen Schneekluth
Hollie Schreiber
Monica Y. Schwab
Rochelle Anne Scimeca
Karen S. Scoggins
Kimberly Nichole Scott
Lynette D. Scott
Ariel Canning Seche (C)
Heather Elizabeth See
Terrena Vanee Sellers-Saidi
Joshua Nathan Sension
Laura Nichole Sepulveda (C)
Angela Marie Sexton
Carol Annette Shain (M)
Heather Nicole Shannon
Jenna Shapiro (S)
Kelli Michelle Sheffield (S)
Jennifer Michelle Sheiner
Tracy G. Sherrer (M)
Juni Shrestha
Latonia Lois Shultis (M)
Shari Lee Signer
Caroline Gama Silva
Gina Renee Silvas (C)
Alex Selborne Simmons
Lakeya Denita Simmons (C)
Esmeralda Gonzalez Singh
Mary Christina Siver
Amanda Michelle Skidmore
Andrea L. Skiff (M)
Kimberly Marie Sladek
Steva Sue Smartt
Juliette Amor Smiles (C)
Patricia Elizabefh Smit
Dianne Rita Smith
Heather Denise Smith (S)
Joshua Clayton Smith
Randa Rachelle Smith
Rheannon Marie Smith
Tara Denise Smith
Christopher Darren Smoyer
Val Kristi Smyre
Kristian Lynn Sorensen
Krysten Vanderhoef Sorenson (M)
Jennifer Lynn Spillett (M)
Leighanne Marie Stahler (C)
Stephanie Rene Stapp (C)
Laura V. Stark (M)
Mary Katherine Starkovich
Daniel Barton Starrett (C)
Russell Wayne Steitle
Angela Dianne Stephens (M)
Catina Latrice Stephenson
Marshall E. Stephenson
Zetonnia Quashon Sterling
Alice Lee Stevens (S)
Millicent Lo’Let Stevenson-Johnson
Christina Marie Stewart
Tamaran Denise Stewart (M)
Jennifer Renee Stinson
Candice Laverne Stokes
Susan M. Stone
Kristina Marie Stout
Sabrina Michele Stover (M)
Shelly Deann Strickland
Kimberly Ann Studer
Sindhu Sudheer (C)
Leanna Michelle Suttle (M)
Monte Robert Sutton
Alexandra E. Swann
Diana Lynn Swanson (S)
Melihate Sylejmani
Lauren Jan Talanian
Arielle B. Tan
Aida B. Tapia
Monique E. Tarulli
Ashley Eve Tate
Shannon Searra Tatum
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 35
Carina Tavarez
Kathryn Rheanne Taylor
Lauren Elizabeth Taylor
Melissa Marie Taylor
Wanda Fay Taylor
Tasia Marie Teague
Tennessa Theus
Angela Nicole Thomas
Laura E. Thomas
Alice Noelle Thompson
Kristina Marie Thornton
Jillian Renae Thrash
Erika Minerva Tidwell (M)
Jordyn Leigh Anne Tigert
Kisha Tillman (C)
Ema Timoce (C)
Sujita Tiwari
Trenity A. Tokar (C)
Brenna Lauren Tomlinson
Sharon Too
Heather Marie Torres
Jacquelyn Marie Torres
Benjamin Lewis Trammell
Duy Anh Tran
Jennifer Maily Tran
Thao Jannie Tran
Theresamai Huong Tran
Vandy Tran
Lisa Haley Trantham
Anne Detreville Troutman (S)
Esmeralda Trujillo (M)
Nitosha Joy Tubbs
Kassandra Renee Tucker
Amber Lee Turner
Carla Kay Tuttle
Krystala M. Tyson
Tamirrah Deshay Tyson
Theresa Chinwe Ugo
Evelyn Ebere Ukadike
Tyffany Ann Underwood
Ogechi Irene Uzomah
Ashley M. Vacek (M)
Gabriela Valdez
Michelle Espinosa Valle
Silvia M. Valle
Valerie Elaine Valtzar (S)
Lisa Elaine Van Brunt (S)
Rissia Lacy Van Vleck
Mangya Vang
Diane Lee Vanover (M)
Alysha Ann Varley (M)
Shelby Ann Varvel
Joseph Phillip Vasquez
Donna B. Vasquez Bravo
Zulema Vega
Katheryn Sabrina Vela
Wilfredo Antonio Velasco Vargas
Rubi C. Velasquez
Vanessa Velasquez
Jeremy Ray Verhines
Tristin Lindsay Vertz
Kristine Marie Vierra
Andrew Luna Villanueva
Malinda L. Villegas
Jaclyn Visaggio (S)
36 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Sarah L. Von Reiche
Patricia Voulo (M)
Jennifer Ella Wagy
Laura Elisabeth Wahl (C)
Rosaline Wahome
Charles Kuria Wainaina (S)
Mica Hurley Waits
Christy Kay Walker
Frederich Laron Walker
Lauren Marie Walker
Quinn Patrick Walkley
Veronica Marie Wallace (C)
Teresa Danielle Walters
Renee Brian Wardell
Karen Denise Warford
Rachel R. Warner
Megan Olivia Washington (M)
Stacie Rae Waters
Jessica N. Watson
Carolyn Wetende Watsulu
Jessica Ann Watt
Elissa Ann Wauters
Remy Jacobsen Webb
Jenna Elise Wells
Krista M. Wells
Barbette R. Welsh (M)
Cindy Long West
John R. West
Nicole Renee Westfall
Carrie J. Whalen (S)
Leigh Anne Wheeler
Lisa Rose White
Sarah Ann White
Stephanie Ann White (S)
Carolyn Anne Whiting (M)
James Russell Whiting
Adam Phillip Whitman
Emely F. Whitson
Jessica Ligon Whittington (M)
Alicia Marie Whorton (C)
Jessica Nicole Wilcox
Paul J. Wilkerson
Mark Miller Wilkinson
Melissa Willett
Sarah Elizabeth Willey
Hemalini Williams (M)
Maurice A. Williams
Natalie Rose Williams (M)
Rochelle Renee Williams
Trezlyn Shapree Williams
Amanda Love Williams-Carson
Ariel P. Williamson
Jennifer Quinn Williamson
Jeanne Marie Willis (S)
Tamar Rae Wilms (M)
April Dawn Wilson
Jessica Ann Wilson
John Wilson (M)
Samantha Nicole Wilson
Gillian Grace Winter (S)
Melody Rae Winton
Kimberly Michelle Wishert (S)
Sarah R. Wissel
David W. Witty
Danielle Kristine Woepking (M)
Deanna Louise Wofford
Vincent Wojcik
Dyan Wojnarowski (M)
Netsanet Wolde
Christine Nicole Wolfer (M)
Christie A. Womack
Jannie Wong
Barbara Jean Wood (C)
Melinda Gail Wooden (M)
Jimmy Dean Woods
Holly Ann Woolery (M)
Felicia Watts Wright
Larry Donald Wright
Eva Marie Wurdinger
Amanda April Xiong
Rebecca Joanna Yauilla
Carla Rhea Ybarra
Alena Diana Yeh (M)
Ni Yin (M)
Michele-Vera Injoh Yonga (M)
Nicole D. Young
Paty Sieber Young
Zachery Wayne Young
Brandon Yap Yu
Ray Zepeda
Eden Zewde
Lauren Marissa Ziemian
Suzana Zukanovic
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Amanda Leann Aaron
Vivian Belinda Abaidoo
Lucie Abbott
Venessa Acquaye
Lori L. Adams (C)
Patricia Adamy Williams (M)
Ayodele Funmilayo Adesoji
Anthonia Adewole
Florence Efe Agbebaku
Marlen Maybeli Aguilar (M)
Madel Carmen Aguirre
Kimberly Ann Aiash
Margaret Ugwu Ajanwachuku
Kingsley Ike Ajoku
Mary Amanambu Akanno (C)
Solape Akinniranye
Kimberly D. Albers
Alyson Modarose Albion (M)
Gretchen Ross Allison
Jessica Denise Althof
Ryanne Jessica Amor
Jacob Kyle Anderson (M)
Tina Marlar Anderson
Jennifer Ann Andjelich
Florence C. Ani
Sarah Ardeshiri
Ruben Arnulfo Armendariz
Lisa Lynn Armock
Karey Dale Asay
Gillian Asu
John Lawrence Atkins II
Malka S. Augenbraun (C)
Nancy Lee Babb
Marissa Badders (C)
Krystal Jeanette Bailey (S)
Jon E. Baldwin
Tyler Daniel Bandy (M)
Tiffany Nicole Bardee (C)
Lauren Hanna Barden
Todd Robert Barden (C)
Molly Barger
Amy Melisa Barrier (S)
Aqeel Adeniyi Bashorun
Jeremiah E. Bast (M)
La Toya Danielle Bates
Kristy Dawn Beadles (S)
Krystina Diane Beard (C)
Donna L. Becker
Kristin Bellas (M)
Karen Nancy Bellasis (C)
Aliza Ben Chaim
Kiona Shanay Bender-Burey
Jamie Scherer Berndt
Karyn Jean Bessette (M)
Ebony D. Best
Toni Rochelle Bias
Teresa Renee’ Biggs
Chad Allen Bingham
Christal Bizor
Melissa Marie Black (C)
Faith Rebekkah Bonokoski
Melinda Sue Borell
Katia Starlenis Bossous
Max Boyd
Maria Perez Brenton
Cheryl A. Brewer (C)
Mistie D. Brewer
Sarang Chon Bridges
Lisa Renee Britt (C)
Colleen Broderius (C)
Marina Bront
Cynthia Brown Brooks (M)
Angela Jean Brown
Adrienne Leigh Bulman (M)
Jacqueline Ann Burck
Crystal Nicole Burleson
Ashley Marina Burross (S)
Michelle Kaye Butler
Maisha Sheppard Byrd
Ceciella Rosa Cage
John Hunter Camp (S)
Lisa M. Campana (C)
Debra Lou Campbell
Vennessa Ivonne Cano
Yvonne Marie Carmona
Cheryl Marie Caroleo
Norma Angelica Carr
Amy Diane Carrillo
Candace Lee Carter
Rochelle Carvalho (M)
Linda Castleman (C)
Annabel Castro
Tiffany Anne Cegielski
