For more information, contact:
Roberta Weintraub
Founder, Executive Director
HighTechHigh-Los Angeles
1529 Gilcrest Drive,
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Voice 310.246.0404
Fax 310.273.8167
Roberta at [email protected]
HighTechHigh Los Angeles
A Community of Learning
> High Goals. High Achievement.
HighTechHigh Los Angeles
High Tech.
A Community of Learning
> Mission Statement
HighTechHigh-Los Angeles (HTH-LA) empowers students and teachers with
understanding and skills through an advanced, technology-rich education.
Graduates of HTH-LA will be the future leaders and knowledge workers in
the 21st century digital world.
> A High Tech Bridge to the Future
cheduled to open for classes in September
“Modeled after the
2002, HTH-LA is the city’s first and only public high
teamwork environment,
school designed to integrate a rigorous college-
embracing the spirit
prep curriculum with intensive high-technology
of successful high
training. Located on the site of Birmingham High
400 students in grades 9-12, as well as a full roster
technology industries,
School in the San Fernando Valley, HTH-LA is a
of experienced teachers, teachers-in-training,
and incorporating
self-contained, state-of-the-art facility hosting
industry mentors, industry leaders, and high-tech
the best practices of
experts. Students and teachers will emerge from
higher education,
this California Charter School as ambassadors for
HTH-LA represents
the skilled use of technology in classrooms and
an extraordinary
communities far beyond the HTH-LA campus.
opportunity for us
to ensure an active
leadership role for our
children in the high
technology world that
awaits them.”
— Margaret A. Klee
Chief Information Officer,
Information Technology
Los Angeles Unified
School District
> Aiming High: The HTH-LA Vision
n support of a strong and optimistic vision
“Think about the young
of the future, HTH-LA will:
minds that will bring
• Provide a unique educational experience for poor
us the technology of
and minority students that integrates technology
• Create a small, diverse learning community that
• Offer real-world experience through relationships
tomorrow. Our future
throughout a challenging college-prep curriculum
engages each student in a rigorous academic
with technology partners who provide mentors,
depends on them—and
and provides training and certification in high
program with an emphasis on math, science
internships and professional feedback on
they, in turn, depend
technology fields.
and engineering, to prepare them to succeed in
student work.
on us. To invest in their
college and to be the innovative knowledge
workers of tomorrow.
• Serve as a model school demonstrating best
• Act as a dynamic and leading-edge training
education. To fire their
practices in the integration of technology into
program for Los Angeles Unified School District
imaginations. To make
secondary education.
teachers in innovative teaching methods and
sure they are able to
the effective use of technology in the classroom.
fulfill their enormous
potential. This is our
mission: To open up the
possibilities—and then
to stand aside.”
—Roberta Weintraub
HTH-LA Founder and
Executive Director
> Thinking Outside the Box: The HTH-LA Curriculum
Performance-Based Assessment
Beyond standardized tests, evaluation and
assessment at HTH-LA is based on student
roject-Based Curriculum
HTH-LA students are engaged in a rigorous college
Math/Science/Engineering Emphasis
performance and projects. Culminating student-
“In the future,
HTH-LA will enable poor and minority students to
project exhibitions and presentations for teachers
teachers will be in
preparatory curriculum in which abstract academic
Technology Industry Links
gain skills in the critical disciplines of math, science
and technology professionals provide for authentic
more of a coaching
principles are applied to solving real-world
Teachers collaborate with industry partners on
and engineering that will prepare them to succeed
performance-assessment grounded in academic
role, a guide on the
problems. Students learn how to communicate
curriculum that meets state academic standards
in post-secondary education and to become
and professional standards. Graduates are required
side, not a sage
ideas and collaborate with others; develop the
and is aligned to current workplace practices.
leaders in high technology industries. Students
to complete a senior internship and project
on the stage.”
capability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate
Certification programs, such as A+, network design,
may solve engineering problems by building
presentation, to create and exhibit a digital
information; and acquire the capacity to organize
and software support, give students hands-on
functional robots or computers; learn the practical
portfolio, and to have achieved certification in
and manage their time and projects. Projects of
experience and marketable skills. A key component
applications of science and math by designing
at least one area of technology.
increasing complexity are designed to incorporate
is the opportunity for 11th and 12th grade students
new, more energy efficient school buildings;
HTH-LA academic strands, including math, science,
to work off-site through industry internships with
and explore product and automobile design in
engineering, language arts/humanities and design.
HTH-LA technology partners. These internships
the prototype engineering lab. HTH-LA building
Collaborations between HTH-LA teachers and
give students crucial workplace experience, an
systems are designed to be integrated into an
university-level faculty, as well as technology
understanding of real-world problem-solving and
environmental science and engineering curriculum.
partners, assure that the curriculum articulates
the opportunity to work on projects that affect the
with college-level and real-world standards.
communities in which they live. While HTH-LA
expects graduates to continue in higher education,
the certification program and internships give
students a path to technology careers.
