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Untitled - La Place Du Hobby Inc.
Includes New Tooling!
11684 1/72 PBM-5 Mariner USN
The PBM was designed in the late 1930’s and first deployed in
the early 1940’s as a sea-based U.S. Navy patrol bomber and
transport. The Mariner was also well suited for search and rescue
operations. It was a large aircraft carrying a crew of 7 to10 and
had a flight range of over 2000 miles. This new 1/72 scale kit represents the PBM-5 seaplane, the single most-produced aircraft
in the Mariner family.
The PBM-5 seaplane features new tooling for “beaching
gear”, depth bombs for use in the fully-detailed bomb bays.
Recessed panel lines, detailed twin engines with positionable
cowl flaps and control surfaces, and markings for the PBM-5
11319 1/350 RMS Olympic 1913
This new kit includes new tooling for parts appropriate
for the Olympic including the open promenade deck and other assorted details. It represents the Olympic as she appeared
in 1913, having been modified by the addition of lifeboats and
other safety equipment that was demonstrated to be necessary
by the tragic loss of life on Titanic.
This new kit offers a 1/350 scale model of the venerable RMS
Olympic first placed in service in 1911. Truly the queen of the
seas for the day, Olympic began operation almost a year before
her sister ship Titanic made her ill-fated maiden voyage and
sailed into history as the most famous maritime disaster of all
time. Unlike Titanic, Olympic operated for over 24 year before
being scrapped in the nineteen thirties.
Includes New Tooling!
11244 1/16 1928 Lincoln Convertible
The Lincoln Motor Company was originally organized to manufacture Liberty motors during World War One. When the war
effort ended, a modern manufacturing plant was born and
the decision was made to manufacture a new luxury motorcar. The first Lincoln was built in September of 1920. In 1927,
the Lincoln marque adopted the greyhound as their emblem,
which was later replaced with diamond, which is still in use in
modern times.
Minicraft’s new re-issued 1/16 1928 Lincoln model kit
sports a highly detailed interior, pose-able steering, opening
hood and real rubber white wall tires.
11240 1/16 1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod Roadster
performance to suit their owner’s tastes.
The new Minicraft Hot Rod Roadster captures the spirit of
that era with custom wheels and tires, a flat-head V-8 engine
and many custom chrome parts. The large, 1/16 scale kit boasts
opening or pose-able doors, a detailed interior and chassis, plus
a custom rear axle.
The Ford Model A of 1928–1931 also called the “A-bone” among
rodders and customizers, was the second huge success for the
Ford Motor Company, after its predecessor, the Model T. During
the 1940’s and early 50’s, the Model “A”was a reliable, inexpensive car that proved to be ideal for customizing. With creativity
and ingenuity, the Model A’s were often customized with the
addition of new engines and custom parts that added style and
The C-130 has served the United States Air
Force for over 50 years and it has undergone
many changes to its engines and avionics. The
super Hercules is the latest version featuring an
extended fuselage and updated engines with
6- blade propellers.
The new Minicraft C-130 J-30 features new
fuselage tooling representing the latest variant of the C-130. The kit also features new “J”
engines, recessed panel lines, interior cargo
bay and position-able rear door and up-dated
engines with unique scimitar propeller design
and 2 USAF markings.
14700 1/144 C-130 J-30 Super Hercules USAF
Includes New Tooling
14701 1/144 C-47A “Gooney Bird” on Floats
Includes New Tooling
14709 1/144 EC-135C USAF
The EC-135C evolved from the earlier KC-135A
to serve as an airborne command and control
The new Minicraft EC-135C is made from
new tooling and includes recessed panel lines,
re-fueling boom and operator position, “C” engines, pose-able landing gear and unique EC135 communications equipment.
The DC-3 was designed and operated as an airliner before WWII. In military service it became
the C-47A. The C-47A served in every theatre of
operation of WWII carrying cargo, passengers
and paratroops.
The new C-47A features new tooling for
floats, enabling the aircraft to take off and land
from both land and sea. This unique amphibian
was sold to private ownership after World War
II. The new Minicraft “Gooney Bird on Floats”
features both USAAF military and private aircraft markings.
14707 1/144 KC-135A USAF SAC
The KC-135A served as the primary refueling aircraft for the airborne nuclear forces
as a deterrent during the Cold War. The KC135A was an integral part of the elite Strategic Air Command.
Minicraft’s KC-135 includes recessed
panel lines, re-fueling boom and operator’s
position, pose-able landing gear and authentic 1/144 scale KC-135 fuselage.
11683 1/48 P-38J USAAF
The B-707 was among the most advanced aircraft of its era. The last production of the B-707
was purchased by the U S Navy and equipped
with avionics and engines for advanced high
level communication with the ISBN force and
high command of the US Navy.
