Thank You Heritage Federal Credit Union For Supporting Growing



Thank You Heritage Federal Credit Union For Supporting Growing
730 W. Delaware Street
Evansville, IN 47711
Phone: 812-424-4780
Fax: 812-425-2502
Elissa’s Story - St. Vincent ’s Provides
So Much More Than She Expected
Thank You Heritage Federal Credit Union For
Supporting Growing through Gardening
Thanks to support from Heritage Federal
Credit Union, this year our students were able
to not only learn about how produce grows,
but to actually grow it in our garden.
The Growing Through Gardening program was
incorporated into our preschool curriculum
this spring. To help students learn about
germination, they started with growing green
bean seeds in their classrooms and then
transplanted them into their small garden plot
where they also planted cucumbers, squash
and tomatoes.
Throughout the summer each class spent time learning about how
plants grow, tended their garden and harvested the produce, which
they then sampled. The entire process helped bring the planting
and growing cycle full circle for our students.
We thank Heritage Federal Credit Union for its generous support of
our the Growing Through Gardening Program and for their employees’
volunteer support in helping to water, weed and tend our garden plot.
All parents can expect the highest quality early
education and care in a safe and nurturing environment
when they enroll their children at St. Vincent’s. And
that’s exactly what Elissa Johnson expected—but it’s
what she didn’t expect that has made the biggest
impact on her life.
Elissa’s son Elijah was born in June 2011 and she
instantly knew that he deserved to have the absolutely
best parent that she could be. Because she was working
and going to school, she needed to find quality care
for Elijah.
Our Paths to Quality Level 4 rating and National
Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
accreditation along with the excellent recommendations
she received from friends are what brought Elissa to St. Vincent’s. The quality of the
teachers, the curriculum and care, and most importantly, Elijah’s growth and response to it are
what keeps her at St. Vincent’s.
But something Elissa never expected was the impact St. Vincent’s has had on her life through our
Family Advocacy Program. The guidance, support,
advice, and even the cheerleading has helped her
to focus on her personal goals—both in working
toward and accomplishing them.
“As a parent, there is always room for improvement. St. Vincent’s Family Advocacy Program helps
families connect to community resources and I
appreciate the programs the agency makes available to families and parents. Programs
like Youth First’s Strengthening Families provides the guidance and support parents
need to be the very best parents they can be for their children,” says Elissa.
“I can’t thank St. Vincent’s enough for not only allowing my son Elijah to learn
and grow as a person, but also providing me the opportunity to grow as well.”
Fall 2015
Volume 1, Issue 4
Inside this issue:
Marilyn J. Klenck Fund
Supports Wordless
Picture Books for
Celebrating Families at
Family Fun Night and
Piece of Cake’s Pies
for a Purpose
Fundraiser Supports
St. Vincent’s
Daughters of Charity
Donate an ABC Bench
to St. Vincent’s
and Dancing With Our
Stars, Evansville Style
4, 5
THANK YOU to United
Way Day of Caring
100 Stories for 100 Years
Recognizing the Ladies of
Did You Know?
THANK YOU Heritage
Federal Credit Union
for Supporting our
Growing Through
Gardening Program
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Page 7
Marilyn J. Klenck Fund Supports
Wordless Picture Books for Students
100 Stories for 100 Years
St. Vincent’s is grateful to the Marilyn J. Klenck Fund for Education and Literacy for its
$2,323 grant to purchase wordless picture books for our students.
Board of Trustees
Michael DiRienzo
Joshua Hodge
Sister Theresa Peck, D.C.
Phil Stolz
Dr. Timothy “Tad” Dickel
Terry Green
Anita Hagan
Integrating these books into our
curriculum will help build children’s
literacy and creative imagination
skills, which have critical roles in
their future achievement. Wordless
picture books provide numerous
benefits for emerging readers,
including the development of prereading skills, sequential thinking
and visual discrimination. Children
can draw on their interpretive skills
to invent narratives, which allows
them to practice storytelling skills and expand their cognitive abilities.
We appreciate the support of the Marilyn J. Klenck Fund to help instill in our students
a love of reading and learning.
Celebrating Families at Family Fun
Night and Carnival
Family engagement is an important
component of our work at St.
Vincent’s. Many of the families we
serve have little time and even less
disposable income for extracurricular
family activities, which are important
opportunities for parents and children
to spend valuable time together.
Sister Sharon Haskins, D.C.
Jeffrey Jackson
Sister Margaret Quinn, D.C.