— Linda Darling-Hammond
Professor of Education,
Stanford University
> An Extraordinary Opportunity for Teachers
> An Extraordinary Opportunity for Students
TH-LA serves as a technology training site
“In the HTH-LA model,
for teachers throughout LAUSD. It offers training
teachers collaborate
programs in the effective use of technology in the
in communities of
practice that challenge
“Education, then,
beyond all other
students, regardless of prior grades or academic
classroom and workshops that explore how using
devices of human
performance. Student demographics reflect LAUSD’s
technology as a teaching tool can change and
are able to maintain an ongoing dialogue with
them to do their best,
origin, is the great
enrollment, consisting primarily of minority and
improve instruction. Classes for teachers are offered
peers and technology professionals around the
to extend themselves,
equalizer of the
inner-city youth from low-income families and
after school, in the evenings and on weekends. For
world. They are able to present their curriculum
and to reach out to
conditions of men—
neighborhoods. Following application, the school’s
and parents who are willing to sign a contract
those teachers unable to access HTH-LA physically,
designs, teaching methods and evidence of student
embrace new methods,
the balance-wheel
enrollment is decided by lottery. Follow-up
outlining specific academic goals and
distance-learning classes on effective technology
work to colleagues for assessment and feedback
new disciplines, and
of the social
admission interviews identify motivated students
expectations. Teachers, administrators and
use are available on the HTH-LA WEB site. Teachers
and to develop a professional community of
new technologies.
counselors work with students to develop
and educators have the option to access selected
practice through regular dialogue. What works and
This can only have a
individualized learning plans to ensure that
HTH-LA classroom practice directly through streaming
what does not work at HTH-LA is shared equally.
stimulating effect on
each student has the opportunity to succeed.
video on the WEB and to view recorded classes
In this way, HTH-LA serves as a research center on
every student, teacher,
through HTH-LA’s Video-on-Demand class library.
new methods of teaching and learning.
and school they come
— Horace Mann
nrollment in HTH-LA is open to all LAUSD
into contact with from
HTH-LA is a model program for teacher education.
Since teachers who work at HTH-LA cycle through
Through HTH-LA’s state-of-the-art computer
the site every 3-5 years, the school directly
network and broadband internet access, teachers
replicates its best practices by sharing what has
been learned, thereby creating a ripple effect that
will improve instruction throughout LAUSD.
that time forward.”
—Doris Lasiter
Ed.D and Principal,
Birmingham High School
> Buildings That Teach and Inspire
TH-LA’s buildings serve as an important
Visual Comfort: The interior provides uniform
teaching tool for the curriculum. Using cutting-
and flexible lighting, integration of daylight and
edge mechanical, lighting, electrical, and energy
electric light, and windows that offer views of
conservation systems, the school buildings are a
throughout the day. All data on energy-use and
High performance glass, used in all windows,
hands-on, demonstration laboratory for students
conservation is available for student analysis
maximizes the amount of natural light while
studying basic physics and environmental design.
through the school LAN. HTH-LA is a “green”
reducing heat gain and glare.
The photovoltaic panels on the roof of the commons
school that meets and exceeds the highest current
building and the mechanical and lighting systems
standards set by the California Energy Commission.
are digitally monitored and controlled. The systems
respond and adjust to the changing environment
the school gardens.
“Everytime a student
walks past a really
Acoustic Comfort: Sound reverberation is
urgent, expressive
controlled through the use of absorbant materials,
piece of architecture…,
Thermal Comfort: All spaces in the school
and noise from HVAC systems is minimized through
it can help reassure
Through the use of cool-roof technologies and
are maintained in the ‘Comfort Zone’ for
acoustical treatment of ducts and equipment.
him that he does have
highly efficient mechanical and lighting systems,
temperature and humidity to optimize teachers’
the consumption of electricity is significantly
and students’ performance.
less than in traditional school buildings.
that mind, does have
Safe and Secure: Entry and exit from the campus
that soul.”
are regulated through biometric controls, and
buildings are secured by monitored alarm and
closed-circuit video systems.
— Louis Kahn
>Innovative Architecture for an Innovative School
he architectural design of HTH-LA is a
dramatic expression of the school’s innovative
curriculum, teaching methods and technology.
HTH-LA is a small learning community organized
to the state-of-the-art prototype lab where
around a central town square, the “commons,”
students can build what they have designed on
that is surrounded by staff, faculty and classroom
computers. Outside the classrooms and commons
spaces. The school is divided into a lower school,
are shaded study gardens that provide a gathering
for 9th and 10th grades, with flexible classrooms
place for individual work or discussions. The
that include adjacent project rooms for collaborative
courtyard entrance serves as a casual meeting
team-work. The upper school includes a project-
environment for students and visitors. All of the
based “great room,” designed to model a
architectural elements of HTH-LA are brought
workplace environment, for independent study
together under the vaulted roof of the commons.
projects. Technology and science labs are adjacent
Natural light fills the building, and bright colors
are used throughout the school interior to create an
uplifting and inspiring environment for students
and teachers.