Brook Angela Ceko
Linda Lee Chan (M)
Lisa Marie Chapa
Melissa L. Chapman (M)
Suzanne Rae Chapman
Patrick Chirwa
Chris Alan Clark (M)
Yvonne Georgina Clarke (C)
Elizabeth Mathis Clements
Mary Collins
Maureen Elizabeth Condado
Karen Ellen Cook
Brooke Lindsey Cooks
Esther Ruth Corbin (M)
Faye Antionette Corder
Mary Jo Coyle
Taylor Norelle Craig
Celeste Ione Crain
Stacy Lynn Cramer
Patrice M. Crockett
Lauren Ashley Crooks (S)
Renee N. Crooks
Emily Reckart Cross
Angela Catherine Crowder
Deidra Elayne Crumrine
Ja’Karsha Leiola Culton
Maria Ann Cuocci
Elyse Marie Dale
Anne A. Daly
Cynthia Gale Dancy
Karen Lynn Daniel
Darren J. Danos
Tammy Dawn Darbro (M)
Sara Elizabeth Darby
Amanda Laubenberg Davis
Buffy Leann Davis
Jennifer Kay Davis
Patricia Rose Davis
Sarah Elizabeth Davis
Joanna Brown De La Zerda (M)
Tara Joan Degaetano-Bush (M)
Raquel Anna Delao
Sara Lee Di Rocco
Aissatou Diallo
Maria D. Diaz (M)
Kimberly Lynn Diel
Merry Alisse Dimatteo
Tim William Ditirro (C)
Alison Do
Mindy Mai Do
Jaime Palmer Doan (S)
Loretta De Laughter Dolman
Lucas Stone Donahue (S)
Rachel Marie Dorsey
Larisa Nikolaevna Dowd
Sherae Linette Durham
Joy Ugonma Duru
Karen Lindsay Dwyer
Jillian Jan Edge
Toxi Nina Edwards
Nnene Nchack Egbe-Tambe
Leah Christine Ellis (S)
Shelli Ellis (M)
Triza Louise Caballero Espanola (M)
Rudolph Andrew Esparza (C)
Adrian Gilbert Esquivel
Lori Elaine Ewalt-Hughes
Deborah Jane Fagan-Taylor
June Maria Fahey-Moran
Jessica H. Falkowski
Debbie Lynn Fast
Lesley A. Fenner
Brittany Mason Ferguson
Elizabeth Ann Fierro
Robyn Marie Figueroa (M)
Margarett Irene Finch
Kyle Edward Fincher
Ricae Lynn Fleck (S)
Noelle Eileen Fleischmann
Meia Yong Ford
Trasa Rynette Ford
Mark L. Forinash
Beverly Jean Foulkrod
Diana Fox
Lisa Rhodes Fox
Neena Sajeev Francis
Taylor Francis
Marie Osline Francois
Ieatha Marie Freeman-Daniels
Julia W. Freund
Patrick Henry Freyer
Michael Laurence Furr
Margaret Fusilier (C)
Robin Marie Gage
Stephanie Elaine Galvez
Donna Gaona
Maria De Los Angel Gaona
Deanna Lisa Garcia
Juan Antonio Garcia
Raquel Garcia
Tatiana Alexis Gardner
Douglas Truman Garrett (S)
Crystal Lynn Gasper
Esther Njambi Gatonye
Kristine Nicole Gawley (C)
Margaret Ann Glaser
Eileen Ambata Go (C)
Bernadette Kalagayan Gomez
Cesar Gomez (C)
Priscilla Marie Gonzales
Tamika Renee Gonzalez (S)
Yessica Yolanda Gonzalez
Felicia Goraj (S)
Nechama A. Gottesman (M)
Hugo George Gottlich
Gina Marie Graffeo (M)
Tatyana Sophia Grant
Jennifer Walker Green
Cheryl Lynette Greene
Ronda Kathryn Grigsby
Loice M. Grimes
Monica M. Grosz
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 37
Kimberly Lynn Grubbs
Maria Elizabeth Guadalupe
Flavia Olivia Guajardo
Carolina Guerra
Anthony Charles Guidone (S)
Kelly Jane Gullette
Melody Ann Hackfeld (M)
Donna Kaye Haire
Jennifer Marie Hajj (M)
Melanie A. Haller (S)
Jenna Lang Hallquist (C)
Mary Ann Halm
Audrey Janeen Ham
Melissa Michelle Hamilton
Tina C. Hamilton
Mandy Michelle Hanes
Alisa Ann Hanson (C)
Melissa Harbison (C)
Rebecca Jean Harper
Chelsi Renee Harris
Nash Angelica Harris (S)
Amanda Hartman (M)
Allison Nicole Harvey
Jenee Annmarie Harwell
Dina Hassanpourgol
Jamie Katherine Hatley
Alisa Jewel Hawes
Victoria Henye
Juan Manuel Hernandez
Candace Delane Herrin
Carol Pamella Hewitt
James J. Hipsman (C)
Jody Lee Hodge
Gregory Jay Holihan
Cindy Lou Hollingsworth
Katherine Ann Hollub
Whitney Nicole Hooper
April Renee Hooter
Bethany Joyce Hoover
Jana Lynn Hopkins (C)
George Washington Horace
Lesi Lacendi Horton
Carla Mae Houck (M)
Autumn Sunshine Houston
Kristina Ann Huber (M)
Michele Ann Hughes (M)
Laura Anne Hulett
Cristina V. Hursh
Joshua Patrick Hutchings
Folashade Adeola Idowu
Lilian Onyinye Ikpeamaeze
Kevin Haber Infante
Antonio Denard Ingram
Shaunty L. Ipock (M)
Lauren Isdale (S)
Rosemary Kakayor Iyere (M)
Donna Jeanette Jackman
Anissah Marie Jackson
Gina Renee Jackson
Monique Ruby Jackson
Teresa Marlene Jacobs
Angela Rene Johnson
Kelly Ann Johnson
Lucas Johnson
Tamar Shay Johnson (C)
38 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Chere Elaine Jones
Natalie L. Jones
Sylvia Diane Jones (C)
Steven Joseph Juarez
Latoya Angelique Jumanah
Yamahi Assad Jumanah
Yashoda Kadariya
Juliet Kireyian Kahiu
Samuel Paul Kahiu
Mary Njeri Kangethe
David Scott Kelly
Kimberly Anne Keshvari
Dale Kestory
Aurelia Michal Ketterman
Amy Combs Kiersch
Toni Wanette Killgo
Melinda Kaye Kimmons
Adekemi D. King
Aron Anthony King
Jeremiah Rogers King (M)
Regina Nichole King (C)
Tami C. King (C)
Cristie Carol Kinsler
Julia D. Knox
Kristi Kommanivanh (M)
Jessica Kirsten Kopacz
Linda Gail Kramer
David James Kroeger
Shana Lynn Kubena
Ho Joon Kwon
Kay Y. Kwon
Rita M. Kyne (S)
Kathrina Dizon Lagman
Michelle Lair
Jovanna Lee Lambert
Joan Landers
Kimberley Landry
Kaycee Marie Langer (S)
Korey Gayle Langston (C)
Christopher David Latta (M)
Cheryl Lynn Lauderdale
Jamie Harvey Lawson (C)
Quynh-Huong Luong Le
Kelley Prater Le Noir
Roxanne Leal
Taylor Crenshaw Leathers
Daniel Aaron Lee
Amanda Caroline Legrow
Amy Anne Leiker (M)
Yew-Choy Liew (C)
Joohee Lim
Rebecca Ann Lindeman
Keila Santos Lira
April D. Little
Beth L. Little (M)
Karen Lynn Long
Kristie Michele Long
Laura Ruth Long (M)
Lisa Ann Lopez
Vanessa Ann Lopez
Kristina Lovelace
William Lee Lowe
Theresa G. Loya
Amy Lucas
Elvin Luccon
Michael Lukenovich (M)
Wendelyn Marlene Lusk
Daniel Kahn Luterman
Ashley Mae Lynch (S)
Anita Yvonne Macal
Andrew Michael Magazu
Samantha Maher
Caresa Antoinette Mallard
Diana Ann Marsh
Elle R. Martin
Shaneka Nicole Martin
Reana Adria Martinez (M)
Wilson L. Mask
Theresa Kinser Matassa
Cindy Mateo Suero (M)
Jessica Mae Mather
Reenu Regi Mathews
Michelyn Patrice Maxey
Kerri Ann McAlister (M)
Nancy Elizabeth Ma McCall
Dmetric S. McCollough
Tamika Marie Mcdonald
Nancy Marie McGee
Lindsey Marie McGlinch
Callie Frances McKimmey
Lhuree D. McKinnon
Tiffany Lynn McVey (C)
Denise Ellen McWilliams
Simone Gay Meikle
Mekonnen Melaku Mekonnen
Breanna Mellen
Erin Star Melton
Abiel Meme (M)
Victorina Vasquez Merino
Shira Michlin (S)
Jennifer Joson Micua
Cortni Dawn Miller
Katie Brooke Miller
Taaffe Vanita Miller
Tokpah O. Miller
Kathryn Jane Mills
Elizabeth E. Millwee (C)
Janina Miranda (M)
Patrick Thomas Mire
Sara Joy Mohl
Hilary Jordan Monk
James Michael Montgomery
Megan D’Lynn Morelock (M)
Deborah E. Morgan
Rachel L. Morgan
Ashley Irene Morris
Katherine Anne Morris (C)
Andrea Erin Morse
Shelley L. Mosley (M)
Karina Mota
Nicole Danielle Mueller
Michelle Nishijima Muir
Scott Michael Mullis
Ruth W. Muroki
Keith Patrick Murray (S)
Tyler Lee Muse
David Musonda (M)
Paola Zelada Nacamu (C)
Katie Elizabeth Neal
Mebrat Debesu Negusse
James Curtis Nelson
Martin Paul Neu
Chinh Vu Nguyen
Katherine Leigh Nunn
Lisa Ann Nunnally
Chinedu Nwabude
Blessing M. Nwosa
Stephanie Ann Oddo
Adelola Aramide Odunlade
Jude Iheukwumere Ogbonna
Christiana Nonyelum Okpala
Bridget O. Omorogbe
Griselda Oneal
Serabina Kwamboka Onsarigo
Josefina Ornelas
Christina Deneen Orozco
Mayra Cuevas Orozco (S)
Benjamin Ortiz
Mindy Maiko Oshima
Morenike O. Oyelude
Cherri Arlene Ozenne
Kathy Ann Page (S)