Tammy Sutton
Vanessa Wilkison
Patti Wittgen
President and
Executive Director
Kimberley A. Mulfinger
Our Mission
Founded on the values of
the Daughters of Charity, St.
Vincent Center for Children
and Families is an accredited
early childhood education
and care center that starts all
children on a pathway to lifetime success and coordinates
programs and services to
help their families thrive.
St. Vincent’s Board member Vanessa Wilkison
runs a carnival game at Family Fun Night.
family meal, play fun carnival games
and win prizes.
Again this year, THANK YOU to El
Charro Mexican Restaurant for so
generously providing a wonderful
meal complete with chips, salsa,
tacos, beans and rice!
St. Vincent’s
Our Family Fun Night and Carnival is
a free event that affords children and
families the opportunity to spend
some quality time together, enjoy a
In just three years, St. Vincent’s will be celebrating our 100th anniversary
of caring for and educating children in our community. As we look
forward to this momentous occasion, we are looking back over our
history and early beginnings.
As noted in the August 8, 1918 Evansville Courier article to the right,
the Ladies of Charity worked relentlessly to raise the funds to start St.
Vincent’s Day Nursery. As the founders of our organization, the Ladies
of Charity devoted countless hours to help meet the community’s need
of quality, affordable care for the children of working women. We are
grateful for their tremendous work and fundraising efforts along with
the support of the community that made our organization a reality.
As we approach our 100 year anniversary in 2018 we want to connect
with alumni, former board and staff members, and volunteers to share
their memories of St. Vincent’s with us.
If you or someone you know would like to share a memory of St.
Vincent’s, please contact Katelynne Edge at 812-424-4780 or at:
[email protected]
Did You Know?
 Research continues to show that young children learn best through meaningful play experiences. Active free
play outdoors is where children start to build many of the foundational life skills they need in order to be
successful for years to come.
 The economic benefits of high quality early childhood education outweigh the costs. Cost estimates indicate a
return on investment of 16%, yielding more than $8 for every $1 invested.
 The blue boxes that contain words and their definitions throughout this newsletter are our organization’s
values. They remain ever present in the work we do on behalf of children and families and help to guide us
as we continue growing our future.
Page 6
2015 Dancing With Our Stars, Evansville Style
Thank You continued
Ramona Sebree
Shannon's School of Dance
Ben Shoulders
Stacy Sloan
Linzee Smiley
Studio D
James Sutton
Joshalyn Sutton
Beth Sweeney
Todd Taylor
Bill Theby and Pat Vaughan
Karen Timberlake
Sonja Timberlake-Wagner
Deb Turner-Baehl
United Fidelity Bank
Brian Vaal
Richard and Dori Van Vlack
Dirk and Pamela Vanvorst
Robert and Kelley Vescovi
Bobbi Warren Productions
Greg Wedding
Timothy Weir
Kelli Wilkins
Jim and Karen Will
Marsha Williams
Patti and Jeff Wittgen
Stephen and Laurie Witting
Monica Wolschleger
Paul Wright
Lisa Young
Tracy Zeller
In-Kind Supporters
Evansville Courier & Press
Fat Head Media
Lamar Advertising
Nussmeier Printing
Tracy Zeller Jewelry
Tri-State Trophies
99.5 WKDQ
103 GBF
106.1 Kiss
United Way Day of Caring
Each year, the United Way of Southwestern Indiana kicks off its campaign
with the Day Of Caring. After volunteers and member agencies attended a
wonderful breakfast, St. Vincent’s was delighted to host 43 volunteers
from Clippinger Financial, Springleaf and Vectren.
Volunteers were throughout our center. Fourteen spent the morning working
with our preschool students on painting stones for our agency garden. And,
Brian from Vectren Corporation played guitar and sang to students in their
classrooms. Our students enjoy having caring volunteers engage with them,
particularly when they are sharing a new experience with them.
“We want to expose our students to a wide spectrum of experiences, from
educational and career interests to favorite hobbies” said St. Vincent’s Program Director Mandy Brown.
Twenty-eight volunteers worked on projects throughout our facility that included washing walls and windows,
trimming shrubbery and trees, sprucing up landscaping and our playgrounds.
We thank all the United Way Day of Caring volunteers for sharing their time, talents and skills with us!
Page 3
Have A Seat—Daughters of Charity
Donate an ABC Bench to St. Vincent’s
THANK YOU to the Daughters of Charity for
donating a wonderful ABC Bench to St. Vincent
Center for Children and Families!
