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to read full press release - M-POW
battery-powered reels
the Disabled
New motorized fishing reel and rod combo empowers disabled anglers.
Brainerd, MN—Brand new on the market, the M-POW-R ReelTM and Rod Combo is designed to assist disabled anglers in
retrieving lures and landing fish.
The combo features a battery operated, motorized spinning reel, paired with an extended butt, medium action spinning rod
which offers additional leverage and fits easily into any standard rod holder.
The entire package consists of the rod and reel, a fanny pack battery, and a pulse width modulated speed control, which
provides optimum torque throughout the motor’s power band. Anglers operate the reel with a thumb-actuated button located
on the rod grip just above the reel. A backup reel handle and a power point adapter plug are also included.
The brainchild of Dr. Roland “Doc” Kehr, former co-owner of the Lindy Little Joe tackle company, the M-POW-R combo was
developed for Doc’s son Nathan, who has cerebral palsy and is unable to use his left arm and hand.
Nathan, growing up in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota, has been an avid angler all his life, but his disability
limited his enjoyment of the sport. He could cast with his right arm and reel with his right hand, but he
couldn’t do both simultaneously, impeding his ability to fight and land fish. He had to rely on his
fishing partner, most often his father, to either hold the rod or operate the reel. Doc
was determined to find a solution.
The M-POW-R combo’s motorized
reel is able to retrieve virtually
any type of lure and land even
the largest species of freshwater
game fish.
The fanny pack holds the
rechargeable battery.
Fully adjustable
speed control clips
easily to clothing.
After years of research and development, with a great deal of valuable input and advice from Doc’s contacts in the fishing
industry, including such angling luminaries as Al Lindner, Dan Sura, Dave Csanda and Jeff Zernov, that solution has finally
become a reality. Now, with the assistance of the M-POW-R combo’s motorized reel, Nathan is able to retrieve virtually any
type of lure and land even the largest species of freshwater game fish.
The motor is powerful enough to reel in fish up to three pounds all by itself, and fish much larger can be landed by pumping
the rod and taking up slack with the motorized reel on the down stroke. Nathan’s largest fish caught with the M-POW-R
combo so far has been a ten pound northern pike, proving the unit’s power and durability.
“We’re very excited about sharing this new technology with other disabled anglers,” said Dr. Kehr. “It’s enabled my son Nathan
to fully experience the thrill of fighting and landing more and bigger fish, and we’re confident it will empower many more
people facing physical challenges to truly appreciate and enjoy this great sport.”
More information, including where to buy the M-POW-R combo, may be found online at
Dr. Roland Kehr
[email protected]
Power point adapter.
12V 4Ah rechargeable
sealed-lead battery.
Extra large trigger on spinning
reel bail.
Back up handle.
Spare spool.
Battery charger.
Current draw of the M-Pow-R ReelTM
expectancy of 4 amp battery assume 50% duty cycle
1/2 lb resistance like retrieving a small float or jig
.5-1 amp
8-10 hours of constant cast-retrieve
1 1/4 lb resistance like a crankbait or spinnerbait
1.5-2 amp
4-6 hours of constant cast-retrieve
Full load, reeling in a good fish
3-5 amp
1.5-2.5 hours of constant cast-retrieve
Stall 6 amps
20-minutes, don’t do this
These are estimates based on the weight resistance of a lure retrieve
Duty cycle means 1/2 the time is casting and 1/2 the time is retrieving, actual fishing time may be much more
Because of the pulse width modulation circuit, current draw is based on retrieve resistance with little effect the speed controls setting