Diamantina Palacios
Kelvin Palicas (M)
Julie Lea Palmer
Katherine Ann Panico
Loretta Hall Parrish
Justin Timothy Pate (C)
Shreya Sachin Patel (C)
Renee Patlan
Elisha Jean Pearce
Jessica Crystal Peck
Whitney Erin Peek
Tonya S. Pena
Kelly L. Peters
Peace Ogechi Peters
Melissa S. Pichetto
Megan Marie Pope (M)
Giselle Karen Portales
Leslie Posada (C)
David Allen Powell
Jessica Lauren Prince (M)
Erik James Purcell
Alvaro Quintana
Tommie Jo Ramirez
Veronica Kristine Ramirez
Jean Elizabeth Ramsay
Denise Rees (C)
Valrie L. Reid
Estella Marie Rencher
Jennifer N. Restrepo
Veronica Nahid Reyes (M)
Latisha Ann Rezzoffi
Jennifer Cay Riales (M)
Jennifer Nicolle Rice (C)
Paula Lynette Richards
Amy Kaye Richardson
Brent Eugene Ricks
Colleen Ann Riley
Jayson Rivera
Anita Roberson (M)
Monique Anne Robertson
Tiona Mytish Robertson (M)
Diana Roc
Janice Carol Rodgers
Dominique Christine Rogers
Tiffany Rollfing
Sarahi Romero
Charity A. Ros
Caroline Maria Ross (M)
Michael Harry Ross (M)
Gwendolyn May Rourke
Jeremy Lee Rowe (S)
Sunsearra Kennedy Ruffin
Kimberly Deloris Saenz
Rimpi Saini
Bruna Lynn Salapong
Ishmael Salazar
Abiodun Abolore Saliu
Abbygail Dawn Sanchez
Julie A. Sanchez
Mary Anne Sanchez (M)
Rosa Maria Sanchez (M)
Victor Sanchez
Elizabeth Sandoval (S)
Melissa Marie Santiago (M)
Sharon Mary Sarkissian
Juan Ricardo Saucedo
Meagan Beth Scaduto
Scott Russell Schaeffer
Ashley Lynn Schlobohm (M)
Jennifer K. Schulz
Mallory Rae Scott
Rhiannon Lea Scronce
Claudia Jean Sebastian
Yeji Seo
Joyce Ideth Sepulveda
Jessica Marie Serna
Tahseen Sharona Shahzad
Wendy Nichole Shannon
Jaysa Dawn Shelton
Jennifer E. Shelton
Marquitta M. Sherrod Morfin
Douglas Wayne Shockey (M)
Adele Banboye Shyntum
Shannon Haduyen Sicat
Ranbir Kaur Sidhu
Anne Siewe
Jenny Marie Simmons
Sandra Pamela Simmons
Sandra Yvette Simpson (M)
Joseph Calvin Sims (S)
Tracy Rene Sinclair
Sholana Day Singer
Jamie Latrice Skinner (M)
Loreen Elisabeth Smith
Stephanie Kristin Smith
Sara Marie Snyder
Staci Claire Sotelo
Sandra Kay Sours
Angelina Spence (C)
Sirinan Srilanchanarak
Kayla Lynn St. Amour
Patricia Lee Stein
George Stephan
Crystal Abbott Stephens
Katherine Rose Stevens
Andrew Albert Stewart
Cecilia Marta Stewart
Ladawn Maria Stewart (C)
Nadeen Marijorie Stewart
Christine Johnson Stockmoe
Sarah Christine Stoecker
Stacy Louise Stone
Alycia Hollie Stotesbery Athey (M)
Rachel Alexandra Strickland (M)
Crystal Ann Stricklin (C)
Sheree Ann Summer (S)
Salome Jemutai Sutter
Courtney Brooke Swain
Christy Lynn Swanson
Ashley Zsaton Szmania
Karen Zannetta Talcott
Desiree Gorena Taliancich
Tan Tang
Suzanne W. Tankersley (M)
Erika Diane Tanner
Scott Eugene Tanner
Amber Christine Tatum
Brianne Anita Taylor
Kathryn Christine Taylor
Toni M. Taylor
Jeanne D’Arc Shincell Teal
Larry E. Terry
Laura Rebecca Tesorieri (M)
Vladimir Tess (C)
Anh Ngoc Tham (C)
Barbara Jean Thomas
Percynthia Danielle Thomas
Rose Marie Tizioukdal
Willicia R. Toran
Nicole Marie Torrefranca
Adelfa Melegrito Torres (C)
Vidal Hernandez Torres
Yadira Elena Torres-Moreno
Martina Petra Tremmel
Sheila Lyn De Perio Tuldanes
Marie Annette Turner (C)
Shelbi Lynn Turruviate (M)
Dorothy Ifechukwu Udechukwu (M)
Courtney Donielle Unkefer (C)
Judeen Urbaniak (M)
Carmin Jessica Urquizo-Huaman (C)
Lilian Onyekachi Uwakwe
Heather Renee Valchar
Veronica June Valentincic (S)
Sylvia Donna Van Malderen
Nicole Jessenta Vanderveer
Lori Lynne Varnell
Moly John Varughese
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 39
Roopa Vasan
Diamond Germaine Vaughn
Charlie Teresa Vera
Paulino Vidamo (C)
Dena A. Villanueva (C)
Lutano Villarreal
Stephanie Vinette
Bonnie Volkert
Nicole Wilson Voris
Erin Michele Waewthaisong (S)
Amy Marie Wallace
Faith M. Wambaa
Nancy Kelly Warden
Chiemele K. Warderh
Anglelyn Marie Washington (C)
Victoria Angelique Watson
Tanecia Marie Webster (C)
Lynne M. Weems (S)
Nicole Wells
Sylvia Wells (C)
Wendy Darlene Wells
Megan Elizabeth Wentworth (S)
Bridgette Anita Westbrook
Chelsea Hope Westbrook
Kellie Lynn Westmoreland
Channan Marie Whitaker
Tracy Rene White
Lesley Nicole Wigle
Michelle Dawn Wildman
Jessica Tyler Williams (S)
Eva Wilson (M)
Sara Elizabeth Wilson
Marcella L. Winslow
Cassandra Ann Winters
Katherine Lee Wintz
William Paul Wolfe (M)
Tasha Lashone Woods
Pamela Jean Worsman (M)
Phyllis Drubornyenoh Wreh
Jeanna Marie Wright
Sheila L. Yanez (S)
Haiying Ye
Osatohanmwen Keren Yesufu
Trystian Ratha Yos
Stephen Ray Young
Teresa Gail Yurkunas
Travis Wayne Zaplac
Heather Lynne Zealy (M)
Diane Marie Ziliox
Valerie Christine Zink
Department of Kinesiology
Ashley D. Brantley (M)
Manuel Carranza
Hugo H. Elizondo
Kristen M. Leshaw
Ashlee M. Nuñez
Miguel Angel Osorio
Tyler James Pfursich
John Etta A. Rasberry (S)‡
Nicolas Segura (M)
James Trevor Shaw (C)
Collin Stroner (C)
40 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Terry Allen Teel (C)
Erica S. Wilson
Steven Bruce Wofford
Cindy Martinez
Carissa Nicole Savchenko
Joshua Charles Aguas
Rachel K. Allonby
Odai Michael Aqrabawi (M)
Sarah C. Bankston
Omar Benjar
Megan Bhatti
Jane Bookout
Kailey Michelle Bostic
Kimberly Monique Camacho (M)
Benjamin Michael Campbell
Andrea S. Carter
Eric Chong (C)
Natalie S. Coronado
Lindsay N. Day
Ashley M. Deam
Nada Bayoumy Elnady
Ashten N. Gregg
Sadaf Hassan Habib
Jenna T. Hamed (S)
Rebekah Esther Hamilton (S)
Tracey Bree Hampshire (M)*
Eliana Rose Hankin (C)
Jou-En Hsueh
Martha Ikwo Isuo
Angela Justice (C)
Raechel M. Larson
Tony V. Le
Sang Ah Lee
Allison M. Long
Jeanette Lopez (C)
Ryan T. Lynch (S)
Carol Palaganas Macaraeg
David M. Marrero-Perez
Dillon Cody Martin
Rohith Mathews
Heather I. Mazer (C)
Kimberly Mershawn
Meagan D. Michele
Marissa A. Miller
Ellen Diane Mims
Babak Rajabalipour Mouri
Madison Elizabeth Munson (C)
KreShun Arlesia Neal
Jenny Alana Nelson
To Thanh Nguyen
Victor Muna Ngwanah
Stacey A. Ninan
Katelyne Nwakanma
Nancy A. Ofoegbu
Raul Ortega
Kathleen Ranae Palladino
Cameron Parikh (M)
Rachel Lauren Park
Darshan J. Patel (C)
Maria Pham (C)
Austin Michael Price
Anastasia Pyz (S)
Linh Quach
Kayla J. Quashie (S)
Meagan C. Ranft
Wilson Remekun
Corey Rendall (M)
Marianne Reynaga
Carlos Jose Rodriguez
Travis J. Ross
Obdulia Sandoval
Alexander Geronimo Sauza
Kerri Schmidt (M)
Grant Cameron Shelton
Brittani Lynn Shields
Ariel Amber Sims (C)
Casey Trever Steele
Fadey Ribhi Suleiman
Kripa Thomas (C)
Tha Len Tial
Joseph Rett Varner
Gloria Stheppany Velazquez
Jessie Velazquez
Natalie Elizabeth Villanueva
Ashleigh Webb
Shannon Charis Wolters
Mark W. Yang (M)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Kevin Lamont Allen
Toby Ryan Bradford
Karen N. Callas
Schayya Laniece Carper
Yun Young Choi
Talaya L. Clanton
Eric Arnold Colquette
Daniel W. Harpster
Bryan Kang
Taylor Danielle Keelan
Casey L. Lerond
David Phillip Shaw (C)
College of Science
Doctoral Degrees
Pooja Ahuja
M.S., Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, 2004
B.S., Chaudhary Charan Singh University,
Dissertation Title: Re(I) Complexes o Tatpp:
Synthesis, Characterization, and Anticancer Activity
Supervising Professor: Frederick M.
