Prelude 1


Prelude 1
Prelude 1
The “PRELUDE ONE” is designed
for audiophiles listening to music
with digital audio player and analog
sound devices. The triode tube and
special output transformers fit perfectly with digital audio players to
achieve flawless harmony and
smooth sound.
Single Ended Integrated Amplifier
No matter if you listen to a classical
concert or modern pop music, we
guarantee you a new depth of
sound experience with the beautiful
audio amplifier “PRELUDE ONE”.
The combination of highest sound
quality and modern design is captured in an amazing compact box.
You can adopt all kinds of audio
equipment like CD players, Record
players, FM tuner and etc.
Single Ended Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Pure Class- A Operation
Two 6N1P-V Line and Driver stage
One 6AS7G dual-power-triode
Input Sensitivity : 0.7V RMS for Rated Output
Input Impedance : 100K ohm
2 x RCA 24k gold plated Input
Teflon TM Insulation
Alps Blue Velvet 40 detent Volume
WIMA MKP Capacitors
24K gold plated Binding Post
Selectable Line Input & Record output
Heavy duty Toroidal Power Transformer
High current Toroidal Choke Transformer
Toroidal Output Transformer
Output Power : 6 Watts / channel
• Output Impedance : ( 4 or 8 ) ohm
• Damping : 10
• Frequency Response : 10Hz ~ 20KHz +0 ,
-0.1dB @ 1 Watt
• Harmonic distortion : <0.1% @ 1 Watt / 1kHz ,
<1.5% @ 5 Watts /1kHz
• 2nd harmonics >80% of THD @ 100Hz ~ 15kHz
• Power Consumption : 95 Watt / AC115V/ 220V/
230V (50/60Hz)
• Dimensions (mm) : W260 x D310 x H180
• Shipping Weight : 14Kg
Nothing can compare to the unique
and rich spectrum of tone colors
produced by tube based audio
equipment. Once you experience
the warm and soft sound of the
“PRELUDE ONE” amplifier, you
cannot accept the cold and artificial
transistor sound for your life.
Prelude One
The vacuum tube technology advances to now the "6AS7G" dual power triode. It is the only triode tube that has the same
superior characteristics and sound quality of the "300B" reference triode, but with a much higher life expectancy than the
"300B". "6AS7G" is originally designed for industrial regulators. It has a very low plate resistance and extremely excellent
characteristic comparable with the triode tube "6C33B".