Minicraft’s E-6 represents the last of the
B-707’s produced and includes new engine
tooling, unique E-6 antennas and sensors
and 2 US Navy aircraft marking options.
The P-38 was developed before WWII for
the United States Army Air Force. Used extensively in Europe and the Pacific, the P-38
holds the record as the aircraft flown by the
highest scoring fighter ace of the United
States in WWII.
The new Minicraft 1/48 scale P-38J offers
new markings depicting two aircraft operating from 1943 to 1945.
14702 1/144 E-6 Mercury USN
Includes New Tooling!
The E-3 AWACS is easily the most recognizable
aircraft in operation today with its unique “radome”. Based on the B-707 airframe, the E-8
Joint Star provided theatre command and
control of US and Allied military forces during
both conflicts in the Persian Gulf.
The new Minicraft kit features parts to
build either the E-3 AWACS or the E-8 Joint
Star. Markings for one E-3 AWACS and one E-8
Joint Star are included.
14703 1/144 E-6/E-8 AWACS/Joint Star
11671 1/48 Beechcraft T-34A/B & C Mentor
All New Tooling!
11685 1/48 Cessna 172 on floats
The Cessna 172 is larger and more powerful compared to the Cessna 150. Cessna airplanes are among the best-recognized private aircrafts ever. With over 19,000 Cessna
172’s produced, the Cessna 172 can be seen
the world over.
This plastic assembly kit features engraved surface detail, recessed panel lines and
floats. Floats are used on many small airplanes
for operating from lakes and water bodies. This
new kit features new markings and decals that
can be “customized” by the builder to represent both USA and Canadian aircraft.
The US military needed a cost-effective
aircraft capable of good speed and maneuverability with gentle flight characteristics for training new pilots. Beechcraft
Aviation modifed their successful Bonanza into a tandem seat military trainer.
The Mentor was very successful and employed by the US Air Force, the US Navy
and many allied air force units.
This new 1/48 scale kit boasts all
new tooling, including a detailed cockpit and sliding canopy, positionable
landing gear and decals with multiple
marking options.
14720 1/144 Messerschmitt Bf110
The Messerschmitt 110 was designed as a
“heavy fighter” intended to escort early bombers on long–range missions. Ultimately the Bf110 was incapable of defending itself against
most contemporary fighters in WWII so the aircraft was adapted for use in many roles including fighter bomber, reconnaissance, light transport and finally as a night fighter in defense of
the Reich.
This new kit features new markings and
decals representing 2 unique Luftwaffe aircraft.
11689 1/72 B-24D “Formation Ship”
11686 1/48 Cessna 172
The Cessna 172 is the “big brother” to the Classic 2 passenger Cessna 150. With a larger airframe and more powerful engine, the Cessna
172 has a longer range, higher top speed and
greater carrying capacity than earlier models.
The Cessna 172 is operated by private owners
and in commercial service world-wide.
This plastic assembly kit features engraved
surface, recessed panel lines and tricycle landing gear plus new decals that can be “customized” by the builder to represent both USA and
Canadian aircraft.
The B-24 was produced in greater quantities
than any other aircraft in WWII. The B-24D was
the early version of the B-24 that served in all
theatres of operation during WWII. This model kit represents the United Sates Army Air
Force B-24D used as a formation ship. Formation ships were decorated in bright distinctive
markings to assemble bombing formations before the flight into hostile territory.
This new kit features new markings and
decals representing 2 unique USAAF 8th AF
14722 1/144 P-47D USAAF
The P-47D was the largest single engine aircraft
used in WWII by the United States Army Air
Force. The aircraft was originally designed as a
long-range fighter escort for bombing missions
in both Europe and the Pacific. The P-47 was
a rugged aircraft with heavy firepower, which
made it ideal as a low altitude fighter to attack
ground targets.
This new kit features new markings and decals representing 2 unique USAAF aircraft.
14723 1/144 L-188 Electra Demonstrator
14721 1/144 HE-111
First developed in the 1930’s as an airliner, the
HE-111 became one of the most widely used
medium bombers employed by the German
Luftwaffe in WWII. The aircraft was deployed in
every theatre of action and used by several nations allied with Nazi Germany and Axis allies.
This new Minicraft HE 111 features new
markings, one for the German Luftwaffe the second a captured aircraft in unique RAF colors.
The L-188 Electra was introduced in the late
1950’s to serve as a fast, economical medium
range airliner for short and medium range
service. The first revenue flight of the Electra
took place in January 1959. While the Electra
had a short career as a front line airliner, the
aircraft proved the effectiveness of the “turbo-prop” engine.
The new 1/144 scale Minicraft Electra features new markings representing the first Electra used by Lockheed to solicit orders for the
new “Prop-jet Electra”.