Arunoday K. Bhan
M.S., Maharaja Sayajirao University, 2008
B.S., Maharaja Sayajirao University, 2006
Dissertation Title: Epigenetic Mechanisms of
Transcriptional Regulation of Long Non-Oding RNA
Supervising Professor: Subhrangsu S. Mandal
Ruchika P. Bhawal
M.S., Maharaja Sayajirao University, 2006
B.S., University of Calcutta, 1999
Dissertation Title: Large-Scale Identification of
Posttranslational Lipid Modified Proteins By Mass
Supervising Professor: Saiful Chowdhury
Joshua K. Crowell
B.S., Hardin-Simmons University, 2007
Dissertation Title: Thiol Dioxygenases: An
Investigation into the Mechanisms of Cysteine
Dioxygenase and 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid
Supervising Professor: Brad S. Pierce
Naleen Bandupriya Jayaratna
M.S., Sam Houston State University, 2010
B.S., Institute of Chemistry, 2005
Dissertation Title: Chemistry of Tris(Pyrazolyl)
Borate and Pyrazolate Coinage Metal Complexes;
Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
Supervising Professor: H.V. Rasika Dias
Hongzhu Liao
B.S., Ocean University of China, 2010
Dissertation Title: New Detection Methods for Ion
Chromatography: Enhancement of Signal-to-Noise
Ratio for Conductometric Detection of Weak Electrolytes
Supervising Professor: Purnendu K. Dasgupta
Eugenia S. Narh
B.S., Armstrong State University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Structure-Activity Relationships
of Ruthenium(II) Polypyridyl Complexes with RedoxActive Intercalating Ligands: Correlation Between Redox
Activity, DNA Cleavage Capability, and Cytotoxicity
Supervising Professor: Frederick MacDonnell
Mohammad Shawkat Hossain
B.S., Bangladesh University of Professionals,
B.S., National University, 2001
Dissertation Title: Design, Synthesis, and
Applications of Biomimetic Flavin-Based
Supervising Professor: Frank W. Foss Jr.
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Cuong Quang Le
B.S., UT Arlington, 2010
Dissertation Title: Mechanistic and Kinetic
Studies on F420 H2: NADP+ Oxidoreductase from
Archeoglobus Fulgidus
Supervising Professor: Kayunta JohnsonWinters
Munuve Mwania
B.S., Egerton University, 2000
Dissertation Title: Investigations of Colloidal
ß-Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles: Fabrication, Their
Surface Chemistry, and Photophysical Aspects
Supervising Professor: Peter Kroll
Abegayl L. Thomas
B.S., Midwestern State University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Solution Combustion Synthesis of
Oxide Semiconductors
Supervising Professor: Krishnan Rajeshwar
Aaron David Friedman
M.S., UT Arlington, 2013
B.S., University of Oklahoma, 2007
Dissertation Title: Implications of Assessor Ratings
of Feedback Seeking and Receptivity Behaviors on 360
Ratings of Worthy Leadership and Performance
Supervising Professor: Nicolette Lopez
Anna E. Park
M.S., UT Arlington, 2011
B.S., Texas A&M University Commerce, 2005
Dissertation Title: Cultivating an Attitude of
Gratitude: Testing Moderators of the Effects of a
Gratitude Diary Intervention on Well-Being and
Interpersonal Outcomes
Supervising Professor: William Ickes
Erika Venzor
M.S., UT Arlington, 2011
B.A., UT Arlington, 2009
Dissertation Title: What Role Do Teachers Play in
Bullying Behavior?
Supervising Professor: Lauri Jensen-Campbell
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Justin Shane Blackwell
M.S., UT Dallas, 2005
B.S., Midwestern State University, 2003
Dissertation Title: Numerical Methods for
Spontaneous and Evoked Glutamate Release
Supervising Professor: Jianzhong Su
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Cathina L. Gunn De Rosas
B.S., UT Arlington, 2011
Dissertation Title: A Multiphysics Approach:
Thermodynamics, Material Mechanics, and Fluid
Dynamics of Magma Systems at Active Volcanic Regions
Supervising Professor: Glen Mattioli
Rachel L. Goodwin
M.S., University of Southern Mississippi, 2006
B.S., UT Austin, 2001
Dissertation Title: New Multivariate Process
Capability Indices
Supervising Professor: Chien-Pai Han
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Sali R. Asih
M.S., University of Adelaide, 2004
B.S., Universitas Indonesia, 2002
Dissertation Title: Long Length of Disability in
a Chronic Disabling Occupational Musculoskeletal
Disorder Population: Characteristics, Treatment
Responsiveness, and One-Year Socioeconomic
Supervising Professor: Robert J. Gatchel
Lauren E. Coursey
M.S., UT Arlington, 2013
B.S., University of North Texas, 2009
Dissertation Title: An Experimental Test of the
Reformulated Contact Model
Supervising Professor: Jared Kenworthy
Carl E. Looney
B.S., UT Arlington, 2009
Dissertation Title: On M-Inverse Loops and
Quasigroups with a Long Inverse Cycle
Supervising Professor: Minerva Cordero
Julie Marie Skinner Sutton
M.S., UT Arlington, 2012
B.S., UT Arlington, 2009
Dissertation Title: The Influence of Dynamic
Visualization on Undergraduate Calculus Learning
Supervising Professor: James A. Mendoza
Wilber A. Ventura
B.S., UT Arlington, 2012
Dissertation Title: On Solving Finitely Reflected
Backward Stochastic Differential Equations
Supervising Professor: Andrzej Korzeniowski
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude ‡McNair Scholar
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 41
Daniel T. Wood
B.S., UT Arlington, 2012
Dissertation Title: Advancements and Applications
of Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods
Supervising Professor: Hristo Kojouharov
Pengcheng Xiao
B.E., China University of Mining and
Technology, 2009
Dissertation Title: A Modeling Study in the
Regulation of Stress on Neuronal Plasticity
Supervising Professor: Jianzhong Su
Kinjal H. Gandha
B.S., Sardar Patel University, 2005
Dissertation Title: Magnetic Properties of
Nanostructures With High Aspect Ratio
Supervising Professor: J. Ping Liu
Cedric L. Mayfield
B.S., UT Arlington, 2010
Dissertation Title: A Density Functional Theory
Guide to Higher Quality Modified Mixed Metal
Oxides: Stability and Conduction
Supervising Professor: Muhammed Huda
Joaquin P. Noyola
B.S., UT Arlington, 2009
Dissertation Title: Radio Detection of Exomoons
and Moon Capture Mechanisms
Supervising Professor: Zdzislaw Musielak
Pranab Sarker
M.S., University of Khaka, 2009
B.S., University of Dhaka, 2008
Dissertation Title: Theoretical Study of Materials
Prediction to Find an Optimal Material for PV/PEC
Supervising Professor: Muhammad N. Huda
Cheng Sheng
B.S., Peking University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Studies of Influence of Energy
Distribution on the Upper Atmosphere
Supervising Professor: Yue Deng
Kunal K. Tiwari
M.S., UT Arlington, 2014
B.S./M.S., University of Baroda, 2006
Dissertation Title: Bimetallic-Waveguide Coupled
Sensors for Tunable Plasmonic Devices
Supervising Professor: Suresh C. Sharma
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Smita Darmora
M.Phil., Indian Institute of Technology at
Roorkee, 2001
M.S., UT Arlington, 2010
B.S., H.N.B., Garhwal University, 1998
Dissertation Title: Search for a Supersymmetric
Partner to the Top Quark Using a Multivariate
Analysis Technique
Supervising Professor: Kaushik De
42 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Md. Zahidul Alam
B.S., University of Dhaka, 2007
Dissertation Title: Biological Evaluation of
Membrane-Active Compounds as Treatment for
Clostridium Difficile Infection
Supervising Professor: Julian G. Hurdle
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Benjamin Allen
B.S., Arizona State University, 2008
Dissertation Title: Proximate Behavioral and
Morphological Mechanisms That May Mediate
Intraguild Predation Stability in the Anisoptera
Supervising Professors: Paul Chippindale,
Matthew Walsh
Ann Burgess Mayo
M.S., Western Carolina University, 1998
M.T., Louisville Seminary, 1994
B.S., Hampden-Sydney College, 1984
