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Brochure - Oliver Kessler Design
Design for all Senses
“Welcome to the latest portfolio of Oliver Kessler Design, showcasing unique relaxing
objects that blend nature´s versatility with state-of-the-art technology. Manufactured in small
series for those who are interested in individual and functional design with an exquisite touch,
but without comprising a broad market acceptance.
Maintaining a high quality and excellent service is the reason for the success of the products of
Oliver Kessler Design. These products can be found in high end resorts worldwide and even
in Arabian Royal Palaces.
This portfolio introduces the elegant Vincerò lamp. The concept of this ambiance and reading
lamp was created on one of my many voyages to the Middle East. Like our signature product,
the luxury ceiling fan The Solitaire Punkah, Vincerò is a product that you will not find in the
design store, but only at selected agents worldwide or directly at Oliver Kessler
Design in Munich, Germany.
Now, sit back, relax and indulge in the unique portfolio of Design for all Senses!“
With creative regards,
Oliver Kessler, January 2012
The punkah is the initial man-made ventilation device. It was originally cut from a
palmyra leaf and later manufactured mainly from fabric, wood or bird´s feathers.
For generations the punkah was a symbol of wealth and luxury and could be
found in oriental high places such as palaces of Egyptian Pharaohs and Indian
THE SOLITAIRE Punkah brings back the majestic punkah fan with its slow
pendular movement. It instantly creates an almost tangible relaxing and calming
atmosphere and it is the exquisite complement of an exclusive interior design.
THE SOLITAIRE Punkah is based on a unique technology that combines a
counterweight balanced mechanism with a computer controlled electric
motor. This allows the punkah to swing in an almost soundless and highly energy
efficient pendular style.
THE SOLITAIRE Punkah comprises two components: THE DRIVER and
THE BLADE. You have the choice of different driver versions and expressive blade designs to meet any residential and commercial project demands. Bespoke
driver finishes and customized blades, uniquely designed for a special location,
are of course also available.
• Driver case precision milled from a solid block of aluminium
• Installation bracket solid powdercoated stainless steel
• All stainless steel parts 410 or 457 quality
• All aluminium parts chemically treated and powder coated for maximum corrosion protection
• Sealed case for maximum protection of electronic components
• Digital motor controller
• Super silent high torque motor
• Automatic safety stop
• Auto adjust power supply (110 / 230 VAC)
• Appr. 10-15W average power consumption (depending on size of blade and speed)
• Bespoke colour of powder coating
• Interface for home automation system
• 2.4 GHz remote control with USB recharge system
• SynchTool to synchronize an unlimited number of THE SOLITAIRE Punkah fans
• LED blade illumination
The Peacock
The Ostrich
• Powdercoated aluminium, carbon fibre, brass,
• Powdercoated aluminium, stainless steel,
peacock feathers
• max. 2200 x 1400 x 120 mm, 15 kg
The Breezer
• Powdercoated aluminium, fireproof fabric,
different colours available
• Large: 1800 x 1000 x 120 mm, 15 kg
(Small: 1800 x 730 x 120 mm, 10 kg)
72 Swarovski® crystals, 24 ostrich feathers
• 1400 x 800 x 120 mm, 10 kg
The elegant lines of Vincerò (”I shall win”) are inspired by sports
trophies and draw a reference to one of the tallest buildings in Qatar,
the Aspire Tower.
The solid transparent body is partly coated by a semi-transparent
lacquer which is illuminated by four powerful warm white LEDs.
The focused beam of a fifth LED in the base´s center points upwards
through the transparent body onto the lower surface of a polished
badge on the top.
This badge works as a mirror and turns the 350mm high Vincerò into
both a spot light and an ambiance lamp.
Both light characters can be switched independently.
Design: Oliver Kessler
Rethink indoor fountains.
RAINCUBE lets you indulge in the atmosphere of a refreshing summer rain shower.
Without getting wet.
Material: Plexiglass
Colour: Different choices available
Size: Scalable from 400 x 400 x 400 mm
Illumination: LED, different choices of colour available
Water runs inside and along illuminated Plexiglass tubes
Design: Oliver Kessler
Origamilight is a caleidoscopic lighting object based on
threedimensional geometric shapes.
The integrated light sources illuminate the handcrafted tiles of Japanese paper evenly.
Origamilight is manufactured according to client´s wishes, as Gasho (picture),
Zataku (table) or Hekkimen (wall panel).
Design: Oliver Kessler & Andrea Janek
Reflecting the skyline of modern metropolises.
Edgy, clean and cool by day, warm and eye-catching by night.
Uptown is scalable from a 60 cm high table lamp size up to a 1.50+ m large floor lamp.
The shade is made from frosted glass or Plexiglass, the base can be manufactured according to client´s wishes.
Design & Development:
Kathi Dunkel and Oliver Kessler
Your Agent:
Oliver Kessler Design GmbH
81929 München
P.: +49 89 54 88 78 18
[email protected]
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