Summer 2015 - Heritage Federal Credit Union



Summer 2015 - Heritage Federal Credit Union
Teach Your Child the Value of
Time & Talent this Summer
What are your child’s plans for the summer season? Why not
use the summer break to teach him/her the different ways
they can make a difference in the community?
Evansville Otters
Washington Wild Things
July 25,
6:35 PM
Kirby o
Appreciation Night
It’s HFCU’s 50th Anniversary &
Bosse Field’s 100th Anniversary!
Anniversary Edition Baseball Cap
to the first 1000 guests!
Tickets available in all branch locations.
Visit for more details.
Volunteer Your Time
It’s important to teach your kids the value of their time.
Older children can bake cookies or host a lemonade stand
as a fundraiser for their chosen non-profit. (Parents, be sure
to contact the local health department to verify whether
a permit is needed.) You and your child could also easily
organize a collection of clothing for a family in need or for
the nearest clothing bank.
Share Talents
Do you have a creative child on your hands? Kids can put
their creativity to work in a number of ways. Consider
decorating made-from-the-heart greeting cards for the local
Ronald McDonald House families. Or maybe your son/
daughter is good with animals? Contact your local animal
shelter for hours of operation and ask to come by to walk the
dogs and socialize the cats for higher adoption rates.
Donate Money
Kirby the Kangaroo teaches
children how to equally Save,
Spend, and Share. If your
youngster’s “Share” jar is
filling up, sit down and decide
together which local kidfriendly charity would benefit
from a donation. Perhaps they
would like to give pet food to
a local animal shelter? Maybe
your history lover would like
to support the area veteran’s
center or Evansville’s LST-325.
Fun Science Experiment!
Let’s face it...the summer is full of time for your child to
play, build, explore and use their imagination. Here is an
idea for this summer season that is sure to please:
Reduced rate Holiday World tickets
are available at Heritage Federal
Credit Union branch locations in
Vanderburgh and Warrick counties.
General Admission tickets: $38.50
Under 54 inches tickets: $34.00
Seniors age 60 and over: $34.00
Stop By Mesker Park Zoo
and take a ride on the...
Heritage Federal Credit Union
Zoo Tram!
What melts in the sun?
Grab a muffin tin and fill it with an assortment of objects.
Some ideas include a lego, a piece of ice, a wooden block,
a rock, a cube of butter, a cube of cheese, a marble, a
quarter, a crayon, a piece of soap, and a piece of candy.
Leave the tray in the sun for 10 minutes. During your
wait, make a list of every item and write down whether
your child thinks it will melt. After time is up, examine
the contents and discuss what looks different. Leave the
tray another 40 minutes and go back to it. Has anything
changed? Record your results and compare to your child’s
original guess!
Visit Kirby the Kangaroo online at
All-New HFCU Member Appreciation Event
Save an additional 30% off, including sale prices*
Exclusively for HFCU Employees, Members & Family
Sunday, August 30, 2015 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Towne Center (805 N Green River, Evansville)
Show flyer at the door for entry.
Visit a HFCU branch or for your flyer today!
*Federally-Insured by NCUA.

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