Dissertation Title: The Spatial Ecology of the
Comanche Harvester Ant, Pogonomyrmex Comanche
(Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Supervising Professor: Esther Betran
Jacobo Reyes Velasco
B.S., Universidad de Guadalajara, 2009
Dissertation Title: The Venomous Rattlesnakes
and New World Coralsnakes: Molecular Systematics,
Biogeography, and the Evolution of Venom Systems
Supervising Professors: Todd A. Castoe,
Jonathan A. Campbell
Master’s Degrees
Department of Biology
Urbashi Basnet
Amanda M. Boyles
Philip B. Hejduk
Julian M. Holmes
Russell Dewayne Howard
Joshua A. Kershner
Joshua Loren Madden
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Cameron Dodd
Department of Chemistry
and Biochemistry
Ke-Wei Chang
Curran Parpia
Koushik Raghavan
Gabriela Trog
Veronica B. Waybright
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Siqi Du
Akop Yepremyan
Department of Earth and
Environmental Sciences
Esosa Deborah Agbonkonkon
Sara A. Ayyash
Beau Daniel Berend
Margaret E. Collins
Paul John-Henry Huggins
Michael Roth Loveland
Alexander Addison Miller
Matthew G. Ray
Zakariah Edward Sabatka
Siyang Wu
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Samson S. Arawole
Eunice Estefania Salinas
Department of Mathematics
Jill-Nicole Alexander
Steven Andrew Smith
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Dana Elizabeth Huyck
Ce Bian
Robert P. Childress
David Michael Hightower
Vjollca Rifati
Souad Sosa
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Sarah E. Langford
Department of Physics
Jordan R. Benson
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jose Luis De La Garza
Bright Chukwudi Izudike
Department of Psychology
Haolei Fang
Eric Michael Russell
Vivian P. Ta
Wyn E. Taylor
Michelle M. White
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Cheryl K. Abellanoza
Kellen Gandy
Baccalaureate Degrees
Department of Biology
Amr Ehab Abdelaty
Bethanna Waleed Almallah
Sophia Bellakbira
Camie Serene Buck
Alejandro C. Coonrod
Liomari Trinidad Diaz
Shyanne Elmore (M)
Cody R. Fults
Suji Ha
Yaina Yajaira Hernandez
William Patrick Higgins
Sana Ishrat Hye
Marlen R. Ibarra (S)
Zulema Martinez
Platini Nguyen
Trisa H. Nguyen
Alexis D. Ortiz
Dennis M. Pierson
Irina A. Rebollar
Sabrina R. Saldibar
Nancy Saldivar-Guzman
Jordan Luke Sarabosing
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Lia M. Bolgiano
Nadley R. Doerge (C)
Betsie G. Machado
Amaka J. Ndubueze
Anum Syed
Ryan Elfatih Abdelrahim
Maryam Alam (S)*
Sarmad Alqaysi
Sarai Elizabeth Alvarez (M)
Princess Ify Ananti (C)
Willis I. Anene
Lorena Maria Arango
Di’Quan A. Avery
Aaminah Faheem Azhar (M)
Mary T. Baker
Dilshad Essani Bana
Jeffin Thayil Benson
Bijan L. Berenjinataj
Elizabeth W. Berihun (C)
Precious Tabufor Bihsoh
Troy W. Bomar
Jakob S. Breitnauer
Samantha K. Brett
Amanda N. Brock
Phong-Michael Thanh Bui
Vu Q. Bui (C)
David M. Caero
Gregory M. Cervenka (S)*
Ming-Yang Chang
Crystal Jayde Costilla
Sarah Cowan
Jasmine Crayton
Emily Ann Curtis (M)
Muna Dahal
Tam Dang (C)
Sagar Dhungel
Lan D. Doan
Ana Cecilia Duran
Caroline Ekpo (C)
Dina Eshak
Teri Danelle Foster (M)
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia
Joshua John Gatmaitan
Matthew B. Geyer
Chasiti Lee Goss
Brittany Deshae Griffen
Van Thi Thanh Ha
Nicole Rosemarie Hales (S)
Anaas Hassan (S)
Navina N. Hassan
Ashley Hill
Smita Hirachan
Nhu-Hong Thi Hoang
Treyce J. Hodges
Mary Elizabeth Hunt
Nolita Ihama
Donelly Chinonso Ike
Ezinneka C. Imoh (C)
Jeffrey Taylor Jameson
Jesika Angela Jonalagada
Iman Arial Jones
Lien N. Jordan
Emily Virgina Kanagy
Ukesh Kandel
Akankshya Karki
Maninderjit Kaur
Lynn N. Keniston (M)
Aditya Khatiwada
LeNaiya Allisen Kydd*
Ethan A. Lane
Haiden B. Launius (C)
Lily Anhthu Le
Jimmy Lee
Chen Li
Breandilyn Jean Lindsey
Samantha Louise Little
Sumer Shea Lucas
Linh T. Ly (C)
Mayra G. Macias (C)
Jessica C. Majekodunmi
Yasmin Malik
Justin M. Mallios
Cory Thomas Malone
Soni Manandhar
Sara Elizabeth Manrriquez
Lynn Marler (M)
Daniel Orlando Marrufo
Justin Micheal McCullars
Meghan Nicole McMahon (S)
Joshua Ryan Medford*
Stephanie Moh (C)
Diana Alexandra Monroe
Jose Luis Morales
Ola Moussa (M)
Enniah Ndawana (S)
Wade Howard Nedderman (C)
Ellie Anh Nguyen
Tramanh Ngoc Nguyen
Viet Quoc Nguyen
Vy Cat Nguyen
Rosemary Nigo
Stephenia C. Nwogu (S)
Blake O’Borski
Obiaderi Osakwe
John Osemwengie
Daniela Elizabeth Oviedo
Megha K. Patel
Daniel Patterson
Ngoc Thi Pham
Quynh Anh Ngoc Pham
Tin C. Pham (M)
Katrinka Quiocho
Rebeca Ramirez
Taylor Riddle
Hannah L. Roach
Cesar Alejandro Robles (C)
Alexia M. Rodriguez (M)
Ayane Irais Rodriguez
Christian Guillermo Rodriguez
Rebecca Noelle Ryer
Navraj Sagoo (S)
Amna L. Saiyed
Mayra Alejandra Salas
Cindy Xaviera Sandjo (C)
Breanna M. Sandoval
Taylor Joseph Seibold
Zanab Shahbuddin (C)
Benjamin Edward Shelton
Adil Karim Shivji
Altaz Karim Shivji
Deborah Anne Shorrock
Karishma D. Shroff
Rachel Marie Stehlik
Kenneth George Sterie
Ruthanne Kelly Stroup
Aspen B. Stuart (S)
Braylon De’Vaughn Sutton
Bishal Tamang (C)
Sanam Thapa
Cung C. Thawng
Desarée Antoinette Thomas
Cuong Duc Tran
Linda Tochau Nguyen Tran
Teresa Nhan M Tran
Yen Ly H. Tran
Chad A. Trofatter
(Second major in Microbiology)
Whitney Nnena Uberu (C)
Alyssa Urrutia (C)
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 43
Jincy T. Varughese
Eduardo Ventura
Emanuel M. Villa (M)
Jaime Richelle Vineyard (C)
Piyush Raj Wagle
Adams K. Wasonga
Sofia Nassir Wehabey
Marjoree M. Williams
Lemore Pesya Winer
Mi Soo Woo
Patricia Eileen Young
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Dylan Hameed Abdanan
Robert K. Addae
Rita Adhikari
Joo Y. Ahn
Mercy U. Ayuba
Mason Dixon Bartels‡
Stephanie Sucely Casasola
Dukho Chung
Kathleen L. Currie
Navpreet K. Dhillon
Rikale Quishon Dickens
Kaitlin N. Dinh
Merle Jazmine Dominguez Leon
Thuy Thai Duong
Peyton Shea Flemins
Zia Groosh Flossman (M)
Gabriel J. Gancayco
Ly Ha
Cody Harper
Heather Renee Hood
Alfredo Huerta
Robin Jiang
Elizabeth Frances Jones
Emmanuel Ghogomu Kumfa
Katie Lee Lane
Anna Mbamalu
Erika M. Molina
Kibanda Junior Munianga
Gigliola Omani Musser
Zachary Tyler Newsom
Paul N. Nguyen
Talia Larue Pollock
Andres E. Ramirez
Olivia M. Rangel (C)
Doug Rasmussen
Bilal Rizvi (C)
Reem Siddig
Jonathan Harvey Soekamto
Jose M. Toledo
Myk Torres (C)
Martin Quang Tran (M)*
Kimberly N. Truong
Tu Vo Thanh Truong
Jessica Thanh Van Vu
Jennifer R. Watkins
Taesu You (M)
Stephanie Yvette Zuniga
Victoria Ngoclan Bui
Nathan C. Johnson (C)
44 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Anindita Arpa (C)
Juan Alejandro Daniel
Sara Marie Denman
Samuel Joseph Frickle (C)
John Kyle Herbert
Arturo Lopez
Chinenye G. Okoro
Cung C. Thawng
Patricia Eileen Young
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Joseph Andrew Yglesias
Anna Lomas
Eli T. Mcolin
Preston Everett Mee
Rachel Michelle Sherrin-Peterson
Douglas Tebo (M)
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Emmanuel Higa
James Eric Hobbs
Emily Elizabeth Matthews (M)
Christen Matthew Torres (C)
Kristen B. Turner (M)
Jason Shaun Young
Department of Chemistry
and Biochemistry
Department of Mathematics
Terry L. Bowie
Ricardo Dominguez
Alex T. Quyenvo
Russell Abraham Shemme
Jonathan G. Walker
Nathan A. Jobson
Stephanie Patricia Schroeder
Seongjeong Jung
Mandeep Devbhandari Shrestha (M)
Sarah A. James
William Pender Morrow (M)
Lynn Phuong Nguyen
Gregory H. Collier
Ryan Curley
Khanh Quoc Le
Hope Louise Montgomery
Robert F. Rayford
Jaime Richelle Vineyard (C)
Hanui Yang (C)
Tyler Anway
Ashley L. Crawford
Kouakou S. Deky
Brian Kenji Ferguson (M)
Mouhammed L. Fofana
Joana J. Gonzalez
Zachary Gostomski-White
John William Havens
Zane W. Johnson
Moses Munoz
Monica Marie Ramirez
Ateeb Durraiz Rashid
Carlos Alberto Serrano
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Blake M. Rodriguez
Department of Earth and
Environmental Sciences
