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Supporting Provincial Women – Residential Opportunities
Target Population
Women under the mandate of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
who are eighteen years or older and eligible for the funded provincial beds in our
Women under the mandate of the Provincial Ministry are identified and referred by
Probation and Parole Officers, Provincial Institutions (Jails and Detention Centres) by way
of Social Workers, Discharge Officers, IPO’s, courts. Women can also connect with the
service provider directly.
Duration of stay in a provincially funded bed is determined by the Probation Officer/Parole
Officer or other referring source and the residence.
Program Objectives
Women’s Residential Facilities are able to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment
where individual enhanced programming is provided. This is achieved through quality and
timely release preparation and case planning, ensuring clients receive appropriate
supervision and assistance in the community and assisting the client in fostering a
supportive network that will be sustainable beyond warrant expiry. Individual enhanced
program planning through mutual identification is an integral component in assisting
women to meet needs and to succeed in the community.
To facilitate the successful re-integration of Ministry clients to the community
To fulfill the obligations of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional
To provide a program of benefit to clients and the community
To assist clients in utilizing the resources and agencies available in the community
To assist clients in developing a pro-social attitude and sense of worth
Enhanced Programming available in women’s residential facilities
Mental Health and Primary Care (Health Services)
Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse Services
Housing Services
Psychological Services
Eating Disorder Programs
Anger Management Programs
Grief Services
Access to Learning Assessments and Literacy Services
Parenting Programs
Relationship and Self Esteem Care
Employment Programs
Budgeting/Financial Management
Continuing Education Programs
Addictions Services
Living Skills
After Care
The programs listed illustrate what is common between the 7 Women’s Residential
Facilities in Ontario. Most provide some very specific and innovative women’s services
Women’s Residential Contacts:
Elizabeth Fry Society Peel Halton - Ellen House - 6 beds
Contact: Tracy Brennan – 905-451-7282
[email protected]
St. Leonard’s Society of London – MLA Residence - 2 beds
Contact: Sue Heath - 1-1519-850-3777 x 226
[email protected]a
Elizabeth Fry Kingston – Joyce Detweiler Residence - 4 beds
Contact: Judi Burrill – 1-613-544-1744 x 33
[email protected]
Elizabeth Fry Toronto – Phyllis Haslam Residence – 6 beds
Contact: Connie Hansenberger 416-924-3708 ext 250
[email protected]
Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa – J.F. Norwood House - 2 beds
Contact: Wendy Stewart – 1-613-237-7427 x 119
[email protected]
Stonehenge Therapeutic Community – Century Home - 10 beds (flexible between female
and male residence)
Contact: Joanna Kuczynska 1-519- 837-1470 ext. 226
[email protected]
Elizabeth Fry Society of Simcoe County – Joyce Kope House - 2 beds
Contact: Meaghan Chambers – 1- 705-725-0613 ext 241
[email protected]

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