2009 July - Parents Association


2009 July - Parents Association
Chesapeake & Potomac Chapter News
Summer - 2009
C & P Chapter Officers:
& Committee Chairmen
President—Carroll Chase
[email protected]
(Matthew 2011)
Vice President—Steve Troch
[email protected]
(Sarah 2012)
Treasurer—Dale Langston
[email protected]
(Daniel 2010)
Ways & Means—Don Hager
[email protected]
(Steve 2011)
Membership—Debbie Velencia
[email protected]
President’s Ponderings
Wow, as I write this, our
cadets are well into their
summer assignments
whether it be as sweaty
swabs (no explanation necessary), thankful third-class
(thankful that they are not
swabs), serious secondclass (leaders-in-training
cannot crack a smile), or
fantastic first-class (always
a pleasure to be at the top
of the food chain). In any
case, each cadet is one day
closer to becoming a commissioned officer in the US
Coast Guard which is
quite an honorable
It was exciting to see the
great turn-out we had for
the Appointee’s Picnic. The Chesapeake &
Potomac Chapter has a
long and proud history of
sending a large group to
USCGA every year, and it
is encouraging to see that
the tradition continues. As
parents, we navigate that
difficult task of letting go
and it is one of the functions
of this group to
support for each other in
this endeavor.
We look forward to another
year together. Our organization is only as strong as
its members, so please consider becoming an active
participant. As you can see
from the Chapter Officer’s
List and Chairperson’s list,
there are some vacancies. There are also several
volunteers whose cadets are
in their final year, so replacements will soon be
needed (Treasurer, Membership and Pre-R Day Reception). We know everyone is busy, but as I quoted
in my last email, “Many
hands make light the work.”
Again, Welcome to those
new to the C&P Chapter
and great to have those returning members helping to
make us such a great organization! Carroll
Parents mingle at the “Welcome
Aboard” picnic in late May.
(Craig 2010)
Joint Services Academy Ball
Webmaster—Lou Hepp
[email protected]
(Christopher 2010)
Newsletter— Larry Costolo
[email protected]
(Bob 2012)
R-Day Reception—Pam Roth
[email protected]
(Steven 2012)
C& P Chapter Memberships Renewals
Thank you to all of our old
and new members who have
paid their dues for the 20092010 membership year. The
money we collect supports all
cadets through the chapter’s
contributions to the Parents’
Gift Fund, the Cadet Transportation Endowment and the
Cadet Activities Endowment. The C&P Chapter also
funds the Moral and Ethics
award which is given at Par-
ent’s Day Weekend to the cadet with the highest average in
that class. We continue to
support cadets who visit for
sports events such as the annual Spring Break Lacrosse
Tournament and other
events. We also plan to meet
later in the academic year to
make up goodie boxes for each
company ‘s dayroom. All cadets whose family is current in
their membership will receive a
birthday card from the chapter. To download a form, visit
the chapter membership page
at http://
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C& P Chapter Appointee Picnic a Great Success!
On May 30, 2009, the Chesapeake & Potomac Chapter of
the US Coast Guard Academy
Parent’s Association hosted the
annual Appointee Picnic for
the incoming class of 2013 and
their families.
This year’s event was held on
the banks of the Severn River at
the Retelle Beach Pavilion, on
the grounds of the Naval Activities Support Center in Annapolis, MD .
A beautiful sunny day helped
to welcome many of our new
2013 parents and swabs. Food
and drink were plentiful, as was
The Parents
very appropriate
the exchange of information
as the swabs and parents broke
into groups for more in-depth
Cadet 2/c Matt Chase
addressed the parents, relating
his experiences as he enters his
junior (2/c) year. Many upperclass parents also answered
questions and provided advice to the new swab parents.
our annual picnic a success. Cadet 2/C Chase was in
attendance to fill the SWABS
in on what they can expect and
having a question and answer
session with the parents. A
good time was had by all and
the food was great!
A total of 19 new members of
the Class of 2013 attended this
fun event!
Thanks to the Costolo’s,
Langstons, Links, Roths,
Velencia’s, & Zablotny’s for
helping Carroll to make our
Our Maryland & Virginia 2013 Swabs
pose during the Welcome Aboard
motto is Sumus
Vobiscum, which
means, "We are
with you."
Pre-R Day Social and R-Day
We had a very successful Pre R
-Day Social that was held in
conjunction with The Delaware
Valley Chapter.
Thank you for pitching in so
that we could return the funds
raised to the academy and to
the core of cadets.
Don Hager, the Langston’s, the
Roth’s and our Chapter President, Carroll Chase, set up and
manned our R-Day table, full of
great CGA items. The team
took turns manning the table
so that we could also enjoy the
many booths from the other
Our next big event is Parents’
Weekend where we will have a
booth selling a plethora of great
Coast Guard paraphernalia. We generally do well with
this event as it is one of our
biggest fund raisers.
We encourage new and old
families to help out at the table
for an hour or two during
Parents’ Weekend This allows
everyone to spend time with
their cadet and enjoy the other
festivities. My favorite saying
“many hands make light work.”
We will be sending out sign up
sheets early September.
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R-Day—June 29, 2009
Our C&P members ready to welcome the Class of 2013 at the Pre-R-Day social.
12,948 inquiries
USCGA Fall Sports—Parents’ Weekend
For such a small service
academy (remember, we have
fewer than 1,000 total cadets!)
the USCGA fields a remarkable
number of athletic teams, unmatched by any school of its
Twenty-three intercollegiate
sports teams, as well as numerous club teams keep our cadets
in top physical condition, while
providing a competitive environment at the Division III
Men’s and Women’s Cross
Country, Men’s and Women’s
Soccer, Volleyball, and Football are the six sports that take
place in the fall.
While most of us are familiar
with the football game that
takes place on Saturday during
Parents’ Weekend each year,
all of our other USCGA fall
teams are also playing that day
as well
Men’s Soccer—12 Noon
Women’s Soccer—4:30PM
Cross Country (M&W) At Connecticut College across
the street.
Upcoming Events
Mystic Flag Ceremony—July 25, 2009
Cadet Administrative Processing - August 17-19, 2009
Fall Semester begins: Aug 20
Parents’ Weekend: Sept 25-27
Thanksgiving Leave: Nov 25-29
Last day of Fall classes: Dec 9
Exam period: Dec 11 – 17
3,371 completed applications
411 appointments tendered
290 accepts
MD swabs—21
VA Swabs—21