Department of Physics
Tige W. Kelley (M)
Stephanie Patricia Schroeder
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Joseph P. Woods
Elliot T. Lee
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Steven J. Horstman
Albert Miramontes
Eric M. Perez
Eric A. Anderson
David Bolton (M)
Emma L. Gaines
William Blake Gibson (S)
Mark Harlan Hammond
Ryan Z. Jones
Adam A. Argersinger
Kathleen R. Brackney
Garrett R. Brown (C)
William Edward Brown
Patrick R. Conlin (M)*
Justyn R. Day
Ricky B. Hensley
Austin Durrell McDonald (C)
Moses Munoz
Hector G. Zapata
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Peter Matthew Hammel
Timothy James Hoffman (S) *
(Second major in Mathematics)
Department of Psychology
Jordan Allen
Nathaniel Peter Anderson (M)
Jessica Marie Bayless
Eloisa Bevilacqua (M)
Laura Blanco (M)
Thomas R. Brooks
Benjamin R. Chebaa (M)
Michelle D. Clark (M)
Coral Rae Davis
Jasmine M. Davis (C)
Alyssa Kay Dean (M)
Illandra Denysschen
Leah Marie Ferris
Brandy Griffith
Taylor Kevin Hambright
Morgan A. Henderson
Diana Hernandez (S)
Felix Horna
Dan Huckabee
Fataha S. Ibrahim
Ravin Tiarra Jackson
Amanda Yvette Johnson
Sauntymia Keys
Talha A. Khan (S)
Rebecca Conway Lucas
Mistie Ryan Maskil
Rebecca M. Mayfield
Jose Rolando Medina
Heather Rae Nicholson (C)
Rita Lenore Nolet (C)
Devika U. Patil
Viridiana Ramos
Natalie Marie Soltero
Regina Kay Stewart
Raynimol Thomas
Monica Uyen-Uyen Tran (C)
Crystal Raquel Zamora
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Jazmyne Tiara Brown
Gabriela Espinosa
Ivana Ivovic
Nohelia Longoria (C)
Sasha Raina Madsen
Yessenia Puga
Estefani S. Ramirez
Glory Oreoluwa Apantaku (M)
Cecilia Gwynne Case
Mourad Mohie Francis
Van Thi Thanh Ha
Eunhui Lee
Cassandra Mae Porter (S)
Casey Snodgrass
Jessica Ann Thomas (C)
Limi Thomas
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Kimberly E. Niestroy (C)
School of Social Work
Doctoral Degrees
Kingsley Chigbu
M.S.S.W., University of St. Thomas/College of
St. Catherine, 2009
B.S., Babcock University, 2006
Dissertation Title: The Impact of Community
Resources on Violent and Property Crimes
Supervising Professor: Beverly Black
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Arati Maleku
B.A., Kathmandu University, 2002
Dissertation Title: The Social Determinants
of Immigrant Well-Being in the United States: A
Gendered Perspective
Supervising Professor: Vijayan Pillai
Master’s Degrees
Bhupendra Raj Adhikari
Tornam Kwami Adjabeng
Osayl O. Aigbogun
Nikki Kali Akins
Arlette Abigail Alamia
Hamze Sobhi Amine
Elizabeth Awad
Brielle Sierra Brown
Christa Antionette Butler
Nicole Rachel Calhoun
Mariana Carpio
Karen Christine Carrillo
Mariah Kay Castillo
Todae O. Charles
Destiny Lavette Clark Williams
Chelley Rena Collins
Rebecca Nohemi Colt
Madeline Consor
Jonathan De La Rosa
LaTasha D. Derrick
Kervil Chad Durand
Julie Renee Eastland
Emily Michele Eichman
Crescenda Ekwere
Miata Shardonnay Everett
Brennan R. Favor
Yolanda R. Fox
Beatriz Eugenia Garcia
Seraphina Gianacakes
Nasheena Sharelle Gover
Jazzmyne Greer
Natalia Denise Gutierrez
Katrina Eva Melinda Hall
Jing Han
Kelsey Rae Hanna
Carla Renee Harvey
Jennifer Lynn Hawn
Auricea Hicks
Karisa Marie Hicks
Bethany Leann Hodgson
Robin Rae Hopkins
Mallory Dean Hudson
Adriaunna La’Shon Hughes
Hannah Elizabeth Hughes
Megan Alyssa Hull
Denetrius D. Hunter
Angela Kay Jackson
Mikayla Lynn Jacob
Aby Carroll Johnson
Ethel Vanessa Johnson
Syrenia Leslie Johnson
Samanta Juric
Ashleigh Keiana Kady
Kassie Michele Laney
Tajha Kieon Lewis
Marneshia Renee Linnear
Kimberlee Anne Main-Munoz
Lauren Marie Martinez
Sara Marie Medina
Brian Clifford Meggers
Brittany Rene’E Meredith
Dekeisha Jeanise Moore
Grant Preston Moore
Natashia Sunita Moore
Suellen Mullins
Claudia Munoz Trejo
LaShun Arlesia Neal
Stephanie A. Nelson
Dynesha L. Newton
Maria L. Nguyen
Princess Cherie Norwood
Joshua James Nunley
Jenelle O’Benne
Candace O’Connor Overlie
Shauntol Elise Oyewole
Amber Lauren Pace
Anna Michelle Palmer
Carmel Pena
Abigail Santos Perales
Jennifer Nicole Perez
Belinda Sue Ressler
Jeanmarie Rouswell
Michael Thomas Ruppert
Raquel S. Sanders
Brittani A. Schultz
Shauna M. Skidmore
Tammy Lee Smith
Elizabeth Michelle Snider
Shelley Grace Spears
Ashley Danette Taylor
J.C. Thomas
Shalonda Kay Thomas
Ciera Nicole Thompson
Brian Robert Timm
Jessley Sara Varghese
Courtney B. Washington
(S) Summa Cum Laude *Honors College
(M) Magna Cum Laude ‡McNair Scholar
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 45
Mona Lesa Wheeler
Ashley Shamanick White
Kalor C. Williams
Dana Williamson
Jasmine Janee Wilridge
Emily Kathleen Wilson
Mariah Grace Winslow
Maxine Wolfe
Meredith Mikles Woodruff
Tiffney Woods
Angela Wright
Jiyeon Yoon
Mirha Yousuf
Lisa Dawn Zajicek
Mindy Nicole Zamarripa
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Chioma Afulezi
Sheila Alabi
Kimberly Gay Allison
Valerie Nicole Alvarez
Rachel Amay
Crystal Marie Anderson
Leslie Michelle Andringa
Heather Bailey
Kimberly Lynn Bailey
Samantha Nicole Barrett
Candice Lafond Barton
Cindy C. Bassey
Desiree Marquitta Bernal
Madison Leigh Black
Kadye Leah Bowman
Arizela Briones
Ariel Marie Brown
Kenneth Don Brown
Michelle Diane Bugh
Alexandra Elyse Campbell
Dalila Campos
Clifford Charles Cantu
Twila Best Carpenter
Danica Shay Carranza
Andrea Rochelle Carrillo
Angela M. Cipiti
Julia Clark
Mariella Elizabeth Clark
Rashanda D. Clark
Robert Clark
Ashley Nicole Conn
Susanna Elizabeth Corder
Kelly Lane Crabtree
Karissa Beth Dalton
Peggy Sue Davis
Steven Mark Davis
Elizabeth Ann Dawson
Karen Stefany Diaz
Martha Diaz
Katie Marie Donovan
Sharon Ann Dowdey
Laura Lynn Downing
Erica Elliott
Harolyn Virginia Ellis
LiLian Nwamaka Esenwah
Jennifer L. Falco
Louis S. Fancher III
Alma Lisset Farias
46 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Brittany Cheyenne Feldhaus
Cristina Fernandez
Melinda Faith Flemmings
Dolores Rodriguez Flores
Alicia Michelle Franklin
Courtney Ane Galloway
Sara Margaret Galvez
Claudia Arely Garcia
Charity Chantel Gary
Charlsie Ann Garza
Dahgara Gibson
Lindy Michelle Gonzales
Myda Janet Gonzalez
Janae Goodrich
Miles David Goodrich
Elissa Diane Grannan
Nicholas Andre Hardy
Holly Ann Harrell
Latisha Shardai Hayward
Cali Nicole Hellums
Yvonne Lannette Henry
Shelly Leeann Heryford
Cassandra Kimberly Hesse
Allison Jane Hewitt
Antoinette Lashell Hill
Corey Hines
Margaret Angela Hodgson
Antonia Michelle Holt
Kim S. Holton
Robin Gail Houlette
Margaret Kathryn Howlett
Ashly Nicole Huffstatler
Juana Maria Ibarra
Erin N. Ingram
Susan Jensen
Erin Nicole Jezek
Jessica Ashlee Jobe
Donna Sharron Johnson
Mathews Joy
Breanna Leigh Katz
Judith Lee Kehoe
Myriah Kristine Kemp
Kathryn Wilson Kirksey
Shannon Leigh Kohlenberg
Tharani Devi Krishnakumar
Amanda Louise Kruse
Audrey Elizabeth Lindsey
Kierra Danielle Lloyd
Kimeshia Blocker Lloyd
Jennifer Leigh Luckie
Katalyn Briane Macke
Tracy Denise Maddoux
Karen J. Magruder
Victoria Malone
Chandra Marie Marsh
Kayla Jean Martin
Steven Michael Martinez
Catrena Kamille Mason
Latonya Yvette Mathis
Jared Franklin McCain
Wendi Rita Melonson
Jon E. Mitchell
Traci Leann Munden
Eman Nachawati
Kenya Nicole Nelson
Gabriele Seltzer Newell
Destynee Cailah Nobles
Mujidat Adekemi Ogunbiyi
Chelsea Anne Oliver
Stacey Melissa Ollar
Chidimma Ogochukwu Onyekanne
Emily Lynn Parham
Cynthia Lian Parker
Natasha Louise Patillo
Paola Patzi Patzi
Daniel Lee Pectol
Ashlee Astelle Peebles
Rebecca Allison Peeler
Lisa Carrie Pesata
Rebecca Valles Petrovich
Tiffany Lynn Price
Crystal Pruitt
Tasha Leketha Redd
Katherine L. Ribinskas
Cynthia Lynn Riedel
Briana Nicole Riley
Susan Marie Riley
Holly Nicole Roberts
Arlene Robinson
Susan Margarett Robinson
Joanna Rocha
Alecia Shantay Rodriguez
Sheila Cheri Roedler
Waukesha Renee Roper
Lauren M. Ryland
Krystal Lian Saldivar
Jaclyn N. Samaniego
Nina Louise Sanchez