The HTH-LA Site Plan
Faculty conference room
Classroom (math, science,
Project room
> Creating a Community:
mentor office
Student/Teacher copy center
Office support
Teacher lounge
Great room
Student lockers
Outdoor amphitheater
Informal meeting area
Teacher offices
20 Outdoor classroom
Study garden
22 Prototype lab
23 Utility
“Training high school students in technology
“HighTechHigh will be a ‘Flagship’ school
“We fully support this high school, the first of
is vital to their professional success in the 21st
which demonstrates the power of technology
its kind in the Los Angeles Unified School District,
century. HighTechHigh will provide cutting
utilization in the instructional programs in
and one that we believe will make a major
edge skills and knowledge to students, and train
the State of California. The students within
contribution to our next generation of science
teachers throughout the city to replicate the
the Los Angeles community will benefit
educators and technology leaders. We at
program within their own classrooms. I strongly
greatly from this endeavor.”
Cal State Northridge look forward to a successful
support this extremely worthwhile project.”
James K. Hahn
Mayor, City of Los Angeles
collaboration with HighTechHigh.”
Governor Roy Romer
Los Angeles Unified School District
Jolene Koester
President, Cal State Northridge
> Inspiration and Endorsements
“Teachers will be at the epicenter. I would
“As a senior manager in the world’s largest
“We believe that the soundness of its plans
trade all of my technology for an afternoon
executive search firm, I am well aware of the
and sensitivity to the urgent educational and
with Socrates.”
high demand for trained technology experts
economic needs it intends to address will make
everywhere. The unprecedented growth of new
HighTechHigh-LA an outstanding and widely
technologies and technology-based services
emulated resource for Los Angeles.”
Steven Jobs
CEO, Apple
“The HTH-LA program is a major addition to
the Los Angeles community, a gateway to
opportunity for low income and minority youth,
a global example of a cutting-edge education
program and a proof of concept, which will
ensures high demand and rewarding career
opportunities for many young people in
years to come.”
Dan Demeter
Senior VP & CIO,
Korn/Ferry International
“The computer-literate generation won’t look at
education as distance learning. They’ll look at it
as immediate access.”
spawn clones. It is a beacon that shows the
way to opportunity and success in new
“We live in a society dependent on science
and technology in which hardly anyone knows
anything about science and technology.”
Bernard J. Luskin
Chairman & CEO, Luskin International
Robert Lapiner, Ph.D.
Dean, Continuing Education
and UCLA Extension
Carl Sagan
Herb Allen
Global Education Network
“Schools are about realizing how much more
there is to learn. It’s the habits of the mind
“The principle goal of education in the schools
“We are excited about the opportunity to work
should be creating men and women who are
as partners in the education of our young people,
capable of doing new things, not simply
our teachers, our administrators and the
repeating what other generations have done;
community at large.”
men and women who are creative, inventive and
discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and
not simply accept, everything they are offered.”
Jean Piaget
Angelina Galiteva
Executive Director,
Strategic Planning, DWP
that are critical.”
Deborah Meier
Education Reformer
“When you get this sense of involvement, there’s
no boundary. There’s connective learning.”
Bill Gates
Chairman, Microsoft
> The HTH-LA Development Team
“The final component
he creation and development of HTH-LA is led
provide internships for 11th and 12th grade students.
is to be set to learn
by educational entrepreneur, Roberta Weintraub,
Education partners consult on curriculum design and
for life on your own,
past President of the Los Angeles School Board.
program articulation with college-level standards.
to be a functioning
Over the last 20 years, she has raised millions of
citizen in the
dollars from foundations, corporations, government
Award-winning Los Angeles architect, Richard
information economy.”
grants and individuals for the development and
Berliner, of Berliner and Associates leads the design
operation of 25 Magnet/Academy schools.
team for HTH-LA. Berliner and Associates has designed
— John Doerr
projects for major entertainment studios in Los Angeles
Venture Philanthropist
Partners in creating HTH-LA include:
as well as seven multimedia learning environments
• The Los Angeles Unified School District
for New Media Academies throughout LAUSD.
• HighTechHigh-San Diego
• Leading corporations in the technology industry
Berliner and Associates is collaborating with:
• Art Center of Pasadena, Otis College of Art
• The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power,
and Design, Pierce and Mission Colleges, CSUN,
which is providing state-of-the-art energy
efficient products and design consultation.
• The California Energy Commission, which is
The technology partners contribute design
providing environmental and energy efficiency
expertise and equipment, mentor students and
design consultation.
teachers, collaborate on technology projects, and
• The National Tooling and Manufacturing
Association (NTMA), which is consulting on
the design of the HTH-LA production studio.
Ikkanda Design Group
Design Firm
For more information, contact:
Roberta Weintraub
Founder, Executive Director
HighTechHigh-Los Angeles
1529 Gilcrest Drive,
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Voice 310.246.0404
Fax 310.273.8167
Roberta at [email protected]
HighTechHigh Los Angeles
A Community of Learning
> High Goals. High Achievement.
HighTechHigh Los Angeles
High Tech.
A Community of Learning

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