The ability to use the
imagination to develop
new and original ideas
or things; particularly to
assist children to reach
developmental and
academic goals.
Plastic bottle caps—more than 400 pounds—
were collected over the last year and a half
and Green Tree Plastics recycled them into
two benches, one of which was given to St.
We know the bench will be enjoyed for
many years to come!
Teachers Sarah Luzader and Carolyn Wininger
and children from Room K take time away from
outdoor play to test out the new bench.
Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser Will
Benefit St. Vincent ’s
For 17 years, Piece of Cake has been serving our community with
its wonderful selection of delicious sweet treats including cookies,
pies and cakes. One of the ways this locally owned business
supports non-profit organizations like St. Vincent’s is through its
Pies for a Purpose Fundraiser.
From November 1 through November 19, you can stop by St.
Vincent’s or use the coupon below to make you selection from any of twelve delicious pies.
Pie orders must be pre-paid and received no later than 4:00pm on November 19.
To be confident in the
likelihood of success.
For every pie sold, St. Vincent’s will receive $3 back. Pies will be available for pick-up at
St. Vincent’s from 11- 5pm on Wednesday, November 25. Please contact Katelynne Edge
(812) 424-4780 if you have any questions.
St. Vincent’s Pies for a Purpose Order Form
Please indicate how many of each pie you are ordering and
include your check made payable to Piece of Cake with the order:
____ Apple $14.95
____ Banana Cream $14.95
____ Chocolate Cream $14.95
____ Kentucky Bourbon $18.95
____ Peanut Butter $18.95
____ Cherry $18.95
____ German Chocolate $14.95
____ Key Lime $18.95
____ Pecan $14.95
Lemon Cream $18.95
____ Pumpkin $9.95
Name: _____________________________________ Phone # ___________________
Mail this order form and your check to:
St. Vincent Center for Children and Families, 530 W. Delaware Street, Evansville, IN 47710
To recognize and
appreciate the dignity,
value and rights of all
persons of all ages.
Page 4
Thank You Donors!
THANK YOU to the following individuals, organizations, businesses and foundations who
generously supported our mission from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.
To possess and
steadfastly adhere
to high moral
principles and
Gifts of $100,000 and above
Daughters of Charity Province of St. Louise
United Way of Southwestern Indiana
Gifts of $250 - $499 continued
John and Jane Hodge
Josh and Lauren Hodge
Christopher Kessler
Gifts of $50,000 and above
SW Indiana Business Leaders Roundtable
on ECC and SW Indiana Future Fund
Donald and Linda Libbert
Charles Sitch
Springleaf Financial Matching Gifts Program
United Way of Henderson County - Century Aluminum Sebree
United Way of Gibson County - Toyota Motor Manufacturing IN
Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999
Cecil A. and Mabel Lene Hamman Foundation
City of Evansville Endowment Fund
Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999
John and Karen Cinelli
Wayne and Beth Kinney
To use a dynamic
process of change that
occurs in all aspects
and levels of the
educational process and
affects all of the people
included in the process,
including families
and society.
Confidence in and
reliance on good
qualities, especially
fairness, truth, honor
or ability, and hopeful
reliance on what will
happen in the future.
Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999
Accuride Corporation
Robert and Pauline Wassmer
Mamie L. Young Charitable Trust
Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499
Atlas Van Lines
Daniel and Mary Atler
Michael and Elizabeth Byrd
Deaconess Hospital, Inc.
Freeman Will & Niemeier, Inc.
Ladies of Charity
Kim and Fred Mulfinger
Joseph and Mary Tobin
Kathy Tretter
Trinity United Methodist Church
Fund for Service to Others
Gifts of $500 - $999
Michael and Karen Browning
Carl and Kay Chapman
Michael and Barbara Doris
Heritage Federal Credit Union
Jim and Karen Will
Christine Williams
John and Mary Wittgen
Gifts of $250 - $499
Cherie Burgdorf
Mark and Margaret Conway
Jeffrey and Diana Feyen
Harold and Joyce Godeke
Gifts of $100 - $249
Anne Ainsworth
American Sanitary Supply
Ted and Diane Barron
Bradley and Julie Bath
William Bennett
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Matthew and Kelly Broshears
Dan and Michelle Collins - Collins Pest Management
Timothy and Andrea Dickel
Dan and Erin Diehl
Daniel and Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Flittner
Sister Michael Friebe, D.C.
