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High-Pressure Face Supply - dat
High-Pressure Face Supply
For the mining industry
DAT Bergbautechnik GmbH is synonymous with
innovative and state-of-the-art technology including the technical advice for their customers and
the service offerings necessary for such complex
DAT has the necessary system knowledge as
well as the most experienced specialists to work
out solutions quickly and service our customers
worldwide. DAT additionally calls in companies
specializing in certain components and component
groups who help instantly and in an uncomplicated
manner whenever problems occur.
Assembly of a HP pump system
Our hallmarks are state-of-the-art mining technology, quality, on-time delivery and an excellent
service which all contribute to your success at the
mines. DAT supports its customers up to the point
when the installations are taken into operation and
of course offers an optimum after-sales service.
The customers decide whether they want support
when the need arises or continuous support the
details of which are laid down in a service contract.
In addition to brand-new systems and machinery
DAT also offers used, optimally refurbished mining
Refurbishing shield supports
CAD workplace in the design department
DAT Bergbautechnik GmbH located in Wesel
Hammelmann high-pressure plunger pumps
for the hydraulic face support
All over the world, hydraulic stations are operated
using Hammelmann high-pressure pumps and
hydraulic systems. Reliability, ruggedness, and a
compact design are the features required on powered supports.
Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are equipped
with a central plunger cooling system which allows
to check the operating condition of each individual
plunger from the outside by manual or electrical
temperature measurement to draw conclusions
with respect to wear and thus conduct preventive
The Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are
electro-hydraulically controlled via a control block
(patent pending) consisting of an integrated circulation valve, a check valve towards the face and a
safety valve for protecting the high-pressure pump
and the face hydraulic system. Activation is via the
supply pressure of the high-pressure pump which
ensures an extremely smooth operation of the high
pressure. This prevents all hydraulic components
from being subjected to extreme loads such as e.g.
pressure spikes, high flow rates, and high pressure
differences, for example at the control valves. The
individual components of the system are made up
of the Hammelmann standard parts well proven for
many years.
The pumps achieve high delivery rates and have
low space requirements. The latter is due to the
compact design of the pumps with integral reduction gear. The vertical model additionally saves
space. In this configuration any oscillating forces
are transmitted vertically into the base frame – unwanted lateral oscillations as known from horizontally configured machines do not occur.
Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are built on
the basis of the modular concept and offer the
advantage of identical components. The proven
Hammelmann technology for industrial applications
recognized worldwide with power ratings of up to
1100 kW and operating pressures of up to
4000 bar in continuous duty reliably guarantees
that the requirements of the mining industry for
power ratings from 30 to 350 kW and hydraulic
pressures from 100 to 420 bar at delivery rates
exceeding 500 l/min are met.
Hammelmann high-pressure pumps are mounted on extremely torsion-resistant sledge-type
base frames with stable covers. All control, valve, display, and measuring instruments are thus
protected against falling rocks. The stations can
be installed on overhead monorails, rails, sledges,
chains, or wheels.
Further fields of application for the Hammelmann
high-pressure technology in the mining industry are water-supported coal extraction, waterspraying systems for drums, and cooling of electric
Series HDP 250 (5-piston pump)
High-pressure face supply
The economic efficiency of underground coal
mining operations essentially depends on a reliable
supply of the longwall face with high pressure.
The heart of every hydraulic face supply system is
the pump station with its components as there are
high-pressure pump unit, tank system, filter station,
and emulsion mixing plant.
DAT Bergbautechnik offers a perfectly matched
mobile supply system which ensures an optimum
supply of the mining equipment with hydraulic fluid.
High-quality and reliable components guarantee
ease of maintenance of the complete system.
The system is installed in rugged tubular frames
where it can be used either as stationary unit or
attached to an overhead monorail.
Up to four pump units are applied to increase
production safety. They deliver the hydraulic fluid
via the backflushable high-pressure filters into the
longwall face.
The electrical control and a diagnostic system
developed especially for these applications ensure
that the system works properly.
The high-pressure pump HDP 170 is the ideal
space-saving alternative for particularly confined
A high degree of reliability and low-pulsation running characteristics are the special advantages of
the series HDP 250 (5-piston pump). It is suitable
for use with water, emulsion, or HFA fluids.
HDP 170, 290 l /min,
200kW power rating 340 bar pressure
HDP 250, 400 l /min,
250kW power rating 340 bar pressure
High-pressure pump unit HDP
Volume flow
Plunger diameter
Power rating
Average plunger speed
12 - 841 l/min
80 - 480 bar
17,5 - 100 mm
11 - 355 kW
1500 / 1800 / 2150 1 / rpm
0,63 - 1,39 m / sec
Sealing by packing or labyrinth seal with ceramic plunger
HDP 20
HDP 40
HDP 70
HDP 120
HDP 170
HDP 250
HDP 250 L
HDP 360
HDP 250
HDP 170
18,5 kW*
37 kW*
70 kW*
110 kW*
200 kW*
250 kW*
250 kW*
360 kW*
)* max. power rating
Patented pump
circulation valve
Prefilter 100 Micron
Series HDP 170
Quality and reliability are ensured by:
• Stress free pump head made of high-grade steel
• Bellows sealing system hermetically separates the medium end from
the crank section
• Choice of sealing assemblies to suit the individual application
• Solid ceramic plungers
• Suction chamber made of bronze or high-grade steel
• Long life and high operational safety of the crank section
• Pressurized oil lubrication system
• Design for continuous operation within the performance area
1) Frame with protective cover
2) Pump motor
3) Prefilter for HP pump
4) High-pressure pump with ceramic plunger
5) Return pipe to tank
6) Patented circulation valve
7) Digital pressure sensor
8) Onboard control unit
9) Power supply unit
10) Safety valve
11) High-performance coupling
Tank unit
The tank unit provides the emulsion for the highpressure face supply and supplys the pump units
reliably with the required hydraulic fluid. The standard capacity is 3000 to 5000 liters.
