PDF List - Joes Grotto Music Venue


PDF List - Joes Grotto Music Venue
Joe’s Grotto
13825 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Joe’s Grotto - PA Equipment
Front of House- Bi Amped system (Crown and QSC, DBX driverack
crossover/PA management system)
1 JBL SRX dual 15” cabinet per side
2 JBL SRX dual 18” cabs in a central location
Allen and Heath GL2400, 32 channel, (4 monitor sends, 4 aux sends
used for FX, 4 matrix outs) (subs are part of the stereo mix, not run
off an aux)
Processing4 dbx compressor/gates
4 beringer gates
TC Electronic M-1
TC Electronic D-2
6 dbx 31 band EQ’s (2 for FoH stereo, 4 for monitor mixes)
House Mics4 Shure 58’s
3 Shure 57’s
1 Shure beta 57
3 Shure beta 58’s
4 Audix D-2’s
1 Audix D-6
2 AKG D-12’s
1 Sennheiser 902
1 small condenser mic (hi hat)
3 Berringer DI boxes
1 Whirlwind DI
Joe’s Grotto
13825 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Note: Joe’s Grotto is run with two snakes on either side of the stage. The
snake inputs and the board are not patched “1 to 1” meaning just because
you plug a mic into channel 5 at the snake does not mean it is channel 5 on
the board. Snake positions are fixed. IT IS NOT EFFICIENT TO TRY AND
LABELED. As an example, if an act uses 16 channels they will not necessarily
be using channels 1-16, they will be using the channels labeled for the
necessary instruments.
We are running the sub cabinets with more power than recommended.
Please be advised that on the DBX driverack three green lights in the “lows”
is just below clipping the amplifiers. FOUR LIGHTS IS CLIPPING.
Joe’s Grotto - Staging Lights and Effects
(Some on standby if needed)
1 NSI 7524 48 channel board (in use)
1 Chauvet Obey 70 intelligent light controller (in use)
1 Chauvet strobe controller (in use)
1 Velleman USB DMX interface for laptop (in use)
2 Elation DMX Operators
1 Chauvet DMX-6 Junior
2 NSI MC7016
1 575W focusing lens (Source 4)
Dimmer Packs:
2 Elation DP-DMX20L
4 NSI 4600
1 NSI 5600
2 Lightronics 600W dimmer
2 Vellemann 800W dimmer modules
Joe’s Grotto
13825 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032
5 Par 56 cans (white)
4 Par 46 cans (white)
1 50W halogen center downlight on lead singer (white)
3 50W halogen downlight in from of drums (white)
6 Par 64 500W cans (2 blue, 2 magenta, 2 orange)
9 Par 56 300W cans (3 white, 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue)
2 Par 46 250W cans (blue)
2 Par 38 150W cans (red)
3 Geni Mojo Scan III 250W scanners
3 Martin MiniMac Profile Lights
1 Super Strobe
2 ADJ Fusion FX TRI Bars
2 ADJ 800W Mega Strobes
Sidetrusses (2 – one on each side of stage):
4 Par 46 250W cans (two on each truss – 1 green, 1 orange)
2 Super Strobe (one on each truss)
2 Par 64 LED can (one on each truss)
2 LED com scans (in use)
Drummer Riser - Hanging:
3 Par 46 cans (white)
1 50W Halogen Special for drummer (white)
Drummer Riser – On Drum Riser:
4 100W cans in drums riser (white)
3 Slow Strobes inside drum set
Joe’s Grotto
13825 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Behind Drum Riser:
2 Par300W Uplights (white)
1 Omnisystem Fog Machine pumping through 3 inch tube on each
side of drum riser
On stage (Ceiling):
4 Chauvet 4 foot Colorstrips
On Stage (Both Back Corners):
1 4-can stacked 280W Blinders (white)
Effect Lighting: (Some on standby if needed)
1 Chauvet 150W GoboMix (in use)
2 Chauvet Omega 250 Color Changers (in use)
2 ADJ comscans
2 Par 46 Super Pin Spots (in use)
1 ADJ 200W Super Strobe (in use)
1 Dual Rotating Balls Disco Light(300W each ball) (in use)
1 150W Rotating Beacon Light (white) (in use)
2 300W Focus Wedges (white) (in use)
2 Double row 300W Aggressor (blue)
1 ADJ Mantis II (in use)
4 30W Pin Spots (over drum riser)
1 Super Strobe
1 16”x16” Reflector Multi Strobe
1 300W single layer Aggressor (white)
2 ADJ 150W Trance Wheel
2 ADJ 150WTopaz
1 Moonflower (white)
1 Visual Effect Super Fogger V-950
1 ADJ Fogstorm 700
1 Antari Alpha F-80Z Fog Machine
1 100W Rotating Beacon Light (white)
Joe’s Grotto
13825 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032
Extra Lights (if needed):
4 Par 38 150W cans for drums on drum riser
4 Par 64 Cans
3 Par 38 cans
1 5-head colore lens light bar (150W each lamp)
1 5-head white light bar (50W each lamp)
Extra Switch Power:
1 195 Amp 14 Relay Power Pack and Control Board with Foot Pedals
(used to keep beat with music)
House Soundperson:
AD Rodrigues
[email protected]
Phone: 480-228-6640
House Lighting:
Layden Atmar, Loudlighting
[email protected]
Phone: 602-754-7438
Booking information:
Joe Grotto
[email protected]
Rick Smith
[email protected]
Phone: 602-992-1077
Joe’s Grotto
13825 N 32nd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85032