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Product Brochure
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First impressions
that count
The WipeWindo® is designed for maximum impact at the golden moment when a customer
first walks into your shop. By combining all advantages of the FloorWindo® with a doormat,
the WipeWindo® is both practical and informative. Helping to ensure the customer stays in
your shop.
The WipeWindo® can be quickly cleaned with a non-aggressive cleaning fluid and the
mat is easy to remove and hoover. And the visuals are changed as easily as with the normal
FloorWindo®. Obviously, the WipeWindo® can be used in combination with any of
the other FloorWindo® products. Offering unique possibilities in all possible variations.
WipeWindo’s® are
available in various sizes.
All Windo® products
can be branded in various
ways.The standard brim is
dark grey, but available in
other colours on request.
FloorWindo®,WipeWindo® and DeskWindo® are registered trademarks of FloorWindo International bv
Face the Floor
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In-store communication is crucial for both sales and service to your
customers. Yet, the space available for it is often limited. What’s more,
traditional in-store communication often creates an unsightly jumble of
posters, banners and streamers. It takes up too much space, can seldom
be used anew and tends to get in the way of products or customers.
The FloorWindo line of products introduces another dimension to in-store
Optimal use of
counter surfaces
The DeskWindo® extends the FloorWindo® idea to the surface of counters or desks. Specially
designed for these sales situations, its ultra-slim frame lies snug on the counter
surface and will not slip or wear.Visuals can be easily renewed and will always remain
clearly visible.
advertising. It utilises unused floor and counter surfaces to communicate
effectively-while leaving an open, uncluttered view of the articles you
want to sell.
DeskWindo’s® are often used as counter displays at money exchanges, post offices, petrol
stations and shops. But they are equally suitable as menu displays, price list displays,
mouse pads or writing pads.
The principle
A FloorWindo® consists
Another look at the floor
of a flat, slip-resistant
The FloorWindo® exploits the eye-catching potential of
frame of high quality
the floor. It can be placed anywhere you want and is safe for use on carpets, marble, linoleum or
rubber and a scratchproof
parquet floors.These waver-thin poster displays draw attention without getting in the way. People
non-reflecting window
can easily walk across them. And FloorWindo’s® stimulate sales when they are strategically placed
that covers a regular
near the entrance, the spot where the client takes his buying decision, at the shelf with special
poster. FloorWindo’s®
offers or in front of the till or counter.
come in various sizes.
FloorWindo’s® are easily re-located and their content can be effortlessly up-dated.The possibilities
they offer are practically endless.This high quality and durable product remains looking attractive
no matter how many thousands of feet walk across it.