The tank can be supplied with integrated emulsifying agent tank.
For the tank connection and/or the suction port
type G3“- DN80 connections are provided.
The tank is completely made of high-grade steel.
Access is provided via inspection openings at the
top. The tank interior is divided into three segments
which are separated by smoothing plates.
All necessary ports and connections are located
at the fronts so that the parts forming the pump
assembly can be installed in line or next to each
The tank can be emptied via a ball valve. At the
longitudinal sides the tank is equipped with hose
and/or cable ducts. Filling level and temperature of
the fluid are constantly monitored by state-of-theart sensors.
12) Inspection doors
13) Injector mixing plant
14) Supply pump with motor
15) Sensors with digital display
16) Cable guiding
17) Water tubes
Filter station
The filter station provides for an optimum filtration
within the high-pressure supply system and thus
increases the life of the hydraulic longwall equipment. It is installed on a separate frame. Each
pump is provided with a high-pressure double
backflush filter with electronic monitoring.
The return line is cleaned by means of a six-chamber return line filter, the fresh water supply through
a three-stage cascade filter. Hydraulic fluid of class
HFA is the ideal medium for the supply of the hydraulic longwall equipment.
Central control unit
of the pump station
Bladder accumulator
Cascade filter for water
Three-stage backflushable cascade filter
Filter mesh size: 100 / 50 / 25 µm
Flow rate: max. 800 l / min
Maximum operating pressure: 100 bar
Linear unit working pressure: 100 – 320 bar
Filter element: Slotted pipe
Fabric element, breathing filter element Brass
housing, high-grade steel linear unit
Weight approx. 110 kg each cascade
The fresh water supply is cleaned via a three-stage
cascade filter.
Return line filter
Example 1
Return line filter station WPV5
1 Bag filter 4-fold/DN100, PN16,
1 Process filter 22-fold/DN100, PN10,
2 Return valves DN100, 1 overflow valve with
frame and baseplate, complete piping DN100,
drain valves, and pressure gauges.
Flow rate 2700 l/min
Example 2
Four-chamber return line filter
Filter mesh size: 50 µm
Arranged in line or parallel
With bypass function
Weight approx. 140 kg
Flow rate: 1200 l /min
Example 3
Bag filter 4-fold
Filter mesh size: 50-200 µm
Flow rate: 2700 l /min
High-pressure backflush filter system
Backflush filter
Mesh size: 25 µm
Flow rate: 1000 liters / min
High-grade steel design
Automatic backflushing
Operation during backflushing possible as the individual chambers are flushed one after the other
Monitored electronically via two sensors
Weight approx. 220 kg
Different modes are available for operating the
backflush filters: You can choose between timecontrolled and pressure / time-controlled operation.
Pressure / time control is always preferrable. Here,
filter inlet and outlet are monitored by means of
pressure sensors. Should an adjustable pressure difference occur the flushing process will be
initiated. If, however, a prioritized settable time
loop elapses without a pressure difference having
occurred the filter will also be flushed. This ensures
that the filter will always be optimally cleaned.
Electronically controlled mixing plant
The emulsion mixing plant is an (optional) component of the high-pressure face supply system.
It is designed for mixing the fresh water with the
concentrate and automatically tops up the emulsion tank.
In order to make the emulsion tank re-filling operation as easy as possible for the operating crew and
to achieve an exact mixing ratio this task is taken
over by the computer-controlled emulsion mixing
The fresh water passes through a backflushable
water filter with a mesh size of 40 μm. When fresh
water is required, the downstream 2/2-way valve
opens permitting flow to the emulsion tank. A flow
meter is used to determine the quantity already
supplied. When the target value is reached the
2/2-way valve closes.
Injector mixing plant
The emulsion mixing plant works according to the
injector principle, that means concentrate is taken
from the 490 liter concentrate tank via a nozzle
system when the fresh water flows through the
mixing plant. The concentration is set via a manual
throttle valve.
Technical Data:
Permissible operating pressure: 50 bar
Water pressure: min. 6 bar – max. 15 bar
Water flow rate: 120 l/min +/- 6 l/min (constant)
Mixing ratio: 0.5% to 5%
Mixing accuracy: +/- 5%
Weight: approx. 50 kg
Technical data:
Volume: 400 liters
Power: 2.2 kW
Speed: 1400 rpm
Voltage: 1140 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Pipes, hoses and emulsifying agents
The WE-ER® high-pressure pipeline system with
its lines and fittings offers the possibility of a fast
connection without the need for the use of additional tools.
In addtion to suitable hydraulic hoses DAT offers a
huge range of hydraulic technology and accessory
products as well as the hydraulic fluids required to
operate them.
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