Materials, structures, Design


Materials, structures, Design
Materials, Structures, Design
The Bamboo DNA story
Bamboo DNA was founded by
artist and New York City native
Gerard Minakawa, who created the
company in response to an urgent
need for unique, high performance
bamboo materials with which to
design and construct his structures.
In addition to importing and
distributing bamboo products such
as poles and fencing, Minakawa
has led bamboo building teams
around the country and abroad. He
holds a BFA from the Rhode Island
School of Design and recently
taught a design class for the
school in Bolivia, where his father
was born and where he himself
lived for three years working
closely with indigenous artisans.
He is an award-winning designer
whose work has been featured in
numerous publications around the
world, including the Washington
Post, the New York Times and I.D.
Past projects
Photo: Nils Hammerbeck
Photo: Gerard Minakawa
80’ tall Bamboo Skyscraper,
All Points West, NYC, 2008
Bamboo Skyscraper,
All Points West, NYC, 2008
Performance Stage, Lightning in a
Bottle, Santa Barbara, 2008
Bamboo DNA built a 70 foot tall Wave sculpture at the 2008 Coachella Music Festival which ran from April
remained standing through the Stagecoach country music festival the following weekend, from May 2-4th. The piece was
built largely through volunteer help and was designed by Gerard Minakawa.
History of BAMBOO DNA Events
Bamboo Bridge, Burningman 2003
Bamboo Trapezium, Burningman 2004
Starry Bamboo Mandala,
Burningman 2006
Coachella Music & Arts Festival,
Indio CA 2008
Lightning in a Bottle,
Santa Barbara CA 2008
Mile High Music Festival,
Denver CO 2008
All Points West, NYC 2008
Electric Picnic, Ireland 2008
Lucent Lamour by The Do Lab,
Los Angeles CA 2009
Coachella Music & Arts Festival 2009
Photo: Waldemar Horwat
Starry Bamboo Mandala, Burning Man, 2006
Photo: Nils Hammerbeck
Photo: John Shearer
Graphic Design by Gabe Nordyke