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fast duromax - Fast Genetics
Fast DuroMax
The Fast DuroMax is Fast Genetics’ newest terminal sire line! The Fast DuroMax is three parts Duroc and one part
Pietrain. This boar combines the growth, durability, and meat quality characteristics of the Duroc with the added feed
efficiency and lean meat yield of the Pietrain. The Fast DuroMax is desirable for producers that want an alternative to
an all-Duroc boar. The Fast DuroMax will work well in artificial insemination and natural service settings.
Superior Genetics
Fast Genetics is a leader in both maternal and terminal sire lines. We understand the need
for profitable performance in the commercial industry. Our terminal sire program is selected for uniformity and
liveability, so that pigs born actually go to market. Fast Genetics’ terminal sire herds offer a high health, PRRS and
Mycoplasma naïve sire.