Cynthia Hupfer
Justin and Catherine Jarvis
Oscar and Helen Jones
Colleen Martin
Ann Muehlbauer
E. Wayne and Martha Pokorney
Anthony and Cynthia Richardt
SABIC Innovative Plastics Matching Gifts Program
Richard and Martha Schuler
Barry and Mary Jane Silvey
Jill Snyder
Phil and Kiersten Stolz
Jason Titzer
Lynn Vosburgh
Jerry and Patricia Ziemer
Gifts of $1 - $99
Eugene and Rose Mary Adler
Trevor Arvin
AT & T Employee Matching Gifts Program
Thomas and Sandra Bailey II
Katharina Clem
David and Frances Enzler
Michael Goebel
Page 5
Gifts of $1 - $99 continued
Jean Goelzhauser
Sandra Goin
Nancy E. Haas
Robert and Lucille Hayden
Dennis and Donna Hodges
Joni Jackson
Ron and Susan Jesop
Tom and Connie Kremer
Imogene Lutz
Dana Purdy
Jay and Linda Ritter
Paula and Charles Sabotta
J.E. Shekell, Inc.
Stephanie Starkey
State Employees' Community Campaign
Tammy Sutton
United Way of Gibson County
United Way of Henderson County - Big Rivers Electric
Leo and Mary Will
William and Mary Ann Wittgen
THANK YOU to the following individuals, businesses and foundations who
generously supported Dancing With Our Stars, Evansville Style 2015 with
their sponsorships, ticket purchases and votes for our dancers.
Waltz Sponsor
Cold Stone Creamery/
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Tango Sponsors
Berry Plastics Corporation
Tropicana Evansville
Uniseal - Koch Foundation
Rumba Sponsors
Evansville Teaches Federal Credit Union
F.C. Tucker Emge Realtors
Harding, Shymanski & Company, P.S.C.
Old National Bank
St. Mary's
Cha-Cha Sponsors
Allen's Home Solutions
Basket Kases Gift Shoppe
D-Patrick Ford Lincoln
Evansville Icemen
First Security Bank
Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP
Don Bernhardt
Mary Blair
Matthew and Kelly Broshears
Mary Jane Bruner
Cherie Burgdorf
Alex Burton
Zachary Burton
Keith Busse
Adam Caldwell
Bernice Callahan
Tara Case
Carl and Kay Chapman
Linda Clifford
Amanda Conner
LaDonne Craig
Richard and Connie Dauch
Daughters of Charity
Daniel Davis
Rob Davis
Michael Dickerson
Robert and Deborah Goldman
Rafail Gonzalez
Lisa Grimm
Hafer Associates, P.C.
Anita and Rusty Hagan
Kenton and Anna Hargis
Birdie Harrison
Henry Hayden
Scott and Laura Hazlett
Mary Healy
Zachary Heronemus
Brandon and Maggie Hill
Aldo Rob Hirschbuhl
Josh and Lauren Hodge
Betsy Hopkins
Stephen Horning
Ann Hummel
Brandy James
Karese Johnson
Scott and Lana Judd
Jane Marchant
Melodie Marion
Stephen Martin
John McCullough
Doana Meeks
Maureen Meyer
Chad Monroe
Jason and Alyson Niehaus
Todd Nowak
Katie O'Daniel
ONB Employee Jeans Day
Oswald Communications
Laura Ottenbacher
Ashly Peierskalla
Piece of Cake
Jennifer Pointer
Bryan Prado
Robert Renock, Jr.
Jack and Lisa Rheinhardt
Anthony and Cynthia Richardt
Accuride Corporation
David Adams
Robin Adams
Timothy Alcorn
Deanna Allbrittin
American Sanitary Supply
Ron and Margaret Angermeier
Stephen Barker
Charles Dietrich
Mike and Melissa DiRienzo
Mark Druckmiller
Alicia Egli
Ray and Lenore Engler
Jeffery and Diane Feyen
Frehouse Subs
Bob and Debbie Garlick
Jason Garlick
Ronald and Sheri George
Melissa Kahn
Kanpai Asian Bistro
Rebecca Kasha
Gary Keeton
Janet Keller
Wayne and Beth Kinney
Lewis Kling
Kimberly Lewis
George Macon and Karen Hall
Sharon Macon
Gregory Risch
John Risner and Sharon Parente
Jay and Linda Ritter
Almeta Rodgers
Rich Royalty State Farm
James Rulseh
Paul and Ann Ryan
Kerstin Schultz
Donna Schweiger
Deborah Sebree

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