the Guidelines for the registration on


the Guidelines for the registration on
Universitaly Application
STEP 1. Click on “ accesso programmato 2016 – iscrizione 2016” for launching the
registration procedure.
STEP 2. To get your login credentials, click on the link “why and How to register”.
STEP 3. Click on the button “Join now”.
STEP 4. Fill in your personal details.
STEP 5. Read the instructions carefully.
STEP 6. Click on “Registration for Architecture”.
STEP 7. Choose the campus of your choice. Please note: should you be interested in the program held in
English, choose the campus in Milan.
STEP 8. You first choice has now been selected (step 7). Please note: international students have only one
option to select.
If you happen to be an EU student or if you apply AS EU student, you will be asked to drag and drop another
2 options to the grey field.
STEP 9. Now you are able to generate a receipt that will state your confirmation code.
STEP 10. If you have not completed the registration on Online Services, please, do so.
Upon this registration, you will be able to specify the language of the test.

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