E-brochure - CALYX Container Terminals Pvt. Ltd.



E-brochure - CALYX Container Terminals Pvt. Ltd.
INSPIRATION that flows from
cosmic interrela onships that
weave life & support it like a Calyx
Supremacy of
lateral thinking & crea ve solu ons
container terminals pvt ltd
Nature's Customized Solu on is Our Business Inspira on
produces sure-footedness
and services that sa sfy
lets our clients breathe easy
container terminals pvt ltd
Calyx Container Terminals Private Limited was incorporated
in the year 2006, as part of the SG Group. The company’s
objec ve is to offer efficient and cost-effec ve Container
Freight Sta ons, Inland Container Depots and other allied
services. Calyx, under the able leadership of Mr. C D Goyal, the
Group Chairman and Mr. Rajeev Goyal, the Group Managing
Director, aims to maximize the value for all stakeholders.
Calyx surges ahead with the goodwill and backing of
Associated Road Carriers Limited (ARC), the 2nd largest ISO:
9001 cer fied surface transporta on company of India.
Founded in 1972, ARC today serves all segments of the
industry, with its widespread network of 550 owned outlets
at 350 loca ons across India. Mr. C D Goyal, one of the founders and presently the Joint Managing
Director of ARC Limited, is the Chairman of Calyx Container Terminals Private Limited.
Driving Calyx is the energe c personality of our Managing Director, Mr. Rajeev Goyal. He was the
force behind the spectacular success of Speedage Express Cargo Services which was one of India’s
leading express cargo companies.
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For Speedage, Mr. Rajeev Goyal envisioned an
en rely new percep on of services and
created path breaking processes that set
them apart from other players. These
processes included - efficiency in delivery
opera ons, strict me commitments, assured
safety and security, na onwide service
network, provision of proac ve informa on
to customers, internet based IT backbone, a CRM effort with con nuous interac on with the
customers ensuring their sa sfac on and many others. All these steps were implemented along
with the management’s fundamental core values of managing excellence in Human Resources.
Under Mr. Rajeev Goyal’s directorship, Speedage grew from 35 branches in 1995 to 514 branches
and 26 transit depots by 2006. At this me, it became one of the top 5 Express Cargo service
providers of India. Impressed by company’s growth, M/s TNT N.V. of Netherlands brought a 100%
stake of Speedage during September 2006.
This transi on created the impetus for a new business, which resulted in the incorpora on of
Calyx. Here too, the company’s bright future is assured by new, innova ve offerings; holis c
farsighted thinking and focused passion to excel. The aim is to establish Calyx as a global brand.
This includes recogni on for the unique strategies and showcasing of the powerful capabili es
which will create unprecedented benchmarks for the industry.
With Global ambi ons, Calyx is nurturing the Port Sector that powers the economy of any country.
To create landmark in the selected sector, Calyx is venturing into the Containeriza on Ver cal by
way of establishing Container Freight Sta ons, Inland Container Depots, Empty Container and
Repair Yards.
container terminals pvt ltd
SGX Minerals Pvt. Ltd. focuses on
→ Exploring of minerals
→ Leasing of mines
SG Venture Investments Pvt. Ltd. focuses on
→ Long term business investments in new ventures as well as running businesses.
→ Sharing the entrepreneurial skills and ins ncts of the established promoters with others with
an aim to mul ply businesses.
VALUES that Augment
the Opportunities for Growth
Calyx values Life, Learning and Leadership. By valuing Life, the company a aches much more
importance to the human aspects of the organiza on than the commercial aspects. By valuing
Learning, the company holds the view that mistakes are part of learning and it is the power of
knowledge that defines the ruler of the kingdom today. By valuing Leadership, the company
reinforces its principle of crea ng more leader, not just business managers but business Leaders.
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Crea ng an Enduring Vision
Born in the small village of Siharuwa, Haryana in an agricultural family, Mr. Chhabildas Goyal, has
grown from simple beginnings having started his career in a small private firm.
At the me when India was at the threshold of industrial development, Mr.
Chhabildas Goyal set about crea ng a new mark on its march to a new era of
success. Recognizing the huge poten al of business and mo vated by the
yearning to excel, he established Associated Road Carriers Limited (ARC) in the
year 1972 with two partners. Today, he is the Joint Managing Director of the
company. ARC’s methodology and dedica on to their customers propelled them
from a small beginning to the posi on of India’s 2nd largest ISO:9001 cer fied
surface transport company. Directly employing around 3500 people and
providing livelihood to nearly 20,000 families. His hard work, astute administra ve skills and
business ethics established him one of the most respected names in the transport industry. He
brought a new ethos in a young and energe c country.
During 1995, Mr.. Goyal used his experience and values to float an en rely new venture - Speedage
Express Cargo Services. The new company aimed to establish a presence in the Express Cargo
segment, which is vastly different from the tradi onal road transporta on business.
Today, as the Chairman of Calyx, Mr. Chhabildas Goyal offers the benefit of his diverse experience
and illuminated guidance in the area of transporta on and logis cs in India.
container terminals pvt ltd
Maximizing the Poten al of Growth
Mr. Rajeev Goyal had a head start as he learnt the fundamentals of establishing
and running a business from his father, Mr. Chhabildas Goyal.
His youthful energy and zeal came into focus in 1995 when he joined at the helm
of Speedage Express Cargo Services as a Director. Barely 23 years of age, he
brought in the mindset and zes ul dynamism of a new genera on. His capacity
for innova on and focused management skills helped him to face even the
deepest crisis with strong determinism.