Fatina M. Sanders
Rebecca Ruth Schmuck
Kerra Michele Scott
Samuel Robert Severson
Prasuna Sharma
Alexis Silva
Stormy M. Slider
Valerie Slutz
Laura B. Small
Donna Magdalena Solis
Dilu Soomar
Stacy Lou Sotelo
Debbie L. Soule
Meagan Renee Stamm
Esmeralda Stanfill
Jessica Lynn Stokes
Tia Denise Stone
Elira Rivida Sulejmani
Roberta Meredith Summers
Sandee Sue Tezaguic
Sheeja Thomas
Tiffany L. Todd
Adam Wittney Turner
Shirley Turpin
Alexandria Paige Van Der Stuyf
Sophia Victoria Vaughn
Natalie Hill Vinzant
Charis Rebecca Wacker
Laura Paige Wagley
Bethany Wallace
Stephanie Dawn Warren
Rebecca Salome’ Washer
Angelisa Meloni Webb
Charlyn Clovisse Webb
Jaime Dawn Wheeler
Amy E. White
Ashley Nicole White
Susan Elizabeth Wick
DeLorean S. Wilkinson-McGee
Breanna Lanae Williams
Carla Shene Williams
Deandra L. Williams
Vadeisha R. Williams
Termayne Damon Willie
Nicole Willis
Amber Wilson
Shelly Ann Wilson
Tafonya Roshun Wingfield
Steven Edward Wise
Melanie S. Woodard
Christy Lee Wooten
Sonja Evette Wright
Johnna Yeager
Laura Zavala
Baccalaureate Degrees
Uche Nancy Agbam (M)
Desiree Agee
Raven Alexine Alston
Ariane Jaynese Baptiste
Kristy Holly Beam
Shabiki Belle
Christopher Kadeem Broadnax (S)
Breanna Michelle Calvert
Carmen S. Castillo (S)
Jessica Chambers
Loralei Jade Chambers
Neethu G. Cherian-Davenport
Cassandra J. Cisneros
Jessica Danielle Clough (C)
Amy Marie Conner (M)
Joshua Lane Creasy (S)
Frankie Marie Davis
Luisana Duenas Sanchez (C)
Ashley-Ann Rose Enriquez
Anthonia O. Eromosele
Aubrey Michelle Farr
Janelle Mae Favela (M)
Tameka Flournoy
Marie Esther Gonzalez
Shatonda Manta’ Green
Courtnye Demece Gulley
Ivana Patrice Harper
Christopher Henderson (C)
Anisha Mary John
Lesly Marena Johnson (S)
Angela Nicole Kinnard
Raegan Daryl Lee
Kristy Jenae Lewis
Marilyn Loya
Shaniqua Maisonet
Ivette Martinez
Jason Massonneau
Hannah Renae Medina
Chandler Leigh Miller
Anissa Michelle Mills
Sharell Dee Mitchell
Lizbeth Moreno (S)
Ashley R. Nafziger
Jenny T. Nguyen (C)
Abra Faith Parker
Gennadii Prykhodko (S)
Roxana Adrian Reid
Deisy Rizo
Angelica Rodriguez
Jacqueline M. Rodriguez
Chava Shira Rousch-Carlisle (M)
Claudia Esmeralda Siller
Katherine Michelle Snider
Elishia Cashet Spriggins
Amy Elizabeth Thachet (M)
Maria F. Tueme
Ashley M. Vanderwater (M)
Lacy Ward
Stephanie N. Ward (S)
Porschea Monique Wilson (M)
Stacey Elaine Wilson
Charity Lenette Woodard
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
LaTesha Monique Alexander (C)
Tania L. Alonso (C)
Ruth Barajas (M)
Araceli Garcia Bautista
Ashley Sherie Berganciano
Reagan Frances Borgman (M)
Donna Cooper Bowman (S)
Ayesha Lashan Boyd (C)
Marena Elaine Burrows (C)
Nancy G. Cantu (M)
Melissa Marie Cerda
Mya Shari Cofer
Kyesha L. Downs
Michaleen Arico Earsing
Sarah Elizabeth Eyre
Ashley Finley (S)
Mary Ann Gad
Jennifer Leslie Garcia
Kellee Dominique Gilmore
Natalia Gonzales
Staceyann Albertha Graham (M)
Alycia Nicole Hanselman (M)
Priscilla Haros
Ghali Osman Hersi
Dmitri Hobbs
Shalonda Keshonne Holloman-Brooks
Cheryl Jones
Melanie Lynn Kelly
Katie Ann King
Alise Diane Landers
Jordanya T. Luna
Bukola Markham
Nury Marquez (M)
Rocio Martinez
Ashley McClain-Garcia
Yvonne Elizabeth Munoz
Carol Ann Pierce
Kacy Renee Riley
Elizabeth Marie Roach
Jessica Lynn-Noelle Salas
Stephen M. Sandoval (M)
Avin Shiro
Angelica Sierra
Kimberly A. Simmons (M)
Marcel J. Spencer
Adrienne R. Swanson
Shirlynn Tran (M)
Lucero Valdez
Ahjanta-Susej K. Walton
Gretchen Louise Ward
Kibibi Iiaana Washington
Tianna La’Nette Wilds
Tocha Lee Williams
Victoria Nicole Woodruff
University College
Baccalaureate Degrees
Diana Aguilar
Avet D. Boahene
Randi Michelle Burns
Quentin Darnell Butler
Benjamin R. Chebaa (M)
Brandon Jamaal Coleman
Jamie Ellen Conkle (C)
Craig Fike
Alejandra Gatica
Alisa S. Harris (C)
Tyler Lacrae Hazlewood
Samantha Gail Hendrickson
Jibril Holman
Keith Lashay Horton
Darius Brock Johnston
Champale Breshawn Jones
Deandra Dawn Kennedy
Tonia E. Kennedy
Derek Auld Kiddy
Lee-Young Kim
Morgan Lester
Nereida Mendez
Michael Craig Newton
Nkeiruka A. Ononobi
Wendy Patricia Ortega-Guerrero
Mauricio Padilla
Beatriz Elizabeth Palacios
Maria T. Paz
Lauren Ashley Pohl
Veronica E. Proano
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 47
Anna Lisa Rodriguez
Mirna Licex Romero
Digna Rubio
Lauren Ashley Simien
LaSondra Spears
Joy Anna Stennett
Albert Joe Tobin
Leticia Tudon
Christina Marie Valentine
Bria Tanae Ward
Samantha N. White
Tristain Dajuan Williams
Ashly M. Wright
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Andrea K. Brooks
Taylor N. Brown
Anthony A. Delgado (C)
Dane Devoe (C)
Krystal Gomez
Jose Guadalupe Gonzalez
Pamela Therese Gueco
Claudia Guevara (M)
Kristie D. Hanhart
Vanessa Huerta
Frances C. Jacobson
Jacqueline Alohalani Lickteig (S)
Angela Marie Martinez
Eric Ojeda (M)
Eric Michael Tate
Jasmine D. Taylor
Brady Trammell
Adrian Matthew Abilez
Kierstin Elisabeth Reed
Taylor Ann Scott
Degree conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Nicole Casey
Jesse I. Adame
Fernando G. Alcocer
Josh K. Alexander
Jonathan Maher Almansur
Colby Annette Amato
Christina Andes
Devon Wallis Argo
Savannah N. Ballard
Margaret L. Bargas
Darian Bernard Bell
Jerry Dean Benner
Shelbie Adrianne Bergman
Yheymi Betancourt
Sara Blackwell
Shenera Cass Blair
Mary Ann Boyd
Bradley A. Brawner
Ashley D. Brooks
Colton Taylor Brown
Maeghan Elizabeth Bush
Areej Wael Bushnaq
Brandon Leon Butler (C)
48 • The University of Texas at Arlington
Mary Agnes Cade
William C. Campbell
Federico Canoura
Amber C’Est Elesia Chaisson
Robyn L. Claridge
Meghan Elizabeth Clinkscales
Michael Andrew Coleman
Kirstin Carol Collier
Steven Brant Collier
Richard B. Combs
Stephen P. Combs
LaReese Jamila Shani Cooper
David Cortes
Stephen Davis
Erin R. Dawson
Tsion A. Demissie
John Paul H. Do
John Walsh DuBose
Cecili R. Dunn
Jeremy Allen Dutcher
Bethani Ann Eberhart
Charlicia S. Edwards
Nnadozie Brian Ejesieme
Jeffrie Dean Evans
Jaclyn Tami Fair
Castagnoli C. Fangmbeng
Haris Fazal
Eric Michael Floyd
Erika Philease Ford
Douglas Ray Fox
Marielena Garza
Nathan David Gomez
Chelsea Marie Gonzales
Maria Luisa Gonzalez
Ilich Yosif Granados
Terry Oran Griffin
Julie N. Grimmett (M)
Elaheh Haghiri
Karen Michelle Hammond
Crystal Layne Hampton
Saba Haneef
Paul Michael Hanhart (M)
Jillian Dunn Harris
Max Xavier Hart
Korey Michael Hartman
Brittney Nicole Hawkins
Teaeria Haywood
Luis Miguel Hernandez-Camacho
Ethan E. Hicks
Katie Rose Hodde
Branton M. Holmes
Tiffany Hong
Natalie Howe
Sarah Elizabeth Hultquist (C)
Shelonda Yvette Hunter
Liban Abdulkarim Hussein
Varrick Montez Inzar
Danette Roshele Jackson
Katrina R. Jackson
Tyler Charles Jacobs
Jessica Marie Johnson
Keona Eldrea Johnson
Vivian Lolita Johnson
Tyler Wilson Jones
Jiyoun Jung
Caroline Lucy Kamau
Samantha Kent
Dominique Kesselly
Antonice Monalisa Laffitte
Alyson Nicole Lagow
Arsen Lajqi
Jhase Lamar Lane
Jody Lynn Lanier
Maya LaRue
Zaqueshala V. Lopez (S)
Annee Marie Lowe
Gina D. Lucas
Nancy Ly
Katherine Mae Mailat (S)
Carnot Frederic Makengele
Morgan L. McAree
Whitney Nicole McGowan
John Michael McPhail
Ivan Mendoza
Shannon Marie Milburn
Alexa Rhea Minton
Daniel Molina
April S. Mowatt
Krystal Lorine Munoz
Ramious Prazeni Musasa
Chad Hastings Nack
Jude Egbuna Ndudi
Angela Dawn Newell (M)
Kimmalie Nget
Long H. Nguyen
My N. Nguyen
Clifton Wade Odom
Mariana Ojeda
Adedoyin Omoladun Omidiran
Bawo Oyowe
Jose Ernesto Palma
Nancy Susan Pardo (C)
Rahul Suryakant Patel
Vernon Roy Pegues
Ciera M. Phillips
Dara Phillips
Diondra Piper
Kathryn Elaine Pogue
LaShawn Proctor
Abdullah Ahmed Rashid
Rima Rashid
Patrick John Reilly (C)
Julie Reinwald
Franklin Deon Richardson
Katelynn R. Rigdon (C)
Jenna Sloan Robinson
Martelle A. Robinson
Rebecca A. Rosso
Ana C. Ruiz
Gabrial A. Rushton
Todd Michael Ryan
Katherine Saenz
Julia Marcela Sanchez
Maytee Sanchez
Felicia J. Scott
