AIRPLAY - Working Class Hussys


AIRPLAY - Working Class Hussys
RIYL The Byrds, The Band
Working Class Hussys is an original eight-piece Americana infused
alternative rock band with a southern blend based in New Jersey. They are
proud to announce the release of Diesel Tunes, an album of original songs
exploring a wide musical and emotional spectrum.
The tracks on Diesel Tunes were inspired by Ian Patrick Gentles’
twelve years staring at the open road ahead as a truck driver. This follows the
success of their previous album, Diary of A Blue Collar Cracker, featured on
New Jersey and Pennsylvania airwaves.
With catchy and radio friendly tunes, such as To Tennessee and the
pre-release favorite Goin’ For A Ride, the songs on Diesel Tunes explore life
on the open road. Gentle’s songs explore topics from the common thoughts and
experiences of professional truck drivers longing for home, to the adventures of
free-spirits who left their homes to see the U.S.A. Diesel Tunes embodies the
unique sound of Working Class Hussys, who is influenced by many genres
including alternative rock, classic 70’s, and southern rock.
CFRC Kingston, ON
CHMR St. Johns, NF
CJUM Winnipeg, MB
KCSC Chico, CA
KCSS Turlock, CA
KDUP Portland, OR
KEOL La Grande, OR
KEUL Girdwood, AK
KFSR Fresno, CA
KGAR Lemoore, CA
KGNU Boulder, CO
KHNS Haines, AK
KIDE Hoopa, CA
KLCZ Lewiston, ID
KMET Denver, CO
KMNR Rolla, MO
KMSC Moorhead, MN
KMUD Redway, CA
KNDS Fargo, ND
KOTO Telluride, CO
KRFP Moscow, ID
KRNL Mt. Vernon, IA
KRSC Claremore, OK
KRUI Iowa City, IA
KSCL Shreveport, LA
KSSU Sacramento, CA
KSYM San Antonio, TX
KTCV Kennewick, WA
KTRM Kirksville, MO
KUNV Las Vegas, NV
KUWS Superior, WI
KWCW Walla Walla, WA
KWLC Decorah, IA
KXUA Fayetteville, AR
KXUL Monroe, LA
TCC Tulsa, OK
UMSL St. Louis, MO
WBWC Berea, OH
WCFM Williamstown, MA
WCHC Worcester, MA
WCNI New London, CT
WCSF Joliet, IL
WDCE Richmond, VA
WDCV Carlisle, PA
WDWN Auburn, NY
WECS Willimantic, CT
WERU East Orland, ME
WESS E. Stroudsburg, PA
WFCF Saint Augustine, FL
WGFR Queensburg, NY
WGLS Glassboro, NJ
WGMU Fairfax, VA
WHCL Clinton, NY
WHFR Dearborn, MI
WIDB Carbondale, IL
WITR Rochester, NY
WIUX Bloomington, IN
WLFC Findlay, OH
WLFR Galloway, NJ
WMHB Waterville, ME
WMHW Mt. Pleasant, MI
WMUC College Park, MD
WMUL Huntington, WV
WMUR Milwaukee, WI
WNIA Rocky Mount, NC
WWSU Dayton, OH