Express Industry, carrying me sensi ve goods, is a difficult business to run, especially in a country
with the size and complexity of India. While the exis ng express cargo companies were struggling
to meet the demands of customers, Mr. Rajeev Goyal was able to get ahead by offering fresh new
ideas and high technology solu ons.
Speedage Express Cargo Services achieved success by following an agile business model with a
backbone of cu ng-edge technology, delivering opera on efficiency, me commitment, safety
and security, na onwide service network, proac ve informa on to customers, web based IT
solu on, Industry excellence-CRM, economical logis c solu ons along with core management
values in Human Resource. This resulted in a win-win equa on for all the stakeholders with a high
level of customer sa sfac on and loyalty.
Seeing the success of Speedage Express Cargo Services, the global logis c giant TNT, who wanted
to enter the Indian Express market, acquired a 100% stake in the company. TNT’s acquisi on was
based on the study of Speedage’s impeccable track record, strong systems and consistent
Moving on, Mr. Rajeev Goyal set up SG Group, mo vated by an indefa gable ambi on and driven
by a vision to crea ng a vibrant tomorrow, the group’s mission is to establish itself as a respected
global brand.
Calyx Container Terminals Private Limited was formed in September 2006 to par cipate in the
vision of new India, where the burgeoning service sector plays such a vital role. Driven by
farsighted thinking, armed with new strategies and based on logical field research, Calyx is set to
be the preferred Container Terminal service of the future.
container terminals pvt ltd
Our vision is to con nuously improve the Customer's Profitability by providing ‘Inventory &
Distribu on’ solu ons and services, thus changing the landscape of trade forever.
Harnessing the Power of
Customer Oriented Solutions
Calyx - Empowering the Future
→ Create an environment that fosters Life, Learning and Leadership.
→ Transform the Business Informa on into a seamless stream with an efficient and dynamic real
me flow through innova ve IT integra on.
→ Partner with customers and suppliers to build a strong knowledge base for providing innova ve
solu ons.
→ Build a country wide network of container freight sta ons and inland container depots to get
closer to customers.
container terminals pvt ltd
Seamless Endeavour to
Maximise Your Position
→ Paved Container yard to handle 1,00,000 TEUs annually
→ Dedicated yard for handling scrap
→ Dedicated yard for handling granite
→ Dedicated Space for the ‘Over Dimensional Consignment’ (ODC)
→ Dedicated ‘Less Than Container’ (LCL) import warehouse
→ Dedicated administra ve space for 'Custom House Agents' (CHA) and Liner Agents
→ Dedicated export warehouse
→ Well equipped rest room for the vehicle drivers
→ 120 Ton Weigh Bridge
→ Canteen Facility for Custom House Agents (CHA) and Freight Forwarder (FF) Agents
→ Separate canteen for the labour
→ Facility for Re-packing
→ Lock Fast facili es
→ High tech security
→ 24 X 7 opera ons
→ Located on the NH5 highway, 14 kilometers from Chennai port
→ Reliable power with diesel genset backup
→ Ergonomic movement and planned layout
container terminals pvt ltd
Our Comprehensive Element to Facilitate
Seamless Operations Across Varied Services
→ ‘Less Than Container’ (LCL) De-stuffing and Storage facility
→ ‘Full Container Load’ (FCL) De-stuffing, loading and delivery services
→ Mechanical cargo handling
→ On-Wheel Inspec on
→ Container storage compliant to the stringent IMO standards
→ Cargo car ng and segrega on
→ Storage of empty container
→ Transporta on of loaded and empty containers
→ Repacking of export cargo
→ Fumiga on services
→ Cargo palle zing, lashing, choking and shrink wrapping services
→ Inspec on services
→ Delivery service for loaded containers to the factory site
→ Pick-up service for the factory-stuffed containers
container terminals pvt ltd
The Professional Edge
that Enhances Services and Value
Calyx uses live technology to organize, automate and synchronize business processes. This is
effec vely used to manage and nurture the interac ons with customers and their target audience
for all aspects of business. This strategic and effec ve embracing of integrated methodology
creates an internal synergy for their teams, especially within the departments interac ng with
clients. This synergy helps to build strong customer rela onships, create durable brand equity and
enhance the customer service experience.
Calyx has a customer-centric way of doing business that creates value addi on for their customers.
This improves the level of customer sa sfac on by fulfilling their perceived needs as well as
specific wants.
container terminals pvt ltd
Establishing Pan India Presence
Our widespread terminal facilities ensure
maximum operational efficiency and
an unprecedented economy in the movement of cargo
container terminals pvt ltd
Registered Office:
401 Unique Tower, S V Road,
Goregaon (W), Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400 062.
Email: [email protected]
Visakhapatnam Address:
39-3-19/1 Phase-III,
Murali Nagar, Visakhapatnam,
Andhra Pradesh - 500 007.
Email: [email protected]
Chennai CFS Address:
No 28, G.N.T. Road (NH5),
Puzhal, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu - 600 066.
Email: [email protected]
Delhi Address:
Indirapuram, Gaziabad,
U ar Pradesh.
Email: [email protected]
Chennai Office Address:
No 15, 1st Floor BBC Villa Complex,
65 Prakasam Salai Broadway, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu - 600 108.
Email: [email protected]
ASSURANCE Beside you, always...
container terminals pvt ltd
Nature's Customized Solu on is Our Business Inspira on