Gerald Lynn Scripter
De’Roman Montez Stafford
Megan R. Stanford
Clarissa L. Staples
Eric M. Stedman
Stephen Thomas Swanson
Mark Marley Sweeney
Nathaniel Swinton
Samera Tadayan
Keokaisone Thepbouri
Teagan Brit Thiel (M)
Lacretia R. Thompson
Phillip Thomas Tolliver
Colin Aldon Tornberg
Diana Mong-Huyen Tran
Brenda Lea Trevino
Ana K. Vargas
Francisco Javier Vargas
Felicia Vergara
Andrew James Volz
Morgan Wyndsor Wallace
Jessica Lynn Walzer
Mary Anna Watson
Jessica A. Weathers
Michael Weckherlin
Lauren Teresa White (C)
Julie Wilhelmsen
Cheryl L. Williams
George Christopher Williams
Shavonne Monique Williams
Mi Na Woo
Joshua Casey Wood
Vania J. Yang (M)
Traci Jeanette Young
Frida Neraida Zavala
Sasha R. Ziegler
Shelby N. Zmolik
Degrees conferred Aug. 22, 2015
Shadha Abdelhamid Ammuss
Chebem Eric Anamege
Belen Andreu (M)
Christine Marie Atwell (S)
Nikkia Bedford
John Robert Bonsal
Nevine A. Carlson
Ernesto Chacon
Stephanie Chavarria
Eboni Desiree Coppage
Brandon M. Dougherty
Joshua Seamus Downing
William Brent Edmondson (C)
Lakesha Q. Edwards
Desmond Darius Fain
Shannon D. Ferrell
DeEdra Michelle Franklin
Ivannia Frias
Nitin N. Gagadam
Justine Amber Garza
Courtney M. Gauthier
Sally Elaine George
Yvonne Brown Gilliam
Justin K. Golden
Angelina J. Gomez
Abel J. Gonzalez
Samuel Micah Gooding
Robert C. Graham
Justin Kyle Griffith
Margaret Ann Grubbs (C)
Brittany Hawkes
Rafael Antonio Hernandez
Aaron Zachary Herrera
David Wayne Hiltbrand
Carly Ann Holliday
Jason A. Houghstow
Dianne Ashley Hubbard (M)
Kirchanda Antionette Johnson
Amaris L. Juarez
Jibran Siddiq Kalia
Jayong Kim
Nathaniel Ryan King
Guillaume Romain Lamonarca
Crue Michael Longbine
Christopher John Machisak
Leslie A. Mack
Rebecca M. Malik
Joe Reid Martin
Alyssa McCarley
Mackenzi Lynne McCaslin
Jalondre Trevarius McClanahan
Angela Helen McKnight
Phillip Kenyatta Mickles
Jasmine C. Minor
Pauline Ivette Molinar
Austin L. Morris
Rheemo Nyaboke Mose
Megan Michele Moss (C)
Lynda Ann Neal
Elspeth Ann Nelson
Catherine A. Newcomb
Stephen Jaganyi Oduor
Ayodeji Olaseni Olatunji-Bello
Ahmed A. Ouattara
William Johnathan Packer
Devin Marisa Papillion
Ravi P. Patel
Amberlee Dawn Perry
Jevon Anthony Powers
Hector J. Quintero
Jonathan Ramirez
Marlett Reddin
Allison L. Roark
Brian James Roddy
Jose R. Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
John Rosetto
Darren Berkley Rous
Merita Salihu
Danya Cheree Sampson
Jared Dale Schriber (M)
Andrew Alan Scoggin
Mary Alexandria Soule
Demetrius M. Strhan
Robert Samuel Thurston
Gerardo Venegas
Anthony Rashad Walker
Terra Wallace
Brian Odemba Wasonga
Rodney S. Whiddon
(S) Summa Cum Laude
(M) Magna Cum Laude
(C) Cum Laude
Commencement Ceremony • 49
C om mencement R ega li a
Commencement Mace
Academic Dress
Maces, a symbolic staff of high office, are often traditional
elements in academic processions. UT Arlington’s mace, designed
and created in 2007 by Texas State Artist and Professor David
Keens with the assistance of Metal Art Adjunct Professor Fred
Miller, is distinctly non-traditional. The UT Arlington mace is
an undulating, artistic design of metal and glass that reflects the
traditional symbols of academia in a dynamic and contemporary
way. Almost completely made of clear glass, it is only upon closer
observation that the University’s colors are seen in glass below
the round, etched-metal University seal. Surrounding the seal is a
contemporary wreath design in transparent glass symbolizing the
pursuit of higher education. Below the seal, wreath, and colored
glass is a forged metal contemporary nest. Below the nest is a
transition into the past with etched transparent glass depictions
of the institution’s past names: what Keens calls an ethereal space
of time past. All of these sections rest on a long, swirled-glass,
undulating tendril, reflecting the linear flow of time. It is a tangible
image of history, prestige, formality, creativity, innovation, and the
uniqueness of UT Arlington.
Each academic unit designates a commencement marshal who
will carry the mace at the head of the processional, symbolizing
the official nature of the event. When the processional reaches the
platform, the mace will be placed at the right of the podium as a
visual reminder of the history of this traditional academic ceremony.
At the conclusion of the ceremonies, the marshal will retrieve the
mace from its holder and carry it at the head of the recessional.
Following today’s ceremony, the mace will be displayed in the
Office of the President until the next commencement.
The tradition of the academic costume apparently began during
the 12th or 13th century in early European universities. At that
time, the clergy composed the majority of the educated class, so
academic dress is an adaptation of the cape or mantle—usually made
of silk or wool—worn by church dignitaries in religious processions.
Through the years, great diversity in color and in style of cap,
gown, and hood developed. In 1896, the colleges and universities
in the United States adopted a uniform code governing academic
dress. Today, the black gown, hood, and mortar board worn by the
graduates in most institutions follow this code. Most universities do
not use the hood for those graduates receiving bachelor’s degrees.
While it is not apparent to the casual observer, the gowns worn
by the recipients of the various degrees vary somewhat in design.
The sleeves of the gowns worn by the baccalaureate candidates
are long and pointed, while the sleeves of the gowns worn by the
master’s degree recipients are square at one end with a slit at the
elbow. The doctoral gown has flowing sleeves with three bars of
velvet and a facing of velvet on the front of the gown.
Colors used on the hoods serve as identification for the degree.
The hood of the doctoral candidate differs in design from that of
the master’s as it has side panels and is slightly longer. The velvet
border of the hood indicates the degree and usually follows the
same code as the color of the tassels.
The oxford cap, usually referred to as a mortar board, is black
and has a long tassel that is fastened by a button on the top. The
tassel is usually worn over the left of the cap. The color of the tassel
on the cap indicates the degree.
The Academic Colors
Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs. . . . . . . . . . . . Peacock Blue
Arts and Letters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . White
Business Administration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Drab
Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Light Blue
Engineering. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Orange
Nursing and Health Innovation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sage
Science. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yellow
Social Work. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Citron
University College . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Orange, Blue, and White
50 • The University of Texas at Arlington
O ur S pir it S ong
Alma Mater
Composed by George B. Chave
Lyrics by Mary Von Zuben, Iva Nell Bennett
52 • The University of Texas at Arlington
—UT Arlington President Vistasp M. Karbhari
Commencement ceremonies are celebratory events, and audiences are encouraged to support family members and friends as their
accomplishments are recognized on stage. However, overzealous displays exhibit a lack of courtesy for the speaker and disrespect
for the occasion and its participants. Individuals who disrupt the ceremony by screaming, shouting, or using noisemakers may be
asked to leave. Thank you for your cooperation.
The Graduating Class
Commencement ’15
Saturday, December 19, 2015 • 7 p.m. • College Park Center
the university of texas at arlington

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