Dr Azis Ariffin and Dr Nora. UPM.



Dr Azis Ariffin and Dr Nora. UPM.
Dr Azis Ariffin and Dr Nora.
Essential oil:
Oil extract that
contains aromatic
compounds (esp.
esters) which emanate
the beautiful “essence”
or aroma.
Essential acids:
The omega-6 (C18:2,
linoleic) and omega-3
(C18:3, linolenic acid) fatty
acids which are necessary
but cannot be synthesized
by the body. Some plants
have oils with exceptionally
high content of essential
fatty acids. Plant oil rich in
essential acids may not
have the aromatic
compound or “essence” to
classify as essential oil.
In cosmetic (cream, gel, emulsions)
cosmeceuticals, toiletry (soap,
toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners).
Food supplements (capsules,
ingredient in margarine, “jam”,
chutney and salad)
Fatty acid composition of Typhonium
flagelliforme (keladi tikus) extract: The
17.8% palmitic and 51% linoleic acid
rich extract has been shown to have
anti cancer properties and in reducing
leukemia cells.
Extract shown to
have anti-cancer
Keladi Tikus extract
Hexadecanoic (palmitic)
acid [17%]
linoleic acid [51%]
Anti-cancer activity !!!!
We are looking into it.
Pitaya oil extract
Research continues to look for more uses of pitaya oil taking
advantage of its high essential acid content, in cosmetic,
pharmaceutical, toiletry and health supplement.
Why not, then, we breed pitaya for fruits with higher quantity of